2412 College Hills Blvd #108, San Angelo, TX 76904, United States

Review №1

Made this place my home when I got stationed at the nearby base. Professor Diego and staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable and also very welcoming and accommodating.I love getting my rolls in at the 5am classes; its better than any cup of coffee. It’s also a great confidence-booster to face any challenge because the hardest part of my day is over by 0600.

Review №2

The best jiu jitsu in san angelo and surrounding areas with the only legitimate belted coach(s) in town. Head coach is very attentive and pays attention to the small details as well as assistant coach Conrad. I would recommend this class for the person who want to compete (the gym just brought back 8 medals from last tourney). To the person who just wants to be more active because this class is all cardio. Also this is great for self defense.-Ty B.

Review №3

Amazing professor and coach! Great source of exercise while also learning self discipline and self defence. The other members are super supportive and encouraging. Seeds 13 is not just a "training gym" its a home and family! Love them!

Review №4

I wanted to share my experience with Professor Diego Almeida and Seeds 13 jiujitsu academy. This place provides not only good training, but teaching of moral and high values to children. Professor Diego earned my indefinite respect and gratitude by kindly and generously resolving issues from small (like wrapping bandages on kids sores every single time I forget to do it, providing bottled water when we forget ours, being attentive and kind to kids etc.) to big issues of tuition and membership cancellations. Professor Diego showed himself as noble, generous, kind person with high moral standards. If you looking for sport activity I would highly recommend this place.

Review №5

Such a positive environment! Diego is so patient with the children and keeps them working hard and learning positivity! I love it here!

Review №6

An excellent gym with friendly/knowledgeable instructors, plenty of talented training partners, and a welcoming environment. This place is great. If you’re looking for a good workout, practical self defense training, or a great community you can’t go wrong with seeds 13.

Review №7

Very respectful, professional and caring environment. Everyone is there to learn and help. No one gets left behind and everyone helps one another. I always learn something new, challenge myself and push myself to always be better the more I go.

Review №8

My children and I love the family atmosphere. I just started ,my children have been here over a year and really enjoy their time here. Professor Diego and Coach Conrad are amazing with the children.

Review №9

Professor Diego Almeida is a Coach with capital C. Most of all, in my experience, he is a good man with loving generous heart. He can be a great mentor and teacher of morality and high values to children. He is passionate about what he does and his love and energy spills over on students.Also my children liked going to classes because there were not only training elements, but also play activities, games and competitions for which they got prizes and were very proud of it.Coach Conrad is great. He was very noble to conduct a class with only my two children out of the whole group, when we mistakenly came to class on the day there was not any.Professor Diego Almeida and Seeds 13 academy keep having a beautiful soul atmosphere! Wishing you the best!

Review №10

We absolutely love Seeds 13. Diego and the entire staff treat everyone like family. Professor Diego is kind, caring, and patient with all of the kids on the tiny seeds group. We are excited to join the Seeds 13 family.

Review №11

My sons love coming here and training with all their new friends that they have started to make , one of my sons they have giving the courage to try harder and be brave enough to work for what they want for my other son they have helped give strength and courage just to talk to kids his age

Review №12

If you train BJJ this is THE gym. Everyone is family and the professors and coaches are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Wouldn’t want to train anywhere else!

Review №13

Myself and both my daughter, and son train here it’s not just an academy. This is a family my kids feel safe and loved, I have a new set of brothers and sisters, if your looking for a jujitsu home this is the place

Review №14

The only legit place to learn BJJ in San Angelo. Professor Diego and the coaches provide an excellent positive family like atmosphere and can cater to practitioners of all levels.

Review №15

First class Jiu Jitsu and coaches. Truly passionate about teaching and a great family oriented environment!

Review №16

Hands down the best ju jitzu place in town! The staff is AMAZING, everyone is so kind and welcoming!

Review №17

My son has learned so much his confidence has gone up he always tells me he feels stronger going. He loves his coaches, it’s been a great experience for him and hopefully soon my husband and I can join as well.

Review №18

Very clean and nice looking facility. Coach Diego is very friendly and skilled, I can only recommend this spot as a must drop in for any jiu jitsu athlete.

Review №19

So glad I found Seeds 13. Diego and his coaches teach top level bjj to beginners and veterans of the sport. This is an awesome family experience. Kids learn effective self defense, confidence and respect for others. If your interested in bjj, I highly recommend stopping by and giving Seeds 13 a try.

Review №20

This place is absolutely wonderful! My son has learned many techniques. He has gained confidence, strength, leadership skills and loves it here. I love that it’s very family oriented. Thank you Coach Diego and Coach Conrad for all you do for your students!

Review №21

In town for work and stopped by 13 Seeds JiuJitsu to train. Very mellow vibe with a really nice facility. Professor Diego Almieda was very welcoming and provided awesome instruction that was easy to follow and understand....even for me being a white belt! So, with all of that being said....swing by and train at 13 Seeds if your in town!

Review №22

This place is home to my entire family of 5 who all train. The discipline and self confidence it has taught my kids is unmatched! My wife and I have fell in love with BJJ and I can’t imagine a more accepting environment, Diego and Conrad are amazing coaches and the family they have created is second to none!

Review №23

Wow! Clean, friendly and great location!Welcoming for the beginner looking to lose weight and the advanced student looking to improve.If you’re doing bjj somewhere else in San Angelo, you’re simply missing out by not being here.

Review №24

Great environment, awesome academy, and very welcoming. Traveling in the area and was greeted with open arms. High level coaches too, mahalo!

Review №25

I grew up in San Angelo and currently live/train in Austin. I had the opportunity to visit Seeds while visiting family for the weekend and I loved it. It’s so cool to see high level Jiu Jitsu in San Angelo, TX. I definitely encourage visitors to check it out, or if you live in San Angelo and are curious about learning self defense go check out Seeds.

Review №26

I was in town for a few months and my only regret is not making it to more classes. Seeds 13 is a great training environment with great coaches, friendly training partners, and always full of good natured competition. If you are in town you have to stop by for a class and to have some great rolls!

Review №27

5 stars says it all!! My son LOVES this JiuJitsu Academy.. I love the way they teach the kids. To protect themselves from bullying, respect, discipline and builds self esteem and confidence. The Coaches are amazing as well. I would totally recommend this place to anyone and everyone!! You can also try it out for a week, if it's not for you then it's ok. But Most likely you'll love it!

Review №28

If you are looking for jiu jitsu in San Angelo you have found it. Don’t hesitate to go. Diego and everyone there will treat you like family.

Review №29

I just moved to San Angelo and was looking for a new place to train. Seeds 13 came very highly recommended from the BJJ community in Texas. This place did not disappoint. The instructor Diego was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful. The other students were very welcoming and great to train with as well. If you are looking for a place to train, regardless of your experience or skill level, I highly recommend checking this place out.

Review №30

Just dropped in for the beginner classes, but the classes were awesome. Super knowledgeable coaches and positive environment

Review №31

Visited a class a couple weeks ago traveling through the area. Great instruction and great people!

Review №32

As a BJJ practitioner in my 50s, I can confidently say that Seeds 13 is a great place to train regardless of age or gender! The instructor is top notch and everyone was extremely friendly and understanding. Whether you’re a competitor or a hobbiest, I highly recommend this place!

Review №33

We started with our children going, then my husband, and now myself. This is a legit BJJ facility under legit professor/instructors. Diego Almeida invests so much in our family and his students. The anti-bullying aspect is great, too! It teaches us so much more than just jiu jitsu, it is an investment in your whole well being! I could go on and on about the great things this place has done for us. Highly recommend seeds 13.

Review №34

You will not be disappointed My son is 11 and the training is awesome! Coaches are authentic and their passion for bjj spills over to the students!!

Review №35

Successful first day ever on a mat. Thanks coach Diego.

Review №36

Coming from 10th planet Austin I wasn't too sure there would be a legit place to train in San Angelo but I was proved wrong by a longshot! I was coaching football at Angelo State for the season and loved to train during my off time. Diego & Conrad welcomed me like family and showed me new tricks and details. Also, Seeds is just full of humble and amazing people. I highly recommend for anyone in the area or driving through West Texas. Improve your Gi or No Gi game with these guys!

Review №37

Great place to train I highly recommend Seeds 13. Wonderful and very knowledgeable instructors. Very patient with children of all ages.

Review №38

Dropped in for a couple sessions while home on vacation and had an absolute blast! I'm so glad San Angelo finally has a legit place to train bjj, Coach Conrad is great and the regulars there made me feel welcome while whooping up on me lol... I will train here every time I'm home to visit!

Review №39

The only place in San Angelo that teaches real Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Both Gi and NoGi. With qualified ranked instructors who each have legitimate lineages to thier names. This academy does not use the term Jiu-Jitsu as a marketing ploy, because this academy is exactly what it is, a true authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. This is my experience. I competed NoGi grappling for 3 years before I started here and even cornered a couple of MMA fights as a ground coach. I was somewhat successful at what I was doing. Having won gold in NoGi competition and helping a couple of MMA fighters get a win in their fights based on ground techniques we had repped preparing for these fights, even had to defend myself in a road rage situation where I successfully stopped my attacker without having to throw any punches. How I thought I had figured it out. Once I attended my first Gi and NoGi classes with Coach Diego and Coach Conrad, it completely blew my mind. There were so many holes in my game I had not realized up until that point. Many details were explained and many questions I had were answered before I got the chance to ask. I was hooked!! Since then I have met and made great friendships here to where I consider each of these individuals my brothers and sisters. I'm glad I have had the privilege to train here and would not change it for the world. I recommend this place for anybody and everybody no matter how much experience in whatever background, whatever school, traditional martial artists, boxers, Mma fighters especially children (as my son has been training and competing), teens and woman. This place is not just recommend but it is needed!! I am saying this with what experience I already have. Anybody can teach an armbar or anyone can teach a choke. It's those small, subtle, invisible details that were explained to me that separated this place apart from anything San Angelo as well as the surrounding areas have ever seen. My advise is to just come on by, you will be treated with a smile and feeling out of place is the last thing you need to worry about. Even if you just want to sit in and watch a class, feel free to do so. Hope to see you soon! Nado

Review №40

If you're in San Angelo and not going to this place, what are you doing? Very clean facility, technical instruction and a warm welcome!

Review №41

If you’re interested in learning jiu jitsu, or trying to find a place to train at in San Angelo, then check out Seeds 13! Coach Diego and Coach Conrad are two of the best coaches you can ask for and have years of experience in jiu jitsu. I’ve been training here for almost a year and highly recommend Seeds 13. They offer classes at all times from morning, afternoon and night and have beginner and advanced classes. They also have kids classes too. From the coaches to my teammates at Seeds 13 I couldn’t have found a better place to learn jiu jitsu. Come on out and train at Seeds 13! “Together we grow stronger!”

Review №42

Seeds 13 is San Angelo's first legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. The instructor is currently under Bruno Bastos, and is Brazilian himself. The classes are structured, organized, perfect for the little ones either beginning their competitive career, in need of structure, or simply trying to stay in shape in their off season. The adult classes are diverse or varying schedules. The adults receive an excellent workout and the choice to be a competitor. Personally, I've done BJJ in some form since 2008, and this school follows 'the way' of the original BJJ instructors, along with it's own creative twist. Go check it out, all are welcome--Come grow and be a part of your BJJ community. Oss

Review №43

I’m kind of suspect to talk about this place. LolI do love everyone, and I super recommend this place for everyone. Real Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach, and the only in San Angelo. He is expert in Brazilian jiu jitsu Tournament and also very knowledgeableOutstanding Coach.

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