Suncoast Defensive Driving School
2100 Constitution Blvd #103a, Sarasota, FL 34231, United States

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Robert was very helpful teaching my daughter daughter driving skills. She responded well to his style of instruction and gained a lot of confidence in a short amount of time. Robert made sure she was well prepared to pass her driving skills test.

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I have 3 teenager and used this company last year and the year before successfully with a driver named Andy who was very professional, courteous and prompt with scheduling information. This year I requested Andy but received instead Bill (who possibly may be the owner or boss). It took him a solid week to respond to me (even though I had paid in full for 6 sessions) and then he presented me with several dates a week later then reprimanded me for taking 24 hours to respond and said most of those presented dates were now taken. Eventually a date was selected and my daughter became sick and could not attend (which i informed him of the day before) Bill did NOT attempt to text me to reschedule. I had to text him about it at least a week later when he finally did get back to me he said he was busy and wasnt sure when he could schedule her in and then offered me a date and time (today at 2pm) which I accepted. Today at noon i texted Bill to make sure he was coming only to have him reply I was unable to move anyone and have had no cancelations...Thanks Bill you probably could have texted me that a month ago. VERY POOR COMMUNICATION buyer beware

Review №3

Bill is amazing. My daughter spent 4 days driving with him and she learned all of the road rules and became so much more confident with driving/ parking/ and the dreaded 3 point turn! Bill even offers a package where he picks you up from your house and takes you for your driving test at the DMV. He took care of everything . We would recommend Suncoast Defensive Driving School to anyone! 💯

Review №4

Had great experience during the lessons and passed my driving test with a 95%, would recommend to any others looking for reliable driving lessons.

Review №5

I called 2 days in different times that scheduled my driving lessons , left couple voicemails no body answer phones no body call back ...P.S.... I get call Back and a lot of recommendation... so ready for my lessons with suncoast ....

Review №6

Bill is always early for every appointment, very quick response to messages, and he gives detailed and easy to understand explanations. Most importantly, he made me feel very safe when I’m learning how to drive. He doesn’t just help you pass the test but also make sure you won’t get yourself killed on the road lol. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Review №7

Bill was an amazing instructor. He was very thorough in his directions and provided great input. He not only really prepared me for the extensive road test, but for real life driving as well. I strongly recommend Bill as a driving instructor.

Review №8

Having moved to Sarasota with a U.K driving license I had 30 days to take the Florida driving test. I had little driving experience and lacked confidence and Bill was absolutely brilliant in getting me ready for my test and for the road again. I did a 6-hour refresher course and Bill was great at making me feel at ease and passing on invaluable tips. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending him.

Review №9

Suncoast Defensive Driving School is the best around. Bill spent several hours with my husband to review his driving abilities. We have nothing but praise for Bill and the thorough report he prepared after these lessons. My husband received several helpful suggestions, which hew passed on to me. I am planning for instructions for myself in the near future

Review №10

Mary was an awesome instructor , at first I was very nervous to be on the wheel and drive a car . But as the time goes by I am enjoying myself on the road and more confident driving . Mary is very knowledgeable and learn a lot from her . I am now set and ready to go and take my driving test .

Review №11

My instructor Arlene was great! She made me feel at ease with my driving considering I get nervous driving a lot! She was patient with me & the classes were extremely helpful. Highly recommended school for anyone nervous to drive or needing more help on the road

Review №12

Fantastic experience with Suncoast Defensive Driving School. Bill was patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and reliable. He had my daughter so well prepared for her road test, she passed with a perfect score. We will definitely be using Suncoast for our younger children!

Review №13

Driving with Bill was a fantastic way to boost my level of knowledge and confidence on the road. The comprehensive instruction covered everything I needed to pass my driving test. Bills straightforward and friendly teaching made lessons easy. Great all around!

Review №14

We used Suncoast to assess my sons driving skills and prep him for the test. We highly recommend Suncoast and will use them for the rest of the boys who are lined up to get their license.

Review №15

I took 4 an hour and half sessions with Bill, and improved a lot from my previous skills. Bill is a very professional, patient and friendly instruct, and I am very glad that I had a chance working with him. It took me only one week from taking the classes to getting my license, and I am very happy about the results.

Review №16

Certain people restore ones faith in humanity because of their honesty and sincere desire to help others- Bill Rowell, the owner of Suncoast Driving School, is one of those people. I live in the Fort Lauderdale area but after researching many driving schools in our area for my 82-year old mom, I came to the conclusion that Suncoast sounded better than all of them and would even be worth making the three-hour drive to Sarasota and staying in a hotel overnight. I spoke with Bills secretary (cant remember her name, but she was exceedingly professional and nice), who asked for some information and then said it would be better for me to speak directly with Bill, who was out giving lessons at the time. Bill called me back a few hours later and asked specific questions to get an idea of what would be best for my mom. He said there was really no reason for me to drive all the way to Sarasota, gave me suggestions on where to take her in our area, and also offered several helpful expert tips on what I can do to aid the process. He even said to feel free to call him back with any questions. What a super human being. Thank you, Bill!

Review №17

Feeling so overwhelmed. Made several attempts at getting my license and faced disappointment until finally these two heaven sent Bill and Mary took me through it. I recommend this school with not even second thoughts. Big up unu self Suncoast Defensive Driving School.

Review №18

Both our kids took lessons from Suncoast Defensive Driving School and are excellent drivers. They have a level of confidence and knowledge of how to handle themselves on the road and in a multitude of situations. I cannot impress enough how valuable our kids and our experience has been with this driving school...A must for every new driver.

Review №19

Thanks Bill for being an amazing role model and teacher to my Sugar Boys.

Review №20

It was a great pleasure to deal with this school! Nothing but very positive experience! My instructor Rob Aiken is just a great personality! He was so professional, so motivated to teach and to have a result. I dont know how but only in 4 ninety minutes lessons he managed to develope my driving skills from the very begginer to a confident driver. Thank you! Totally recommend the school

Review №21

Suncoast Defensive Driving is by far the best driving school in the city. The owner Bill, is very professional and skilled in determining what his trainees are good at and what they need to focus on, to not only procure a drivers license but more importantly become good defensive drivers. The school is very professionally run and their vehicles are kept in clean and pristine conditions. The trainers are extremely patient and provide very useful quick tips and constructive feedback to their trainees. Today I am a confident and a safe defensive driver, all thanks to Suncoast Defensive Driving School.

Review №22

From a parents perspective, the experience was truly incredible. My two boys, who at the outset didnt want to attend, explained afterward that not only was the school super fun but they felt they were now much better drivers. If fact, my 16 year-old said hes certain he would likely be in an accident without the knowledge he now possesses. As a parent, thats music to my ears.My boys said everything was very well organized and the classroom was intense and on point. All in all, they loved the day. When you hear, Thanks Dad, that experience was awesome and I learned a ton! you have to feel good... My sincere thanks to Bill Rowell for running the program and encouraging me to sign up my boys.

Review №23

Bill is an amazing instructor, with a brand new car, you will feel at ease and be prepared for anything on the road. Anyone who is nervous about driving or needs to prepare for the drivers exam should contact Suncoast Defensive Driving School!

Review №24

What a delight! I had the privilege of selling Bill Rowell with the Suncoast Defensive Driving School a Prius C. It proved to be an effortless process and I look forward to recommending him and his school to all my friends and family. Professional and experienced, Bill shared with me his background in drivers training and the many years of experience in his field. I can only suggest that the Suncoast Defensive Driving School be your next stop!Britta Becker

Review №25

Suncoast Defensive Driving Schoool is the best. There people are very professional. The equipment (cars) are in like new condition.If you are looking for the most professional instructors and best place to learn to drive Suncoast is a sure bet!

Review №26

Both my kids had a wonderful experience with Suncoast Defensive Driving School. They learned so much more from the one on one driving instruction than they could have ever learned in a group lesson. Bill and the driving instructors were all wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Suncoast Driving school to all new drivers.

Review №27

Bill Rowell taught both of my kids to drive (who are now 21 and 24) and it was one of the very best things I have ever done for my kids. They are both excellent drivers, who have now spent hundreds of hours behind the wheel. My daughter was recently involved in an accident and her defensive driving skills definitely saved her from being injured as she was able to do everything possible to avoid being hit when a car pulled out from a median right toward her car on a busy 4 lane road. Damaged front end of the car, but my daughter was fine (and quite proud of herself!). The driving lessons continue to pay for themselves many years later.

Review №28

Sun Coast Defensive Driving School, Bill Rowell is the man!! I truly cant say enough about my sons experience. Thank you Bill!!!!!

Review №29

I am beyond pleased with Suncoast Defensive Driving School. My driving instructor was Duey Graham, who was extremely infomative, professional, and knowledgable. Because of Duey, I passed my drivers test with a perfect score and couldnt be happier. From just driving in my neighborhood to driving on the interstate on the last session, Ive learned so much about defensive driving that I probably couldnt have learned anywhere else. Thanks Duey and thanks Suncoast Defensive Driving School!

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I will attempt to go on line to do this course.if possible can you please send ( through my ) to my email a copy of the certificate. Thank you

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