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Review №1

My seven year old daughter has been a student for a few months now and absolutely loves it. I was a little concerned she may be too young for it, but the one on one virtual teaching has been great and Ive been amazed with her progress. She gives her coach an idea for a game she would like to create and then he walks her through all of the coding to do it. She actually created a fully functional video game after a few sessions - its obviously very basic but still, its a functioning game! Shes always so proud of her progress and I think shes developing a very valuable skill set that shell be able to use in a variety of ways. The Director at the San Ramon school that we use is also great when it comes to communicating with me and has accommodated a few schedule changes without any problems.

Review №2

The coaches are personable and are able to customize the lesson plan depending on the child’s ability. They are available to talk and responds quickly .Ms Dede does the 1st screening for the child along with the coach for the assessment which adds value to the session in terms of current level and some estimations on what we can accomplish together in the next few weeks and going further.ThanksSmita

Review №3

We highly recommend the Coder School in San Ramon! Our 15-year old son has been taking a weekly coding class (over zoom) for several months now, and we are very happy with the instructors, professionalism, and the great communication. This is a quality organization.

Review №4

Our experience with them started with my Jr. hi son, who from all accounts was enjoying and learning a lot from his class. This was evident by his high marks on his AP Com Sci class. My 9-yo started with SR city youngster computer camp, which he enjoyed immensely! When the camp ended, he begged me to enroll him to more classes. Hes back at it and learning and having fun. I can see his sense of accomplishment & confidence increasing after each class.

Review №5

My 8 year old really looks forward to his weekly coding session. I like that it is helping him with critical thinking skills, goal setting and working through the steps of a project to completion. Whether or not he ends up coding those are skills he can use. And it is just fun.

Review №6

My son loves these lessons.. he never misses the classes. And he looks forward to this class every week. I hear his excitement, laugh, shouting when he is coding. Great teachers.

Review №7

This program has great communication with scheduling and rescheduling. Our teacher Eamon is fun, listens to the kids needs and wants and peeks their interest. I love the fact they are excited to go to class and always want to share with us their newest coding adventure.

Review №8

My son is extremely excited every week for class. Without the online option we never would have been able to participate. We have been looking for a coder school for a long time and we found a good one. Dede is easy to talk to and she understands if you have any questions. Thank you for making these classes available.

Review №9

My boys love this coding schedule, very engaging

Review №10

My children have been taking coding lessons and joining in summer camps at the Coder School in San Ramon for several years. The coaches are engaging, creative, and very knowledgeable about what they teach.As my children advance in skills they are paired with similar peers, and the coaches move them along together doing enjoyable activities. My children look forward to their weekly lessons. Meeting with our coaches virtually during this pandemic has been super easy from home. We have enjoyed working with all of our coaches, and they have many ways to make the learning fun. We highly recommend the Coder School!

Review №11

My son has been enjoying his semi private lessons with The Coder School. It is the only extracurricular activity he has right now and I’m so happy that he has discovered a passion, during quarantine. The instructor is always on-time and virtual lessons have worked out well. I love getting a detailed report of what he learned and how he is progressing!

Review №12

The Coderschool in San Ramon is a great program for everyone. They really keep it fun for my 17 yr old who now has an interest in programming. The summary reports after each lesson shows what they covered and learned in that class time. This place is a gem!

Review №13

My son has been attending this school for the past few months and we really like it here. The instructors are nice and my son is learning a lot. We will continue going here for a long time.

Review №14

My son has been attending San Ramon Coding School for over a year. Flexible hours after school and weekend made it possible. He enjoyed the class and coach Harsha has been great. Dede was very accommodated to flexible schedule. The school followed Contra Costa health guideline and switched to online classes promptly. Schedule reminders are sent out weekly. Its well managed. We are very please with the staff and coaches.

Review №15

My kids love it! Teachers are very patient with the kids and the lessons are fun and the pace keeps my 7&9 year olds attention.

Review №16

My 9 year old daughter LOVES this class. She takes it with a good friend and its something she looks forward to every week. Coach Eamon is patient, thoughtful, and indulgent when it comes to letting them explore their interests (anyone wanna make more Pokemon games?) In fact, its so much fun that I think she forgets she is actually learning, but she is! And I feel happy knowing she is learning skills that be valuable in life.

Review №17

We have been with the coder school for a little over the month. My 11 year old LOVES it! He has had an awesome coach who sends me notes after every class. The notes are so personalized and feel like they are really engaging and getting to know my kid. The one-on-one lessons have taught my son SO much in such a short time. He’s loving the M.I.T. Scratch platform and he excitedly shows us what he’s created very week. His coach also tells us that he’s working on his own time and creating games to share with them. I’m really blown away by how much he has learned in such a short time. Recently, scheduling had us switch coaches and yesterday was my son’s first time with the new coach. I was worried bc he had such a great repoire with Talia, but he loves his new coach William, as well! He was worried, but last night gave me the thumbs up and said he was happy with his new coach and excited to work with him, too. Dede has always been great about communicating with me. I can’t recommend this company enough.

Review №18

I am happy with the teachers.

Review №19

My kids has been taking the code class for 2 years. We’ve been go through several stages and the class has been always flexible to adjust to his level. And Dede knows the kids very well and that helps a lot for the kids to grow in the learning process.

Review №20

Honestly, I was hesitant to sign my kids up for more screen time during the pandemic, but my son has been begging to try coding. Im glad I did. Its creative, develops problem solving skills, logic and reasoning. Theres some math in there too. Much more interesting and worthwhile than I thought it would be. The teachers are knowledgable and the classes run smoothly. Its been a good thing all around.

Review №21

My children are enjoying their coding classes and really understanding the concepts fundamentally. The coaches are great and guide the kid well. Most importantly the kids are having fun while learning. The curriculum is very agile based on the child’s interest.

Review №22

My kids (ages 7, 9, 11) absolutely love the Coder School! They look forward to their weekly classes with their engaging teacher. I think the school is very flexible & gives students a good learning environment. In this time that everything is done online, the Coder School has also helped my kids even more comfortable & savvy with computers.

Review №23

My son Alex has been going to CoderSchool in San Ramon for some time. He really enjoys learning with his amazing coaches. He has learned so much and has fun doing it. Dede is amazing she works with everyone schedule and is very easygoing and cares about the kids and makes sure they are happy and learning. I wouldnt go to any other coding school. Very happy with CoderSchool and satisfied with how much son has learned so much. The you Dede for all your care for the kids.

Review №24

My coach Harsha understands all of my questions and I barely waste any time communicating my ideas and questions with him. He doesnt waste time and so far hes always had something new ready for me to learn whenever I exhaust one topic. He understands that Id rather focus on my one game than make a bunch of small projects, and I learn that way.

Review №25

My son loves CoderSchool. He looks forward to it each week and comes away excited for more abs proud of what he created and learned. He needed some extra attention and the CoderSchool communicated with us very well and with a service heart to find him a coach he would pair well with and the attention to care to make a proper match has produced results in his learning and happiness. Definitely recommend.

Review №26

My son absolutely loves his coding classes and his coach Eamon. It has been a wonderful experience, especially when so many activities are limited with COVID.

Review №27

My son has been learning coding at the Coder School since over a year and he really enjoys it. The communication is excellent. Teachers are great and Dede is amazing with addressing any questions and scheduling.

Review №28

I like the way they schedule their zoom classes during this pandemic . Well organized .Good ciricullam and coaches .My kid thoroughly enjoys his python classes . I would recommend all parents to give a try .

Review №29

My kids love Coder school! They’ve been going for 6 months and are excited to keep learning more. The code coaches are great and send a weekly update so I know what each kid is learning. My kids are so comfortable there and enjoy everything about the experience. The owner DeDe is friendly and organized and makes everyone feel welcome.They have group classes, individual coaching, and my 12 year old really likes the 2 students with 1 coach ratio. There’s something for everyone!

Review №30

I really appreciate Dede for her commitment to the kids and willing to work with me regarding issues that may come up. She’s always responsive and solve any issues quickly. Thanks Dede! My son loves his coach Adam! I can tell when my son truly likes a coach and he’s pretty picky with who. You’re awesome Adam, stay cool! If you’re wondering on signing up your child, I would recommend The Coder School. Plus, they give trial classes!

Review №31

Great place to have your kids learn code in an easy comfortable environment!! My girls love it. Relax, fun, casual vibe with excitement in the air! Dede and Michelle are great Leaders and wonderful to work with! They thoughtfully places each student with the right group and coach. We are so Pleased! Thanks Coder School!

Review №32

My son has been taking classes at The Coder School for the last year. He loves his classes. There is a lot of flexibility with the projects they complete and the instructors are fun to work with. Communication about classes, billing, rescheduling is easy. He wishes we had an unlimited coder school budget! Wants to work there when he is old enough. Highly recommend.

Review №33

My 11 year old started the Coder School this September, and he loves it. The casual learning setting suits my son’s personality. As a parent I love that they are very accommodating with make up classes. It makes our life a little easier:)

Review №34

My son started the remote classes few months ago. He has a lot of fun in class and learned a lot. His teacher, Ms Alise is very patience. She knows how to communicate with kid.

Review №35

My son started coding with Coach Kannan less than a year ago.He had great experience with His coach.Coach Kannan is very patient, knowledgeable and good with the kids.My child is very talkative and always have question.Coach Kannan knows very well how to handle him and keep him focused while answering all queries.My child learnt scratch and Now he is learning Python with him and he is really enjoying and learning well. Best part is the school is very flexible .Ms Dede is very flexible and was able to provide makeup class( even if we change it very last minute) without any hassle whenever needed.Now my child is learning online with his Coach and I can see same quality as in any in person class.I highly recommend “The coder School” and their teachers in providing quality education to the present upcoming generations.Keep up the good work” the coder school”.

Review №36

I have a 13 years girl and 19 years adult autistic son. Both started with beginners program. I, myself as an engineer found the coder school has its very unique ways for teaching, my kids are enjoying and building their confidences every classes and growing their skills in very logical ways. Strong recommended !!!

Review №37

Great communication from staff and teachers.

Review №38

The Coder School staff has been supportive and accommodating to my schedule. The coaches appear to love what they are doing and have been enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge with my children. I appreciate the weekly written feedback from the coaches so I know what was taught each lesson. Highly recommend!

Review №39

Both my kids have learned so much from the Coder School and they both love it. Everyone on the team is knowledgeable and friendly.

Review №40

Both my children have been going here for a year. They have learned so much in that time, from html to python. Their coach moves them at their pace and makes it fun. I find my kids coding at home for fun and they love going to their weekly sessions. They’ve had a couple of different coaches and all of them have been amazing. Dede, the administrator, is amazing, pairs the kids up with coaches who the kids will work well with. I can’t praise them enough, and am excited to see how much the kids learn in the future!

Review №41

My son has been going to Coder School for past 8,9 months and he really enjoys it. He is very excited about this class every week. He liked all his instructors and they are pretty flexible with makeup classes too.

Review №42

My daughter loves the Coder School. She attends the weekly sessions and looks forward to it every week. She also enjoys the camps during the summer. Even after 7-8hrs of coding on some days, it is till hard to get her to leave.. definitely a great sign!

Review №43

It was the first time my son (14 year old) will try out coding and we enrolled him in four camps at Coder School. Java, python, and the 2 game development programs. He enjoyed them all but developed a special preference for either java or python. Coder School made the summer camp experience fun and doable for a newcomer like him. CS also email reports on what the kids did during the week and sent the link for their project (when I couldn’t come to the parent visit schedule). It was great to see my son’s coding activity (I am no coder and it looks legit ;-) Dede, the manager, was more than helpful and encouraging the whole time. Quick to respond to emails and answer my questions. You can tell from the staff (when I first inquired) their passion to teach the kids about coding. We have signed up for the monthly after school program with 2:1 student/teacher ratio, which i think is a good thing to get really hands-on and customized training. ;-)

Review №44

My son is really enjoying this class. The coaches are young and fun and know how to make it exciting for kids. Im almost always late to pick up my son but I find him continuing to work on his project with utmost enthusiasm and unwilling to leave!

Review №45

Our family loves The Coder School. My twin 8 years olds look forward to their coding class every week. Dede, one of the San Ramon school owners, always greets us with a smile and encourages my kids to explore and develop their ideas. The instructors that weve had are also very engaging and personable. Would highly recommend!

Review №46

My 8 year old has been going since he was 7, and absolutely loves it. The instructors and staff are knowledgeable and patient, and my son is learning a tremendous amount and enjoying every session. I would highly recommend this school.

Review №47

We have had a very good experience with Dede the general ,manager on initial trial lesson and scheduling with the right instructor personality wise. the kids love their instructor and are enjoying the class. We have almost completed 6 months and will be renewing for another 6 months for sure. Additionally, Dede now wants to start a middle school coding team to enter into competitions and am excited to see how the kids get more confident with their coding skills.

Review №48

My son TJ has be going to the coder school for about a month now. He loves it, really enjoys the interaction he has with his coach Adam Carter. Couldnt ask for a better staff. Dede is always responsive when I message her. Very happy with my experience with the coder school in San Ramon. Thanks guy for everything.

Review №49

Everyone on the team is awesome. Both our kids have learned so much over the past year they have been taking the classes. Seeing what they create and the confidence they have working on a computer shows how much The Coder School has helped them.

Review №50

My son has been attending the coder school for about 6months or more. While hes learning code, he is unable to code on his own nor does he have homework to ensure what hes learning at the class is instilled. There is no progress report with the parents provided anymore, or consistentcy in the teachers the last several months. It started off good, but the quality of hte classes seem to have gone down over time. I hope to see improvements soon or will need to reconsider a different program over the summer.

Review №51

The owner is responsive, knowledgeable, cares about the students and is passionate about all things coding. I Highly recommend this school for all children!!

Review №52

Amber loves to learn coding. Coach Philip is very nice and patient. The San Ramon school are an amazing place to start coding journey.

Review №53

The coaches and staff at the Coder School are amazing. They are so kind and flexible and a wealth of knowledge. A gem to have in San Ramon.

Review №54

Our girls enjoy lot and teachers are awesome

Review №55

TheCoderSchool is such a great place for kids to explore coding. They can learn Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, C+, C#, Unity. Kids create their own games and apps with the help of coaches. There are summer camps too! Great place for kids to explore coding.

Review №56

We like this place and the instructor, so glad we can find this institute that creates a lot of help to my son. Thanks the manager Dede!

Review №57

My son has learned so much in the few months that he has been going to the Coder School. He wants to work on projects at home and was excited to create a game on his own.

Review №58

Both of my kids have been going to coder school for over 6 months and they both love it!! Definitely recommend it.

Review №59

My son enjoys going to his coding classes every week and learning with his Coach Zach.

Review №60

I would highly recommend the Coder School. The teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive.

Review №61

Its a great school. Very professional and accommodating.

Review №62

This place is great! The staff were so patient and my nephews LOVE it!

Review №63

This is an awesome place for kids and young adults to get some programming/computer science experience.

Review №64

My kid loves it

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