Richmond Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy
1324 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Review №1

This is a great school. I think its probably the most authentic kung fu school Ive ever seen around here. I had a great workout!

Review №2

Excellent experience for learning self defense or if you just want some great exercise with the bonus of learning to defend yourself. They even have zoom classes you can take right in your own home.

Review №3

My boyfriend and I have been training here for the past 3 months, and let me say, its been a rewarding experience to say the least!Both of us have found a passion for martial arts we never knew we possessed. Our strength, flexibility and confidence in self defense have definitely peaked! Our teachers are friendly, knowledgeable and work individually & equally with each student so you dont feel like just a number. Also, its a great workout! Both my boyfriend & are active gym goers and were left sweating at the end of every session.Would definitely recommend this school and its classes to anyone interested in martial arts, self defense and a different & unique way to stay in shape!

Review №4

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that you can do anywhere without any sort of equipment - you won’t find a more gratifying and fulfilling practice than Ving Chun. The instructors at Moy Yat Richmond are world class and they take pride in training beginners of any age or fitness level. I found that the practice naturally conditioned me in a way I haven’t experienced before, and I learned practical self-defense skills that continue to challenge me. I am no longer searching for workout routines and Ving Chun has strengthened me both physically and mentally. I have the great folks at Moy Yat Richmond to thank for this!I never considered martial arts before stumbling upon this incredible spot. If you’re looking for a supportive and inclusive community that will push you to improve… there is no easier way to change your life than to sign up for one of these classes - you won’t regret it!

Review №5

Was fortunate enough to run across the Moy Yat Ving Tsun system some time ago and when i honestly didnt even have a thought about joining any martial arts class. After testing some of the students, i was amazed at their ability to handle a guy of my size (63- 270 pounds) with such efficiency and relaxation. After learning more about the history and the lineage itself, I was hooked! Its been an amazing journey since then and I look forward to every day that I get to walk in to that school.

Review №6

Great system, relies more on body structure than muscular strength making it accessible to all body types. Don’t wait to get “in shape” to learn Kung fu, training will get you there. This is a great place to learn with excellent teachers like Sifu Stuart Zeno who has over 20 years experience teaching all ages and all experience levels. He can even help you train if you’re working around injuries. Everyone who comes and stays is here to learn and make themselves better in body and mind and are willing to help others do the same.

Review №7

Excellent Adult Self Defense Classes! Improved my Health and Fitness, and gave me effective fighting skills for personal protection. Great training in a traditional Martial Arts class with quality instruction in a positive environment!

Review №8

My seven-year-old son is in his third year of practicing Kung Fu with Sifu Julia at Moy Yat Kung Fu. I have watched his physical coordination, self discipline and appreciation for other cultures blossom under the direction of Sifu Julia and her other teachers. The program at Moy Yat fosters a sense of community and empowers its students to believe in themselves. From movie night to her creative summer camps, the 25- & 100-day challenges and opportunities to perform around town as part of the Demo Team, Moy Yat is the best! Id recommend it (and have!) to anyone looking for a martial arts program for their children.

Review №9

If you are looking for authentic martial arts, this is the real deal. Kung Fu lives in Richmond VA.

Review №10

I have trained here many times over the years and it is always a valuable and educational experience. Any seeking the true Kung Fu should look no further.

Review №11

World Class Kung Fu, you will not find anything more authentic than this martial art. Highly recommended!

Review №12

Fantastic and authentic Ving Tsun school. The instructors are all passionate and extremely experienced. Separate classes for adults and children which is really nice. I have studied different styles at different schools, and feel that this is the only school where I have learned self defense that could actually help me in a true emergency. Fun and a great workout too.

Review №13

Authentic kung fu more then just self defense. I gained self confidence, self awareness, an expectation of respect from my self and other and self discipline.

Review №14

As a woman, I really appreciate that Ving Tsun was created by a woman, was named after a woman, and is an ideal type of martial art for women to train. I had studied two other types of martial arts before coming to this school, and never felt like I could realistically use the stuff I learned to defend myself. I have been studying at Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kunf Fu for six years and definitely feel confident that I could use what I have learned here in a self defense situation. It is all practical, efficient, and effective. If you are looking for practical self defense, this is the place.

Review №15

I began training Moy Yat Kung Fu two years ago in Richmond under Sifu Zeno. Right out the gate I was terrified and figured Id not make it a month. After two years Ill sum it up - hands down the greatest choice Ive ever made. From my Sifu to my kung fu family, Ive found a legitimate family. Confidence and great self defense capability. Some advice from a young martial artist - come in, do an intto and meet some of the best people and be taught by some of the most experienced kung fu experts this side of the east coast. Your skills will be created or enhanced if you already have some! I know 100% youll find your new favorite place to be

Review №16

I began training Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu in Richmond, VA under Moy Tung in 1991 and Im still an active student and currently a staff member. Training in the Ving Tsun system in this lineage has been a great thing in my life. The real-world self-defense fighting principles and skills are awesome, the classes and workouts are challenging, fun and interesting, the people are real, and the life and character lessons are profound and meaningful.

Review №17

Very friendly environment, Ive learned a lot from this school. They are very professional and helpful!

Review №18

Amazing Kung Fu!

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  • Address:1324 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220, United States
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  • Phone:+1 804-497-7555
  • Kung fu school
  • Martial arts school
  • Self defense school
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–3PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:12–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
  • Black-owned:Yes
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