Gracie Technics Jiu-Jitsu Academy
3220 S Troutdale Rd, Troutdale, OR 97060, United States

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The kids class is awesome. My kid loves it and so do I. The coachs are wonderful and really take the time to make sure the kids are getting the technics down. The kids are so proud of themselves when the earn a new strip, mine cant stop talking about it for days. Thank you coach Nicole for telling us about it.

Review №2

I first saw this studio at night dropping off a daughters friend in the area, a little over a year ago. The parking lot was dark, but the lights were on in the studio and stood out from the road. I saw 2 men in the middle of a round and it stuck with me. I looked up the name of the studio and checked it out. I saw that the owners trained in Hawaii, where I grew up and thought that was pretty cool. When you look at the pictures tied to the studio, you get that sense of community they have created. My husband and son have been going there for close to a year now and love it. My daughter and I decided just a week ago, to join as well. Ill be 40 this year (feeling my age in my body) and this is completely out of my element. The way they (Josh, James, Shelby, Nicole) teach they make you feel present, strong, empowered and like you belong there. They get right to work! I love that!We received an intro with Nicole, which also coaches some of the kids classes. She is wonderful!Shelby welcomed us right in for Muay Thai on Sunday! I havent sweated like that in years!Josh has been coaching our last couple classes of Jiu-jitsu and is amazing at going over the moves several times over to make sure you retain it.Yesterday Josh did a round with Shelby in our class and it was beautiful to watch.The way they moved, with so much grace. Their belts loosened and danced around them as they rolled.I want to be just like them when I grow up.I told my husband the only thing missing was some postrock music playing in the background.They are truly amazing here! If you are willing to put in the work, in time it will show!

Review №3

My kids have been going here for about a year and they love it! Its a family friendly atmosphere where my kids can learn a useful skill while making friends, getting exercise and having fun! I started a couple of months ago and Im loving it too! The instructors are great and explain how moves can be utilized both in a tournament situation and in the real world. The instructors have created an environment where every student, child or adult, feels welcome, safe and encouraged. There are no egos among the students as everyone just wants to improve and help others improve as well. I wish I had started sooner!

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Very welcoming and fantastic instruction. Best workout Ive had in a while! If I hadnt been moved away for work I definitely would have joined! Move at a pace youre comfortable and feel safe doing so! Great atmosphere and great instructors. I would give it 6 stars if I could! Probably even 7.

Review №5

Great place to learn something new every time you attend. No contracts which is very important to me and hands down the most reasonable martial arts school in Troutdale and Gresham. Definately must try them out!

Review №6

A very laid back atmosphere. As a beginner I appreciate the attention to detail as well as a non intimidating vibe. A wide variety of skill and expertise within the group.

Review №7

Tried most Jiu Jitsu gyms in the Portland area and Gracie Technics is top notch. High level instructors that actually roll with there students on a consistent basis. I believe there is four black belts at the academy in total. A large population of white and blue belt students. They follow a curriculum and keep track of classes so your dont get lost in the cracks. The facility is always clean. The atmosphere is family friendly and extremely welcoming and safe.

Review №8

The instructors and very knowledgeable, patient and helpful! They dont make you feel small when you ask questions, its highly encouraged. I highly recommend checking this place out if youre looking for a place to learn and train.

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In a sport that can feel very intimidating, they have created a welcoming environment for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike. James and Josh are patient and knowledgeable instructors who clearly enjoy what they do. So, whether this is something you’ve always wanted to try or are just wanting to expand on your growing Jiu Jitsu game, this is the place to be.

Review №10

The instructors here are highly knowledgable and have given me the tools that I feel will help me defend myself in a real life situation. The techniques are explained in a clear and concise manner by instructors that are passionate and engaging! I would definitely recommend to anyone of any age and skill level to give this place a shot.

Review №11

There is something for everyone at Gracie Technics. Learn a life skill (self defense) while actually enjoying a workout. Everyone is welcomed into this gym and encourage to participate. The focus is on technique and training safely so you can continue to practice jiu-jitsu for many years. Regardless of your skill level, from beginner to black belt, you will find what you need. There are multiple classes for kids and adults so stop by and check it out.

Review №12

The instructors here a very knowledgeable and keep students in a safe environment. Lots of mat space for sparing rounds and instructional drilling. Great group of people, I would recommend Gracie Technics to anyone from beginner to expert.

Review №13

Josh and James are high level blackbelt coaches that have created a safe, friendly and diverse community that is passionate about BJJ. Both are invested in their students, and customize their approach to each individual. They don’t teach a one size fits all because not everyone has the same body type, experience or temperament, but that is what makes the studio so unique. They make sure each individual is gaining the skills they need to be a great warrior and human on and off the mat.Being a lady and on the smaller, I have benefited greatly from this studios high level of teaching. I attend 5 classes a week from mixed-level fundamentals to intermediate classes to a fantastic ladies class taught by Nicole and Kim. I also love getting time in on the no-gi Saturday class and open mat roll time on Sunday. The schedule is packed full of classes and each one I feel 100% comfortable, welcome and safe..They have a great curriculum so every week I know what we are working on and can come prepared to train. Plus to top it all off they bring in their teacher Rylan Lizares for seminars every year. From the moment I walked through the doors I felt like I found my second home.

Review №14

Fantastic place and coaches. They really care about their craft and you can tell they enjoy sharing and teaching while having fun.

Review №15

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and taking classes with Josh and James for years. I highly recommend anyone who lives close by or is visiting the area to stop by, you’ll definitely be glad you did!

Review №16

Passion, dedication, & family. When I think of Gracie Technics, those are the first three things that immediately come to mind. The amount of passion each and every member puts into their practice is quite phenomenal which then shows through their dedication to the art. The family these members and instructors have formed in this club is inspiring and uplifting to see how much they all enjoy one common activity while constantly motivating one another. Never in my right mind did I think Id ever try a Jui-Jitsu class - but with the warm welcome of the instructors and long-term members, it was extremely comfortable to try out. The classes involve easy warm-ups & well instructed techniques to use in every day life situations and also situations that may arise suddenly. I truly do believe every person should invest some amount of time in self defense for safety and overall good health. Therefore, I highly recommend Gracie Technics and always will.

Review №17

Heres the deal. I was hesitant about Jiu Jitsu at first but I will say this gym made me fall in love with the sport. Its one of the few places today you can go hit the mat and no one cares about your financial status etc, its all about your attitude and your willingness to work hard at the craft. I cannot recommend this place enough. The instructors James and Josh are incredibly knowledgeable (not to mention lethal) and provide a supportive but challenging environment for anyone to grow in. Whether youre a tough guy or a person just looking to get active, this gym provides you equal opportunity to develop yourself physically and mentally. I gotta stop waxing poetic, but as you can tell, I cannot recommend this gym enough!!

Review №18

James and Josh are awesome instructors and just create the best environment to learn and get better at jiu-jitsu.

Review №19

The staff is very friendly and helpful. They were willing to move slowly for new learners like myself and didnt get too aggressive during sparring rounds. The group has a lot of fun and the facility is extremely well maintained. I highly recommend this spot for new or experienced jiu jitsu practitioners.

Review №20

Great Jiu-jitsu gym to learn and advance your skills and physical abilities for recreation or getting ready for competition. Instructors teach techniques and concepts behind all moves. Large mat area and very clean.

Review №21

I cant say enough about Gracie Technics in Troutdale. Its a second family, and a second home. It has saved my life in so may different ways. The instructors Josh and James are high caliber. If it can get my lazy ass of the couch, it can do it for anyone. I drive past other gyms, 45 minutes just to be home with the GT Jiu Jitsu family. Stop looking around and give it a chance.

Review №22

Very welcoming no matter what level youre at. Great place and instructors!

Review №23

A wonderful place to learn, interact, and grow. Anyone interested in BJJ should give it hit.

Review №24

Great place to train and learn self defense! Love the family atmosphere!

Review №25

The gym offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and willing to help each student progress in their training.I highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Review №26

The Gracie Technics gym has been nothing but great to me. The instructors are very knowledgeable and care about the progress each of their students make. Its fun, challenging, and rewarding to be able to learn and train the art of Jiu-jitsu. They offer several of classes a week and have also recently introduced a kids jiu-jitsu class. If you are looking for a good gym with a great family environment do not look further, the Gracie Technics gym is where you belong.

Review №27

Awesome place to learn Jiu jitsu. Big clean mat space. Great instructors with a plethora of knowledge. If you havent tried Jiu Jitsu stop in and try it out. Dont be afraid. This is a friendly non toxic gym.

Review №28

Great instructors extremely patient and accommodating to both new and experienced students. I highly recommend this facility to anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Review №29

Gracie Technics Eastside is part of the Gracie Technics Jiu Jitsu Academy headed by Rylan Lizares in Honolulu. The coaches at the Eastside academy, James and Josh are top notch. They embody the best parts of BJJ: patience, technical mastery, sharing knowledge, humility (and of course they can dial it up to savage mode). They have created an environment here where anybody can learn and grow by being present for the students and creating a safe and friendly environment for everyone (kids have so much fun in the kids classes!). There is a great group of people at this location to train with too. Its basically a family over here. And that includes the other Technics locations including Hawaii. Dont stall out! Everybody welcome here. Join the family!

Review №30

Really sweet gym. Lots of matt space. A must visit for sure. Great jiu jitsu awsome instructors along with great people. Come check us out!

Review №31

I highly recommend Gracie Technics for anybody interested in learning jiu jitsu. The instructors are highly knowledgable and willing to help each student progress. I had no grappling experience and had no clue what i was doing, but the instructors were very patient and helpful. The students are also very friendly and welcoming. No big egos or anybody trying to hurt you to prove how tough they are. If youre interested in learning bjj at all, i highly recommend this school!

Review №32

Friendly staff with a great atmosphere.

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