Specs Howard School of Media Arts
26700 Lahser Rd Suite 100, Southfield, MI 48033, United States

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They lied about theyre programs. I went there for a marketing program/social media program, only to start and be told its a film program and they dont have anything close to what I want.Compared to other schools, Ive been to the digtal media program was awful. All the stuff they take a whole year to cover, I learned at Grand Valley in the 1st week alone. They give you 4 and a half hour long class to edit a 3min video which only takes 20mins to edit. Then give you 3 more class days to finish. So your doing nothing more than half the time.The grading for projects is way too soft. They dont even teach theyre students to not show logos or clocks in the background. If a student were to have just one logo in the background. They would get a zero at both of the other schools Ive gone to.Also finishing the program and passing shouldnt be impressive at all as you dont have to put any work in at all. Every single test I got the whole year, gave you all the answers to every single question. That alone is enough to pass while skiping the max days of class and not worrying about homework assigments.And at the end of it all. I make a resume to only be told by career services/student services, oh give it to us, we will make it better for you. Once I got it back I realized they not only spelled my 1st name wrong, got my email wrong, took out the programs I did at my other schools while replacing them with general studies they also lied about my skills. Like for example saying I know how to work a camera when I have zero clue how to work a camera. I never even once had to touch a camera during the program and still passed with good grades.After a year there, all I can say is that it was a waste of a year and like $16k I think it was? And thats after being lied to about what the program was which turned out to be a program I had zero interest in making me miserable the whole year.

Review №2

Great school that opens up many opportunities for you as long as you are passionate and willing to work hard. Shannon in career services is an amazing woman who will take time out of her day to get you work! Its worth going just for her!

Review №3

Great teachers, great program. I went in with little knowledge is broadcasting but caught on to it quickly. The program will teach you more than a 4 year school

Review №4

If youre thinking about going here ask yourself a question. Are you willing to pay $12,000 or more for a minimum wage job. Seriously dont waste your time dont waste your money youd be better off working at McDonalds.

Review №5

Great school great staff, and they give you the formula for success. Its up to you to make your career, they give you the tools. Best decision I made was taking BMA.

Review №6

Specs is an amazing school! Hands on experience with all the equipment you need to succeed in the media business. A great staff as well that have experience in their respective fields. You cant get any better than Specs! I had a wonderful time there, and Im sure you will as well!

Review №7

The team of teachers and counselor here are great .

Review №8

Wasnt nice to my son. The staff had no patience with him. They should have ask him about changing program.

Review №9

Gfx program not worth the tuition. Believe it may only be meant for broadcast media.

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