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Overall I had a really good experience here. Parts were strange because covid™️ but we made it through! The dental director Sara Norris is so amazing and will go to bat for you if ever you need. Shes so supportive even after you graduate and always sends job opportunities to those who need them. Kamah patel and Dr. Lynn Franks are the best teachers I could have asked for. Theyre both super informed and while they expect hard work and dedication, theyre also super funny and easy to be around ❤️. 10/10 loved my experience here. And am so grateful to everyone Ive listed.

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The attendance policy is strict. Other than that Sarah Norris is great in the dental program !

Review №3

ATA College helped me achieve my dream and goals to become a nurse. The school program is very elastic, supportive, and strong. The school staff helps diligently and make sure any students progress is successful. The nursing program is a # 1 in this school, very entertaining, competitive, and progressive. I only studied so hard and always tried to do my best to pass all the exams (online and class). If you study hard the teachers will take care of you and make you aware of your classes and help you to pass the program very easily.

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Dental Assisting ProgramLouisville, KYI am a student here at ATA College and i absolutely love it here! As i started the school and staff made it feel welcoming and comfortable. I have always been insured that if i need help, it is available. The courses have been very well organized and educational. They are willing to work with your schedule and make sure you are able to attend your classes. I recommend this school 100% to anyone looking into the dental or medical field. its quick and easy! You really get your moneys worth!

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If youre looking for a direct and relatively quick entry way into the medical field I recommend ATA College. I will be finishing the Medical Assisting with Limited Medical Radiography program with my associates degree this fall in Louisville, KY. Not only do I feel confident in my knowledge, but I already have a job lined up. Friendly environment and knowledgeable staff. ATA has monthly start dates that provide an immediate start to your future.

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I have been attending ATA since may 2017 and I am proud to say that I will be finished December 15, 2017. The staff at ATA are truly amazing and a blessing. They push you and help you so much throughout your Journey. Attending ATA has been one of the best decisions that I have made. If your looking to further your education in the medical field ATA is a great place to start that Journey. The staff is always there to help they have one on on interaction with students if the they need to help and they are always there to help you throughout your journey through school and after you have graduated. I want to think all the staff at ATA for this amazing experience I am truly grateful.

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Ive been attending ATA since February 2017 and have experienced nothing short of an amazing time since attending. Everyone is so helpful and positive throughout the entire process of enrollment and throughout courses. Ive never attended a college that I felt so comfortable with knowing that each and every staff member and instructor has my best interest at heart. Its an amazing place to be! I recommend ATA to everyone I know!

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I am a previous student from ATA and I would highly recommend this school to anyone without hesitation. They are so hands on and they keep you motivated. My teachers were there for me through school and personal problems. Even when I almost done with my schooling they helped me find a wonderful job and now I have a career and I’m doing something that I love.

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I am currently in the dental assisting program at ATA college and it has been the best experience i have had in a college. Everyone is so helpful and nice at ATA and they go above and beyond my expectations. There are very small class sizes and one on one with instructors any time you needed it. I highly recommend this college to anyone looking to further their education.

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Worst college ever. They only care about your money. Do not go here for nursing at all!

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The Medical Assisting and Limited Medical Radiography program in Louisville, KY has been phenomenal. The teachers here at ATA strive for their students to be successful. I have received excellent training from some of the best teachers, and because of that, I am flourishing!

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This school has been great to me and I have been very blessed with the knowledgeable teachers of the Medical Assisting program. Compared to some coworkers within other offices, I feel very proud of the education I have received from this college. I have recommended this college to a friend. I would recommend to other mothers who want to further their education in the medical field. -Tiffani B

Review №13

I’ve been in the medical assistant program since 01/2018. I definitely recommend this college to anyone whom wants to pursue your career in the medical field. The college is amazing, a lot of hands on and you learn a lot! The instructors are great!

Review №14

Been in the Limited Medical Radiography Program with Medical Assisting, and it has been AMAZING! Love the small classes! & The Instructors are by far the most involved with every student and are dedicated to them as well. Very passionate in their teaching. All of the staff from ATA from Admissions and Financial Aid and Student Services are also very dedicated, helpful and GREAT! Last but not least The President! He is super uber Amazing! He visits the classes, greets every student, personally hands out the Honors or President Awards to the students whove earned them. Also looks for better ways to improve ATA. So, if youre looking for a College to Attend to, ATA College is where its at!! :D

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Medical Assisting ProgramLouisville, Kyi love this college the teacher are awesome they teach everything that you need know about the Medical Assisting Program, they push you to do good, they care about you and at the end of each class they ask you questions about what you learned in class that day. i am really happy that i chose to go to this school it has taught me a lot, i feel prepared to enter the medical field. I will be graduating from ATA college December 14, 2018 i am really going to miss the school, the teachers, and my class mates. if want to be a MA please go to ATA college you will not regret it .

Review №16

I cant possibly speak highly enough of ATA. When I earned my diploma in Dental Assisting, I had no idea just how fully Id fall in love with the field and I attribute that partially to the passion and dedication of the instructors, but also to the quality of education I received. As a graduate, I went on to work for Dr. Abshier, who is now one of our valuable lab instructors. The experience I received at his practice was invaluable and from there, in 2013 I went on to teach in the field that I love. In 2016, I jumped at the chance to teach at the school that had given me so much and in 2018, I accepted the position as Dental Assisting Director here at ATA. Words cannot express the joy I feel coming into work, to the place that gave me so much. ATA will most certainly give you the tools you need to succeed.

Review №17

I would recommend to anyone that wants to pursue and further their education. The staff and educators are wonderful!! I’ll be graduating in December after being in the Limited Medical Radiography with Medical Assisting program & have had the best and most fulfilling experience while I’ve been here.

Review №18

The Medical Assisting Program at ATA College in Louisville, KY is absolutely amazing the teachers really take the time out to help you, for example if you are not getting something they make sure you know if before you leave class and if you are still having trouble they will teach to you one on one. They make sure that you are prepared to take your national exam the review classes they have are really helpful and refreshes you so much.... Please give it a shot if you are wanting to become a Medical Assistant.

Review №19

I loved my experience here at ATA College. The staff are all very helpful and are super encouraging to your success. Class sizes are all very small. I’m proud of my education and everything I’ve been taught.Medical Assisting ProgramATA College. Louisville, KY

Review №20

ATA is the best college Ive ever attended and Im not saying that because I am a current attending student. Ive learned so much from this school from the teachers, to the experience, yes theirs been hard times but never to where i wanted to give up, theres a lot of great teachers that want to see you succeed and pushes you to your best ability so giving up just wouldnt be an option. Also the president of the school is very hands on and active with the students as well hes a great man, yes I do recommend to anyone thats thinking about attending ATA to just take that leap of faith and do it. You want be disappointed.

Review №21

I have had a great experience at ATA College, it is a great place and they only make you take classes that you have to have instead of all the extra stuff. The teachers at ATA College are really friendly and really great they actually care and want you to succeed and will help you in anyway they possibly can. ATA College is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to enroll in school.

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Medical Assisting Degree Program, Louisville, KYIts scary going back to school, especially college. I was worried when I started in 2017 that I had told all these people about my new goal in life and the first semester already feeling like giving up and letting everyone that cheered me on down. But I kept pushing and moving forward and it got easier and easier and ATA and the teachers really encourage you, the first semester was really hard for me but there was so many teachers that checked on me and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ATA IS THE PLACE TO BE. You will make the best decision of your life if you come to this school. Here I am graduating in May with my Associate Degree in Medical Assisting. And I have been on the Honor Roll each semester. You can do it ! Come to ATA.

Review №23

Im currently attending ATA and I am enjoying my time here greatly. Im learning a lot that will help me along my career path in the future. I would highly recommend going here to anyone seeking to start a career in healthcare.

Review №24

Im a current student, with only having 4 weeks left until I graduate with my Degree. I couldnt be more proud of my self for where I have gotten today. I thank all of the staffs at ATA for helping me achieve this goal. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is wanting to start a new journey in life. Its never too late to start a new career.

Review №25

I’ve been here at ATA since November 2017 and I absolutely love it! The teachers and staff are amazing and they do all the can to make sure you succeed. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t choose ata college! And I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way and it’s just an amazing experience! Come to ata you won’t regret it.

Review №26

I had a wonderful experience at ATA, in the MA/LMR program. The teachers/staff were great and very helpful and the class sizes were small. I would highly recommend this college, especially if youre wanting to get done faster!

Review №27

The medical assisting program at the louisville, ky campus is amazing its clean,friendly and the staff is amazing. The learning environment is fantastic if you need help there is always a teacher ready to tutor you and willing to help when ever. Your also acknowledged for your good grades. I really enjoy the fact they have multiple class times and dates to work around everyones schedule. Let me not forget to mention the program director is also one of your teachers and she is very knowledgeable your other teachers also knows their stuff..if your looking for a school this is definitely the school to choose.

Review №28

ATA is not the school for everyone. The teachers are not as hands on as they say. They never grant appeals so do not even waste your time. I wasted 25,000 at this school. I regret coming here and I would like for anyone considering to really do your research before just being told something by the staff at ATA. With an exception to the Nursing Program, the nursing program is really nice and helpful.

Review №29

I have had the best experience here at ATA it really makes me love coming to school all the teachers I have had are great and many more to come I really like the school I plan on coming back I recommend this school to anyone that is looking for medical career come to ATA college and you wont regret it.

Review №30

This place is only out for your money. How you ask....let me explain. My wife has 3.78 GPA from a state university (not in Kentucky). She tried to transfer in to ATA with already having 3 years in college but had a medical set back. Now back on her own feet she wanted to get her degree over with but changed majors. They looked at her transcripts and said none were any good due to they are 6 years she would need to take them all over. Well the VA said they wont pay for her to take them all over as classes nor GPA have an expiration date. Its been a major ordeal for my wife to over come nursing school to be 30K in debt to find out she cant practice as an RN due to her having medical challenges. But after long talks with doctors. she has a path that now has been put on hold due to greed not academics by this university.Its ok, My money speds good at other colleges...I think UK sounds good. Hope all works out for you if you decide this is the sink hole collage you pick.

Review №31

I am in the Medical Assisting (MA) Program here and the staff are great. The Instructors here make sure that you feel welcome and make sure you learn the criteria and drill it in your head, they also use real life experiences from working in the medical field to teach you how to respond if and when you are in a situation or emergency. I have learned a lot at this school. You just have to have the determination to learn and show up, and you will succeed at whatever goal you have in mind.- Arianna Cherry (CMA)

Review №32

I am currently a student at ATA, and i absolutely love it here! This is a great school and i would recommend it to anyone!! (-:

Review №33

I did not attend this College. My granddaughter attended here, and she is doing fine. Thank you ATA for helping her to conquer her goal. She found employment while doing her volunteer hours. Again Thanks to all Teachers and Staff.

Review №34

Small class sizes, great teachers who know what theyre talking about. Im proud of my education Ive received in the medical assisting program at ATA in Louisville, Kentucky. thanks to ATA Ill be graduating with a job already lined up for me.

Review №35

I love ATA because of the personal attention they give to me as a student. The teachers are great and have provided real hands on experience I can use. Thank you ATA college.

Review №36

The teachers and staff are very helpful, give personal attention including tutoring and the small classes allow help other schools could not. I am very proud to have attended ATA college.

Review №37

I was able to renew my CPR certification with Rachel at ATA College and she was fantastic! Very grateful to have been able to go to ATA to be able to get my certification renewed!

Review №38

I cant believe how amazing the medical assisting program is here. (Im also in LMR but...) the MA program Is a fast pace program but the teachers put their sweat and blood for their students to ensure that they are ready for the exam and for real life situation. The teachers are very down to heart and very understanding, they are basically family. Definitly coming back for a higher degree.Medical assistingLouisville, KY

Review №39

I was going there several years ago. I had 6 months to go to graduate for my MA. I was suspended for something that happened a year ago, I was 5 months pregnant and my grandfather passed away and my second oldest son was in NCIU. This school told me to make a choice between my family or them..... Sorry my family comes first especially during the events that kept happening. I went back when my daughter was 6 months old and they let me finish my semester out and all of a sudden they told me I had to write a plea to keep going or I will he suspended. I did and express what had happened etc. That was good enough so they suspended me. I had 6 months to go. I never forgave them for that. Now Im in debt and now wishing I listened to people that told me ata isnt the greatest school. Some staff cared some only cared for money and they barely help at all. We all have our opinion so each to there own but I would not go here.

Review №40

I have been the program director of the Medical Assisting Program at ATA College in Louisville, Kentucky for the past four years. I have never been more proud of the work our faculty has done to produce quality, knowledgeable medical assistants (MAs) to work side-by-side with physicians! MAs are the face of the doctors office and are the right-hand-man to the physician. In my opinion, only the best of the best need to claim this title! Each MA faculty has has an average of 15 years healthcare experience and 5 years teaching experience at ATA. Most faculty are nationally certified! Our MA team is strong, knowledgeable, dedicated and determined to help MA students reach their fullest potential. At the end of the MA program, you will be qualified to take the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) certification exam. Passing this exam will allow you to become nationally certified! Visit our campus and talk with some of our current MA students! I know they will share the pride about their educational experience!

Review №41

BEWHERE!!! GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Your credits are no good from here transferring elsewhere. This is a school where convicted felons who lost their medical license teach, where the bookkeeper gets caught pocketing tuition - by the way, watch out for your program cost/tuition price. It dropped for me by $7000 mid program (of course no one announced it to the students in the program) and after meeting with the owner, nothing was made right. With other independently owned and accreddited medical programs nearby, Id check out those options first.

Review №42

The president comes into the classes and tells you his life story. He constantly asks for feedback on how he could make ata better. The teachers and staff at ata are so welcoming. I am glad I chose this school for my education.

Review №43

Choosing ata has been the best decision I have made, just when I thought I wouldn’t make it going to school, working and being a mother I was wrong ata is a school who cares about the success of their students it’s not just a job to them they are proud of what they do, the instructors defiantly strive to make a difference in peoples life’s. Giving up is not an option especially when you attend ata college. If going back to school has ever crossed your mind go check them out I promise it won’t be a waste of time.

Review №44

Medical assisting programLouisville KyI love ata best experience I ever had I wouldn’t want to go to any other College I’m glad I picked ata. The teachers make you want to learn and at the end of each class they make you tell one thing you learned out the class lecture , I’m about to graduate next week and I feel totally prepared! Thanks ata

Review №45

Ata college is a very good school, they have worked and pushed me numerous of times to make sure I finished my medical assistant degree program.. One thing for sure is they really care about their students.

Review №46

Small class sizes ! Teachers who are there for you on and off the clock ! Hands on and straight to the point ! ATA is where you want to be !!

Review №47

ATA help me get into the field I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl. They took a chance on me and for that I’m 4ever grateful. -2017 Nursing Graduate

Review №48

Ata has been a great college experiance for me. It has prepared me for the real world and I feel confident that they gave me the tools to succeed at my externship! The teachers are Great and are really there for me whenever I need them! I highly recommend anyone who wants to join the medical field to do so at ata college. I am in the MA program about to graduate in October and Im so ready to join the medical field as a MA.

Review №49

I attended ATAs Practical Nursing Program and found it to be quite unsatisfactory. One could actually sense the frustration of the fellow students. For me, the lack of organization was one of the biggest turning-point factors for me. For every SNAFU, the excuse was the same: We are a young school and we are trying to work out all of the kinks. The first few times, one can overlook the disorganization, but it becomes irritating after a while. ATA is a fine learning institution if you have no job or family (if you can withstand the disorganization) . Otherwise, it may be worth your while to research other educational facilities.

Review №50

I love ATA College. I was in a bad point in my life, was in the state of mind wanting to just make it and was OK with that, as long as I made it. I knew for years, I wanted to be a Medical Radiologist, and a Phlebotomist, but knew I never wanted to go to a 4-6 year college, and that I wanted to just, do it and start a better life. I never really knew HOW I was going to do it. Once I got my GED, I knew it was what I wanted to do. After 13 years, out of high school, I finally got my GED and wanted to stat a better life. I looked into colleges in the area and found ATA. It was perfect. The hours were perfect for me, and worked great with my job. It was a year and a half education for something I had been wanting to do for years. It was a small college, with small classes which I loved, and knew this was it. Once I started college here at ATA, I have been happy with all my classes. I love every teacher, every class has been great and small and have had the one on one help that I needed. It has helped me turn my life around 100%. I would recommend this college for ANYBODY looking for an education in the healthcare field. I have learned so much, and have succeeded in learning and doing what I have really been wanting to do since high school. I have found friendships, and close relationships with other students, teachers and other faculty members. I love ATA. I cant say that enough. If i ever want to further my education in healthcare, I will definitely come back to ATA, and will, no doubt, be back to say hi and visit with everybody here. Thank you ATA, for everything.

Review №51

I loved my school! Im so excited an lucky to have met an worked with such great people

Review №52

I was researching some nursing schools 2 years ago and came across ATA College. I called them and asked if I could come in to discuss costs and such. They gladly set up an appointment for me and even took me on a tour of the campus. I tried other colleges like Galen and Spencerian and they wouldn’t even talk to me about costs. Simply told me everything I needed to know is on their websites. I felt that my education was really important to every staff member at ATA. I enrolled into the Medical assisting program here and after 8 months, transferred to the Medical Assisting with LMR. The instructors were right by my side to help me through every obstacle. They helped me so much when it came time for clincals. I learned so much from my instructors. Now, I’m currently working as a CMA/LMR. Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Renee taught me so much throughout my 2 years here at ATA. It’s a smaller campus, which was a huge plus for me. Getting that one on one time in class helped me so much. I would recommend ATA College to anyone looking for a degree in the Medical field. You won’t regret it!

Review №53

Student services line never answers calls. Only the enrollment service answers phone calls for enrollment.

Review №54

This college is racist!!!!!! they do not care about African American students . Just like most of society they make us out to be hostile and aggressive when when we are just trying to get justice when we are being treated unfairly. All of the staff need sensitivity training . This is the worse college!!!! DONt WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY!!!!

Review №55

Great experience!! The teachers and staff are friendly and want you to succeed.

Review №56

The supportive team at ATA College helped me achieve my goal in 10 short months.

Review №57

Just dont go here. Lack of communication and you get charged for books that will ne online as well for a much cheaper price

Review №58

The teachers were experience was great

Review №59

It was wonderful best college ever great staff!!!

Review №60

HORRIBLE . They had me start classes and set up everything and tell you out of no where you didnt get accepted . Dont waste your time like I did !

Review №61

Was the Teas test pretty hard?

Review №62

Absolutely the best teachers.....

Review №63

Great School, Very Kind

Review №64

I was racially profiled and a victim of gang stalking by my teacher who purposely was highly rude and disrespectful to me to get me to lose my cool and be suspended because i was a veteran who was being paid to go to school.

Review №65

Done fa the day bout to go home all this info makes me tired ready for a nap

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