Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Highland Glen Pearland
1820 Pearland Pkwy, Pearland, TX 77581, United States

Review №1

Kids R Kids is the best daycare around .I honestly dont even know where to began. I have to kids who go here, Now 3.5 years old and 19 months old. My youngest started when he was an infant and my oldest when he was 18 months. I knew instantly when I meet with Mrs. Brenda years ago this would be my kids home away from home. Every single management person and teacher has a special bond with my kids. They love them unconditionally. My kids are both mommies boys and cling to me most days. The teachers open their arms and love on them and hold them until they are settled. The school not only is full with so much LOVE, but they have great curriculum. My 3.5 year old was fully potty trained by his daycare teachers, they learn their colors, letters, Spanish all kinds of things I would have never expected from a daycare. The other day he was learning about birds migrating! Seriously! I was in shock. In my older sons class they reward them by letting them go to the treasure chest and get a prize. My kids love all their friends and have made some lasting relationships. I highly recommended Kids R Kids.Mom of boys:Heather

Review №2

My daughter started last April 2019 in Suite 250 all the teachers were amazing and my daughter learned so much. She then moved up to the next class around Halloween time. She is now in Suite 300 and yet again the teachers in this class are helping her transition nicely. I cant be thankful enough to know that my daughter is doing so well and learning as much as she knows. The school director is so nice and the ladies at the front desk are very kind, loving but most importantly great with the kids.

Review №3

The staff are all friendly and Jaxson always has a great time. 4 year olds always have their days from time to time, but theres never a day he dreads going to school. We started taking him here Nov. of 2019 and hes been pretty great ever since. They have pretty good meals for them that always fill the room when you walk in and the teachers have the kids on a great curriculum. Were happy we found a safe place for our baby boy.-Will B.

Review №4

We have had nothing but the best experiences at Kids R Kids Highland Glen! My son has been here since he was 11 weeks old and is currently in the 2-3 year old classroom. My son loves this classroom and his teachers. I enjoy being able to attend some of the events and holiday lunches throughout the year. The staff is always warm and welcoming when we arrive in the morning and when we leave in the afternoon. My son absolutely loves coming here.

Review №5

Best decision I could have made. Our son started attending Kids R Kids in May 2018 (Room 150). The people there are kind, caring, friendly, helpful and most of all love the kids like their own. Ive had bad experiences before and couldnt be more happy and satisfied with the results Ive been getting at this facility. Our boys are learning and also having fun (like all kids should). I want to thank all the teachers at the school for all they do for both our boys. Our boys absolutely loves it there and loves their teachers also (as do we).

Review №6

Wow! The review about a child not getting food surprises me. I have been at Kids R Kids on Pearland Parkway in the 2-3 year old classroom for a few months now, and I have had a completely different experience. The first few weeks my little boy was not eating well and I would get a call from the director informing me that he did not eat his lunch. Now that he is comfortable, he eats and they even allow him to take a snack bag home everyday. The teachers have always been attentive to his needs even though they have a class full of 2 year olds.

Review №7

I am a firm believer of acknowledging those that do great things. From the time I first stepped foot into Kids R Kids, I knew that this was the best place to care for my children. The ENTIRE staff at this location is exceptional! The front desk always acknowledges my family when we come in and go out and that means a lot. This morning’s experience compelled me to write this letter. My son and I were having a tough time separating this morning and he became a little fretful. His teacher began to soothe him with her calm voice and offered him some fun activities in order to redirect his attention on beginning his day at school without him focusing on the fact that I was leaving him. As I drove to work, I received a phone call from the school and I immediately asked, “Is my son okay?” I was told that I was being called because my son’s teacher wanted to talk to me. When the teacher got on the phone, she said she simply wanted to tell me that my son was okay and to have a good day. That simple phone call completely changed the course of my day for the better. This is definitely not the first time that someone from the school went above and beyond to make me feel better. Throughout the 2+ years I have been bringing my children here, we have felt the love and care of the people at the school. I always speak highly of the facility and people that make it such a great place because too many times we tell people about our bad experiences more than our good ones. I wish I could name everyone and write about ALL of my wonderful experiences with this Kids R Kids, but the letter would be too long  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an awesome childcare center.

Review №8

Staff is wonderful and they have a great curriculum. My daughter is always excited to go.

Review №9

Thank you for the past wonderful 2 years! We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful place to watch and teach our girl. You have been so wonderful from the beginning with her cloth diapers to her part time status. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will miss you!

Review №10

Loved this daycare. My daughter really liked this place and she learned a lot. I like how they have different events and help kids learn a different language. Im very overprotective with my daughter and this place made me feel secure when i dropped her off. Mrs Barbara and Mrs Melissa were very helpful and very nice. Recommend this place 100.

Review №11

Wonderful pleasant environment!!! Upbeat and happy to leave your child ! All the teachers are loving and extremely caring. The staff is very attentive and concerned! I give this school ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Stars! I recommend this school.

Review №12

We just want to share how thankful we are for all the teachers in suite 250....but especially Ms. Amanda. Our daughter absolutely adores her and comes home all the time imitating something new. Tonight she was putting her babies to sleep...rubbing their backs and asking if they need hugs and kisses. When I asked her where she learned that she said Ms. Amanda.We appreciate the patience, gentleness, and energy we see from Amanda each day. No matter whats going on in the room or which other teachers are in the room with her, Amanda has a smile on her face and goes out of her way to make sure Finley feels special when she comes into the room or leaves for the day.Being a teacher myself, I know there is a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure things run smoothly each day. My husband and I love all of the friendly, hardworking people that have taken such great care of our daughter during our time with Kids r Kids.

Review №13

Love this daycare! And so does my son. He never complains and actually looks forward to attending. Very sweet staff and I appreciate the help my son gets with his homework. Highly recommend!

Review №14

As we say goodbye to your all we would like to extend a big thank you. Since we have been a family to sometimes complain, we would also like to say thanks for listening, taking action and doing what you could to meet our wishes.Our daughter will be so ahead in kindergarten because of her years with Ms. Betty and we cannot replace such a gift.We thank you for your support with his summer swim league as well. We have made it through these difficult years of raising young children with the help of Kids R Kids, so we say thanks!

Review №15

I love this place so much. My son is only 1 and this is a great place for him to socialize with other kids and engage in pretend play. The staff are so nice and welcoming.

Review №16

We have had nothing but the best experiences at Kids R Kids! My son absolutely loves coming here- everyone knows him by name and puts up with his crazy love for their school busses. You will absolutely not regret putting your kids here.

Review №17

Awesome staff, they are great with kids and any of them are easily approachable . They even have a sick room they keep kids who need to be picked up, which in my eyes is great as to not get the whole room sick. The staff is always nice, and genuinely care about the kids. They keep parents in the know. And my daughter is always surprising us with new things she has learned at daycare.

Review №18

We wanted to thank you for making our boys school experience so wonderful. You all are a big part of their lives and we really appreciate the love and care yall have shown to them. We will miss everyone!

Review №19

I love this place! My daughter has been going here for 2 1/2 years and my son for 1 year. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing and care so much for all the kids there.

Review №20

My son attends this kids r kids location for before and after care. The management and teachers are very friendly and take great care of my son! He truly enjoys going here!

Review №21

Lets just start, Ive never thought I would have put my daughter in daycare. Im so glad I found Kids R Kids of Highland Glen in Pearland. Its going to be about a year my daughter has been with kids r kids. She first started in Suite 250 with Ms. Amanda . Ms Amanda is amazing, she was able to help my daughter interact with other children and get her started on potty training. Then my daughter got transition to Suite 300 with Ms. K.I liked Ms. K , she very strict. Ms.K was able to help my daughter develop and improve her speech. Within two weeks of transition my daughter was potty trained. Its amazing how my daughter learned her numbers and ABC. Ms K is a wonderful teacher. Now my daughter been transition again in Suite 350 with Ms Brown. Ms Brown is fantastic, she very caring understands, and she has a big heart. This is only the 2nd week my daughter been with Ms. Brown. Ive had minor hiccups in her classes, but was able to talk and resolve the problem with her teachers. The front desk is amazing they are always helpful with any questions you have. Ms. Tasha the Director is just remarkable, Ms. Tasha was the one that gave me the tour of the daycare, answer my question, show me the schedule and curriculum, she just an Amazing person. She always their to resolve any concerns or questions I have. Did I mention they have cameras in the room, I can check on my daughter and see how she doing. Its been the best decision in enrolling my daughter at Kids R kids.

Review №22

The decision for us to leave was incredibly difficult and I greatly appreciate all the accommodations you have made for us. When I enrolled my kids, I knew you would care for my children, but in the process you have all touched our hearts. Thank you.

Review №23

My son was expelled from Kids R Kids off Pearland Parkway. He had been attending Kids R Kids since May 2018. We have recently relocated from the Heights. My son has never had any behavioral issues at his previous daycare. We chose this location because it was referred to us by a friend. The campus, amenities and curriculum are very impressive. I want the best for my child, as every parent genuinely does. My partner and I did extensive research, and I was hesitant as most Kids R Kids locations have terrible reputations as well as safety violations from the state. (Leaving kids unattended on play grounds, classrooms, etc.) When I did the initial walk through with the director she informed me that each location is individually owned, so I though that maybe this location would be different. The front desk staff is warm and welcoming and you can tell they genuinely care for the kids. My son started in suite 150. As expected, the transition to a new daycare and new home was rough on my son. The staff did not seem to be accommodating. At the end of the day, when I would pick him up, I felt a little bit of attitude from one of the teachers quite often. While watching the cameras, I would notice my son sitting isolated in a highchair majority of the time. Every time my partner or I would call the class room to see why they would make it seem like is was really hard to take care of. They decided to move him up early to suite 200 because they felt the biting issues were attributed to his development. I met with the teachers in his new room and fell in love with them. You can tell how much the head teacher loves the kids in her class room, I have seen her hug all the kids in the room before she left for the day. The complaint I have with this class room is that I felt, again, that my son was often isolated and segregated.. He was placed far away from the kids during nap time (next to a sink in the back of the room), and spent an unprecedented amount of time behind the counter separated from the rest of the kids. Today while watching the camera I saw my kid lying on his stomach on the nap time mat. The teacher drug him on the mat, behind the counter and closed the gate. I was told that my son was a safety concern with for the rest of the kids, and that he enjoyed being segregated.The head teacher and I would discuss every biting incident at length over the phone or in the morning when I dropped my son off. We would talk about things both of us could be doing to stop the biting and really try to get to the root of the problem, we even went as far as talking with our sons pediatrician to diagnose these issues. The head teacher made a book for my son about biting and we read it to our son often at home. When I say my partner and I exhausted ALLLL efforts, I mean we have done everything in our power, even after being reassured from our doctor that this is completely normal behavior. The director decided to put our son on a shadow program. This was not followed through, as reports of him holding kids down and biting them on the back continued to happen. Which the teacher shadowing him admitted that she could not stop the incident because she was inputting the daily reports into a the classes iPad. My last in person conversation with the director she stated that they do not focus on the kids individually that they treat them collectively as a group. She confirmed that they could not implement a shadow program (their idea, remember?) because she could not put an extra teacher in any room. She did not have any empathy when dealing with my son, my partner or I. They suspended my son for a day and we had to pay for a sitter to watch him all day, who had zero issues with him. I was upset about this because I felt that he is too young to understand why he is being suspended, and that my partner and I are the ones being punished. I feel like the director did not have any accountability. She certainly did not have any empathy. Maybe this is a once-off, maybe not. After this experience, I would not recommend this campus.

Review №24

I love this place!!!! The staff is great especially the staff for my 19 month old! My 3 year old never wants to leave when we do and it has been a wonderful experience so far. Thankyou so much kids r kids for your care and we will continue to be here!

Review №25

My 2yr old son has been going for a month n I like it.he is always clean n his learning has improved he comes home counting saying his ABCs .n the online viewing is awesome! When I miss him I Sign in and can view him right in his classroom or the cafe! 😊😊😊

Review №26

I enjoy the care and learning experiences for my child. She attended there since 3 months old. They have helped me so much. Love the Kids r Kids Family.

Review №27

I LOVE KRK-Highland Glen/Pearland! My child has been in Suite 300 and 350. The teachers are very kind and loving to the children. Great learning environment!

Review №28

2 weeks ago: bitten 20x by fire ants at daycare1 week ago: bitten by a spider at daycareShe is 2 and 33lbs. NEITHER TIME WAS THE MOM CALLED.Yesterday, they kicked the baby out for the mom (my daughter) posting pics of her injuries, at urgent care. Baby had to see pedi next morning. Swelling, pain, itching, and couldnt sleep. Given Rx for a secondary infection bc they not only didnt call mom, they didnt clean the bites.Kids R kids of Lakes of Highland Glen kicked a baby out for their mistake! This is what a mom gets for letting other parents know that they have a problem. Ladies, moms, this is not acceptable that you risk your job and paycheck to get the word out that they are in the wrong. Finding care at the last minute is not an option for most. Luckily I am a grandparent and I will protect my daughter and grandchild from mafia tactics! Thats why Im posting. If I could post her injury pics- you would be abhorred!

Review №29

This daycare is known to let babies play in areas that are infested with fire ants. They do not alert parents when their kids are bitten (multiple times requiring an ER visit). Blatant neglect is not only unacceptable, its illegal.

Review №30

Thank you for letting the kids come to slash day. We all had such a good time and the boys especially enjoyed seeing all their friends again. We miss seeing everyone at Kids R Kids, but we know they are ready for kindergarten thanks to you.

Review №31

I took my two kids out of this place. I was paying $200 per child a week for a full year. I was very dumb to keep them there, they have no great academic structure to educate my kids for the price. Very sad! My kids hated that place and cried, many teachers dont have any interest to the kids but see them as numbers.Yes, the online camera sold me and the environment. It was convenient to me since I live behind it.

Review №32

My son attended Kids R Kids for a very short period of time. I thought the front desk staff was friendly and the care givers from the 2 year (potty training) class were also nice, but once my son moved to the 2-3 year old class he made some weird comments. One day a week or two before we left he told us he was very hungry and was not given lunch. I found it hard to believe, because who would have the heart to do that. I brought it up to the Director and she just assured me that all the kids are fed and even given seconds. Well from that day on my son would make sure I was taking him lunch/snacks. I was still skeptical and thought the situation might be a misunderstanding. A couple of weeks after he stopped going to Kids RKids we took him to his Prek-3 schools open house and the first thing he asked as we walked into the building was, Mommy do they have FOOD here?. Up to this day when we drive down Pearland Parkway he starts crying and asking us where are we going. I thought his behavior might stem from him not being used to daycare, but he absolutely loves going to his Prek-3 class. The first week of school he was sad to go home. At Kids R Kids I found myself asking family to pick him up early so he would not spend all day there because he seemed unhappy. You have to find the right place for your child, but the food incident and his comments weeks later really just left me appalled. The Director could of said, you know what lets looks at the video, but she didnt and I just thought there is no point here.

Review №33

I love KidsRKids on Pearland Parkway!! The staff is absolutely AMAZING.!!! The teachers for both of my children are great! My kids love them!!

Review №34

We just moved to the area and I was looking for a new school for my children, specifically a pre-k program. My husband and I arrive around 9:30am so we would have the opportunity to see how they teach and interact with the children. We were greeted warmly by the young lady who was working the front desk, however the director looked like she was already stressed to her max and was ready to go home for the day. She kept asking the young lady if different employees had made it in for the day, and none had. Understaffed was instantly brought to mind, but hey it was summer and teenagers are unreliable. So the director proceeded to take us on a tour of the facility. Taking extra special time to point out special awards for the facility. However the only thing I could pay attention to was layers of dust build up on the wallpaper. I am not OCD or anything, so it is bad if I notice it. she proceeded to show us the rooms for their more advanced students and the on track students. I felt like I just walked into class rooms that were just thrown together. The bathrooms and sink areas in both rooms were black from the floor to 1/4 of the way up and the trim on the base boards were cracking and chipped paint. All the toys and things were put away where they were supposed to be, but it still felt like organized chaos. I couldnt see how these classes were going teach a child anything except how to live in clutter. Yes their tuition was lower than other neighboring schools, but I couldnt see sending my child to a school I felt was filthy and chaotic.

Review №35

My son attends pre-k with Ms. Tiffany and we couldnt say enough about kids r kids. It is such a great positive place with a great curriculum. My son wakes up excited to go and has learned so much here!

Review №36

Very clean and my daughter has learned so much. All the staff are very kind and attentive

Review №37

My soon to be 2 year old has been going to Kids R Kids on Pearland Pkwy for a little over a month now and WE absolutely LOVE IT! I knew the second i met Mrs Brenda Kids R Kids would be my daughters new daycare!! Anyone who knows my daughter knows she is not hip to NEW people so when she was talking to and hugging Mrs Brenda i knew she was comfortable. My daughter was already very talkative and knew some of her colors and could almost count to 10 and had a pretty big vocabulary that she learned at her previous daycare, but just in the short time at Kids R Kids i can definitely tell shes learned so much she CAN count to 10 knows all her colors and about 4 nursery rhymes and her early morning teacher Ms Gleniite was a tremendous help getting my daughter transitioned from small at home daycare where her aunt was her teacher, to a big day care like Kids R Kids! Ms Gleniite as well as all the staff at Kids R Kids made my daughter and I feel comfortable i would recommend this KIDS R KIDS to everyone!!

Review №38

Awesome place to work and to take your children! Wonderful staff!!

Review №39

Fun, learning environment. Loaded with lots of TLC. Front desk full of friendly faces

Review №40

See my wifes review 3 months ago. Baby still bears the scars of the incidents.

Review №41

My children do learn a lot at this school.Most of the staff are very friendly.

Review №42

My children do learn a lot at this school, however during the summer there is no curriculum and the kids watched too many videos.Most of the staff are very friendly.

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