Emergency Training Center Of NJ & NY
969 Stuyvesant Ave, Union, NJ 07083, United States
Review №1

My experience here was great. All skills were hands on and thoroughly explained until every student understood and was able to perform properly. The Instructors were professional, informative, and definitely caring. Instructor Sam especially, he is genuinely awesome. He really took his time with us, was always available to each students needs and was considerate of each student . All in all, a very helpful environment. I am very grateful to have came across the Emergency Training Center, they have really prepared me.

Review №2

Hi! I really enjoyed the experience of working with the Emergency Training Center, everyone from admin to instructor were professional and responsive to my questions regarding classes and scheduling.I went to the Aberdeen location for my class with Sam. Parking, bldg entrance and class location should be clearly communicated another student shared in the challenge of locating the class.Otherwise, Sam was awesome in his instruction both online and in person. I will use this service again when it’s time to renew my CPR.

Review №3

I had a great experience here. I came to this training center to become a patient care technician and it was worth it. The instructors teach the material thoroughly until you understand and ready to move on.

Review №4

This place is extremely disorganized and unprofessional. The first time that I showed up for my scheduled CPR class, I traveled over an hour to get there to find out that my instructor was not there. I was not given any alert and no one called me to let me know. The second time that I showed up, I was at the front door and it was locked, and when I called the center, no one answered the phone, which was strange because I had a class scheduled for that time. I had to wait for someone to leave the building to get in. Overall, this center has very poor communication, and I would not recommend!

Review №5

My experience at Emergency training center was great, I met Ashley who explained everything to me about the whole progress, and even showed me the different rooms I be working with... She was very nice I also met sam... I highly recommend this school for anyone who wants training.

Review №6

Sam is a wonderful instructor! Everything was explained perfectly and hands on training was excellent. 5 stars! Would recommend everyone to go here for their certifications and trainings.

Review №7

I had a pleasant time here at this program while taking a CPR Course. It was easy to find, classes were small and personal, everyone was kind and, helpful. I’m thinking about going back to take a phlebotomy class there also.

Review №8

I had a great experience here! Instructor Sam was very helpful and thorough. He knew very well what he was talking about and I will definitely go to him again!

Review №9

They’re great! Definitely recommend training with them! I did the BLS class for healthcare providers with them and they were very helpful and super attentive. They give you a phone call to confirm your class enrollment and any questions you may have! The online part of the class was very easy to follow along and learn and the hands on portion was very interactive and 1 on 1, and I feel ready to save lives in an emergency! Thanks for all the help!!

Review №10

Did my ACLS training here. Sam, my instructor, was a great educator, proficient in the material and efficient with my time. Will clarify anything you’re confused about. Highly recommend!

Review №11

This is the best place to get medical certification training done. I had a great learning experience here. Instructor Sam is a topnotch teacher. Thank you ETC

Review №12

I enrolled looking for a way into the healthcare field but didnt know what direction to go. Instructor Sam and his staff were so knowledgeable about the industry. They provided phlebotomy training, hands on skills, tutoring, and amazing externship opportunity to utilize what Ive learned. Changing careers is not easy but with emergency training center they helped guild the way, thank you guys!!!

Review №13

Very accommodating to your schedule. Information is super helpful and the staff were very pleasant to speak to. Definitely recommend using them for your healthcare certifications.

Review №14

Super quick and easy sign up, you take the online test portion and come in for less than an hour training with test dummies (adult/babies) Instructor Sam was very informative!

Review №15

Excellent training. Sam is wonderful and encourages the student to explain procedures while helping the student navigate unfamiliar territory. Highly recommend.

Review №16

Training was thorough and comprehensive.The instructors are knowledgeable and patient. They make sure you understand and assist with the tools needed to save a life

Review №17

Sam was very helpful with helping me originally get certified 2 years ago, and then taking my refresher course to renew my certification! His videos for the refresher course were informative and helpful!

Review №18

I went to ETC to get a CPR recertification I learned more in this online course than I did when I originally was certified. Not only is the center clean and spacious but it was very comfortable to learn and demonstrate the skills without fear of judgement. Instructor Sam made sure before I left I was completely confident in what I was doing and do to this course I am positive in my abilities to safe a life. I highly recommend ETC!!!!!

Review №19

Efficient and informative training! Instructor Sam made sure I knew and performed skills appropriately and walked through everything together!

Review №20

I enjoyed my time at Emergency Training Center.From the video to the skills part,it was awesome.I think I will be back soon Keep up the good work guys.Thanks for all.

Review №21

Emergency Training Center is an amazing school they have flexible schedules,they always ready to answer questions to help students out.The instructors are really good and prepared they really take the time to make sure students are getting the skills and knowledge to set up the path for an entry level medical careers and to be able to pass the National exam. I do recommend this school. Its been a good experience for me.

Review №22

“I needed to refresh my phlebotomy skills for a new position and this school was perfect. I did the online work in 2 weeks and finished clinicals in 3. The teachers and staff are patient and compared to the other places I checked before signing up it’s very affordable.”

Review №23

Instructor Sam has a great instructional video and course. I needed to take the BLS for providers. They were very accommodating and the customer service was on point. Ivana was a pleasure to speak with and very helpful. I received my BLS ecard within 24 hrs. As I needed it asap. It worked out perfectly! I also found the video very entertaining actually! I would definitely recommend his course. Thank you very much to Sam and Ivana!( My apologies if I butchered the spelling of your name )

Review №24

Great experience, everyone was very helpful and nice. My instructor was very knowledgeable Would recommend.

Review №25

Everyone is very nice and helpful! I called the center and they were able to help me right away.

Review №26

This school is awesome, The instructors are very good and knowledgeable. Also they prepare you to take the NHA exam! I totally recommend it

Review №27

Hello, everyone who’s about to read this review. I will tell anyone who wants to go to a good school to not go to emergency training center. These people will play with you like you’re a kid. Once it comes to paying them , they keep track of that but when they have to register you for exams and keep tracks of what they need to keep tracks for you they forget. I went to this school and I took the phlebotomy and EKG then when I was done, I referred my sister to go take a PCT course. She started the course in October or November of 2020 and she didn’t finish with the course till end of April. While she was taking this course, they made her pay extra money then what she was supposed too. They kept telling her , how she owe money , their system was upgraded and they saw she missing payments , she had proved of all the payments she made. What was worst , she was kicked out of the class for missing payments, while she over payed them. I had to go with her and speak to someone in the school because it’s not only disrespectful but ridiculous and nerve rocking for my sister to be kicked out of a class while she over paid. Once she was done with everything she asked them for the extra money she paid, so she can pay for her state exam , they telling her they have to verify everything on their end and she has to pay for the exam and they will reimburse her the money after she’s done taking the state exam. I know it’s a lie , thy not gonna give her the money back which is okay , I will give it to her because I am the one who made the mistake of telling her that this was a good school. Today which is the 16th of May she had scheduled her state exam and guess what ??? Whom ever is in charge of putting her on the scheduled for today didn’t , she literally told her straight to her face she forgot.. Are you serious? My sister lives all the way in far rockaway , for you to make her come and waste her time like that ???? Forget about the time , do you guys expect her to pay again to reschedule another day ?? Y’all really think money grows on trees...Y’all need to do better ... I would like to know who is in charge of this school ??? Cause whenever this a problem that needs to be addressed, could never find that person. It’s always someone who’s incapable to rule things that’s who they put in charge. Man I wouldn’t referred my worst enemy in this school yo. They need to just shut this school down..they do not know how to communicate and make it seems like you have to keep begging them to get things done after you gave them your money... thief ....please just schedule her for her state exam so she can move on with her life..... please it’s not too much to ask..

Review №28

This was an amazing experience. As everyone knows COVID makes everything impossible to achieve by distancing. However American emergency training makes it simple and easy. Thanks you Sam for a great video and a good refreshner course.

Review №29

Nice experience and ppl is very professional

Review №30

I did my BLS class and enjoyed it was a smooth process, got my card a few hours after the class. Instructor Sam was very knowledgeable

Review №31

I had a great experience and learned all the necessary information/skills to feel confident in my ability to perform CPR. I received my first BLS CPR with Sam, when he came to my home and we worked one on one together. I recently renewed my certification through his online tutorial which was equally as helpful! Sams service is informative and convenient. I highly recommend!!!!

Review №32

Recently obtained my BLS provider certification for my ATC credential. My experience here was positive. The instructor Sam was very professional and knowledgeable. He was helpful with critiquing our skills and answering any questions we had. Will definitely go back for recertification

Review №33

Being a fitness instructor I have had various CPR/AED instructors and Sam was the best! He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and encouraging. He gave us great practice scenarios and guidance to give us the confidence that we would remember what to do in emergency situations. I highly recommend him as a teacher!

Review №34

Probably the best cpr class I’ve had. Thorough and detailed without wasting time. I actually retained the information with Sam’s explanations. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone in the class understands the technique and can perform it before moving on. Would recommend.

Review №35

I’m so grateful to the training center !!! The people are amazing and the atmosphere is so peaceful so you can THINK!!! It’s also safe and they take extreme precautions. I am trying to figure out what other courses to take just be cause I love the vibe... I don’t even need another certificate, but I love learning in such an environment!!!! Would marry this company all over again!!!Nancy Pierre CPR for my PERSONAL TRAINING credentials.

Review №36

My experience with Emergency Training Center was great. The instructors was very patience and alway giving encouraging words to move forward.

Review №37

Good school to go to very flexible works with your schedule & payment plans makes it easy to afford

Review №38

My instructor Sam was professional, pleasant, knowledgeable and was even patient with me when I arrived 20min late. He explains things very well, made sure I understood the material before moving on to the next lesson and even joined in on the hands on learning. Very good instructor, very clean organized facility I highly recommend!

Review №39

Sam was an amazing and thorough instructor! This was the first ACLS class I’ve ever taking and I was happy it wasn’t a boring one! I was able to learn a new skill and walk away knowing I was literally able to save a life ! I highly recommend ER of Training Center Of NJ & NY for all of your first aid Certifications!

Review №40

Emergency Training Center of NY & NJ was fantastic. I was able to book my BLS/CPR course over the phone and the customer service agents were very helpful. The class instructor Sam went above and beyond to help the class understand the material. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the course and plan to use ETC in the future.

Review №41

I had Sam as my instructor and the class was great. Im confident in my ability to jump into action when the situation (hopefully never) arises. The class was COVID-friendly, everyone wore masks and we figured out a way to work as a team without directly standing near each other. Highly recommend!

Review №42

Difficult to work with. Poor communication skills.

Review №43

Sam was very professional and thorough!

Review №44

Instructor Sam was a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and made the process of reviewing the Basic life support course seamless. I would recommend anyone to attend his class.

Review №45

Very thorough and makes sure you leave with all the knowledge. Answers all questions and is willing to teach! Great instructor!

Review №46

This was an amazing class that was super easy to follow! The staff was on top of everything in terms of scheduling, responding, answering questions, great lesson plan, and good use of technology.

Review №47

This was my first time attending the Emergency Training center and i must say i had a great experience. instructor Sam is very knowledgeable and extrememly helpful during BLS training. I recommend him to anyone he is great❤️

Review №48

Thorough and to the point. Easy access and own pace video training for renewal. 10/10.

Review №49

Sam was very thorough and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable learning from him and feel comfortable applying my skills in the future if necessary. Thanks guys!

Review №50

I took the hands-on testing with Sam following the online knowledge portion of the course. He was a very knowledgeable instructor who obviously had a lot of experience under his belt and a strong desire to teach. He answered the questions I had with ease and made sure I was comfortable with the procedures.

Review №51

Instructor Sam was very professional, knowledeable. My ACLS class was not stressful. The class was very relaxed due to instructor Sam. I will definitely take this class again at Emergency Training Center with Sam. Thank you..

Review №52

My training was very informative and I learned alot. My tutor was patient with me and answered all my questions. Great place.

Review №53

Instructor Sam was knowledgeable, quick, and easy to understand. I will definitely be coming back to Emergency Training Center for any new credentials. Thank you!!!

Review №54

I had a really good experience with them. Very flexible payment plan, small class setting, instructor Sam makes sure everyone is on the same page, not leaving anyone behind. He is very knowledgeable and kind.

Review №55

Very well taught and communication was excellent

Review №56

Instructor Sam’s online BLS class was great. He made the information easy to understand and the course was fun and enjoyable to watch.

Review №57

I had a wonderful learning experience with instructor Sam for PCT course and my CPR training.He’s very knowledgeable and very patient.He ensure that the class understood before he moves on.

Review №58

Having Samuel as our instructor was wonderful. It’s undeniable he takes pride and enjoys his work. Samuel is very knowledgeable and was patient with those of us who were novice. He made sure that each of us knew the material before leaving. This was also very convenient, to renew my certification, at my local church. I’d like to thank Samuel and hope he returns to teach more of congregation. Keep up the great work!

Review №59

Great trainer second time doing recertification with him. Knows what his doing and will help you pass with flying colors.

Review №60

Sam is an amazing teacher. I felt very comfortable at Emergency Training Center. During COVID, there was safety practices used such as social distance and everyone wearing a mask. Plus lots of sanitizer. The space is very nice. I enjoyed each lesson in CPR and will definitely be back for other lessons. I will definitely recommend Sam to others! Thank you.

Review №61

Great instructor, really knowledgeable on topics. Took time to explain anything we needed help with and didnt rush through like most professors. 10/10 would recommend

Review №62

Great staff, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Would recommend anyone who wants to get BLS certified to go here for training.

Review №63

I took the Basic Life Support CPR/AED course and practical exam with Emergency Training Center of NJ & NY. My instructor Sam was excellent. He was very professional, highly competent, and did everything by the book. I can highly recommend him and Emergency Training Center of NJ & NY for any level of medical training and certification.

Review №64

The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the learning experience very smooth. I learned a lot from this training facility. I would be gladly recommending more people to the facility

Review №65

I highly recommend Samuel as an instructor. He was patient and extremely knowledgeable about the course topics. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can confidently perform the skills in the patient-care setting!

Review №66

My instructor Sam was great. He explained everything so clear for us to understand and I definitely gained a lot of knowledge from his CPR course.

Review №67

Samuel Fenelus was professional, clear and concise with the information, and was able to clarify anything that I had confusion on, as well as emphasize important information during the video series. The demos were helpful with applying the BLS methods and retaining the information for the exam. 5/5

Review №68

My instructor Sam was great. Knowledgeable and to the point, was very accommodating during these crazy times.

Review №69

This course was presented in the most efficient way. Samuel was such a great help to understanding things. If I needed help or reassurance with the material, he made sure I understood exactly what was being asked. He was very helpful with making sure I was doing the procedures spot on! Thank you again for making this class great!

Review №70

The teacher was informative and helpful. The company was accommodating and a pleasure to interact with.

Review №71

Thanks so very much this is my 2nd time using The Emergency Training for BSL awesome and caring group of people to learn from.

Review №72

This was by far the best BLS renewal training Ive received. It was quick and easy and the instructor was on point. I recommend Emergency Training Center of NJ and NY.

Review №73

I had Sam as my instructor. This was my first time doing the BLS course. The instruction given was clear and his professionalism was outstanding. It seems to me that Sam really enjoys what he does. I liked that though there is a health crisis, it was easy to feel safe (everyone was protected -wearing masks etc). I would definitely recommend this training center.

Review №74

Sam was amazing. He was so nice and professional. After each new thing he would make sure I understood and ask me if I had any questions. I really appreciated him taking his time especially during quarantine. Thank you!!!

Review №75

I had to get my bls recertification last minute for a new job. I booked on Monday and was able to do a virtual session Tuesday with sam. He was great and very informative ! Highly recommended

Review №76

Instructors were highly competent and friendly. Made the process very easy to complete.

Review №77

I had a wonderful learning experience during this class with instructor Sam. He made the material easy to learn and showed just how important it was to fully grasp the concepts. Definitely would recommend anyone in need of a BLS certification to get it done here.

Review №78

Sam is an excellent instructor very clear with explanations and very patient . Highly recommend

Review №79

Samuel is a true professional, and honored my appointment, even though I was literally the only student to have taken his course that day!We sat at a table, one-on-one, surrounded by the demonstration dummies and supplies, discussing his past emergency experiences, and various instances and scenarios when hes had to administer the CPR pracices on the spot.He took his time to make sure I really was able to practice and retain the material well. He also paid attention to the details in my practice and retention, and made sure Id be able to safely and effectively provide the same kind of care to any individual in the case of an emergency scenario.Id recommend Samuel 10 out of 10 times if anyone were to ask!

Review №80

This was my very first time taking a CPR class, did not know what to expect, all I know is that I had a lot of questions. The instructor Samuel was awesome, really patient and answer every question I had. He is very passionate about his work. Our church love his professionalism so much that we already book him for another date for the people that could not come the first time.

Review №81

Awesome Instructor and class! Easy to understand and keep up !

Review №82

It doesnt matter how dull you might be, once you have a good teacher, who is patient, and can explain things clearly, you will surely learn and do well. Sam fell in that category, it was informative and at the same time fun having to practice them. Good job Samuel

Review №83

Was my first time attending a CPR, AED & First Aid training! I was a bit nervous but the Instructor Sam made the process relatively smooth. I can definitely say that I had a great experience and the instructor was well paced, and displayed genuine care for his job. Keep up the great job Sam! Your Awesome!

Review №84

I needed a BLS Renewal quickly. They had flexible days available and got me in quickly. Thanks!

Review №85

Sam is a very caring instructor. He ensured each student understood every topic. He was extremely patient and waited until all students were able to master each skill.He offered helpful suggestions and tips for those struggling and instructed clearly. He let the class know when to expect our cards and followed up to make sure I received my card.Will be recommending to friends and family! Thank you Sam.

Review №86

During the pandemic I really wanted to get my BLS certificate. I reached out to Emergency Training Center and they were willing to assist me. Samuel was really good. He was informative and patient and explained everything step bu step. He made sure that you understood. Thank you again Samuel for your time especially in these times.

Review №87

I had an awesome experience with the instructor . Even during the pandemic I had to do CPR training and he was respectful of concerns of social distancing and was so efficient in teaching me all the skills necessary . I definitely recommend Samuel as an instructor to anyone and everyone . He has a lot of experience and is a great instructor .

Review №88

Excellent instructor. Focused and educative. Willing to work around your timings.

Review №89

I had a great experience during the session. I was able to do hands on as well as working like a team. The instructor very knowledgeable on the subject at hand. CPR/ First Aid worth every penny!!! I highly recommend

Review №90

Sam was so nice and cool- thanks to Sam it was so informative and I will be back for future classes. The class was straightforward and very focused on the important details. I actually felt the most comfortable with my skills and knowledge after this class than the ones taught at the hospitals I go to. Thanks Sam!

Review №91

I enjoyed the calmness and patience Samuel exhibited throughout the class. He is knowledgeable about the subject of life support and ensures you learn to do things the right way. I recommend this location to anyone hoping to gain the valuable skill of CPR.

Review №92

I took this training class for personal reasons, it was very informative I feel like in a cardiac arrest emergency I will be equipped to possibly save a life that gives me a confidence I dont think I would have had i not taken this class so thank you to my instructor SAM who made my learning easy

Review №93

An amazing experience and Samuel was truly an excellent instructor. He went over the material thoroughly and made sure everyone understood the concepts before moving on. He was kind in answering all of my questions. I learned a lot more in this course then previous ones I’d taken. Highly recommend!!!!

Review №94

Instructor Samuel was great. Corrected my mistakes and made sure I was 100% qualified. I felt extremely comfortable in my abilities to perform CPR after this course. Highly recommend.

Review №95

Sam was a great instructor! He was very knowledgeable, and made the course informative and fun! He came to my location, which was very convenient. I had some communication issues with the company, but Sam was able to assist me and made sure I received my new BLS card. Wonderful customer service!

Review №96

Sam is a great tutor

Review №97

Samuel made the experience enlightening and helped me to find ways to always remember what to do in case of an emergency. He made me realize everyone should be certified. I was very nervous before taking the course but I was instantly relaxed when I realized what I am learning to do can save someone’s life.

Review №98

It was very convenient to enroll in the class. They accommodated me the day after my enrollment. Instructor Samuel kept it concise and direct to the point. Would use them again!

Review №99

Im an ICU and ER RN. Great class, I did my recerts for bls and acls. Quick, easy to book, and instructor Sam was great! Definitely recommend!

Review №100

Took BLS with the American Heart ❤️ Association and had a wonderful instructor by the name of Samuel. His expertise as a first responder and classroom instructions were anything but boring! I would recommend if you have to take a class do it with Samuel!

4.9 Rating
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