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2748 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States

Review №1

I wanted to observe a class as part of an assignment for my graduate program. It is in my opinion that they either have something to hide, or….no actually I think they just have something to hide about the way they conduct their classes. I was told I could do a classroom observation there, but when I went there the day I was supposed to do my observation, they said that I could not do it. I went all the way there just come back empty-handed. They told me that they’d contact my professor by email to ask about the assignment to see if something can be worked out for a later date, and that never happened either. Not for a moment do I believe that they would contact me back, so I made other arrangements as this place was obviously very unreliable.

Review №2

Studied here for five months, and can honestly say it’s been one of the best experiences of my life! The teachers I had really cared for each and everyone of their students, and you always felt like you were walking into a nice and welcoming atmosphere when going to class. Stayed with a host family for the entire stay and I am very happy I did since we all became really close. Joined a lot of activities after school which I highly recommend as a way of not only making friends, but also seeing the best parts of the city without falling into the typical tourist traps. Overall an amazing experience and I hope to see you soon :)

Review №3

I was improving my English in SF for 5 months and the experience was amazing. The city is the best. There are a lot of things to do there, a lot of places to visit, and the food is so good Im really happy for all the people that I met. Now I have friends for all around the world. The school is so nice, the people that work there is really close and cozy. Is located in an excellent place. Totally recommended.

Review №4

The school is fantastic: it is located in Fishermans Wharf. From the school you can see the golden gate, the view is great! the teaches are so good, they help you a lot to improve your level. The staff is amazing!I think I will come back again!

Review №5

EF San Francisco was the best experience I could have. I stayed on a Host Family and i was so cool! I met so nice people! The teachers are good the Ef staff help you with anything you need. If you go to EF SF you wont regret it.

Review №6

The school has a lot of students and really good teachers who work really hard and make learning a fun experience. We are located in a great location in Fishermans Wharf. It is a big city so expect to see city sites - both good and bad. The school staff is fair and try to give you many options when you have a tough time with something. Private lessons are available and many after school events where you can choose to meet other students studying with you. Great for students who are hoping to learn something about English and take on a big city with lots of support.

Review №7

This school is very good. The teachers and the EF staff help me all the time. One of the best teachers in the school is Marisol. Its my second time in this school and I like it so much. The location from the school is very close to the Fishermans Wharf and a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I think Ill come again to this school. Hella cool!

Review №8

Host families are way too far away from school (in my case around 1.5 hours), school does not pay your ticket. Student residence is in the Tenderloin - the home of a lot of homeless people. This are is maybe good because the school can be reached in about 25 min by walk but it’s honestly not a safe region in San Francisco.School staff, especially the school director, does not really care about you if you complain about these things. The problem about them is that all of them, and again especially the school director, behave very very fake. They always seem to be very friendly and happy but it’s just to manipulate you to stay and to stop complaining. By the way, they have a really weird “warning system”. Every time when you break the school rules you get a warning. All of my friends got warnings because of really stupid things, like staying as a guest at the school residence a few minutes longer than allowed (it was about 15 min). Others got a warning because they were at a room for a few minutes where the room owners made a party. Explaining it to the school director? No way. A “friendly” smile, like every time... The second warning is your final warning, if something happens after that they will kick you out of the school. You have one day to leave your host family or the residence.Happened to quite a few people.SPIN classes (classes, you can choose) are on a kindergarten level, maybe good for beginners but horrible for advanced students (C1-C2). There are quite a lot of teachers and this school which are not native speakers. Some of them are from China or Korea and have a very very strong accent which makes it very hard to follow the classes.I’ve been in San Francisco for 3 months with EF and I didn’t really improve my English. I met a lot of great people and we had a lot of fun - but we all agree, this school is not worth the money. I paid almost 16000$ for 6 months stay and I’ve changed my school with the hope that it is better at a another EF school. I strongly recommend you to spend your money for something more useful. This school has nothing to do with professionalism, much more with the level of a middle school.

Review №9

The San Fransisco in not a city famous for its cleanliness and if you’re choosing to stay with a ”House Family” you should know that the places that EF sends the students are incredibly dirty and the reality of where you are expected to stay and live, has nothing to do with the pictures and descriptions in the EF’s catalogs. Moreover, because of the high cost of living in San Fransisco, the food is too little, not reliable to be sanitary and has a very low nutritious quality. If you choose to even more money to EF so you can stay in a Hub, you notice that the Hub is located in downtown and in a aria that most of San Fransisco’s homeless individuals can be founds and itscrawling with thieves, drug dealers and criminals.The worst thing about EF is the fact that their offices in other counties, for instance in Europe, bare no resemblance to their American counterparts and have no idea what is going on there; once you’re in US, contacting them would not be an easy task and even if you catch a break and find a way to contact them, they can’t and won’t help you.the only positive aspect of EF in San Fransisco is having a good staff which is on the verge of change because some if the best teachers left because of their low vages; if you’re inclined to have more information especially in the form of pictures and videos, you can contact me.

Review №10

It was a very nice experience, unsettling at the beginning but marvelous at the end. I would highly recommend studying in SF, dazzling place!

Review №11

This place is so good, l have meet so many people who come from different countries. Now, I have friends in the whole world, and I have so much fun with them

Review №12

EF San Francisco was a good surprise to me, they are very professional, everything was prepared to receive the new student, and introduce San Francisco to us. I highly recomend EF San Francico courses.

Review №13

I had a great time in the school during all the time I spent there. She is well located and the staff and the teachers are super nice!

Review №14

I hate this school. place and friends are nice. but i didnt like teachers. some of them are sucks. i dont recommend people who want to improve english. but if you want to enjoy, or just travel, its fine.

Review №15

It has been one of the best experiences of my life. I highly recommend it! Youll learn a lot!

Review №16

EF San Francisco is so great! I love everything here. I improve my English a lot. The staff and the teachers are very wonderful. They are extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend EF San Francisco to anyone who wants to improve his/her English.QUYNH GIAO

Review №17

I really like Ef San Francisco because i can live the experience. You can meet many people of many countries and different cultures. Also the classes are very good , i learn about everything, grammar , listening , reading and interact with other people !

Review №18

Excellent. Best location for a language school ever. Very good teachers, very good programm, lessons and leisure. Absolutely Five Stars.

Review №19

EF San Francisco is a great experience, I improve my English and I met a lot of people from different countries.The staff is nice and friendly, the building is clean and good.Really good !!!

Review №20

Very nice school. EF teacher are very good and make you encouraged in studing English. Landscape of San Francisco is too good. Lets enjoy EF and SF.

Review №21

Im very happy with my experience in EF San Francisco. I have improved my english, with my classes and many fun activities. I have known wonderfull people, the Staff EF has a team of friendly and loving people. In EF San Francisco I have made many new friends of different places of the world, while I have been in San Francisco, I have felt in house. Thank you all!!!

Review №22

My experience with this schools was really really good! The teachers are very helpful, the class are so funny and I learned many things with my exchange, no only English but the EF was the best experience of the my life. I recommend exchange for all people of the world and EF is the best school for do this!!!

Review №23

Nice plateform to meet people from all around the world. Great teachers and activities!

Review №24

I have studied at EF San Francisco for 6 months and felt great improvement on my English proficiency. Also, the teachers are inspirable, and staffs are friendly and helpful.

Review №25

I am staying here for 3 weeks at the ef hub.During my stay on girl got beaten right in front od the hub because samebody tried to steal her phone.And 2 times intruders broke into the hub and stole all value things from 2 rooms.The police is annoyed because it happens so often.So many homeless and really no security at the hub. There are easy solutions.

Review №26

School located in a great place, amazing teachers, a lot of great activities. Definitely good.

Review №27

The school is good, but my host family lives very far from EF. I did not expect that I had to buy a monthly-pass of a transportation to go to the school.

Review №28

Good Place! Good Teacher! Good Step! Good Class! Good Weather!

Review №29

I’m from Tripoli Libya , I’ve been to EF New York I visited EF in Malta EF Miami and EF Santa Barbara and of course EF San Francisco loved me allFeeling homesickI had great memories , Thanks Sweden 🙏🏼

Review №30

Learning english in the EF San Francisco is awesome !! A good instructor teaches passionately and foreign students from abroad are very helpful !!

Review №31

Im having great time here... It will be more greater as time goes by!!! Nice teachers & better classmates & best lectures!!!

Review №32

Ef San Francisco was a very good experience for me. I was there for four weeks. When you really improve your English, then must you stay longer. The school is perfect in the center of San Francisco. You must walk only a lot of minutes to the sea, with view from the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and the Fisherman Wharf.The lessons in the school really good with really good teachers, you learn a lot of English but you have a lot of fun in the lessons. The times running very fast. You get very often homework’s, for doing the after the school. The lessons room are all very friendly and nice and have all other names from the Bay area. The school have a Cafeteria, where you can buy a lot of snacks. From the lunchroom can you see the sea and the Golden Gate Bridge.After the school you can do very many school activities. A lot of activities in the week are free. Ate the weekend you can do school trips to example Las Vergas, Los Angels or Napa Valley.In San Francisco you have to options to sleep. You can sleep by a home family or in the EF The Hub. The Hub is an EF resident where sleep only EF students. There can you choose for a single room or more bed room with three beds. The way from the Hub to the school is not so a long way. You can the way walk, than you need 40 minutes or you can take the bus.

Review №33

A very good experience at my ef san FranciscoGood quality of English lessons

Review №34

I am a student in EF. EF has a lot of activities and educations. Its very exciting for another country person. XD So I like EF💕

Review №35

The outdoors activities were totally unprofessional and disorganized. Also, the quality of English training were very poor when I was in this school, even though I had met some great teachers and classmates. Overall, I recommend the English learners to chose another school if you really want to learn English...

Review №36

Fantastic place! I enjoyed my course so much! I had opportunity to meet so many gentle people and to improve my english skils. Special thanks to Barbara Daylan for being so helpful and kind :) And of course to Jad Qandour - the best teacher ever :D

Review №37

Really nice place and nice staff. I recommend!!

Review №38

Everyone one knows this is a laidback school so unless youre serious about learning english, I advise you to look somewhere else. I spent 4 months there, best 4 months in my life, it felt just like home. Shout out to Josh Richter and Mike Serangelli. Oh and dont beat up anybody youll get kicked out in a flash, learned that the hard way.

Review №39

I am having a great time in EF SFO, all the EFs teacher, students and staff are very friendly

Review №40

If you are an student who wants to learn and have consistent classes, I do NOT recommend EF.There is a huge gap between the reality and the saless brochure...I selected the 6months program with the digital marketing Diploma for adults+25 and young professionals. But it was a JOKE...First of all, we were 2 students over 25 who were working.Secondly, the teacher didnt have any education in digital marketing.How do you think you feel, when you have invested all your savings in a misleading program...... USELESS..........THANK YOU EF.....Obviously, I tried to get some money back.. After 6 months of fight with the sales office of Switzerland, they gave me back 1.6% DISCOUNT ON MY TOTAL invoice amount.So please, if you are a serious person who wants to improve your knowledges in a specific field, in addition of your English classes, dont choose EF.EF is only good for teenagers, who want to travel few weeks during their vacations and have fun. But its definitely not for a long term and serious goals.The huge amount of money you will invest in their programs will NOT worth it.And I promise, you can ENJOY your USA stay without them!Thanks for reading!#efsanfrancisco#efswitzerland

Review №41

Im student of EF san francisco is the best school i love my teachers and the campus ! 🙌🙌

Review №42

Employees dont care about you. Horrible teachers. No organisation. Have never been in such a bad school. Feel so sad that I spent money on them. Never again.

Review №43

I went on this course for two weeks, simply trying to learn English and be around English speaking people where I stayed and studied. But the truth is far from what you mightt expect form EF.I wil start with the good point, staff is great, helpful and classes are enjoyable, you will learn a lot during your time at the school.But the good part stops there.As for accomodation, and any time outside the class, they will send you to the most godforsaken neighborhood of South San Francisco, trash everywhere, completely derelict, a very very unsafe place, mostly for a teenager, fear of being mugged ( or raped if you are a lady, I am quite serious, I feel lucky I am a man) everytime you leave the house. People there barely speak english, even tough i you go there to learn the english language ! This means you do not get to speak proper english outside of classes, which makes that time utterly useless as you do not get to use or practice what you have learned.As for the house itself, simply horrific. The lowest standards out there, you could not even expect worse, I was housed in a basement, to be more precise, in the garage ! The noise and the cold made it impossible to sleep or ge some resty, and I got absolutely no privacy as there was a chinese immigrant working three feet away from my bed.Going on this specific course has put me in great danger, I had a very bad time. It was impossible to enjoy this time. Definitely not the experience you wish, it will make you feel disgusted, and fear going to the wonderful place the USA is.It is quite clear the people from EF have never been on site to look where their clients are going, very disappointing... EF has shown me they can be the cheapest and most uncaring people. I did not pay for this, and I am sure you dont either.I long the day someone will sue you, as I am unable to do so being so young.An outrage, I wish no one to go on that course, shame on you EF !

Review №44

Nice place and nice school. Probably the best of EF.

Review №45

I can really enjoy !!!!I could meet many different kinds of people ;) It was my pressure!!!

Review №46

Very good school and teachers. i loved it.

Review №47

Some teachers and some staff are great, but the accommodation staff is the worse ive ever seen

Review №48

Great located and very Nice. Great staff and teachers!

Review №49

I was student there. I enjoyed my English course.

Review №50

Nice place to study English...Awesome institution.

Review №51

The best teachers here in EF SAN FRANCISCO.

Review №52

Unfortunately I Hope much more about the School and the classes. It wasnt so interesting. The secretary was rude. There wasnt even the students card (they Said there wasnt paper to do it). When I came in Chicago if I had shown it wasnt necessary to pay to access the Planetarium.

Review №53

Just awesome. Its just sad they closed the EF school in Mills College Oakland.

Review №54

Nice spot with a view of the GOLDEN GATE.

Review №55

Nice teachers, greatest activity ever!

Review №56

I am here for the first time and I will come back for sure!

Review №57

That is a great language school.

Review №58

Great language school.

Review №59

Its a great school

Review №60

Everyday in dream city with mild weather

Review №61

The best!

Review №62

Good experience!

Review №63


Review №64

Nice experience.

Review №65


Review №66

Good experience

Review №67

The EF school in San Francisco is probably one of the most welcoming EF schools ever. It is not huge but spread over three floors a hundred meters from Jefferson St, a street much frequented by tourists, with many proposed events, restaurants and passing by Fishermans Wharf and the famous Pier 39 (full of restaurants, shops and above all from the which can be observed dozens of sea lions or visit the aquarium or observe the island of Alcatraz from afar). The famous cable car also passes in front of the hotel. Very close to the school there is also a small beach from which you can easily see the sunset descending behind the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. The classrooms of the school are very spacious and bright and, unlike other EF schools, this one is less crowded (which is good). The staff is very kind and tries to provide every possible information necessary for new students. The residence is a 30 minute walk or 15-20 minute ride away from the school. On the other hand, the city is a little more expensive than other American cities and we must try to understand it in many social aspects, but after all it is a unique and fantastic place.

Review №68

I did an English course for adults at EF San Francisco and it was a very nice experience. The school is near the harbor with a beautiful view towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The teachers are very professional and patient, they follow you step by step. The environment is young and dynamic and the staff is very attentive and friendly. There are many extra school activities. Despite my age, I am 52 years old, I found myself very well.I did an English course for adults at EF San Francisco and it was a very nice experience. The school has a beautiful view towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The teachers are very professional and patient, they follow you step by step. The environment is young and dynamic and the staff is very attentive and friendly. There are many extra school activities. Despite my age, I am 52 years old, I found myself very well.

Review №69

Ive used EF several times, but I think its very cost-effective compared to other companies.The San Francisco school itself was in a good environment, and above all, the city of San Francisco was wonderful, so I feel that I had a good experience that will last a lifetime.

Review №70

Not bad school and English style residence, with this multi-storey building that gives a touch of intimacy to everything. The school is really upscale and the tours it offers are spectacular. More serious than the other schools in California, the EF school in San Francisco is certainly more suitable for those who expect a more mature experience. ;)

Review №71

For the next French students.I spent 6 weeks in San Francisco with EF in host family.The school and the courses are very good and varied, the staff is very nice with all the students and listening if you have any kind of questions.Regarding my host family, she was one hour by bus (direct line) from the school.The house was not very clean but the hosts were very friendly.If you have any questions, send me a message on Instagram patrice.11.

Review №72

Ef San Francisco is a great school is very well located and with an excellent view of the golden gate the teachers are excellent just like the school staff would do it again since it is a great experience

Review №73

Great experience! I made lots of friends from all over the world. Very well built courses that help you progress. Time has gone too quickly, thank you EF San Francisco.

Review №74

Perfect location by the sea, very educational teachers and always pleasant, everything is done to make you feel good in the school. I recommend

Review №75

I went in 2012. The location of this school is fantastic. On the other hand, teachers seem blazed. I lived in residence at St. Charles. The employees are nice but there is a flagrant lack of cleanliness. ... everywhere ... everywhere ... everywhere. I do not know how much it has changed since then but I do not recommend this school if your primary goal is to learn English. Go away. Choose another school if you want to go to San Francisco.

Review №76

If you do not want to waste your money, do not be fooled. Do not be fooled by the ads. Of the people who came here, I regret 90s. I only get 40 reps for a medium refund, and I really have a week or so. I have a lot of money. English is very slow. If you do not know any grammar and do not know any grammar, please come and see if you want to give me money. Please do not come.

Review №77

For a language school, I think its a perfect quality.The location is clean and the facilities are clean.But as you can see from the map, it ’s in a very inconvenient place,It ’s a little difficult to go every day.The tuition is high, the students are of good quality, and they are friendly.

Review №78

In July 2010, I spent a month there. Then I went back a few months after so I liked! In the tourist center, a beautiful renovated school, a great staff and interactive classes! The dream to learn English!

Review №79

Perfectly located school, 2 steps from Fishermann Wharf, close to all amenities and with stunning views of the fabulous Golden Gate Bridge! The EF team is full of good humor and always attentive to the students, and the teachers are really top notch and full of energy (especially Marisol and Richard), they make you want to learn!The weak point: the host families! Most of them are elderly and single people (and not real families) who rent rooms to an often high number of students (an average of 6 per house) and the accommodation is often very far from the school. (1h20-30 bus ride for me to go to school).

Review №80

I spent the best moments of my life at EF School, its an unforgettable experience that totally changes you. In addition to allowing you to learn a language quickly and efficiently, this is a place where you meet people from around the world, a true international experience to live absolutely!

Review №81

An almost perfect school, a magnificent view of the golden gates bridge, a competent pedagogical team (including Dan) and an administrative service. They care a lot about the well being of the students. There is good entertainment, Spencer (the animator) is always there to make you smile! Its a perfect place to perfect your english and live the california life style gold san francisco life style! : D

Review №82

Will it be a great experience?How are the bedrooms?

Review №83

A machine to make money!

Review №84

This is not suitable for adults and specific programs

Review №85

I know little English

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