Jacksons Music Store, Inc.
1409 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, United States

Review β„–1

Always a pleasure to patronage this business. Friendly and helpful staff with smiles. A must visit for any musician or aspiring musician such as myself. I would have given 5 stars but I would liked to have seen more guitars to choose from. They have a decent selection but not as much as in the past, perhaps due to covid I dont know. However you cant go wrong making a stop at Jacksons music so check them out. ROCK ON!🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

Review β„–2

Great customer service. I bought an audio interface here, and was going to buy an accessory that it turns out I didnt need. The guy there told me i didnt need it. Thanks to him I saved $20! Also I called later and they helped out with the product. Great store!

Review β„–3

The guitar I ordered online was too small. She was very sweet and accommodating to my mistake. Left with a new guitar I love. Gotta love your local music stores

Review β„–4

When we didnt know what to do with our electric drum set that had been somewhat mangled by our children, we brought it to Jacksons music, and Mike just sat down and went to work on it until it was put together and functioning better than when we first received it. When we tried to pay, there was no charge! Weve appreciated the service, expert advice, and drum lessons weve gotten at Jacksons. Thanks so much!

Review β„–5

I visited several times looking at a particular guitar and every time I felt very welcome and was encouraged to play whichever instruments I would like to. Staff has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to the establishment for any musical needs.

Review β„–6

Great atmosphere, and people! Best place to get the music instruments/supplies you love and need!

Review β„–7

Very helpful friendly knowledgeable staff.great prices.They offer various musical instrument lessons as well.

Review β„–8

So this was my first experience and it was amazing. Mike and Brian were very helpful in making sure I had everything for my son to start band. Mike did an awesome job explaining everything and we are the proud renters of a saxophone 🎷 πŸ‘.

Review β„–9

Need an instrument for my son’s music class. It may be something he doesn’t enjoy so spending $500+ on an instrument really isn’t what we are looking to do. Was recommended this store to rent an instrument, sounds good? No. They want to run credit. No thank you.

Review β„–10

Clean, organized, lot of different types of instruments. But not many of each type or brands.

Review β„–11

I went to Jackson’s music store to get a violin for my son. The staff was very nice and helpful. We were in and out very quickly. They answered all of my questions and were very knowledgeable.

Review β„–12

Beth at Jackson’s Music is amazing! I had major issues with my son’s trumpet that another local music store could not fix completely, despite me paying them for the full repair. I was desperate looking for help and Beth said yes it was a fixable issue and she would keep the cost at a minimum. Well, it’s 4 days later and my trumpet is fixed and with minimal cost just as Beth had promised! If you need ANY music needs, I highly recommend Jackson’s Music! They definitely have my business from now on.

Review β„–13

I’ve known Mary Jo and Jackson’s Music for a long time and I’m never surprised when they get things right. Recently I was directed by the manufacturer to take an instrument to Jackson’s for warranty repair. Mary Jo was instrumental in facilitating a prompt resolution and very satisfactory one, too. Thanks, again, Mary Jo!

Review β„–14

Top notch service. Mike was a pleasure to work with. He had answers for all our questions. This is where you go for music , winston salem shop here , not the big box stores. These guys are local and care to help!

Review β„–15

Great for entry level musicians. Excellent for student musicians.Worth having a look for everybody.

Review β„–16

My husband and I used to go here all the time (pre-pandemic) and we loved it so much! Everyone is super friendly and they have everything musical you could possible need.

Review β„–17

We love Jackson’s Music! Best customer service on the planet and best quality instruments! Highly recommend!

Review β„–18

Their kind, informed, and professional staff helped me select the perfect guitar and mandolin at a great price. In fact I know I got a better deal on these two instruments than I ever could have online and I would certainly not have gotten the service I received. Steve Dowd helped us and he was excellent. I couldnt have been more pleased nor recommend them more highly!

Review β„–19

Very knowledgeable staff! A wonderful experience all around! Thank you for being there!

Review β„–20

Had what I needed without the unwanted crowd. Salesperson was very helpful without constantly monitoring me.

Review β„–21

I just love this local music store, they have a large selection of all things musical. Took my bass there and they did a bang up job on it. Trey Childress is very knowledgeable and one of the best local guitarist. You will not be disappointed at Jackson Music.

Review β„–22

I came in today. 10 minutes after closing. I asked if they could get me some acoustic first strings and they did. Ive been shopping hate since I was 15. Im 45 now and still refuse to go to brand new Guitar Center down the street because i like it here.

Review β„–23

Excellent customer service! Mike is THE BEST!!

Review β„–24

Great store, friendly and helpful customer service.

Review β„–25

This is where I learned my first guitar chord. It wasn’t even an employee, just another customer looking to buy a guitar helping out a twelve year old. It was also called Duncan music back then. I miss this place.

Review β„–26

I bought my violin at Jackson’s Music and proceeded to have private lessons there. The service was amazing, the employee stayed with me the entire time to help me decide what brand and size was best for me. My teacher for my lessons, however, had been rushing me and had not been focusing on what I needed/wanted to work on, but rather what she believed I needed, and encouraged me to buy two more books of music we never even used. Although it was appreciated, I found myself not always enjoying the lessons and I stopped going to them as I did not want to pay for something I didn’t enjoy. Otherwise, the service and staff were tremendous and I will be returning there!

Review β„–27

I took an old guitar to Jacksons to have them rewire it. The job was done in 24 hours, perfectly, and for an incredibly reasonable rate. Highly recommended!

Review β„–28

Got my very first guitar here! Excellent service and reasonable prices. I am also taking acoustic guitar lessons here. First lesson was last week . So far so good!! Colin is a great teacher!!

Review β„–29

Ive been to Jacksons several times over the past six or seven years--to buy harmonicas, strings (guitar, fiddle), to take lessons (very good instruction), and for some repair on my fiddle.Without exception, all experiences have been top-notch--prompt service, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices. My music buddies have reported much the same about Jacksons. I plan to keep going back.

Review β„–30

Have bought several accessories here for guitar and bass. Have had repairs here as well. Have had no issues. Prices are reasonable and about the same as other music stores and amazon. Have many different instruments and also offer several lessons for different instruments. Would recommend.

Review β„–31

Extremely helpful staff! Ill be going back!

Review β„–32

I called ahead and was told they had fingerboard stickers for violins.I drove 45 minutes to get there and I was sold the wrong thing.I should have known he didnt know what he was doing when he had No idea where the violin section was in the store and hes worked there for a while.I have no idea what those stickers are for, but its not for a violin.It was wasted time, trip and money.I wont buy anything from there again.

Review β„–33

Staff are kind and knowledgeable. Jason did a great job fixing the strings and the band repair tech does good thorough work. Best music store around.

Review β„–34

Literally the worst music store of all time. Everything is over priced. And the worst part is the customer service. I spent 30 minutes in the store and NOT A SINGLE EMPLOYER spoke to me!!!! Not even a hello it is the worst store. Please please please dont waste your time or money! Its a rip off and they dont care about their customers. Go anywhere else to buy your musically need! Anywhere is better then Jacksons!

Review β„–35

Ive been shopping at this store for about 15 years and have always had good service. Some employees have more knowledge about particular instruments but everyone has a good basic knowledge of everything in the store. For a smaller store, they have a pretty nice selection of instruments and equipment. Their selection of basses is a bit lacking, but what they have is nice and they can order pretty much anything you want. They are also willing to match prices from other stores, including online stores. They knocked $100 off the price of an item I bought to match the sale price I found online. They also sold me more expensive Vandoren sax reeds at the price of Rico reeds since they were out of Ricos. Great service from a knowledgeable and friendly staff. They also do a great job with instrument repairs and setups. Since there arent a lot of music shops around town, they can get pretty busy so sometimes it takes awhile to get help from someone, but theyre always polite and very helpful so I dont mind waiting for a little bit to get some help.

Review β„–36

On my first visit to Jackson Music I was greeted by Gary. Gary was pleasant and very knowledgeable regarding my musical purchase. The day I went in to finalize my purchase the sales rep. took the time to make sure I was getting a comparable price. I will continue to shop here for my musical needs.Thanks Gary for everything!Vmusic

Review β„–37

Trey was a great help picking out a Guitar for our son!

Review β„–38

Called to ask if they had a certain distortion pedal in stock. Employee that answered the phone told me that he was very busy and had about 20 people in the store and that he would call me back later with an answer. IMHO he shouldnt have answered the phone in the first place if he had so many customers. I decided to just go by the store and check for myself since I was determined to get a pedal that day. Walked in the store and saw a few people in their but not many. Not one salesman offered to even speak to me. I located the small selection of pedals they had and did not see what I wanted. While making my way back out the front door, a white haired salesman walked right by me as if he didnt even see me, very rude and unprofessional. Went to guitar center and found what I wanted. I will NEVER step foot in that place again.

Review β„–39

Friendly folks, knowledgeable staff, great selection. Comfortable setting to sit and play. Only music store I need.

Review β„–40

Very helpful friendly staff. The teachers are fantastic and a nice stock of instruments.

Review β„–41

Great folks helped me and felt like family.look forward to going back

Review β„–42

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great service. Thanks

Review β„–43

I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone the people are rude and they lack customer service skills... A simple hello welcome to Jackson Music store would be great...or hey Ill be with you in a minute....smh

Review β„–44

Went to store to look for a childs drum set as well as an acoustic guitar (novice level) for myself. Althouth initially, the sales rep was helpful looking up a drum set in a catalog, he provided little assistance in seeing what options were available and what makes one set better than another. As for the guitar, he provided little assistance with guitars other than pointing out some starter kits and telling me his personal favorite but didnt tell me why it was his personal favorite or why he liked that brand over another brand. He took no time to explain anything to me. I walked out of the store knowing I will never shop there if I can help it. Fortunately, there are other music stores in town to choose from and will go else where when I purchase both a drum set and guitar. My experienc was disheartening.

Review β„–45

Great selection, reasonable prices, helpful staff. :)

Review β„–46

Wonderful customer service

Review β„–47

Terrible! Youre better off going to a pawn shop.

Review β„–48

Terrible service, would rate a 0 if I could, go somewhere else for your music needs

Review β„–49

Went to buy a set of drums and cymbals, but they had nothing in stock and could not get anything until mid next year

Review β„–50

No real musicians here but the teachers! Trust me! This dude knows! Or find out for yourself!

Review β„–51

Very knowledgeable and can order anything you need

Review β„–52

Couldnt fix my instrument even though we only needed a screw replacement.

Review β„–53

Very Very poor customer service!! Repairs are NOT fixed properly

Review β„–54


Review β„–55

Way too expensive.

Review β„–56

They are the Best!

Review β„–57

Consistent, fantastic service.

Review β„–58

Great service

Review β„–59

Terrible experience.

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