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I took the basics course and had a blast. Ive never been on a street bike before and left the course feeling confident in the basics. Exceptional instructors - Jim and Missy take a serious approach to motorcycle safety.They mix in fun but dont expect to it to be Disney Land; they have two short days to help you develop the right type of muscle memory to stay safe on the road. I highly recommend this course and these instructors.

Review №2

Great place to go to do your riding course. Very knowledgeable! The owner and the riding instructors did a fantastic job. Communication and super friendly. Made the class feel very welcomed.

Review №3

Loved this class! Well worth the money.Jim and Marcel were fantastic instructors. Everything was presented clearly and they made sure we understood what we needed to do. They kept the pace on track with the skill level of the class.Have an open mind and youll have a great time.

Review №4

I am a first time rider with very little experience. The instructors were absolutely incredible. I felt safe, comfortable, and most importantly that I was learning from experienced professionals. I cannot recommend a better place to learn/get certified. Special thanks to the care our instructors gave to EACH individual, helping with strengths and weaknesses and absolutely making this class a joy to be in! 10/5 would recommend!

Review №5

Excellent training, excellent instructors! You will not be disappointed!

Review №6

My wife and I had the privilege of taking the basic motorcycle safety course this weekend at Ride Safe USA. Im not usually quick to write a review, but these people are incredible! In a world where professionalism and customer service are steady declining, this staff provided the Disney Experience!! I recommend this place 100%. It wasnt just one staff member, but all of them that went over and above! Im very impressed and appreciative.

Review №7

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to have taken my class here! The knowledge from the staff is amazing! I have been riding for years and still learned quite a lot of helpful tips and tricks to safely operate a bike. Especially in situations where you could get hurt.This sport is very dangerous and has a lot of risk. I appreciate you guys taking the time to properly train and educate your students. I guarantee it’s saving lives!Thank you for everything!Let’s ride!

Review №8

If you’re going to schedule your class, make sure Missy isn’t the instructor the 2 days! Jim is a very nice guy, fun personality, and kind. Missy is rude and very disrespectful. She definitely makes you feel very discouraged. She made me feel stupid and embarrassed. She does not have the qualities of a good teacher.

Review №9

Very very professional a very very good class to take very professional and riding drills very professional teachers that will help you through all of the riding drills and they are very helpful with the test but they will not put up with no nonsense which I really I think that is a professional way to go about everything I could sit here and talk all night about the class and the teachers I cannot say how much I really appreciate everything they had taught me and I know the laws more better than I used to I just wanted to say thank you for the classroom teacher and all of the writing teachers they are all very professional keep the good job up thank you so very much

Review №10

My friend and I had a great experience with the team at ride safe. I purchased my first motorcycle a few days prior to the class and other than clutch engagement, I did not know much about riding. This class made me aware of many things that could happen while riding and Jim went over real situations and his personal example stories past what a normal course would include. Marcel and Jim both kept the mood light and welcoming.I believe the bad reviews on here could stem from people not having an open mind to learning. Our class was a mixed bunch and I feel this makes teaching difficult as the instructors have to break experienced riders bad habits while teaching brand new riders.All in all, the class is what you make of it. I believe with the right attitude you can have a lot of fun here while learning a good foundation in safety and riding habits. My friend and I did 50 miles on our bikes the day after our test and while I never rode before I did feel comfortable with the knowledge Ive gained from Jim and Marcel. We plan on going back and to take the advanced course also.

Review №11

I really enjoyed this class and highly recommend it. Jim is a great teacher!

Review №12

I recommend this school 100%. I went to this school knowing absolutely nothing, I was a passenger on my husbands bike so I took the classes as an emergency just in case I need to take over for my husband. Jim and Charlie started us slowly and with lots of patience and boy oh boy did I learned!!. It was fun, very instructional and I passed both tests. Jim shared stories with us and we learned everything thats need to know about trikes. Thank you Jim and Charlie.

Review №13

Jim and Charlie are great instructors. They stay focused and keep students focused. They dont allow complacency in and theres a lot to be said for that. 🇺🇸

Review №14

I was recommended to use Ride Safe by Alexs at Sarasota mopeds and scooters. What a great suggestion. I had not ridden a motorcycle in 40 years and it was one of those things I know everything. Jim and the other instructors were fantastic and I quickly learned I knew nothing from the old days. They were very patient and very clear in their instructions and how and what to look out for on the highways. I have recommended this class to friends who have just purchased a scooter from Sarasota Mopeds and have successfully completed the course and are certified.Keep up the great work and thank you for your understanding and patience.

Review №15

Very knowledgeable instructors. Friendly and informative. Great attitudes that made us feel more at ease and positive. Would highly recommend if you are looking to get your endorsement or just want to learn a few good tips.

Review №16

Jim and his team were great, Im a new rider and they did a great job making everyone feel comfortable. I didnt think I would learn as much as we did, was a fun few days.

Review №17

Very good and clear instructions if you go in with an open mindset you are shore to pass

Review №18

Could not recommend this class enough. The two instructors are knowledgeable and engaging.They share the law with you and enough personal experience to get you ready to get on the road.Totally worth it even if you have to drive a little to take the class.

Review №19

Great instructors great time loads of fun Recommend to anybody wanting to learn or get endorse

Review №20

The class and the instructors where awesome. Very patient and detailed in their instructions. I will definitely be recommending this class.

Review №21

The state requires individuals to volunteer for 1.5 months in order to become an instructor. Ride USA requires 6 months! By doing so, those that finish are dong their job because of the compassion in their hearts.The passion and patience was evident with Marcelle and Victor .

Review №22

Five Stars are not enough to say how great this company is. They were personable, genuine and excellent with the whole group of us. We felt their instructions exceeded our highest expectations of what a motorcycle course should be. They care for the safety of their students. I highly recommend them if you are in need of any motorcycle training.

Review №23

Super friendly staff. They taught the class through and i gained all the knowledge needed to ride.

Review №24

EXCELLENT TRIKE COURSE! Both Jim and Charlie made it comfortable, SAFE and FUN. I strongly would recommend this course.!

Review №25

Great training and great teachers enjoyed learning to ride safely

Review №26

I can not recommend them enough. Jim and Marcel are great!

Review №27

Awesome instructors. Made learning fun while covering the course material.

Review №28

Took a basic riders course, information was presented clearly and we were given lots of Time to practice and learn.Jim is a great guy, I would definitely recommend this course!

Review №29

This class was worth every moment. Jim and Marcel were the instructors for this class and made this weekend a great learning experience. Marcels enthusiasm and manner keep you involved with a smile and Jims experience and knowledge was very much appreciated.Like any experience, you get out of it what you put into it and that very much applies at Ride Safe USA. YOUR safety is the most important thing and that is never forgotten. The instructors are patient and will explain or demonstrate anything you ask them.Id recommend this class to anyone.Ride safe!

Review №30

I would recommend this course to anyone. Jim and Marcel are a great team and keep it fun the whole time with enthusiasm and patience. I would take this class again and would suggest it to anyone even if they never intend to own a motorcycle. Without a doubt some of the smartest money I have spent. Thank you for a solid experience. Great job!

Review №31

Awesome instructors and great laid back atmosphere. They get you comfortable before testing. Absolutely no complaints. A special thanks to Marcel for making the class fun and enjoyable while remaining serious about the curriculum. Thanks again guys for all of your help and guidance. Look forward to seeing yall on the road. Enjoy your bikes and be safe.

Review №32

Jim and Charlie were excellent instructors. I will never forget them and what they taught me

Review №33

Awesome experience. The instructors make it fun.

Review №34

I took the Jan 4th-5th class and these guys were great! Very helpful, kind courteous and had us laughing the whole time. Very nice people with decades of experience behind a motorcycle. it was very enjoyable I will becoming back for the advanced riders course I highly recommend. These guys are not in it for the money they want safe riders on the road. the class pays for itself

Review №35

Just wanted everyone to know what a great time I had learning to ride at Ride Safe USA. The coaches Missy and Jim were awesome and presented the information in a fun and engaging way. After overcoming my initial fears of learning how to ride, I feel confident that what Jim and Missy taught me will come in handy. I can say with confidence that Ride Safe USA is the place to go to get your motorcycle license. Nancy V

Review №36

Awesome class, awesome coaches. As a retired educator, I can attest to the ease with which Jim and Charlie were able to ignore a self-important individual and put those of us at ease who had beginners anxieties. If you are looking for a professional environment with a staff dedicated to motorcycle safety, then Ride Safe USA is the place to be. Will stop in to visit soon! Thanks, guys for a job well done.

Review №37

I have never been more disrespected and insulted by someone taking my money for a service in my life. Jim is the perfect example of how not to treat a paying customer. Dont know how that guy has a job anywhere.

Review №38

The material is presented in an interesting and engaging way. The exercises on the range are challenging for new riders, but the rider coaches help make sure you get it right. I highly recommend this MSF location location. Once I have a lot more experience, confidence, and seat time Ill be back for the advanced course.

Review №39

The instructors for this course were so Incredibly rude and condescending! Everyone that I took the class with would just look at each other like Did they really just say that? Missy and Jim made my Basic Rider Course experience terrible. I Felt VERY disrespected by both instructors on multiple occasions. For example I had Jim ask me if I need medication for sitting up in between exercises and trying to fix my pants ... then proceeded to yell asking me how old are you? and called me a child multiple times under inappropriate circumstances. I am 22 year old guy by the way.Both instructors talked down to me and tried to berate me in front of the whole class. The conditions of the parking lot were hazardous as well, many puddles and rubble all over the place made me very nervous to ride on. Both instructors did not make me feel wanted as a customer paying almost 200$ for their service provided. DO NOT DO NOT go here for your BRC do your self a favor and go somewhere where you will be treated with respect.

Review №40

Jim and Marcel are great trainers they have great sense of humor and are very patient. Me being my first time riding a motorcycle..I was very nervous as a new driver but they made me feel very comfortable were awesome and I cant thank them enough.Highly recommend this course

Review №41

Dont worry about the negative reviews on here. Clearly the people who didnt absolutely enjoy themselves didnt leave their egos at the door. Jim and Marcel are the kindest most understanding gentleman Ive encountered in a long time. We had a full class (12) and everyone of us passed. More than half was their first time throwing a leg over one. Ive rode off and on for the last 10 years and it made me real happy to see the novices actually enjoy themselves and not have their nerves get to them. I learned a lot and even gained a few friends (hopefully riding buddies) through this experience and highly recommend it to anyone that either already knows how to ride or is looking to get into it.

Review №42

Let me first say, that I read some negative reviews and hesitated for just a moment before signing up- I was offered a course wherever as a birthday gift, but was curious about the polarity of experiences here and the worst-case scenario, I figured, Id have to be patient and only be around these guys for two days.Well, long story short, they feel like family. Jim is an amazingly intuitive, patient, and genuine human being who will bring out your confidence and competency, even if you dont think youre starting with it. Hes the Merlin to the students Arthur.Marcel is hilarious, patient, kind, and doesnt skip a beat when you do- he just knows exactly where to be encouraging to keep you going- your next move after a line of his coaching doesnt just get you back up to speed, but just past it.They are both also bring years of experience riding and coaching, and have a full-disclosure angle of sharing their multifaceted lives on motorcycles- things you cant find in a manual or YouTube.This pair together will undoubtedly put a smile on your face whether or not you are successful in the course, but its doubtful their training will let you fall short. Im normally pretty socially reserved, but made a few actual friends and surprised myself in more ways than one. I highly recommend this class for training in life in general.Do yourself a favor and take any class RideSafe offers, its a privilege you shouldnt miss.

Review №43

Jim and Charlie taught the class. Jim was condescending, rude, and made several mistakes that he then blamed on the class for not listening. Charlie was fun, knowledgable and engaging. Content was good, classroom delivery of the content was terrible. I would not recommend you attend this facility. I was not going to write this review, but took a few minutes to read other reviews.... and realized that this has happened multiple times.

Review №44

Took my basic rider course here and wish I would have went anywhere else with an MSF certification. Both instructors Missy and Jim were very off-putting with how they spoke to me and other students. I was spoken to like if I was a child when I did everything they asked safely. There was puddles all over the course which did not feel safe. One of the bikes also broke down mid course on one of the students...I DONT RECOMMEND GOING HERE!!

Review №45

Great experience. I am a new rider and was very nervous. The instructor was very patient and made me feel comfortable. I am glad I took this class! I would highly recommend RideSafeUSA!

Review №46

Just finished the course with my daughter today! What a great experience we had. Jim and Marcel are a great team with great patience. We learned alot this weekend because of this great duo and had alot of fun too! They made us feel very comfortable with training on the course for first time riders. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get their endorsement in the Sarasota or surrounding areas.

Review №47

If youve never been on a motorcycle, dont bother with this BRC class. Go find a friend with a bike who will let you practice in a parking lot. At least there you will have time to learn how the clutch, throttle, and brake work together. Everything was rush rush to the next series of exercises. I walked out after 2 hrs. My husband toughed it out. The two class days combined were 4 hrs shorter than the time they said it would take to complete them. I guess we didnt need to rush as much as they thought.Missy was nice, but the other instructor was a jerk. I never want to see a motorcycle again after this.

Review №48

Just want to thank Jim & Marcel the instructors at Ride Safe USA you are the best. Had a great time and learned a lot! Great classThank you again !

Review №49

Bradford King, This course is a must. I am currently 53 yrs old and have been riding since I was 6 yrs old. I learned more about road safety in 2 days than my previous knowldge of 35 years. The instructors were excellent and patient. I am looking forward to putting what I have learned for years to come. Once again, great course, great people.

Review №50

Experienced instructors coach anyone from moped Millennials to Grandpas Angels to make them street legal. Most of the time is spent actually riding and learning real skills for safety and control of your bike. I am a relatively experienced rider and I cant believe how many useful tips I learned. Charlie was amazing at giving us good feedback every step of the way. He also is fluent in Spanish and has a textbook and test in Spanish for those folks that no habla Englese.

Review №51

I just want to say thank you to all the coaches for a wonderful and learning experance I took the class thinking I new what I was doing well I found out I didnt know much at all. The coaches were great with teaching technique and safty.Thank you Ride Safe

Review №52

Great class, highly recommended

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Awesome class and great instructors!

Review №55

Loved the class

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