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Nadia makes the voice sessions light and fun but at the same time produces results. Achieving results builds confidence ... and shes great at that! You get to sing/play your piece of choice (w/c is a great stress-buster for me personally so I try not to miss sessions if at all possible). Lastly, I particularly appreciate the flexibility of having the option to do the practice sessions online during the pandemic. This was a very big plus. So if youre looking to develop your piano/voice skills, I strongly recommend TPAC. And yes, I have no conflicts of interest related to this review to disclose. =)

Review №2

Nadia Nice is absolutely phenomenal. When you express your goals and questions to her, she delivers. She has helped me tremendously with my not only my voice, but with my songwriting execution, career goals, and confidence. She is the best teacher I have EVER had. I am always excited to go to my lessons. I drive over two hours to go to my lesson and it is completely worth it.

Review №3

Nadia is a great instructor, very laid back comfortable environment. Highly recommend.

Review №4

Nadia is fantastic at what she does. I came in with no singing experience, and several months later I am comfortable performing in front of friends and strangers. She is honest with where you are at with your current abilities, but also encourages and actualizes further development. She is not just a teacher, but a friend as well.

Review №5

I have had such a great experience working with Triad Performing Arts. The instruction has been very helpful with learning the different techniques to maximize my voice for singing and voice over. I am very glad I was introduced to Nadia. She is a great teacher!

Review №6

I searched online for a beginning voice teacher for my 6 yr old granddaughter. Miss Nadias Triad Performing Arts Center attracted me because not only does she have personal experience touring and performing, she also offers student performances several times a year. This is a crucial part of classes as it teaches poise, confidence and self esteem. ( A lot of private voice teachers do not offer performances as it is a tremendous amount of work ). My shy granddaughter now loves to sing all the time, performs in front of strangers and looks so forward to her weekly lessons. She never complains about practicing ! I asked what she liked about singing, and she told me if she was ever sad or mad , she would sing out loud and it made her feel better. Miss Nadia is so loved by her students. She is a great motivator and inspires students to do their best. I gladly commute from High Point every week for this valued lesson. I highly recommend Triad Performing Arts Center for music or voice lessons. I am very picky when it comes to private lessons and the value for your money. Miss Nadia is excellent and is wonderful with beginners, intermediate students and adults. Please give them a will love them !!

Review №7

Triad Performing Arts Center has been amazing! My son started a few months ago and his growth and confidence are skyrocketing. Ms. Nice is such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to her working with my son for a long time!

Review №8

Nadia Nice, owner of the Triad Performing Arts Center is the real deal! You will not get cookie cutter, one size fits all training at the Triad Performing Arts Center. What you will receive is very personalized instruction and attention. She will help you find and express your unique voice. You will be gently pushed out of your comfort zone to help you develop your full potential as an artist. She puts a lot of thought into each session. One of the things I love about Nadia is that she works on all aspects of performing. Shes performed and toured the well herself and knows what its like to be in your shows. Shes part psychologist, part teacher as all good coaches are. I have been training with Nadia for several years now and under her coaching, I have gone on to win an international singing competition and made my debut at Carnegie Hall.

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Nadia is a incredible teacher! Our daughter loves her music lessons and is always eager for her lesson day. She has become more confident in her self when performing and we are excited to see her grow.

Review №10

Nadia is an excellent teacher and works with students of all ages. She is a professional who had had international training and performance experience. Nadia is a gifted teacher who can identify her students needs and patiently help them advance to the next level of competency. I feel very fortunate to have Nadia as my teacher and would highly recommend the Triad Performing Arts Center.

Review №11

Nadia is an excellent instructor. She has helped me realize a lifelong dream of playing a musical instrument. After 3 ½ years of being her student I feel comfortable saying I am a piano player. She is very patient while still pushing me to improve and step out of my comfort zone.

Review №12

Nadia is an incredible TEACHER! She takes a student from wherever they are and helps them to find their own unique musical voice. I started taking voice lessons several months ago at the age of 59 and did not believe I had any singing talent at all. Through her instruction I now believe that even I can sing! Until you give singing a serious effort with a quality gifted teacher like Nadia you will never really know what you are capable of. Go for it!

Review №13

I have been taking voice lessons from Nadia for over 2 years now and i am so happy with the results! People are always telling me how much of an improvement they see when i sing and my confidence level is so much higher than when i started. It is a worthy investment!

Review №14

Our six year old son has loved learning piano from Miss Nadia. It is easy to motivate him to practice because he is always working toward being in various performance pieces with a fun theme-- instead of a strict recital format. If you want your child to like his/her music lessons and learn quickly, TPAC is for you!

Review №15

Nadia is a great teacher. She is extremely patient with begginers. I like that she is an awesome motivator who builds confidence. She challenges all performers to strive for excellence. Highly recommended

Review №16

Exceptional experience! Nadia is so kind and supportive. Her teaching abilities and talent are wonderful. She is a gift!!!

Review №17

I have loved working with Nadia from TPAC. She is so genuine and its beyond obvious how much it means to her to see her students do well and have fun doing what they love. Shes both extremely knowledgeable and encouraging - I dont know what else you could want in a coach.

Review №18

Nadia has tremendous personal knowledge about the mechanics of vocal training, as well as a friendly and supportive manner. It has been a pleasure to study and learn with her over the past several months.

Review №19

This is our second year with Ms. Nadia and our child loves it, and so do we. Fantastic performances, beautifully conceived and directed!

Review №20

I have taken piano lessons from TPAC for several years. TPAC teaches piano and voice to all ages and encourages performing in front of audiences. My teacher, Nadia Nice, is expert in many genres of music including classical, jazz, blues, opera and I am sure others. Unlike past teachers Ive had, she was open to the style of music I wanted to learn - New Orleans Jazz & Boogie Woogie. With her trainng & encouragement, I actually gave a 50 minute community performance in front of 70+ people. Wow, I never would have imagined doing that! Because of her, I have also performed a few other public concerts around Winston-Salem. I sincerely and enthusiastically recommend TPAC and Nadia to anyone who wants to learn and enjoy singing and/or playing piano. What a great experience and wonderful school!

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