Bullfrogs & Butterflies Christian Learning Center & Preschool
5902 S 12th St, Portage, MI 49024, United States

Review №1

This place stiffed me once on a pizza delivery. They refused to tip me because of a mistake they made. The staff here must be trash. Hopefully they run this business on better ethics than they display.

Review №2

I have been working at B&B for a year now and I love it! Admin have always been so understanding and helpful and have made it so easy to feel comfortable coming to them with problems or concerns. I started off in a different room than I currently am, and it wasn’t really working out for me personally so they made some changes and were able to move me rooms to make sure I felt comfortable coming to work each day and continued to be happy coming into work each day! The owner, Mrs. Jo, is such a kind and amazing woman and had taken VERY good care of her employees! Most of the employees have been amazing to work with and I’ve made many new friendships over the last year. Bullfrog’s and Butterflies has shaped me into a better person completely.

Review №3

Our daughter attended B&B from the time she was old enough for their youngest classroom until she was 3 years old. If we hadnt moved out of state, shed still be attending B&B. The teachers were fantastic and our daughter learned so much, has such great friends, and made wonderful bonds with all her teachers. We all dearly miss the B&B team and are grateful for the time we had with them.

Review №4

I am so happy we found Bullfrogs and Butterflies! The staff is so amazing! Ms. Nikki deserves an extra shout out (only because she is my son’s teacher!!...everyone is amazing really!) They care for my son as if he were their own. This is a great Christian learning environment that cares about every aspect of my son’s development. We used B&B for before and after care during the school year and decided to stick with them for the summer program. Best decision!!! Field trips and learning experiences are fun, interactive, educational, and just great overall. My son loves being a part of this family!! Totally worth every penny as you cannot put a price on safe, quality, and overall excellent childcare. Oh, and they also teach the value of son offers to sweep at home now!!! Oh yeah!! :)

Review №5

Our son’s primary teacher, and even the assistant teacher in the classroom were exceptional. The unfortunate aspects of our son’s preschool experience had to do with the owner of this establishment (Joellen) and it’s management. Although there isn’t any doubt in my mind that care and love are present at B&B, it became very apparent that they weren’t highly educated in methods of managing behavioral issues. My son struggled from 3yrs-4 yrs managing his emotions and communicating those emotions. He often expressed himself physically or with tantrums (normal/age appropriate). He was removed from the KCR4’s classroom frequently during these times, often sitting in the office environment as he waited for us to pick him up. We were threatened on numerous occasions by staff that our son’s wrap around care would be eliminated and were called numerous times out of a busy work and school schedule to pick him up. One of the times I was called to pick my son up I had to drive across town (this time due to Illness- understandable), switch vehicles with my husband, and drive back across town to B&B. I was 10 minutes late outside of their hour time frame of picking up an ill child. I came as soon as I could and it was during preschool (KCR4’s)time. Joellen (the owner) sent us a tuition bill with a $50 late fee (that’s $5 a minute during a state funded preschool program fee.) When confronted with the fact that we were going to reach out to KRESA about the fee- she removed it. It was clear that this establishment was just looking at my kiddo as a problem child and was making our lives SUPER difficult. Guess what!? Not all kiddos are the same—some are certainly more challenging than others. My son is still a wonderful, loving, inquisitive, boy. This is a long story to post in a review on google. But, we felt it important to share the concerns of our experience so that other families don’t go through the struggle we did (a not so great first time school experience). Because of our concerns and B&B’s perspective regarding our son’s behaviors, we started attending meetings with the B&B staff and KRESA every few weeks, and had to have a behavioral therapist come in. We also had our son in OT outside of all of this to help improve focus/attention span and behavioral challenges. The owner never attended one staff meeting with us and was not in anyway present or communicating regarding our family’s concerns. We were mostly required to communicate with B&B’s director (Melissa), who was very difficult to communicate with (took everything personally). That is, until, we had to get the president of KRESA involved in order to advocate for our son and keep him in the classroom (suddenly the owner appeared in our meetings). We feel, KCR4s is called Pre-K for a reason. It is a formative time in the life of a little who is cognitively developing at a rapid pace. It is SO important to support littles no matter their emotional/social intelligence to help guide them on the path to success for Kindergarten. The director of B&B sent me numerous unprofessional emails during my son’s preschool tenure that included telling me that my son is in no way ready for Kindergarten (you don’t say?) and informing me that my son was making teachers cry (which certainly made me question the staff’s education when it came to 3 and 4 year olds human growth and development). She went on to say that my concerns for my child and the staff’s preparedness to react to my son’s behaviors offended her and her staff. I, however, will never apologize for being the ultimate advocate for my son- especially when it comes to his school preparedness. My son is now thriving having spent the summer at home with friends and family and working with his behavioral therapist. He has been positively supported and encouraged. It is very important to praise and recognize his appropriate behaviors and he has learned wonderful ways of coping and working through strong feelings. He has started Y5s and is on the next stepping stone to Kindergarten which he is sure to be a success.

Review №6

I absolutely love that we chose this establishment for our childs daycare! All of the employees are so amazing. They always make us feel welcomed when we walk through the door. They keep us informed throughout the day with pictures and the app. I would not want to take my child anywhere else! I would definitely recommend!

Review №7

Weve had two kids at B&B Daycare over the last few years. Our older child had the same teachers for nearly 2 years which was great and probably not a common thing in any commercial daycare. They emphasize alot arts & crafts along with outdoor play. The staff is always friendly and has been a great place for our kids to perfect their social skills.

Review №8

My daughter has been going to this daycare for over 3 years and it has been a great experience. She always has good stories about her day and is constantly talking about what she has learned. They teach the children respect, honesty, and how to be responsible. The staff are always cheerful and very helpful! I highly recommend Bullfrogs and butterflies to any new parents that I meet. Keep up the good work!

Review №9

I started taking my daughter here since she was 8 weeks old. I am beyond impressed with bullfrogs and butterflies. Staff listens to my requests and because of my crazy nursing school schedule changing every 8 weeks, they accommodate the schedule changes. It’s my daughters second home and I love how comfortable she is when I drop her off. Her caregivers are so caring and give me updates with how her day went when I pick her up. Getting updates from the tadpole app and video cameras is an added bonus. I Highly recommend this place. Also free coffee, who could say no to that!

Review №10

I would recommend Bullfrogs and Butterflies to everyone!All the staff are very caring and friendly and have an obvious love for their job. The owner and the other management are extremely helpful and make it a point to get to know every family.The center itself is very clean and safe. They have locked doors at all times and every family is given a code to enter the building. They also have cameras in every room so parents can check in on their children while they are away. I also love that each childs daily sheet is emailed to you at the end of every day and you are able to get pictures of your child sent right to your email during the day as well!Each classroom has a good class size and the children are grouped with children that are at the same developmental stage as them. The other children seem very happy to be there as well.I would say that this center is one of the best in the Kalamazoo/ Portage area :)

Review №11

My family is so happy to be part of the Bullfrog family! We currently have 2 children attending and they love to go to school everyday. The positive atmosphere, curriculum and communication cannot be beat. Thank you B&B for all you do for our kids.

Review №12

Such a blessing to find this place. I love working at this center. Ive worked in childcare for the better part of a decade and never have I experienced such a fun and exciting place than this. My coworkers put their everything into teaching and guiding each child along their way in their little lives. Praying with the kids just about brings me to tears everytime I hear their little voices talking to Jesus, as they call it. God has blessed this center and that is not something I truly can say about every center Ive worked in. Thank you God for bringing me here.

Review №13

We recently moved to the area and were very fortunate that B&B has been able to help us with our boys. Moving with kids is one of the most difficult things to do in life, but the days I see my boys having fun (through daily updates & pictures), and excited to share a story of what happened in their day makes my day. I would recommend anyone moving to the area to visit as many places as you can. Thats what we did, and after that we know this is the best spot for our boys. Very caring and engaged staff.

Review №14

We have now been with Bullfrogs and Butterflies for a little less than 2 years. We have always been very happy with all the teachers and staff. Every morning my son and I are greeted with a Good Morning! from everyone! (Front Desk, and going into his classroom.) They know us by name. It makes for a very friendly, inviting atmosphere.I like the tadpoles app that helps me as a parent follow along with his day. (It lists everything from his sleeping schedule, feedings, diaper changes, school curriculum for the day/week and photos that they take during the day!) Its also really neat that they have a web cam in every classroom. (Its private, so I feel it is a VERY secure live feed.) I am able to go on and see how he plays and interacts with other children and the teachers. If I need a pick me up while at work I go on and peak at him and it puts a smile on my face.Another thing that I really love about B&B is that they are a Christian learning center. So they do have daily prayers and bible teachings. (Something I grew up with and I want to make sure is instilled in my child as well.)All around I know my child is taken care of and is in a safe and loving environment. I have confidence that every morning when I go to work he is happy.

Review №15

Our family is very lucky to have Bullfrog & Butterflies Daycare down the road from us! We moved recently from out of state and the teachers and administration were wonderful in transitioning our toddler to their school. All the changes can be tough on a little one, and they made it as easy as it could be for our son. Now, our son loves the school and talks about the fun activities and his nice teachers all the time!

Review №16

My daughter started with b&b right before her 2nd birthday. From day one everyone involved in her care made sure we BOTH were comfortable. We we’re blessed to have amazing teachers in each classroom that she moved into. These girls didn’t just view my daughter as another child in their class-they genuinely loved and cared for her beyond my expectation. My school age kids joined the b&b group that summer and LOVED the program. The projects and field trips they were able to go on were amazing. You want a place to take your children that you know they are loved and taken care of like they are family. Bullfrogs has been that place for us. These ladies are amazing.

Review №17

We have been part of the Bullfrog family for one year and they will continue to be part of our family for many years to come. We transitioned from part time to full time over the year and it was such an easy transition! Our daughter loves playing with her friends and her teachers are very kind and caring.As a first time mom I loved the security, camera system, and Tadpoles app they use to communicate activities throughout my daughters day.I highly recommend Bullfrogs and Butterflies!

Review №18

Bullfrogs & Butterflies is such a great place to be for both families and employees! The teachers make a point of knowing all families on a personal level in order to ensure the best care possible. The owner and director are continually striving to make the center the best it can be!Families are welcomed with an enrollment process designed to make them feel at home and employees are welcomed with a orientation process to help them feel confident and comfortable. B&B is definitely the superior choice for parents, children, and employees!

Review №19

UPDATE: Everything is still going great and I still enjoy working here each and every day!While coming from one child care center to another, there are definitely many differences. For starters, I love walking into work and being greated with a smile on the admins faces. It’s always nice seeing that first thing in the morning. I was so nervous to come in and fill out an application but when I did, I was treated so well. I have never had any type of complaint from staff or admin. They have a wonderful career ladder they have in place so that new employees can move up and advance. Their training period usually is 30 days, but with help from the admin I completed the training period in just 13 days granted I did have experience from my prior job. You have to be dedicated to your job in order to move up. There has never been a time that I have come to the admin even the owner (Joellen) about any issue or questions that they haven’t had an answer too. I love being treated like a family and having such amazing people to work with!When I have children, I most definitely will bring them to B&B! I support family owned businesses!Thank you all for being so wonderful❤️

Review №20

Safe and friendly daycare where Ive sent 3 of our kids. Ive always been impressed by how well the staff interacts with my children and makes them feel comfortable. They provide perks for the parents too, such as free treats/coffee in the lounge and free parent date nights, etc... Overall, its a happy place to send your kids!!

Review №21

Bullfrogs & Butterflies is a second home for our daughter. The welcoming Christian environment, curriculum, and facility was everything we were looking for in a daycare. All the teachers that have cared for our daughter have been wonderful. We love the Tadpoles app and in class cameras that allow us to keep tabs on her throughout the day. We get photos of her doing activities and reaching milestones.We really appreciate that when we pick her up at night whichever teacher is there gives us a rundown of her day. It all just makes for a super positive and comfortable experience which is everything to us as first time parents. We highly recommend B&B to any new family looking for great care for their infant to school age child(ren) and when the time comes we will be sending our next little bundle of joy to Bullfrogs & Butterflies to learn and grow.

Review №22

I have been working here for a few months now and i just have to say it is an amazing place to work. I really love coming in every morning and hearing all of the children say hello to me and running up for hugs! Everyone here is so friendly and the families are great. Im really thankful for my bullfrogs and butterflies family!

Review №23

Great facilities with patient teachers my kid is excited to go there every week! With the camera and real-time mobile app update, I feel I am right there with my girl. They organize various activities to keep them busy and happy all the time.

Review №24

Bullfrogs has been a great childcare center for my daughter. The teachers are well qualified and keep the kids busy with developmental and creative activities. The daily communication through emails and pictures keep us up-to date on her daily occurrences as well as talking to the teachers in the room. My daughter loves coming home and playing that she is the teacher to her friends, it shows how much fun she has everyday.

Review №25

I am absolutely loving Bullfrogs and Butterflies! We previously had gone to a less expensive daycare and it shows that you get what you pay for! My son has learned so much from his teachers already (which is important to me as an educator). He is 2 years old, well adjusted, loves spending time there, has fun, and is tired when I pick him up. His teachers do a wonderful job letting me know about his day, and when something comes up, they do not hesitate to be honest with me. We have had such positive experiences and absolutely love those he is with. He also comes home and talks about the other kids and his teachers, he always smiles when he talks about them. We are just so thrilled he is somewhere we can trust the employees. There are also little perks and fun free programs they do. They have times where they do Mom and Dad date night and we can drop him off for 2 hours and go out for a child free dinner! This is done for FREE (or donation).One more thing I noticed that makes this childcare facility stand out is the professionalism of the employees. The workers dont come in wearing pajamas (like at some other places Ive seen) and they seem to take pride in their work. I love it!

Review №26

Great atmosphere! The staff, families and kids are all amazing! Its a healthy, nurturing environment for young humans to learn :)

Review №27

Been at B&B for a few years now. Our children love B&B and talk about what amazing things they did in their classes and what theyve learned, :-) . They wake up every morning talking about B&B and are excited to go. Its nice to receive a daily report(verbal/written) and have access to viewing our children online for check-in. The admin staff are always warm, welcoming and attentive to my family. They care, and it shows! Thanks B&B :-)

Review №28

Been working here since Christmas and has been the best experience ever. They care for the children so much and they love God just as much. Your child is very important to us and we all care for them as our own.

Review №29

Bullfrogs and Butterflies is a very caring and wonderful daycare. What was most appealing to me when we first started was the camera system so that I could see my daughter any time of day. A new mom at the time, that made me feel comfortable that I could see her, but also that the employees were being monitored by myself and other parents. I am a teacher myself and have taught pre-school and have high expectations for the teachers. The teachers at B&B have always had the children’s best interests in mind when making decisions in the classroom. I recommend this impressive facility for families who are looking for a Christen based daycare with a loving atmosphere.

Review №30

Our 4 year old son has been going to Bullfrogs & Butterflies full-time since he turned one year old. Hes now in the Preschool program and he absolutely loves going to school. He has always had great teachers who are genuinely invested in his growth and happiness. He cherishes the friendships that hes developed at school. As parents, we feel good knowing that he gets a variety of experiences and lessons at school, ranging from academic to social skills to bible study. They have a webcam and an app so you can stay connected with what your child does throughout the day, and they send a daily report at the end of the day as well. We also plan to enroll our newborn in the infant room later this summer. We definitely recommend this center for trusted childcare!

Review №31

I am absolutely loving Bullfrogs and Butterflies! My son has learned so much from his teachers already and has only been with the center for a few months. He has adjusted very well and loves spending time there. His teachers do a wonderful job communicating with my husband and me using the tadpoles app. We love that we are able to keep an eye on him through the cameras while we at work. Makes the experience of leaving your child with someone new much more relaxing. We are just very happy he is somewhere we can trust.The center also offers some perks outside of the normal work week. For example, we love that the center has Mom and Dad date night and where we can drop him off for 2 hours and go out for a child free dinner! This is done for FREE (or donation).Would recommend B&B to anyone!

Review №32

My 23 month old daughter has been attending Bullfrogs since she was 3 months old. We continue to be impressed by the quality of care and loving atmosphere that Bullfrogs provides. The curriculum is great and our daughter learns so much while most importantly having fun each day! For us the true test is when we drop her off in the morning, she literally runs into her classroom without looking back. The teachers and staff all know her name and are very engaged. We looked at several other daycares and Bullfrogs clearly stood out as the best. It is such a relief to feel good about where she spends her days.

Review №33

Bullfrogs and Butterflies is an amazing establishment. The staff are wonderful and genuinely care about each child. The app is super helpful for keeping track of my childs care, and the building is always a clean and safe environment.

Review №34

Our son is only 3 months old and has been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies for two weeks. We are really thankful for the love and care that he has received so far. The teachers and staff are wonderful. We also appreciate the communication through their app and emails. We would definately recommend this place to others looking for daycare.

Review №35

We first had our son enrolled at an in-home daycare and when that fell through I was hesitant of taking him to a large center. I was worried my son wouldnt receive enough attention and I couldnt be more off base. Bullfrogs and butterflies is amazing and frankly we should have went there from the beginning. I can truly tell my son loves it there. When I drop him off he gets so excited to see his teachers in his room. Ive never once been sad to leave him there because I know the love he receives is abundant. They really care about each and every child and go above and beyond to make your child feel so loved because I know they really do love the kids there! On top of that they offer date nights for us parents to get a awesome is that?! My sister who lives in another city is jealous of the amazing treatment and service we receive. I always refer new parents to Bullfrogs and Butterflies and cant wait to watch my son grow up in such a wonderful environment!Laura Hosler

Review №36

I will start by saying that if you are a parent looking for care for your children this is not the worst or best option. I would feel safe taking my own child here so thats got to be something. I do believe that most of the staff cares for the children and does their best to provide a caring and safe environment. Although the staff is overwhelmed (speaking from experience of working here for 8 months) they really do their best for the most part.However, if you are looking for employment at a child care I highly recommend you DONT work for B&B. As I said, I worked here for 8 months. It started off great. Admin was kind and helpful and I honestly loved working with the children and the girls I worked with were amazing. The only thing that ever turned bad was admin.I never felt comfortable calling off even though I was actually really sick. In fact, I was encouraged to work with bronchitis, almost pneumonia, because it wasnt contagious. And then ironically when admin was sick with the same thing she took the week off. Cute. I witnessed eye rolls and gossiping when other girls called off. Its ridiculous.When I finally quit I left on what I thought were good terms. Later though, I had an incident with them not providing my pay stubs, or taking their sweet time rather, and my husband got involved and he called the owner an a** (she was kinda being one lol) and she hung up on him. It was most definitely inappropriate behavior from both sides so I get their annoyance with me I guess. However, two jobs later I put them down for a reference and later found out from my boss that they REFUSED TO GIVE ME ONE. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You cannot refuse to give me a reference because youre bitter about an interaction you had with my husband. Again, the behavior was inappropriate on BOTH ends. I would love for B&B to tell me exactly how I wasnt a fit employee. How entertaining. Anyway, jokes on you guys cause I still got the job and its the best job Ive ever had.If you wanna take your kids here I wouldnt say its a bad idea. Thats how you know this is an honest review. If I wanted to bash them, Id just bash them all the way around. Just dont work for them. Frankly, admin are just catty, two-faced women.

Review №37

My family has been with B&B for almost 3 years and it has been an amazing journey. I was so nervous when we first started as I hadnt really allowed anyone to care for my daughter besides family, but all of those worries were laid to rest immediately. When I pick my daughter up now, its nearly impossible to get her to leave because she wants to play for 3 more minutes and spend more time with her teachers and friends. She has learned so much from these wonderful teachers, things that I would never think of to teach her and they have been so supportive in the struggles any parent of a preschooler would experience. I am so thankful that we were lead to B&B and could not imagine being anywhere else. We feel like a part of their family.

Review №38

This center was absolutely appalling! I worked here for less than a month. Please, please don’t send your kids here! It’s not Christian at all, except maybe a rhyme before meals. That’s it! They treat their employees terribly, and the kids are not much better! In my very short time here I received little to no actual training, just some paperwork to fill out, I rarely received a bathroom break because they pack the classes so tight and don’t have enough staff. I was informed they had a system called the career ladder, which according to other employees I’d be lucky to ever get off probation so they didn’t have to pay me for time off. I could go on forever. The administration (Mom and daughter) was money hungry, uneducated in the field and gossiped openly about staff members to other staff. Especially the preschool director was downright mean and nasty to everyone and anyone, even parents.As for the kids, I saw kids unsupervised all the time. While the preschool director and other staff was supposed to be caring for them, they were planning instead. Never once looked up in 10 minute blocks. Children ran rampant and did whatever they wanted, other children feared for their safety. Staff morale was in the toilet and everyone was desperately searching for other jobs. The children were given real tools and using them on each other (pliers, a small hammer). I saw children playing with real industrial sized plumbing tubes in the back children picked up and threw, sometimes catching another child underneath; seriously completely horrible. I found multiple rusty nails on the playground, administration did not care. I have never given anything a bad review in my life but this place scared me to pieces, I couldn’t stay. Don’t work or bring your child here!!!!

Review №39

What is not to love about Bullfrogs & Butterflies?!The staff are so welcoming and nurturing. They provide a safe learning environment for all children and work to involve parents in their childrens daily activities.They send daily reports to the families by email using a program called Tadpoles that tells about daily activities, their meals, their diaper schedule (if applicable), etc.The building is equipped with a security system that only allows you in the building if you have been given a code by the director. They also have internet cameras I can view on their website.Their owner is so involved and is in the center daily. She makes it a point to know the families and be available for any questions or concerns they may have.There is so much to love about them.

Review №40

I dont have any children here, but a friend of mine from work does. Or used to, rather. She works 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. She spoke to the people there before enrolling her son and told them what her schedule was and they didnt have an issue with it. Now, a month and a half later, they call her and tell her that no child should be in daycare for more than ten hours a day. Keep in mind that she only works 4 days a week for 10 hours a day. Thats a 40 hour week. Just like most other working individuals. On Mondays, when all of the other peoples kids are at daycare, her son is at home with her because she doesnt work on Monday. Cumulatively, all of those other children with parents that work 40 hours a week are there just as much or more than her son. She drops him off at the crack of dawn when he would otherwise be sleeping and picks him up at 5:30 after work and still has a few hours to spend with him before bedtime. But they apparently know whats best for her and her son. So they told her she has to find a new daycare center for her son by next week. Nicely done, folks. Nicely done. Youve taken the already hard life of a single mother and made it even harder. You must be so proud of yourselves. It really reflects greatly on the Christian portion of your centers name. Telling a mother that youre okay with her schedule and theres no problems and then telling her a month and a half later she has to find someplace else by the next week. Bravo. BraVO! And I say that with all of the sarcastic gusto that I can muster. I hope to god you people read this review, because you should be ashamed of yourselves if youre not already. Rant over.

Review №41

We have been part of the Bullfrog and Butterflies family since 2011. During our search for child care and early education centers in the Kalamazoo area we found many good options; however, from the time we walked into B&B we immediately saw they were a step above the rest. After four years at B&B we’re still satisfied with our choice.The centers owner and administration is easily accessible and spend time with the children in the classrooms every day. The staff are friendly and have a passion for their work and the children they care for. Many staff rotate through the rooms and get to know many of the children. The teachers are prepared every day and have the tools they need for nurturing and age appropriate learning. The moral of the B&B team is high as well as the team environment.The preschool has a highly rated curriculum. We’re confident that our son will be ready for kindergarten because of the skillsets he’s learned through the curriculum. We would highly recommend you consider Bullfrog and Butterflies in your search for child care as well as their preschool program.

Review №42

Love the teachers and how much they care for your children. They do tons of awesome activities with the kids too. Highly recommended.

Review №43

The administration was so unhelpful! I felt like I had to fight to get any information out of them, if anyone was even there. The staff seemed way overwhelmed and the classes were jam packed! We noped out of there real fast. Please do your research parents, this place is truly the worst I’ve ever seen! I worked at two different daycares in the past and have visited many others. I also have a degree in early childhood education. This place was downright unsafe, unclean and the staff seemed to hate to be there. There were many incidents and we just couldn’t do it anymore! Please visit unannounced or pick up at a weird time of the day but just watch and observe your child and their class. The kids aren’t being watched and are being exposed to harsh environments! I don’t really blame the staff, they seem exhausted and overwhelmed by the crowd of kids they have.Do your research!!

Review №44

This is a great center! Our daughter loves attending.

Review №45

I would not recommend this daycare to anyOne!!!Had issues with them from day 1. The assistant director when we first started told me my copy a week would be 11. So I was making my payments. Couple months down the road, the director tells me your son cant come back until you pay the balance. I asked what balance and she told me my balance, I asked how that could be because I was making my co payments each week. She said your copy a week is 86. I told her thats not what Pam (the assistant director) told me. She said she will have to talk to her because she doesnt believe she would have said that (basically calling me a liar). So she ended up talking to her and she said she did say that but we are going to waive the balance in your behalf and that other day area would not have waived it. I looked at her and said my behalf?! Excuse me but its your error not not mine. That was the first issue. I would pick my son up and his diaper wouldnt be changed, he would have a dirty face. Ive said something to the teachers and Tica before excuse there is no reason my son should be dirty when I pick him up. There have been times my son was out of things and I would not get told or it would not be in his log. It started to get a little better but there were still issues. They put my son In girl clothes to punish him for me not brining back the clothes they put him in when I did. The last day my son was at the daycare the owner Joellen pulled me aside to talk about the balance. I told her you said it was ok that I make a 400-500 payment for the month and to take care some of the balance when child support kicked in and she looked and me sucked her lips, shook her head and said she doesnt remember saying that. I have mentioned it to her Mutiple times and she would say ok. Now all of a sudden she doesnt remember. And I told her she needed to mind her own business bout me and Qs conversation about clothes for daycare. She wanted to put her 2ense in. And then she was like I havent reveived a payment since May. I said bs! Ive made a payment last week. She said if she doesnt get payment she said he cant come back. I told her I just wrote a check! I told her that he return Monday then if she wants to be like that. So I left. Then I went back in to grab his things because I forgot and she was like what do u want I said Im getting my sons belongings and she pointed at the door and was like no u stay there and Ill get it. I told her I can get my sons things myself. And it just blew up from there. Long story short, that day they called the cops and CPS saying I neglect my son!!! I will be contacting a lawyer Monday. They are extremely petty people!

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Update!! FEACL matter and a LAWSIUT!!!!!!!!!!! we won our LAWSUIT THAT GOES TO SHOW shady busness practices will not be tolerated by the courts. they also have 3 MORE PENDING LAWSUITSAfter filling a formal complaint about my son coming home with FECAL!!!!! Matter all over his butt. We gave our 2 week notice required under their contract. 2 days later I picked my son up only to find the same lack of hygiene. After asking for a formal meeting to file another complaint and paying my bills balance, my wife received a phone call and was told my son is no longer welcome back to BULLFROGS and BUTTERFLYS. For the last week of the ALREADY paid for contract. At NO TIME during my dispute with letica or another staff member did I yell, swear, cuss, threaten to harm or call anyone names.Was I incredibly frustrated with bullfrog’s management staff absolutely? YES and I made it very clear that I would be filing a complaint with the state of MI.if your child is at bullfrogs I would question why there is signs constantly stating that they have some sort of infectious disease like head foot and mouth disease upper respiratory infection fluIf your child attends you have seen the signs same as I did.I will be posting the offical complaint form that I filled on facebook twitter and instagram.I would post the second complait form but I was told not to return to the school for our schedualed complait meeting 6/5/2015I do very much like several of there teachers/caregivers.

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