Taunton Guitar Lessons
35 Dwinell Rd, Taunton, MA 02780, United States

Review №1

You cant go wrong with him. I took lessons at two other music schools for years and the teachers never bothered correcting elementary mistakes that Josh fixed in the first 10 minutes of lessons. Joshs teaching is organized and structured to help the student to obtain the basics necessary to advance from beginner to a more advanced player. He is a gifted and dedicated teacher. He is one of the best.

Review №2

Today especially instead of only being focused on my losses and those who gave their lives for my freedom, for the first time in a long time I have hope. I love the school because the teacher is AWESOME, patient and professional. His students come from different levels and share different styles and skills for continued learning. It truly is a smart lifelong investment.

Review №3

Beginning from your first class Josh makes you feel relaxed. His love and enthusiasm for teaching guitar is contagious. I never thought I could have learned as much as I have in such a short period of time. I would recommend Josh to anyone who is serious about learning on how to play the guitar.

Review №4

Josh is a fantastic teacher. My knowledge of not only guitar, but music in general has greatly improved since taking from him. Youll learn not just what notes to play, but the ideas behind them, and how to use those concepts in your playing. Highly recommend.

Review №5

I’ve taken guitar lessons from Josh for about 3 years. I have a much better understanding of how the modes, various scales (pentatonic in my case) work together on the guitar. I’m learning to improvise, something I never thought I could do. Josh is a GREAT teacher. He has a method of teaching the modes that is innovative and easy to learn. I can’t say enough good things about Josh and my experience taking lessons from him.

Review №6

Josh makes learning to play the guitar seem achievable. I came to The Guitar Player School a 55yr old total beginner. 1 year later I am further along than I ever dreamed. Classes are structured and fun. I will say that the best part is the sense of community. It’s fun to have a place to go where everyone, beginner to expert, young and old, is welcoming, helpful and working toward the same goal.

Review №7

I started taking guitar lessons when I was 10 years old and went as far as playing in garage/dorm party bands in college, now Im 59.I had not taken a lesson for many years, and had not played the guitar on a regular basis for quite awhile. I decided to look into getting some lessons to knock the dust off the guitars and get back in the groove.I took advantage of Joshs free lesson and knew he had just what I was looking for. Josh will give you personalized attention, with YOUR success in mind. Taunton Guitar Lessons has a curriculum that will appeal to all skill levels and musical tastes. If you just want to learn to strum some chords on your acoustic and sing around the campfire, Josh can help you do that. If youre goal is to be a master of the Mixolydian, and hit the magical Hendrix Chord with confidence, Josh can help you there too!Highly recommended! Give Taunton Guitar Lessons a try, you wont be disappointed.

Review №8

Ive learned more from my lessons with Josh than from any other instructor Ive had before.Its been over three years and I still enjoy the lessons. My playing has improved dramatically, but theres always more to learn. Plus its always fun to do some jamming too.

Review №9

Really enjoying these classes with Josh and the students as well. There are many aspects of his class that Ive never gotten before, I like the classroom style, clean house, nice environment. Of course most importantly I am trying to become a better guitar player and as I am my own toughest critic I am certainly improving in the short time I have been there. Finally, I think Josh is both enthusiastic and encouraging. Unlike any instructor Ive ever had before he actually seems to take a stake in the progress of the students.

Review №10

This is a great place to learn the guitar whether you are just starting out, or looking to advance your guitar skills and knowledge. The free intro lesson was extremely helpful and I improved massively in that hour alone. Josh cares deeply about each students results and will make sure you become the guitar player that you have always wanted to be. Before I took lessons at Taunton Guitar lessons, I was learning parts from songs online, but these lessons have been way more effective. I continue to have fun each and every class I go to. I would recommend these lessons to everyone.

Review №11

Josh has a great talent for teaching all levels of experience, and all levels if motivation and skill. The best lessons I have had, and my playing improvements reflect that.

Review №12

Absolutely fantastic experience with Josh at Taunton Guitar Lessons! He takes the time to individualize the learning plan for each student, so that you walk away learning or improving on something each and every class. The best part about it is that he guides you on how to practice properly at home, so even when you arent in class, you can still make improvements to your playing!

Review №13

What makes learning with Josh a unique experience, is that there is no set curriculum. From day one, Josh sits down with his student and evaluates their current level of experience. From there, each lesson is structured to meet that level of experience and expand it. That is what I love about learning with Josh. The onus is on the student to perform at the level that they choose. Josh helped me get over the boundary of thinking that lessons should be a 1-2-3 approach, and has helped my growth tremendously; both physical skill set, and with thought process. I highly recommend Josh and Taunton Guitar lessons. I wouldnt go anywhere else.

Review №14

I had an awesome time learning with Josh hes patient helps you learn exactly what youre looking for unfortunately I have to stop going because my wifes schedule changed and the timing doesnt match up for the classes but going to Taunton guitar lessons will be the best decision you could make for yourself

Review №15

I was one of Joshs first students, when he was fresh out of college. He has not only been amazing guitar teacher but also a great mentor and a close friend over the years. He has helped me more than I ever expected with my playing. He has also constantly raised his own skills both on guitar and his teaching methods since I started with him. If you are looking for a guitar teach Taunton Guitar Lessons is the place you should go.

Review №16

Josh has been a great teacher. Previously, I really struggled with on-line lessons. Josh was able to quickly identify the root cause of my problem as I had not yet fully developed an understanding of rhythm. We have made a great deal of progress toward my goals of being able to play songs start to finish. I am very satisfied and I highly recommend Josh and Taunton Guitar Lessons.

Review №17

Love Taunton Guitar Lesson! My son just started and he absolutely loves it! Josh is amazing. Highly recommend him!!!!

Review №18

Josh is the man. Ive been studying under him for a little over a year now and cant imagine learning with anyone else. Hes mastered many guitar styles and is even better at relaying his vast knowledge to his students. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, Josh at Taunton Guitar Lessons is your guy.

Review №19

Im coming up on 1 year with Josh. I cannot believe the progress I have made with him. I gave up taking lessons about 10 years ago because I just wasnt getting anywhere. I figured I would take up the free introductory lesson just for the hell of it. year later I have learned an incredible amount. I am so comfortable playing. Joshs methods help you to feel relaxed. One of the first things when learning something new is to tense up. To feel as though you cant do it because you have failed the first few times. With Josh...not only are you learning new things...but you are shown how to learn through valuable exercises. I strongly encourage anyone that has an interest in learning guitar to talk to Josh.

Review №20

Joshs talent and experience as a guitarist, guitar teacher and performer come through in many ways he is patient with everyone of all ages and his approach really is refreshing and exciting. I would encourage anyone looking for a new experience to check out his free lesson and see for yourself.

Review №21

My husband takes lessons with Josh at Taunton Guitar Lessons and he absolutely loves it. He comes home excited about the material and I can hear the improvement in his playing every week. Hed tried learning with other teachers previously but it just wasnt a good fit. Josh is not only a talented musician, but a great teacher. Great classes, highly recommended.

Review №22

Josh is a phenomenal teacher! His patience and expertise have helped me INCREDIBLY since Ive started taking lessons with him. The classes are not packed, which allows for more one-on-one time, and he keeps the lessons at a good pace. Highly recommended if youre just starting or looking to take your skills to the next level.

Review №23

I took advantage of the Free Lesson. I discussed my goals for playing guitar & studying guitar. The VALUE is there for me. I was able to break another plateau of my playing abilities and understanding theory. I am trusting in the process laid out and practicing as mush as possible. Josh is a great instructor and artist. He invests in himself as an instructor and takes his profession seriously. Continuous improvement!

Review №24

Josh is hands down the best guitar teacher there is. I showed up to the FREE trial lesson and immediately saw improvement after only the first hour I spent with josh. The best thing about taking lessons with josh is he takes the time to see where you are with your playing, and sets up an individual plan to help you achieve your guitar playing goals, unlike other teachers that just teach out of a boring book. Most importantly, you will truly enjoy your lessons, he has created an awesome, fun group learning environment! If you listen to josh and practice practice practice you and your friends and family will be amazed at your progress! I urge you, if you are on the fence, take josh up on the free trial lesson, you will not be disappointed!

Review №25

Josh was my teacher for over a year, and I learned more from him than I could have from any other source. He is an excellent instructor, a great guy, and now a friend. I have always wanted to play guitar, but never had the proper instruction and motivation...Josh was able to teach me and keep me on track. I highly recommend him as an instructor. Josh is one of those teachers you read about, who inspires his students to achieve things they never thought they could. Try one lesson with him, and you will see why I think he is the best.

Review №26

I’m currently a Student there. Josh is a professional and really good at teaching ,you can learn how to play chords on your second class

Review №27

Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks. Im learning something new every week and Josh has inspired me to rehearse like I havent done since high school! Thanks, teach!!!

Review №28

My son and I were amongst Joshs first students, and cant recommend Joshs teaching methods highly enough. My son and I started from scratch and have learned to play guitar and bass, and both of us have performed live.. Josh has also helped me with song writing, and one of the songs I performed live was a song I wrote with Joshs help.

Review №29

Josh is a unique teacher. I have learned more about fundamentals of learning to play guitar in 1 month than a year with another teacher. He focuses on your strengths and weaknesses at the same time. He is great at helping to show the progress you have made by you documenting it yourself. He is able to teach you by your own progress and develop it from class to practice and back to class. In such a short time I have seen steady improvement with reasonable goals while always encouraged to take steps up. I would recommend Josh to any person, young or old with no hesitation what-so-ever.

Review №30

To anyone like me who in the past has taken, or who has attempted to take, guitar lessons with other providers, or who has tried, with tepid results, to self-teach solely with audio-visual aids, who has felt the pangs of disappointment and gnawing self-doubt along the way, listen well: Joshs talent, compassion, and incisive pedagogy will lead you to a new and distinct level of guitar learning and musicianship-building. Lessons with Josh will make you forget the let-downs and almosts of the past. You will embark on an exciting, empowering guitar-playing journey, one in which you will learn, challenge yourself to keep learning, and learn to learn. As I have.

Review №31

I was taking lessons with Josh about 2 years ago up until last year. I was very pleased with his style of teaching , really enjoyed the time and the group we were in with. I would definitely go back if I had more time.

Review №32

Update from last years review.STILL THE BEST PLACE TO GO if you’re serious about learning how to play guitar and want a teacher who is fun and unparalleled in his technique. 10.4.18Josh has been instrumental in helping me with my new hobby. I was frustrated and stuck but in a short amount of time, Josh was able to help me see progress and breakthrough obstacles I didnt think I could. He has a very calming and easy going presence about him and shows a true interest in helping you be a better guitarist.

Review №33

Learning guitar with Josh, helps the student grow progressively in skills with each class. He is very knowledgeable and always shares extra musical “tidbits” to enhance our learning. You are sure to achieve with your hands on the strings at Taunton Guitar!

Review №34

Josh is a great instructor. He is patient, articulate and knowledgeable in music. He is always available to answer any questions during the week and takes a serious interest is all his students. If you want to learn how to play guitar - hes your man.

Review №35

Great teacher! I was only able to work with him for a short time and even within that period my ability to play really improved. I would definitely recommend him and encourage anyone looking to pickup guitar to give him a shot.

Review №36

We love Josh, he does a fabulous job with every student. Takes the time to show you exactly what you need to do so you can learn with ease. Highly recommend!

Review №37

Im 47 years old... Ive picked up the guitar no fewer than 8 times in my life, probably more, and every time Ive been frustrated by instructors, well meaning, but too focused on teaching licks and songs without providing an understanding of why and without a method or goals. Every one of them were just looking to the next lesson, not looking much further than that.Josh has a method, he sets goals, he teaches you WHY and HOW with an eye on where you want to be 6 months, a year, 5 years...If you are content to just noodle around with random riffs and bits and pieces of songs, then definitely DO NOT call Josh.If you want to see progress with structure and be challenged, to know how this music stuff works, definitely, call Josh.BTW, my 13 year old Son is doing bass lessons and is becoming a monster!Thanks Josh!

Review №38

I have had a couple of different guitar teachers since beginning guitar. Josh is by far the best teacher I have had. I have learned more from Josh in the short time I was able to take lessons with him than I ever had with other teachers. I look forward to continuing my lessons with Josh.- Jack Roche

Review №39

I did a intro lesson with josh he was very nice and he truly cares about his students and i look forward to working with him soon. i would definitely recommend going to his studio and just give it a try!!!and everything on his website is so true!!!

Review №40

He is a great guitar teacher. My daughter was playing Eye of the Tiger in her 3rd week! She enjoys his classes very much. Highly recommended!

Review №41

I started taking lessons with Josh about 5 months ago, and I have learned more in the last 5 months with Josh than I did in the last 10 years. After spending an hour with Josh in our intro lesson, he was able to identify areas of weakness, but also provide surprisingly quick (and easy to implement) solutions for some of the problems I was facing in my playing. Working with Josh has really brought back my passion for guitar and Im excited to continue working with and learning from him.

Review №42

Josh is a very talented teacher and musician always drives home something important from each class has a way of showing you so that you understand what your doing so anyone that’s looking to learn guitar you’ve got nothing to lose the first lesson is free

Review №43

Josh has taught my son more in 8 months than his past teacher did in 5 years. Hes a great teacher!

Review №44

I picked up the guitar and taught my self a couple things. Then I saw one of the signs around my area Free Lesson. I thought why not? Ill try just a couple times and then be good.I am almost one year vested now with Josh. There are so many more reasons why I continue my lessons with him. But to sum it up. He has a really great ability to see exactly where you are at and give you all these great ideas based upon the spot you are in to EXCEL you into things you may have not even knew about while at the same time teaching you musical concepts and ideas you didnt even know existed.Im beyond a beginner at this point and Im looking foward to the next challenge Im presented with.Im proud to write this review !!Thanks Josh

Review №45

Thanks Josh I couldnt do it without you! I would have probably given up without your guidance and support. I will remember you when Im famous! Thank you

Review №46

Josh is an incredible guitarist and teacher!!! Very well versed and rounded and understand how to draw out the best from his students.

Review №47

I enjoy joshs class i have learned a lot in the short time that i have been with him. Than any other lessons i have taken before. He is very clear with his lessons and takes his time with you i am very happy i found him!!

Review №48

After moving to the area a year ago (military transfer) I looked around for a while to find the perfect guitar teacher. I tried several others, but was never satisfied.When I found Josh and Taunton Guitar Lessons, I knew I had found the one. I took advantage of the free lesson and learned more in that one lesson than I had from the previous six months of lessons from other teachers.Josh is truly a professional music teacher. He has gone to great effort and expense to earn credentials for teaching guitar and it shows. Best lessons available in the region. Cant recommend Josh highly enough.

Review №49

Hands down Josh is the best guitar teacher you will find. He doesnt just teach you to play guitar, he teaches you to become a musician.

Review №50

Josh was very supportive and compassionate with his guitar instruction and explanations. He encouraged my son to explore all aspects of music and he has progressed tremendously.

Review №51

Fun! Great learning experience. Ive learned more in a short time than I could ever have learned online or anywhere else. Josh is a great teacher!

Review №52

Ive been taking lessons with Josh for one year. Ive learned much more than I thought I could. After every lesson, I look forward to practicing and playing the new material that Ive learned at each lesson.

Review №53

I have been taking lessons with Josh for three months after taking lessons from a prior teacher. The experience was like night and day. Some teachers give you the fish, Josh teaches you how to fish so you can get all the fish you want. I learned so much in three months because I was challenged. I didnt just learn a strum pattern to a song. I learned how to listen for strum patterns, where to find the beats in a song all the skills you need to succeed. Oh ya, power chords, barre chords, arpeggiating ...all there. You will learn how to take a song and break it down and play it different ways. You will get creative in your playing that will take you to the next level quickly. Its a fun environment and I highly recommend it.

Review №54

I have been taking lessons with Josh for three months after taking lessons from a prior teacher. The experience was like night and day. Some teachers give you the fish, Josh teaches you how to fish so you can get all the fish you want. I learned so much in three months because I was challenged. I didnt just learn a strum pattern to a song. I learned how to listen for strum patterns, where to find the beats in a song all the skills you need to succeed. Oh ya, power chords, barre chords, arpeggiating ...all there. You will learn how to take a song and break it down and play it different ways. You will get creative in your playing that will take you to the next level quickly. Its a fun environment and I highly recommend it.

Review №55

Ive learned a lot from josh the past few months ive been taking lessons. Theres material and fundamentals i thought would take me years to get down but after taking lessons from taunton guitar, ive been able to get the hang of them in a couple of months. Ive made a great decison working with josh and look forward to more lessons in the future.

Review №56

Josh is the man! What I love is how well he explains everything, his commitment to teaching, and the free first lesson doesnt hurt either!

Review №57

Josh offers a high level of experience in hes lessons for all levels of players.

Review №58

Great teacher !

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