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For $50/ month and readiness to learn, you cant beat the value here. Thereason I dont give this 5 stars is because I think the website has been difficult to navigate, it takes some workaround on my part to find and access the classes that I want to attend, as well along with other annoying issues--HOWEVER--having said all of that, the classes and the value in the instruction I have received over the last two months of using this service have been exceptional. I took an Intro to Character design live class with Larissa Marantz who is an experienced character designer currently working in the industry. Larissa took the time to critique every single submission (there were usually about 30 students submitting for a class). Larissas critique was focused, practical and very well presented. Ive attended 4 year art college for Industrial Design, and Ive attended other live online instruction. What I got during this 8 week course is a lot closer to in person art school than to other online courses Ive completed. If you are not attending a live class you will not receive critique for work you submit. This is one of those details they could be clearer on. So do the live classes! I havent tried the coaching. I would be interested to know more about that. It does seem very expensive and I wonder what the value proposition is there? Anyway, the $50/monthly subscription in my opinion provides very good value if you are attending the live online classes and regularly submitting work for critique!

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I have often wanted to refine my drawing skills with the bigger goal of becoming a better portrait painter. These classes allow one to master concepts, techniques and proficiency at astonishing speed. Whether one is a beginner or advanced, this is time and money well spent. Sign up, watch the vids, do the exercises. You’ll amaze yourself.

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Lots of great videos and resources.. Well worth the money

Review №4

Great experience, plenty of variety and very good tutors, throughly enjoying bing a member.

Review №5

Some of the best teachers i have seen online. Clear explanation, great examples, and the quality of the teaching are outstanding. Favorite place, wish i had more time to spend here...

Review №6

One of the very the best online art education you can find. The classes are thorough, in depth, and build skills.

Review №7

Great lessons and reference photos. My only criticism would be to put some of the reference photo figures in some real spaces, such as studios, rooms, to give a variety from the greyish back drop.

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Hands down one of the most substantive and qualitative resources on the net for art. Would recommend to anyone who is serious in pursuing art

Review №9

The best Online Resource for quality Art Education videos ondemand. i am really happy with it!

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High quality art tuition from some incredibly talented art teachers. As a beginner, these courses have really helped to give me a solid foundation in drawing.

Review №11

The best courses on the world with the best talented artists, thanks a lot for your advice

Review №12

I absolutely love this website. I cant do anything without it. I use it for my art but also for my own teaching. This is a wonderful website with wonderful teachers.thanksMarion

Review №13

An extremely useful resource which I have found indispensable.

Review №14

New Masters Academy is great in each and every way! Thank You!

Review №15

I have not used a lot of the video courses lately but I do use the image references of models, backgrounds, master works, architecture and more. This helps a lot with my sketching and design compositions.

Review №16

I like the content. Its well curated.

Review №17

Good teachers ! A very progressive course !

Review №18

Loved the instructors and classes.Great experience!

Review №19

Excellent videos, in depth and straightforward to follow

Review №20

The content is fabulous!

Review №21

They have experience worth investing your time

Review №22

The Best art school you can go to. Instructors are well-known and famous because of their years in the art industry and in the arts, therefore having lots of experience and excellent clarity when teaching. The environment is really great to learn as many of the instructors went to an art school such as Art Center or the Russian Repin Academy. You can also sign up for a packet to have a portfolio review and help get one started appropriately. Ive gotten to other institutions and I can say that I will be staying with New Masters Academy.

Review №23

The website is glitchy and the videos are not more interesting or higher quality than what you can get on YouTube for free. The customer service also leaves me wanting more. I will not be paying for another year when this subscription is over.

Review №24

New Masters Academy has helped me grow tremendously as an artist. The videos are exciting, the instructors are great, and the 3D content and image libraries are phenomenal. I definitely recommend NMA to any artist, whether just starting out, or wanting to revisit the fundamentals and more advanced topics.

Review №25

NMA is a great online resource for artists of every level. I’ve been an online student at NMA for almost 2 years. Their library of online instructional videos, high definition photos for portrait, figure and anatomy lessons are outstanding. And if you have any interest in trying something new, (sculpting for me) they will almost certainly have an instructional guide to help you on your journey. Great training, affordable price, on your schedule. Highly recommended!

Review №26

Really love this site. Lots of lessons to choose from. Def worth the price especially when comparing to irl art classes. I recommend checking out their landscape painting course.

Review №27

Its affordable, easy, and Ive learned a lot. The videos are great and well produced. I will continue to use them, thanks NMA!

Review №28

New Masters Academy is a business built on excellence. The fact that they are making comprehensive learning material for artists at such an affordable price is a true blessing for those seeking to work in this field. I highly recommend checking it out. Bravo! Keep on keeping on!

Review №29

Truly amazing website! There are countless hours of top quality instruction from world famous artists. A great way to bring art education to the masses!

Review №30

This is really the best online resource for artists. Master instructors. Affordable prices. Amazing content. LOVE it!

Review №31

Many of their videos get stuck in a 10-second (or more) loop and once that happens, all learning ENDS. Dont be fooled by the price - its their initial way to get you into their system. Once youre in there, you are constantly barraged by all the extra fees for extra things you thought were included. For example, their 3-D images cost more. They are looking for more ways to charge you more and more. Since Ive had so much trouble with the videos and was told it was my system, I just cant deal with the hassle. My computer systems are totally up-to-date, and I dont have problems with other sites. Take a class in your local area. Youll get more out of it. Online learning with this company & all the computer glitches and less-than-helpful advice about them - of course, it will always be YOUR problem, not theirs - gobbles up your time & wastes your efforts.

Review №32

New Masters Academy is the best art education available to the student or professional. Oh and its also the most affordable. What?? Win.

Review №33

Best education in fine arts from World-renowned artists. Best thing is you can rewatch it until you get most out of it.

Review №34

Ive been using New Masters Academy for a few months now and I have been super impressed with everything I have done so far, you wont regret doing any program with them.

Review №35

Quality of the instructor from Glenn Vilppu is excellent. The quality of the streaming service leaves alot to be desired.I have checked internet connection and it is good. I can watch youtube videos without breaks. But he streaming of New Master Academy is very broken.

Review №36

I have subcribed for two months for a long time ago, and i really had great experince and learned many things that period, but my only problem is that there is no guidance about how should i start my learning process as new subscriber between these tons of lessons so i suggest that you make the learning process more easier specially for newibes, for example catogrizing the content based on more detailed and various standerds like beginner lessons or fundmentals series or making recommended videos or playlist depending on the learner level or needs and not only general catogrizing like Drawing, painting, anatomy..etc so the point is to make the learning process more clear and short cut time by your guidnace to the learner instead of searching between those hundreds of videos and lost due confusion (where should i start..? :/ ) other than that every thing is great.

Review №37

The best online art education program on the market. Quality in every aspect from production to artists.

Review №38

Am loving it! It’s there an application for the service?

Review №39

Supportive-knowledgeable. Well worth it. Thank you!

Review №40

Completely worth it, you get to learn from the best, an amazing resource to perfect your craft!

Review №41

This site is amazing! you have the best (and I mean best n a planetary level) teachers there for the lowest fee Ive ever seen.Glenn Vilppu, Steve Huston, Eric Wilson etc - wao, hours and hours of courses meant for serious students (not the part time hobbyist type), for all level, not secrets, they tell it all, its invaluable.They even have models pictures, model videos, and a 3d machine that allows you to spin scanned models, see the bones through the skin etc.Can recommend this enough even as a complement to a real life school or online school, this is a treasure trove!signed Anton Von Flugelhorn (find me on facebook if you have questions)

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New Masters has one of the most extensive image libraries on the web for art. Not to mention the quality of the images is phenomenal!

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The most affordable art education with the top living masters. This is a no brainer for any and every artist out there.

Review №44

It worth for the money you pay. They have great information to learn.

Review №45

Is this for real?! Its ridiculous that for such a low price point you can get this quality learning material.

Review №46

I LOVE New Masters Academy videos...

Review №47

They are incredible! Thank you very much for giving us such quality of teachers! ☺

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