Martial Arts World Orlando
1630 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, United States

Review №1

Ive always wanted to try martial arts, so I signed up for the free month classes for self-defense and I love it already. Learned so much the first day and the instructor was so helpful and encouraging cant wait to go back. I am already practicing on my own and Im an college student. Great atmosphere and positive quotes everywhere. S/O instructor Thomas

Review №2

Master Kim is awesome..I wish I could train with him again

Review №3

My son is a pre-teen and only played basketball, prior to joining. He started Martial Arts World during the summer and uncertain that he could fit in. The staff encouraged him and help build his confidence in the art and it translated in his basketball games.I recommend this location because they care about the development and growth for their students. Also, the staff is friendly and professional.

Review №4

I was a student for quite a while it was an honor being able to train with one of the greats of the martial art world kunjanim YK kim is a very enlightened teacher not far behind is master kirk pelt who is right there with him every step of the way great people great atmosphere very family oriented miss you all wish i was still there

Review №5

We absolutely love this place!! We love the instructors and the structure. I also appreciate that if I ever feel my daughter needs extra support with homework all I have to do is ask and it’s provided for her. So grateful for this place!

Review №6

Martial arts world is an amazing school. the instructors teach a good class. the work out is amazing. I have lost weight, and gained strength. I also have learned self control, and my stamina has increased 10 fold. My son also has gained from attending martial arts world. I would recommend Martial Arts World to anyone who wants to improve their lives.

Review №7

Martial Arts World is the best after school place! Master Pelt, Anisa, and the rest of the staff are kind and helpful to the children and really treat them like family.They pick my son up from school and make sure he gets started on his homework. In fact, usually its all done by the time I pick him up and I just have to check it over. The extended day is free, so if I have to work late he can stay.All the martial arts is self-defense only, so the children do not fight each other. But they get a great workout and come home tired and in a good mood.There are events throughout the year, like belt testing and a festival. But what I like most is the whole culture of respect toward the adults and kindness toward the children.

Review №8

Thanks to my daughter training here, I have been a part of the Martial Arts World family for years. This place is amazing. The staff and members are a joy to be around. My daughter has been training there for years and she is about to receive her second degree black belt. I/m very happy we found Martial Arts World!

Review №9

This place is home. Really, I spend more hours here than at home. One acquires an extended family instantly, starting with the staff and continuing with the students, everyone is so welcoming. Of course, training, I loooove training! It gives you an amazing endorphin rush.. I feel great and energized. I started training for fun, to do it with my son, and Ive gotten fitter, flexible, stronger and definitely, confident. You should stop by and give it a try! I dare you! :)

Review №10

My son loves the instructors a very positive atmosphere.

Review №11

I am so glad my friends told me about Martial Arts World. I have been coming here for years. Positive Atmosphere, Clean, Professional and they have the Greatest instructors. I have tried several of the other local schools, but am staying at MAW from now on.

Review №12

I love training at Martial Arts World. Master Pelt and the staff at MAW really care about each and every one of their students. I would recommend Martial Arts World to anyone and everyone.

Review №13

I started training at Martial Arts World back in 2011, due to the persistence of one of my friends who was training for a while. After a while I decided to give it a shot. It was the best decision I have ever made. Back in 2012 I was in a major car accident, from which I got 2 bulged disk in my lower back and 2 in my neck. Due to Grandmaster Y.K. Kims US National Exercise my life has never been better. I no longer need pain killers and my pain level has significantly decreased. I highly recommend Martial Arts World to anyone who is looking to change their life for the better.

Review №14

I really enjoy taking classes at Martial Arts World. As a person who is not extremely overweight, but struggles to stay in shape, I have found martial arts to be perfect for me. I think this is because it is much more than a workout for the body, but also the mind and soul, as well. All of the instructors are super friendly and truly care about the wellbeing of their students. They teach people of every capacity, and help each student to feel good about their own successes. Master Pelt is also very friendly and takes the time to greet every student, new or longterm. I highly recommend this do-jang to anyone looking to learn the Martial Arts in a friendly, encouraging environment.

Review №15

I started doing Martial Arts for weight loss, however, while going and learning more I found myself learning self defense technics and feeling more confident about myself. The staff are super friendly and make you feel like family.

Review №16

I love martial Arts love to use my arms and legs to defend my self.

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