Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts
23502 Lyons Ave Suite 105, Santa Clarita, CA 91321, United States

Review №1

This is the most AMAZING school ever. I signed my 7 year old son up and within 2 weeks we received a call back for one of the top agencies on Los Angeles. We love the Zoom class options that are provided. King is learning so much and retaining a lot of new skills and knowledge. Super exited for what the futures holds. We just have to keep working and everything will happen when it’s supposed to. So we are going to stay ready. If you are in search for a great jumpstart to your child’s dreams. You found the place.

Review №2

Awesome! Totally awesome!!! I have been looking for various activities for my little one so she can develop her skills. Swim class, dance class, art class - anything to help her discover what she likes. Then SCSOPA came along… they seriously train and develop talents here while making sure that everyone loves what they are doing. From talking to Cindy about how my LO can fit right into their program to the step by step instructions from Miriam, anyone would feel right at home here. Teachers Jade and Nora gives attention to each and every child making sure that they get equal attention. Don’t get me started talking about how you can discuss anything and everything with Mike and you can feel the passion he has with things that he talks about! Truly, this is a place to be with the added bonus of seeing my LO on TV!!!

Review №3

I recomend Santa Clarita School Of Performing Arts. 1st want to say that the Owners of this business are professional and caring about all the students, I was looking for am Arts Class and the Owner took time out of his busy schedule and fits us right in. Not even a month had gone by when my Child got signed up with an Agency! My child enjoys all the classes and is learning. Saturday this place is Hoping with Excited Students, Agent, staff, all working together to help AspiringActors, Models, Voice Over, Singers ect.Saturday is so exciting for everyone, students, agents and staff, The Owners really care for each student. Im so greatful that my child is taking his classes there. Its a blessing. Thank you ****, *****, instructors& staff they know there craft!Eliana

Review №4

First of all I would like to say the moment we walked into Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts it was amazing , we felt like family. We were welcomed by everyone. But more importantly our 9 year old daughter felt comfortable. She is learning lots of techniques and as fun while in class. In the 7 weeks we have been here she had many agents that wanted her. After finally choosing one she started landing auditions with in two weeks. This school is great we highly recommend it.

Review №5

I drive all the way from Goleta (North of Santa Barbara) Great school. The owner, Mike, is really awesome. He loves and cares about each and everyone of the staff and students and it shows. I instantly signed up for a year and a half of acting lessons. Im having so much fun and learning so much. 40 years old with no acting experience but the teachers will work with you. P David and Fred are awesome!

Review №6

We drove 2,500 miles straight to Santa Clarita California. We met with Mike and were signed up the same day! My daughter went to two classes, an audition, had head shots done AND had a call back in less than a week! They mean business. The staff and teachers are awesome and all of the connections and information needed to get a great start in the industry were available to us. There is no better place to be. The number of classes available and the unlimited opportunities are exactly why my other three daughters are signing up next! Not only will they gain knowledge, experience and have fun doing it, but they will walk away with character, confidence and personality they never knew they had.

Review №7

Mike and Mariama are amazing and they truly care about all the kids that attend this school. If you want to be successful in this acting business and find a agent you should join this school now! This school offers once in a lifetime opportunities!

Review №8

SCSOPA is a wonderful place! I enrolled my 2 kids, ages 6 and 8, and they attend classes twice a week. My kids have always been on the shyer side, and it amazes me to see them stand in front of a class and give a monologue they either memorized or were just given to practice. The teachers provide my kids, and the other students, with immediate feedback to help them improve and for the smaller ones, they write feedback and a compliment down on an index card for the parents to see so we can continue to work on those things at home. I love this!The owner, Mike, is wonderful! He is great with all kids, always making them laugh and they love it! Every Saturday, SCSOPA has an agent holding auditions, which is a great opportunity for all students of all ages!Before attending, I had read all of the reviews on Yelp, especially the negative ones and was concerned as to what I was walking into. I quickly got over it as I met the team and had my kids try a class. We have been at SCSOPA for 3 months and love it!All students and staff wear masks. The main classroom has designated sitting areas in order to adhere to Covid restrictions. Everyone wears a mask and asked to sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.

Review №9

Very helpful very kind recommend others who are really serious about acting modeling voiceovers aging entertainment business choose the school you will get somewhere 💖💖

Review №10

Great school. Lots of classes and opportunities to connect with top agents.

Review №11

I am a new student here at Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts, and it was a great choice! They have been around a long time with a great reputation, have a lot of success stories, a friendly knowledgeable staff, help auditioning for agents, many types of classes, and the teachers give me great feedback. In my first few weeks I’m already being encouraged to go on auditions & getting sent out for work! I’m having a lot of fun while growing my talents here, and highly recommend this school to everyone interested in entertainment.

Review №12

This is one of the best acting school in Santa Clarita in my opinion. My three kids have been taking acting, singing and modeling classes here for over a year now and have learned so much. One best thing to mention besides the classes is that every Saturday they have entertainment agents and managers come in to scout new talents and they are some of the biggest in the industry. If you approach these agents and manager most likely you even hear from them. I think all kids get an agents sooner or later at this school. The owners are good and honest people and I must say that they are doing this business the right way. Their staff and coaches are well experienced and good with kids as well.

Review №13

We saw a rep at the AV Fair a couple of years ago and disregarded the sincerity of the company. About a month ago, we got a cold call and decided to check it out. I am glad we did. Everyone is very friendly and it’s a very warm and family type environment. The office staff is extremely helpful and insightful and the instructors are really great with the kids. We couldn’t be happier.

Review №14

I have been here for a short time, but let me tell you, they are exactly what they say they are. Do they promise success and fame? Of course not because it is based on the individuals hard work. This school has teachers that have trained other A-list actors, or these teachers are current actors. In the short amount of time that I have been here, I can tell you that this school is legit. Not like those other “casting agencies” that claim they will get you somewhere. Agents come every Saturday, therefore you will always have the opportunity to audition in front of them. I am very happy with the opportunity I was given. Thank you so much SCSOPA!!!

Review №15

Great place, great managementGreat opportunities with different agentsIf time goes back I would definitely do the same thing and sign my kids thereThanks :)

Review №16

Santa Clarita School of Performing arts is a great place to learn and grow! They offer a variety of classes. Mike and the staff are very helpful and friendly and each class has an instructor who specializes in their field. They also have different agencies and managers who come to the school every Saturday to scout new talent via auditions. I definitely recommend this school if you want to learn, grow in your craft, gain experience, and move forward in the arts and entertainment industry. Glad to be a part of this community!

Review №17

I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts! This is the top rate A Cream of the crop school for our children who want to take on the craft and skills of learning the entertainment business! No other school offers all that this school does, all of the teachers and staff care so much from their heart and soul for the children that come here to learn. The school has all of the right connections in the business as well, such as wonderful talent companies (agents and Managers) that come in every weekend to pick from the talent that is growing there. My daughter has been taking everything from Acting, Monologue, Improv, Voice Over, Dance/Hip Hop, Singing. and was signed by an agent within 6 months! This school builds and grows their self confidence! Truly a rare gem in the Santa Clarita Valley! Look no further than The Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts! Any other performing arts school out here will not hold a candle to what this school is able to offer your child and you!

Review №18

My daughter and son has been attending the school for a little over a month. 2 weeks into the classes, my kids met with an agent and a manger. Now they are signed up and attending some pretty cool auditions. I highly recommend this school, they are legit. There are agents showing up every Saturday. The owner Mike and all the teachers are amazing and super helpful and wants whats best for my kids. I couldnt be happier. If you are thinking about taking your kids to any acting class. Take them here. The school provides all the necessary tools and truly wants the kiddos to succeed in this business. And did I mention classes include headshots.

Review №19

Less than a week ago I visited the Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts with a friend who was contemplating on enrolling. When I first arrived it seemed to be a pitch for acting classes, thankfully it WAS NOT. There are fees if one chooses to enroll, but are minimal compared to the knowledge and training received in return. Its not just a pitch for classes because Mike and his staff go beyond that. They seem to have a giant family full of talent and are dedicated to helping each and every student. Mike Josten has a great program set up for individuals who want to critique their craft and get exposure to working agents. I visited Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts with no intention to enroll, simply accompanying a friend who was interested, and now I attend classes there myself. After talking to Mike and having all of my questions answered and being reassured time and time again of my investment I have to highly recommend Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts to any and everyone looking to expand their knowledge of performing arts!

Review №20

My 3 kids began pursuing Acting, Modeling, and Singing while we were living in Arizona , I even commuted for a year with them to make sure this was really what they wanted. We did tons of research on great Acting Classes to attend, what agents to take meetings with etc.. in the Hours and hours I put into endless phone calls and emails to different schools, we found the Santa Clarita School Of Performing Arts. I called them and the front desk lady, Liz who we talked to was super nice and knowledgeable and connected me to Mike. Mike was Super nice and told us to come to one of his orientations. the next week we went to mikes orientation and We were very impressed on what he and his school had to offer, Despite the bad reviews we decided that we would move to Santa Clarita and no longer just commute, so that the kids could attend school regularly. I have to say It is the BEST decision we made. since starting school the kids career is taking off. We signed with our Manager and the kids are out everyday on auditions. They have worked Fresh Off The Boat, we have 2 National Commercials running at the moment , and there are many projects that we are waiting on too. If we would have let the bad reviews make our decision for us we would not be in the position we are today. I give many THANKS to Mike and his staff for making my kids dreams a reality!! Mike knows the industry so if he speaks LISTEN!!

Review №21

I love this place but the price is TOO HIGH my mom can’t afford it so I might not go to the classes and I really love this place :(

Review №22

I am a student here and they are awesome the teachers are so funny and helpful and Mike he is awesome he is a type of person that is like playful and he likes everybody in the school he treats everybody with respect so this so is awesome I recommend it to everyone that wants to do acting this is great.😄😁

Review №23

My wife and I are very impressed with this school. We brought our daughter here and the owner, who is very well connected, gave us his full attention, as well as a great experience. We have to move out of town so we arent able to stay, but the several classes our daughter attended left such a good impression that we will be back! If you are looking to learn anything in the entertainment business, this is your place! It is unlike any other place! They cant guarantee that you will get an agent, but everyone that goes here does! You know the owner is responsible for getting Jessica Alba into the business... Ya! Among so many others.. his family owns a film production company! Just attending classes here, with the best teachers (all proffessionals like actors and dancers and singers), will guarantee you make many valuable connections in the industry... and enjoy the best learning experience available. Oh and the prices are unbeatable. Thank you to all of the staff at scsopa! We will be back!

Review №24

The Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts contacted me after seeing a head-shot of me I had submitted to a local modeling contest. I told them I didnt have much time to travel to their facility (which was 40 minutes away from where I live) but they were very persistent and called me at least three different times trying to get me to go. I finally agreed and my sister and my friend went down to the place.The facility was nice and the staff was generally very friendly. My experience was decent until I found out it was a school. On the phone they didnt mention anything about their place being a school, and they also said I was going to have a private meeting with the facility owner Mike but we ended up sitting in a group while we listened to the owner explain to us why we should pay for classes at his school.I had just moved and I didnt have money for schooling, so I already decided not to come back to the school, but I had a very informing visit and thanked the staff for their time.A week later I get a call from the schools owner Mike. He gets angry with me for not coming back for a follow-up visit and accused me of being an undercover representative from another acting school trying to get their trade secrets and told me he doesnt appreciate Lookie-Lous.I was completely appalled by that follow-up call and is the reason Im writing this review. Im sure this school is good for people who have money. But thats unfortunately this schools major concern: they worry more about how much money theyll make than about their students. It was a huge waste of my time to visit their school.

Review №25

They have amazing teachers and staff to teach kids their techniques because their energy motivates you

Review №26

Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts has a wide variety of classes from youth too mature. Ranging from acting to voice over and everything in between that has to do with performing arts . The teachers are educated and experience it is a pleasure for me to attend class.

Review №27

I was surprised to learn of this amazing resource right here in our own town. My child had been scouted by other schools and we visited those facilities and considered them but decided to learn more about SCSOPA. I was glad to learn that they offer a variety of classes to prepare students for across the board (ATB) representation. We signed with an agent and my child just booked a SAG Commercial within 1 year of attending the school. No you dont need a school or an agent to submit for commercials, but it really helps when you have the training, confidence and representation behind you to get you through the door. Also, as a parent, you will find support and answers from other parents while your child is learning. There are lots of options for training in Los Angeles, but many students who live in Los Angeles drive to the SCV to attend SCSOPA. You get more classes per week here for your investment and students practice and get confidence in class to prepare them for the auditions to come. I hope you will check out all of your options and then visit this school last. You will see that your children will be in class with working actors who value training in between bookings.

Review №28

Michael is great with the kids. They work hard and get noticed

Review №29

We have been very happy with the training our children received at SCSOPA!I wrote my initial review two years ago but I want to add that my kids have become working actors because of their training and connections through this school.My kids have been in commercials, TV roles and independent films. The training you receive here is high quality and in line with industry demands. They really prepare your child for what they need to do to audition in Hollywood and land jobs.We were skeptical in the beginning of any success monetarily but we signed up anyway believing that the classes at SCSOPA would our kids invaluable skills for life.My kids have now taken audition prep, monologues, improv, voice-over, modeling, and even a singing class. They love going to classes here!I see so much development in my children over the last three years of being at this school.Also, weve been checking out other classes available in Hollywood from casting agencies and they are several times the price that is offered here. You really would save a lot of money by going to SCSOPA while not compromising the quality of the training.Again, I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their childrens interpersonal skills, speaking skills, not being shy in front of others, singing skills, dancing skills, and getting ready to start working in Hollywood!It is the real deal. No doubt about it!My review 2 years ago:This school is a great place to learn and introduce your child to the world of entertainment business! The classes are taught by actors, professional dancers, singers, and those who have years of experience.Also every Saturday they have agents on site. My kids quickly learned how to audition and got an agent within 2 months of starting from scratch. Now they are auditioning for commercials and film and are getting paid work!I highly recommend SCSOPA!

Review №30

Everyone here is so fantastical!!!!

Review №31

Mike treats you like family!!! Fun classes!!!

Review №32

Amazing and the stuff is really sweet to me

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