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Review №1

Mr. Neil has been teaching on-line art classes to my 8 yr. old grandson for many months. With each of my visits I was quite impressed with his progress, evident in the beautiful drawings and water color paintings he was always eager to show me. And now I have begun on-line art classes with Mr. Neil! Each week I so look forward to class as the process is challenging, gratifying and just plain fun. Because of his friendly and supportive manner each lesson has left me new discoveries and skills that will enhance my future endeavors. He has a gift for engaging, communicating and putting at ease any level and any age a student may be. We are fortunate to have access to Mr. Neils level of artistry and knowledge through his work and as his students.

Review №2

Where do I begin? Mr.Neil helped me unlock a passion for art I never knew I had! He was patient, helping me to unlock my true potential while letting me freely express myself through the featherly edge of my paint brush. He is a great teacher with an uncanny ability to help you create art you never knew you had the ability to make! I highly recommend being taught by Mr.Neil, he will definitely surprise you with his caring persona while controlling a fun yet productive art class. Thanks to Mr.Neil I have new skills not only to apply to art but to my future. Art is a beautiful thing because I can express my emotions and I can’t thank Mr.Neil enough for being such a positive influence in my life!

Review №3

Mr Neil is not just a great artist, but he is also a fantastic art teacher. He has been teaching our son for quite some time now and I can surely tell that my son as developed a lot of interest and passion in drawing, sketching and painting. Mr Neil has the patience to work with every child, and he has done a splendid job managing that even during the virtual classes that were held due to Covid. I would highly recommend trying Mr Neil’s art classes!

Review №4

Mr. Neil has been teaching me for more than 4 years now, and I can not thank him more. It is absolutely incredible what he can do with a pencil and paper. Not only is he a brilliant artist himself, but he has shared his gift with so many people. His mentorship has allowed me to find my happy place and work at something I love. He has the amazing ability to combine art with you and connect with you through art. Mr. Neil makes me feel at ease and I am forever grateful for everything he has done for me.

Review №5

My daughter has been a student of Mr. Neil for the last 6 months. Mr. Neil is a great teacher. He understands the students capabilities and based on that makes it challenging for the student. He couples the challenge with motivation so that the student does not lose interest. He provides enough hand holding where needed and at the same time gives plenty of space to the student to display their creativity. I am super excited to see how my daughters art work is progressing under Mr. Neils supervision. She used to hesitate before in taking a little challenging assignment but now she tries whatever is given to her. She displays a whole lot of confidence. She really loves attending Mr. Neils classes. Thank you Mr. Neil for all your support and best of luck for your new Art Gallery.

Review №6

Mr. Neil teaches my son for the last few months. We have seen great improvement so far. My son looks forward to his class every week. Mr. Neils has unique ability to motivate students and develop their technique to take on challenging work. Even though the classes are on zoom, we havent seen any issues with it. In fact, it has helped my son to be engaged in covid time. I definitely recommend his classes for new and experience students.

Review №7

Mr. Neil is one of the best art teachers I’ve ever come across.My little one loves his classes and is very eager to attend every week.The online zoom classes are very convenient - so it doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in!Mr. Neil does a fantastic job in inspiring the kids and fostering their creativity.My little one cannot stop doodling - our walls are now filled with amazing art work!Thank you Mr. Neil for being an amazing teacher!Highly recommended! 5 stars!! ⚡️💫⭐️✨🌟

Review №8

Mr. Sen has been teaching my two kids for over two years now and they absolutely love their art classes. The best part of this experience is the special bonding between him and his students. Specially during the pandemic he made a smooth transition to virtual classes and helped his students continue to learn and create. He is an amazing artist and we are really grateful to have him as art teacher .

Review №9

My daughter, now 9, has been learning art from Mr. Sen since about 3 years. I am very happy with the progress that she has made over the years, particularly happy how she has been able to continue the classes online during the pandemic. Some of Mr. Sen’s noteworthy qualities are that he is patient, supportive and flexible, which have helped a lot in my child’s learning.Thanks Mr.Sen for your guidance.

Review №10

Mr. Neil is truly one of the best teachers out there. I joined his class because of a passion for art and he only made my passion stronger. He’s an amazing and talented artist and a patient, supporting, and wise teacher.

Review №11

Mr. Neil is fantastic. He really loves his art kids and they love him. Aubrey enjoys his class and during COVID we were fortunate enough to have online classes with Mr. Neil which helped keep her active and keep her creativity going. The classes are engaging and Aubrey has grown as an artist under Mr. Neils watch. Her art classes even helped her get back fine motor skills after an extended hospital stay. She talks about art and her class all the time. Not only is she growing as an artist but she had made friends too.

Review №12

Neil is a great art teacher! Whether or not it’s in the classroom or online due to Covid! We transitioned very quickly in an organized manner to online classes to continue to engage our son in art during this unusual time. It’s his creative outlet and we wanted to continue to with his forward process and keep life as normal as possible.In terms of being organized, Neil has been nothing short of exceptional! He is very organized and communicates extremely well so that as a parent I always know what’s going on! I would recommend his classes to anyone in the Houston area or online if you can’t be here to join him!

Review №13

Mr. Neil is a very talented artist and works extremely well with children. My older son (college freshman now) learnt art from him for nearly 10+ years. It is incredible to see his transformation from creations in crayons to doing and understanding abstract art. My younger son is learning sketching from Mr. Neil, and looks forward to his online art classes every week. He loves it.I would highly recommend his art classes for children with any skill level. Mr. Neil positively encourages all the students and inspires them.

Review №14

Mr Sen is an amazing and genuine artist who I also see active in the community for various volunteer work as he truly cares. I can see the same reflection of his dedication and caring attitude in his classes with his students. My son is excited for every art class in person or online right now due to pandemic. I like the way he appreciates autonomy of every child and knows all his students capability and style. He definitively provides a nurturing and creative environment and inspire kids everyday !!We are very happy to have him as my sons teacher and all his hard work and efforts are seen in my sons artwork.

Review №15

Gopaal’s paintings are quite stunning in the way they pull the viewer into another world of the artist’s emotional realm. Quite literally, you can’t help but pause when you walk by as the figures draw you in with their eyes, their movement, their colors and brush strokes. Each painting has a mood and has a story... sometimes passion, sometimes sorrow and reflection and sometimes, a deep serenity. We have 3 of Gopaal’s paintings and indeed, they bring our home to life.

Review №16

I always loved art as a child and learnt from many teachers over the time. However, something was missing, that was dedication towards painting more canvas and trying new artwork. As child and up until I joined Gopal Sirs class, I used do small sketches in a drawing book, do 8x10 paintings which I been doing since growing up. I never did a large canvas painting until I met this magnificent artist who guided me and found the inner artist in me. From realisms to abstract, I learnt so many techniques because of him. Gopal Sir is an humble person full of talents and inspirations. He is not only an artist but an multi-talented personality who graduated with Physics honors.

Review №17

My kid has been going to Mr. Neils art class for past five years. She has drawn several amazing pictures, that all the visitors to our house are astonished by looking at her gallery. This was all possible because of Mr. Neils dedication, patience and teaching abilities. He is very adaptive about the new ways of distance teaching. Like during the Covid-19 stay at home period the art classes were all online. The productivity and individual attention to my kids work never dropped. In fact my kid likes the ease of attending Mr. Neils online art classes from home. So, I would like to thank Mr. Neil for doing a wonderful job of making the learning experience smooth. Also, I would like say that when my kid completes a new art, she feels very accomplished. I believe that will go a long way in building her confidence. So, I recommend Mr. Neil to anyone who wants to have their kids learn art.

Review №18

My sister and I have been taking mr neils class for more than seven years. That time has been extremely fun and worth it, I have progressed incredibly in both drawing and painting. He understands each students level and decides what pictures they are ready for. He is a great teacher and our family was lucky enough to find him!

Review №19

My daughter is Mr.Neil’s student for more than 2 years now. She has learned a lot from Mr.Neil. Her transition from simple Pencil color to Canvas painting and then Pastel color has been wonderful. This year she got a few good opportunities to use her art skill at school and was very proud to be able to do the art that otherwise would be not an easy thing for her to do had it not been Mr.Neils classes. He is a wonderful teacher with lots of patience. Even during pandemic we love attending the classes online.Mr.Neil- you are the Best and Thank You for helping my daughter build her confidence.

Review №20

My daughter Ria has been taking Mr. Neil’s art class for the past 4 years. She loves the class and Mr. Neil. She looks forward to his class every week. Neil’s passion and warmth is visible in Ria’s enthusiasm. Due to COVID, she has been taking classes online since April. I have to say there has been no difference between in-person and online. She is enjoying her online classes and even transitioned to a new style of art very seemingly. I would highly recommend Neil’s online art class

Review №21

My daughters have been learning art from Mr. Gopaal Seyn for over 1 year. Younger daughter was just about had started drawing, after joining the class she has made tremendous progress. Both enjoy their art class and look forward to it every week. I am totally amazed to see progress of my Elder one, she has already moved to canvas paintings..I truly appreciate the guidence and support Mr. Gopaal Seyn provides. I highly recommend the coaching of Mr.Sen.👍Even in this pandemic situation, the efforts taken by Mr.Gopaal Seyn are applauding...

Review №22

My 7 year daughter is learning art from Mr. Neil from 1.5 years. He is very passionate teacher. He knows very well how to take the kids on the path of learning. My daughter is already painting with water colors. Initially I wasnt sure how will virtual Art class work but he made it happen. He knows how to keep the kids engaged all through. I would love my daughter to continue this journey of art for many years to come. I will highly recommend Mr. Neil to shape the little minds.

Review №23

Gopaal Seyn is possibly the best art teacher we could find for our 1st grader son, Arnav. Mr. Seyn is very detail oriented, while simultaneously helping Arnav keep his interest alive by making his art sessions as fun-filled as possible. We were not sure how Mr. Seyn would handle the covid-19 situation with transition to the online classes. However, that transition was very smooth and Arnav is as happy as the face-to-face sessions. We highly recommend Mr. Seyn for his art lessons and his ability to keep everybody engaged in his classes.

Review №24

My daughter Zara has been a student of Mr. Neil for over 3 years. She started in sketching and evolved to acrylic painting. Neil does a great job of guiding her by giving one-on-one feedback. Zara says Neil Uncle is very nice. - encouraging her to keep up the good work and strive to do better and more. He is very responsive and accommodating - whenever I had to reschedule due to urgent conflict. Neil does a great job of following-up to ensure we all get the value of what we are paying for. Even with many students in his class through the COVID times, he is able to give each student the attention they need. This 1.5 hours is her me time. I would highly recommend Neil as a guide, mentor, teacher for any student passionate about art. Zara is in 5th grade, and we look forward to continuing her art journey with Neil.

Review №25

My daughter has been a student of Mr. Neil for the last two months. The progress and the skill that my daughter has learnt in this short span is incredible. Mr. Neil is an exceptionally phenomenal teacher. He keeps his students motivated and always have them strive for nothing less than perfection. I am super excited to see how my daughters art progresses under M Neils supervision.

Review №26

I am delighted to write this review for Gopaal; his style of teaching allows art students to explore their own individuality without imposing his style which is simply marvelous. What I appreciate most is that he gradually introduces a sense of style that the student can proudly call his or her own. Highly recommended for all levels .

Review №27

I have known Neil since I was a kid and found out not so long ago what a amazing artist he is. On Facebook I would see how he was teaching children art and how passionate he seemed. With the strange COVID times I learnt that he is teaching kids online I enquirer if he would be willing to teach my daughter. He was willing and gracious and now even though We live in California my daughter is able to learn from him. When I look at what she is learning I am amazed and more importantly she is excited and looking forward to her lessons. So grateful and humbled. Thank you 🙏🏼

Review №28

Ive been learning art from Mr. Neil for the past eight years. He is an inspiring, patient, and passionate teacher. He has taught me to appreciate various types of arts and tips to become a better artist. I look forward to his class every week!

Review №29

My teacher is the greatest i have come across. He is always engrossed in teaching children with all his passion. He listens to all our thoughts and has proven his skill by representing it in his students. His online classes feel like they are in real life. He explains with clarity and is always taking us into consideration.

Review №30

During this pandemic, Master Seyn had been given online classes and it was a successful move. My daughter just loves it and she never misses any class. Master Seyn is a dedicated teacher with care, loving and artistic. Please sign up your kids. Highly recommended.

Review №31

I have been going to Mr. Neil’s classes for the past nine years. He teaches many different styles and mediums of art and constantly encourages his students to be creative. He is a very kind and inspiring teacher and I have learned so much from him!

Review №32

Mr. Neil is passionate on his art and it shows when he teach his students. He brings out the best from his students and motivates to do better. He also makes his class enjoyable for kids of all ages. We are fortunate to have him as our daughter’s art teacher.

Review №33

We love our art piece ! GopaalIs a consummate professional with a unique flair. Gopaal - its such an honor to have this creation of yours in our home. Its multi-dimensional & esoteric nature continue to fascinate me everyday. Thank You 🙏🏼

Review №34

My daughter has been learning art from Mr. Neil Sen for almost a year now. I can see how he has helped her grow her art skills, independence and confidence. He has also made the transition to virtual learning a breeze. I am thankful to my friends who recommended Mr. Neil Sen. I strongly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn art.

Review №35

In addition to holding immense talent and ability in the education of art, Mr. Seyn has an immeasurable ability to connect with his young students. Not only is he kind hearted and fun, but he institutes the the exact amount of motivation to get the most out of his students. I wouldnt just recommend his classes for art, but I would highly recommend these classes to unlock your childs self confidence.

Review №36

Mr. Neil is a phenomenal artist and teacher. My child has improved so much since she joined the class. Her progress is amazing and Mr. Neil is a huge part of that. She looks forward to art class every week and has so much fun. He’s truly an excellent teacher.

Review №37

My kids 8 and 12 have really enjoyed Mr. Sens art class for the past few months. They started taking them online and at first we werent sure how effective online art class would be, but the way Mr. Sen runs the class is super effective and each child gets individual attention. The kiddos really enjoy learning from him.

Review №38

Mr Neil is an awesome person . He is a good teacher and a great mentor.. thank you

Review №39

It’s honestly amazing, i’ve worked with him for 5 years and my art really elevated! i feel more confident with painting, drawing, and coloring since i’ve taken his class. He has a really chill and call approach and helps you understand what to do and how you can improve, and his schedules are always good to work with. he’s an amazing teacher and i highly recommend!!

Review №40

Mr Seyn has been teaching Art to our kids (elementary schoolers) for the last year. He has been one of the best things to happen to our kids, especially as we were trying to adjust to the changes to our lives that the pandemic ushered in.The fact that our kids eagerly look forward to his class every week is testimonial itself. Mr Seyn is very personable, kind and has an excellent manner in his interactions with the kids, and his passion for spreading the art form he loves does cross barriers.Teaching art is not an easy task most of the time in in-person settings, let alone in a virtual online environment. But that’s exactly what he has managed to master as seen from the visible improvements in our kids’ enthusiasm for learning art from him.We were so impressed with the progress our kids were making that even after a relocation out of the Houston area, we requested Mr Seyn that he still have our kids as his wards. And we are really thankful that he accepted.We continue to be impressed with what our kids will show us every week after art class and we hope Mr Seyn will continue to be their teacher for a long time. We offer our strongest recommendation for Mr Seyn as an art teacher for many many more wards and we wish him the very best in all his endeavors.-Sastry & Pallavi

Review №41

I have been taking Mr. Seyn’s painting classes for about a year, both in person and now, online. I have found his classes very engaging. He truly understands individual’s potential. With his encouragement and guidance, I am learning advanced techniques and painting more challenging themes.

Review №42

Our 7-year old daughter has been attending Mr. Sen’s online art class. She looks forward to the weekly sessions and has shown great progress so far. He is an excellent teacher and engages kids very well in virtual setting.

Review №43

We are super blessed to have Mr. Neil as our sons Art teacher. Our is 7 years old son, born artist, Mr. Neil started teaching him less than a year! He now paints like a professional!! He knows most of the rules of painting. Our Jeremiah always look forward on his Thursday Art class. Thank you so much Mr Neil for being humble & patient to our son.I highly recommend him to anyone who wants join Art Class

Review №44

Mr. Gopal Sen is an excellent teacher and my daughter has quickly picked up painting skills from him. I am very happy and grateful to have my daughter as Mr. Sen’s student. I strongly recommend Mr. Sen to parents who aspire for their children to learn and excel in painting.

Review №45

His passion for art is only paralleled by his passion to share his knowledge of art. He is good with children. He starts kids off with the basic and assess them if they are ready to move to the next medium. He continues to challenge them with different art piece. We were lucky to get into his class.

Review №46

My 10 year old son Mukund loves art classes with Mr.Neil. Mukund began attending Neil’s class since the age of 7 and his interest and passion in art has increased over the last 2 years. Thanks to Neil.Neil is very passionate about art and engages all the kids very well. He treats every student like an adult and gets the best out of each and every kid. This helps build a lot of confidence for the kids.A big thanks to Neil for keeping the kids engaged and learn the art form even during this pandemic with his online classes.

Review №47

My 8 year old has been attending Mr. Neil’s class for almost a year now and her progresses and confidence are huge. Mr Neil gives every child attention and also freedom to work on their individual project. My daughter is always very proud to show me her drawings and paintings as she has full ownership of what she has produced. As a parent, this is the best feeling.Mr Neil will also work with you on the schedule which is very helpful when you have children who have other activities.Mr Neil is passionate about art and is passing on his passion to the children. I have been recommending him to friends who are also very happy with him.

Review №48

Mr. Sen is an awesome teacher who understands what everyone of his students wants. That is really helping us to understand the capabilities of my child and is really helping her to make great strides towards being a good artist.

Review №49

Great teacher with lots of passion for painting! Knows how to teach kids! Has lots of patience for kids!

Review №50

A Vision on Canvas is what artist Gopal Seyn portrays in each and every artwork of his. Every painting has a unique touch of the artists versatile thought process. His paintings claim their own territories of creativity , yet they carve an impression in the minds of the common man. As his name is is Gopal( one of the 108 names of Lord Krishna , the creator of all ), he does absolute justice to it by bringing out different strokes of emotions through his paint and brush. We have been fortunate to adorn our home with one of his masterpieces. We wish to witness many more of his wonderful creations in the future.

Review №51

They say that art has the power to move you from within. It gives expression to emotions. At Red Blue Arts, art finds a way to incorporate classic into contemporary. They appeal to the viewer with their deeply engaging aesthetics. Do visit their website to explore different walks of life that the artist Gopal Seyn has captured with his master strokes. Be it acrylic or charcoal, Seyn’s work promises to be a great addition to your home.My personal favorite? His series on the ‘Unconditional Love’ of mother.

Review №52

Mr Neil has been a pioneer and an enthusiast in regards to pertaining art classes in all form to young children. My two daughters have grown learning and taking classes from Mr. Neil last few years.My elder daughter Shreya is an ardent follower of Mr. Neil and over the years gained pretty much elevating and transforming her learning skills to meaningful art form.Inspite of the current pandemic Mr. Neil made every effort to make sure all his students are not left behind and continue to learn. We have been lucky to have him teaching Art in our area. I wish him all the best and good luck in all endeavors and continue to grow.Subhangshu Gope

Review №53

A personification of a highly personalized and aesthetically stylized non-orthodox school of art that enduringly is his own.Indra, as I call him and as I’ve told him shows an enviable pomp in what is quintessentially a modern European broad non-descript stroke brushed with the Picasso influence and effect and the more modern Zazou embellished rich oil brushes and fused with such Bengal school stalwarts as Paritosh dadu (Sen) and Ganesh Pyne that resonate with his influences. A perfect authentic brew to the senses and sensibilities - bold, color brazen and unapologetic.There is an insatiable potential bubbling in taking this art to the world and novelty in his adapting styles while preserving the cordiality of the Bengal School.My first brush in with his art evoked a pleasing sense of passion, aggressive brush strokes, italicized style fused with the Indian aesthetic always intact.Much to do with this talent. The world is yours Indra.Make it your own with the sheer originality and genuineness of your uniqueness - in your painted reflections of life, thought and self in borderless appeal.Sujoy Mazumdar

Review №54

My son enjoyed Neils Art class and he has benefited so well and his sketches are extremely good , Thanks to Neil for training my son. Highly recommend to anyone

Review №55

A Vision on Canvas is what artist Gopal Seyn portrays in each and every painting of his. Art that can be understood by the common man, yet have its own uniqueness. As his name is Gopal ( one of the 108 names of Lord Krishna , the creator himself) , he does absolute justice to each and every piece of his creations that absorb his thoughts , emotions, and God gifted creativity . We have been fortunate enough to adorn our home with one of his creations and look forward to witnessing many more masterpiece creations of the talented artist.

Review №56

My daughter goes to his class. She is more confident in drawing and water coloring now. She enjoys doing art in his class and gotten more in art.

Review №57

My both kids love to go to Mr. Neil art classes. He is a talented and professional artist! I am very happy to see each week my kids have something different to show me.He give attention to each kid individually, always give great suggestions to their art work and time management is also great.I highly recommend taking classes with Neil.

Review №58

Neil’s online art classes have been great! Three of my boys have been taking his classes (both in studio, and online since the quarantine), and we’re been so pleased with his instruction. My kids love him and always look forward to class, and they’re really improving their artistic skills.

Review №59

Mr.Sen is a great artist with lot of talent. He is also a very passionate teacher. Both my kids are learning art from him, and I see a great progress in their work. Both my kids love going to the class and always keep looking forward for it. Very proud of Neils achievements and contributions in the field of art.I would definitely recommend him for your kids.

Review №60

My kids love to draw and color and we have been looking for an art teacher, through our friend we heard about Mr. Neils art classes. They have been learning for the past 7 months, our experience has been wonderful so far and kids enjoy learning from Mr. Neil. Each session is giving them the right learning experience and we are seeing good progression. He is very dedicated and personally works with each student and explains how to draw and paint.Their work along with rest of the class was showcased in the Little Artist Show this spring, the show was very professionally conducted and we were very impressed with the effort that Mr. Neil puts to his teaching and also showcasing it which motivates each learner.Very happy with his personal achievements and contributions in the field of art and it is an honor for the kids to learn from him.Thank you Mr. Neil

Review №61

My youngest daughter goes to Mr Neil’s Art class, and she loves it. Now my oldest asked to join his class as well! And Yes! We register her too. Previously we had another instructor which my daughter felt overwhelmed and board in that class, so I decided to try Mr Neil’s class after a friend who she has her daughter in his class as well recommended Mr Neil. We are very happy with our decision and I recommend him to other parent_friends too.

Review №62

All of Neils creations tell a story of life, his, yours, mine. Every piece of Neils artwork delves into a story, a moment or feeling we have all experienced. He portrays these stories in a surreal and beautiful manner. These works are created with passion, the same passion Neil lives in his every day life. They are made with love, the same love Neil shows everyone around him and to his students who are expressing the same qualities in their work.

Review №63

Where to start? Neil is an inspiration to the Houston’s community. He manages to inspire and mentor so many individuals. I don’t believe he even realizes his influence. One of the most humble and grounded people I have had the pleasure to work with. He is passionate for his work and without a doubt gives all of his energy into his paintings.

Review №64

Mr. Neil is a dedicated and accomplished art teacher; he inspires and challenges his students to use their creativity in their artworks. My daughter has been going to art class for more than seven years. Ive seen her creativity and passion for art grow. She enjoys going to classes and comes home with a smile on her face, proud of her work.

Review №65

Mr. Sen is an amazing and talented artist. We like his style of paintings.His paintings are contemporary and are very creative and unique.He is also a great art teacher. My daughter is learning art from him forlast 7 years and I saw a great progress in her paintings.We always felt his passion for art in his paintings and the way he teaches kids.

Review №66

I highly recommend Mr Neil Gopaal Seyn. He’s tutored our daughter through art classes and (because of that) we’ve seen her flourish tremendously as an artist. His techniques & passion for art reflect in all of his work, and we couldn’t think of anyone else when it comes to art classes!

Review №67

Neil is an amazing artist and a great human being! I took one-on one and classroom lessons from him for last 19 years and yet keep learning .That itself says a lot about his unique teaching style . He is a born artist with an innate drive for endless creativity ! May God continue to inspire him so he can continue to ignite the spark of creativity in young and old alike !

Review №68

It’s an amazing place to polish the talents who wants to be an artist. We been with Mr Neil over an year now . His dedication and flexibility of his schedule helping us incredibly to be a part of this team . My daughter definitely excited to attend each and every class as same as the beginning. . Seeing her happiness and her creativity make us more happy. Am so glad we able to find this excellent place .

Review №69

My sister has been going to Mr. Neil’s art classes for several years now and has had an amazing positive experience. We have watched her creativity and artistic capabilities flourish into stunningly expressive artwork. His ability to facilitate the cultivation of her confidence in her work has been pivotal in her sense of empowerment. I would recommend Mr. Neil’s class wholeheartedly.

Review №70

Very good art class; 2 students from our family are learning very well. Thank you!

Review №71

Mr. Neil is a talented artist and a great teacher. My daughter has been attending his classes for the past few years ,and she has demonstrated great progress in her artistic talent and creativity. His style of paintings are of different styles, but unique and contemporary. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn and improve their artistic skills, a great place for kids to learn 🌺

Review №72

My son has been learning art for the past one year and he is enjoying it

Review №73

My daughters have been learning art from Mr. Sen for over 2 years. They made great progress. They enjoy their art class and look forward to it every week. I truly appreciate the guidence and support Mr.Sen provides.

Review №74

Mr. Sen is not only a great artist himself, but is also an excellent teacher as well. My 7 year old daughter has already learnt so much and has improved remarkably in over a year she has been attending his classes.He provides the right kind of encouragement and his is the only class my daughter never wants to miss.Keep doing the incredible job you do with these kids, Mr. Sen.

Review №75

Excellent art gallery!! Which is a leading voice for contemporary art!It reflects fearless in his honesty, through beauty, power, sorrow and silence, he shared discoveries about creating more autonomous definitions of a true artist.We all have our preferences when it comes to fine art, but my humble opinion, that the paintings are stunningly beautiful which most of us can appreciate.Viewers and collectors will definitely find profound emotional resonance in his paintings.As an art lover, I went back few times recently and his liberal use of bold colors in adorning the subjects never fail to surprise me.

Review №76

I would highly recommend Mr Neils Art classes. My kids started as the beginners and have now learned some great techniques. I can see them building their confidence and competency in Art and Painting.

Review №77

Neil is a talented artist and a gifted teacher. I have been amazed to see how my son has grown in both his love for art and his progress as an artist under Neil’s instruction. I highly recommend Neil!

Review №78

Neil Sen art work has progressively become creative over the years since I have been following him. His work is full of original expressions and I love the beauty and emotion power he depicts with his brushes . I enjoy his visual creations which stimulate my mind and are a visual delight.

Review №79

You have shared your gift with young children and your contribution to their lives may change the course of their destiny. I see my daughter blossoming into a young artist. I see that in her work, her approach to life and the way she looks at the world. I have not said it enough but I am grateful that you shared your gift with my daughter, a priceless gift that I was not capable of sharing

Review №80

Neil is a talented artist and a unique teacher. I have been amazed to see how my daughter has progressed under his guidance. The most commendable part of his teaching is that he lets the kid decide what they want to work on in his class and he guides each one of them with equal attention. I definitely recommend Neil as a teacher for you or your kid.

Review №81

Gopal Sen is an inspiring teacher. My daughter has been his student for over two years now and shes always excited to go to her Sunday art class. We have a wall of all her art work and we can how she has improved in this passion over the years.

Review №82

Valuable lessons with Master Neil. My daughter has learnt a lot since she was 7 years old. Master Neil dedicates his time to help kids fulfill their dreams of art. Highly recommend his classes to everyone who loves art.

Review №83

Mr. Sen is a great art teacher who knows how to cultivate the best skills from his students. Professional and caring. A passionate artist!

Review №84

Gopal is a master artist , creator and an art poet.The images he creates, define the figures, set them in motion-as he manage the vivid contrast and the incessant energy around his master pieces. Weather it’s the mother with a child, or a lover with his love . Neil always bring in the vibrancy with his bold use of emotions , reflected through color and texture.

Review №85

My daughter has attended art classes for more than three years and really enjoying and learning how draw, paint and acquiring necessary art skills. We can definitely see her progress over time into talented artist herself with the help of Mr. Seyn.

Review №86

My daughters have been students of Neil (Gopaal) for the past three years. They look forward to their weekly classes and anticipate what they will create all week! In this day and age of tremendous social and academic pressure, Neil has created an outlet for children to put all that aside and truly just focus on their creativity. Thank you so much for giving my kids a healthy way to unplug and unwind!

Review №87

I know Indranil for so many years that my weak memory cannot even recall the date. We are still very good friends. He was always a great artist from day one, I met him. But certainly he was not as famous, as he is now. I noticed sudden flare in his quality of work which can only happen if you get special blessing from God. I can feel his growth in fame within few years when even I will have hard time getting an appointment with him. I can envision the day when he will make a name in the list of famous artists in the world.

Review №88

Inspiring art teacher I have ever met! Seyn Sir has his unique style of teaching he don’t give you any instruction on how to draw or paint but he makes you think and put your art together that belongs to you. He always makes me feel comfortable and encourage me for self expression in my work. This is my first painting with him.Thank you Sir,Soni

Review №89

Naman truly enjoys doing all his artwork and it’s all about Neil sir who had been so patient in teaching him. He is simply amazing teacher

Review №90

Mr Seyn is not only an amazing artist but a very passionate teacher. We are very fortunate to have him in Houston. I am always in awe when I see him work with his students who all are at different level of their art journey and how he brings each kids talent alive. My son is learning from him for last 5 years where he has taken him through crayons to acrylic. During pandemic time he very seamlessly transitioned his in person classes to zoom sessions. Wish I have time to join his adult class.I have enjoyed his cork and canvas sessions I thought I never can do any painting now I have two unique canvases thanks to him.

Review №91

Neilsen is the best art teacher I have ever been to as you he guides you and lets you bring out your own spirituality and creativity in your work with new techniques. He lets you go with the flow and does not rush through the time. Very dedicated and thorougly committed to his students. Honest with his time and a truly great teacher and guru to us.

Review №92

My daughter has been Mr Neil’s student for many years . She look forward to go to this class every week . Mr Neil is an amazing teacher who brings a child’s creativity and allow to explore them selves and bring out their artistic talent to maximum potential .

Review №93

Gopaal (Neil) has matured over the years as an artist and now producing world class original paintings. His way of using colors red and blue are unparalleled that makes his paintings really vibrant. Hope to own some ( at least one) of his work in near future. All the best!

Review №94

My Daughter has been going to Mr Neil for last 1.5 Years - she likes the class and wanted to continue. We see difference in her painting/coloring. Mr Neil is very flexible in makeup classes.

Review №95

Mr Sen is a very talented artist and a very impressive teacher , which can be a very rare combination . It’s been a great opportunity for me to learn art under his guidance ! Enjoy the classes thoroughly .

Review №96

My daughter Rosemina ,she has been with Mr. Sen about 1 year and she is now making her own painting with lots of creativities ideas and I have seen lots of creativity after working with Mr Neil so I would recommend parents for join his class for achieving great talents through his excellent way of teaching methods

Review №97

Mr Sen is an amazing and very passionate artist and teacher ! He is very talented and my son totally enjoys his classes and totally don’t want to miss them !! He is definitely fostering creativity in these little brains !!

Review №98

Mr. Seyn is not only a great artist, he also a passionate teacher. My son is taking arts lesson from him. He is very involved in kid’s growth in arts field

Review №99

My daughter loves to come to his art classes, Mr Sen has very unique teaching technique ,make classes very interesting ,My daughter has learned ,how to mix colors, what brushes to use , I love that she focus the entire time in the class and she always is ready to go to his class.

Review №100

Mr. Niel is an exceptionally talented art teacher and creator with a big heart. He is able to transform even a novice into Leonardo Da Vinci in less than two months.

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