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Ive been coming to Enjoy Spanish off and on over probably the past 12 years! I really enjoy the format and the teachers. I felt pretty rusty after a long break this time around, but things started slowly coming back to me as I attended classes. The teachers are great and are very patience with students which is good. Great school if youre looking to start or continue learning Spanish. The classes are on the small side so you get to practice and converse with other students. Highly recommend checking this school out to learn Spanish!

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Truly a fantastic experience. I have taken the group classes and I would highly recommend it. Carlos and the other teachers do an excellent job of making the classes challenging enough to encourage learning but easy enough to be fun. As a result, Id finish the class feeling energized and inspired to continue practicing.The class structure is mostly conversational with more formal lessons mixed in at the end which is not what I would naturally gravitate towards, but now having done it Im very happy with the method as my ability to communicate has greatly improved (and isnt that what we are all looking for?).I would highly recommend and the only reason I am stopping classes is that Im moving to a vastly different time zone.

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I started taking classes at Enjoy Spanish about 4 years ago and have continued ever since. The instruction is excellent. As others have said in their reviews, Carlos is a great teacher, gifted in fact. He has created his own materials and works carefully through the various verb tenses and introduces new words and terms each class. I recommend Enjoy Spanish highly.

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If you want to improve your conversational Spanish, this is the place to go. Carols Bazan and his team of teachers truly enjoy teaching Spanish and if you take these classes, you will enjoy Spanish, too! What is most impressive to me is that they tailor their teaching to the individual level of every student in the room. My last Spanish class was 30 years ago, but In 10 weeks I really noticed a major improvement in my conversational skills.

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I highly recommend Enjoy Spanish for anyone looking to improve their language skills. My Spanish had gotten extremely rusty over the years since finishing college, so I signed up for Enjoy Spanish to help me regain my confidence. The classes are extremely practical - very conversational with an emphasis on a different grammar/tense each week. Carlos is an amazing teacher who really helps his students learn and overcome their challenges or weaknesses in different areas. I have been taking classes here for almost a year now and am extremely happy with the results!

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I took 6 months of classes here before a trip to Mexico and I was amazed by how quickly my language skills improved: I went from knowing nothing to being comfortable starting a conversation with a stranger! The format of the classes is great--its conversation-driven and it really is fun. I thought the name was cheesy until I realized I really was enjoying Spanish. 10/10 would recommend.

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Enjoy Spanish is the best language school I have gone to. The classes are small enough so that we all have plenty of conversation time, and we practice grammar during the last quarter of the hour. The instructor, Carlos, is excellent, because he keeps us on track by correcting EACH mistake made (something I wanted in a language instructor) but he does it graciously and without making students feel like they are wrong. I also appreciate the Schools flexibility, e.g., if you cant make a Saturday class you can go on another day or evening. For anyone wanting to learn or improve their Spanish, I highly recommend Enjoy Spanish!

Review №8

I highly recommend Enjoy Spanish! Carlos is a remarkably talented and energetic teacher, and we have great discussions in the class. Overall a very fun and rewarding experience.

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Im extremely impressed with Carlos approach to teaching Spanish. It involves listening and speaking and trying to make connections to things to help you remember, rather than studying grammar in the old fashioned way. So not only is his method more fun, but its also a lot more effective! After just 12 weeks Im already starting to speak and feeling a strong sense of accomplishment. And Im looking forward to each weeks class. Classes, btw, are small (8 or less) so theres plenty of individual attention and chance to speak. Im simultaneously studying on Duolingo, which is an added help, but it cant replace the one-on-one of the classroom. Highly recommended!

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I signed up for classes at Enjoy Spanish just two months before moving to Mexico City, and over the course of two months, my knowledge of Spanish improved drastically. So grateful to the team at Enjoy Spanish -- especially Kirla, Carlos, and Cayo for their instruction! Thank you!

Review №11

A great selection of instructors that are great at teaching and developing curriculum around class needs. Its nice learning Spanish from other countries and perspectives, and Carlos, Edna, and Cayo are all so detailed and talented at listening/communicating.

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This class was engaging, interesting and perfect for my level of Spanish. Highly conversational, but Carlos the instructor never missed an opportunity to teach and ensure we understood.

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I have taken classes with Carlos at Enjoy Spanish for about four months, and Ive been so happy with the experience and results.Learning: Before joining, Id never taken formal Spanish lessons and only pursued self-directed study in books and on Duolingo. The emphasis placed on speaking and listening has helped me improve a lot in a short time. Carlos focuses on helping students put common words and phrases to use, and progresses skills through increasingly complex verb types. Ive learned other languages, and hes one of the most gifted language instructors Ive had.Logistics: Class size is relatively small (avg 5ppl, range 3-8ppl), and there are a number of schedule options available for each class level on nights and weekends. If you miss class on your regular day, Carlos helps you find another class to join that same week. Cost seems very fair for the level of attention and quality of instructor you get.

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Raw beginner with zero language experience. Wanted to push myself and get over the fear of actually speaking another language. This class helped tremendously.

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