Soyokaze Dojo
723 N High Point Rd, Madison, WI 53717, United States

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It is a very intimate and small Dojo that hits and checks off all the right boxes for all ages. It is a pleasure to work with them and be a part of their family as that is what everyone is. Also you get what you earn as that comes along.

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Ive been training here for several months and have found the teaching of traditional martial arts by Brandt Sensei to be excellent. I encourage anyone interested to contact the dojo for an introductory class, you wont be sorry.

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Soyokaze Dojo is steeped in tradition, so if youre looking for strip mall Cobra Kai black belt farm, this isnt it. Ive known the owner/ operator for years and have trained with him privately as well as worked with him professionally. He is a stand-up guy who is always willing to go the extra mile. He holds an incredible standard in his training but also knows how to teach well to different ability levels. Its definitely not a one-size-fits-all paint by numbers approach. He truly cares about your development not only as a student, but as a person. That is a rare thing these days. Be ready to be challenged, but have some fun doing it! As far as value goes the cost is really reasonable, its a fraction of the cost that other places charge or what a personal trainer would, so its hard to beat. Ive trained at other places where all they teach is forms but not application, here you will learn what you need to know to defend yourself. It doesnt happen overnight though so if someone thinks they can do that immediately they are just fooling themselves. It requires sustained effort over time, if your expectations are different then you wont make it far in this life. Check this place out, youll love it!

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After training at soyokaze for almost a year, I can easily say that soyokaze dojo is a great place to train. It is steeped in tradition, honor, and integrity. When I train, I feel a very strong sense of community, and feel as if I can rely upon any of the students to train with. It is a great place to be at, if one is willing to put in the time and effort

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Great place to train with great people. I’ve learned a lot in the (almost) 3 years that I’ve been going here, and look forward to continuing my training! If you have any doubts about training here, I’d recommend stopping by for a trial class to see if the class structure fits you. The merging of practicality as well as the understanding of tradition and where the arts come from really help form a solid understanding of the techniques and why they work. Overall stellar quality, and if this place strikes your fancy, go ahead and stop in for a trial class!

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I know the people of the Madison area have a treasurer right in their own backyard. Soyokaze Dojo is a place of deeper thinking and physical training in the art of traditional martial arts. True martial arts are so much more than the fight, it is the spiritual control to not fight. The really outstanding thing about Soyokaze Dojo is that your mind and your body is conditioned together. If the time comes to fight you will be more then capable to defend yourself with techniques that have been proven and taught for centuries.Brandt Sensei is a true master of these arts and a person with great integrity. If you’re looking to break boards and spar with people so you can show them, you’re the top dog you will be in the wrong dojo. There is so much more to true martial arts then the physical side and you will get the complete package at Soyokaze Dojo.

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Ive been training here for a year and a half and would highly recommend it. You will learn real martial arts here. Its serious but its also a lot of fun. The instructors are great and really care that you learn. If youre interested, you can come in for a free trial class to check it out.

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Ninpo (the art of persevering or patient person) can only be developed through hard work rigorous discipline and a steadfast drive to pay tuition (be careful for the late fees).Through 1000s of years of no combat testing dojo confined practice and a general lack for cultivating athletic prowess the friendly and wonderful students and teachers of Soyokaze dojo continue to be ineffectual in any real combat endeavors.Tune out any of the “be honorable” or “real men are...” talks our friend danny just talks about that to get people to be subservientJust do the two classes a week and dont let danny push you around too much :)Advocare is a pyramid scheme

Review №9

I have been training at Soyokaze Dojo for several years and I love it! I came in with no knowledge of or experience in martial arts, and never having spent much time in any gym. This place is supportive and able to work with people at all levels - even people with two left feet. I am so amazed at how much I have learned and all the awesome people I have met.

Review №10

Soyokaze Dojo is hands down one of the best martial arts schools in Madison! Ive trained in martial arts for over 20 years and this has been the only school that truly has it all: techniques, history, compassion, and fun! Brandt Sensei is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and skill levels and makes sure everyone is always learning and safe. If youre looking for something above and beyond the cookie cutter martial arts experience, then give Soyokaze Dojo a try!

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This dojo doesnt just teach martial arts, it teaches manners, tradition, and history. It is true to the art and has a long lineage. This art challenges the body and the mind as the techniques are intricate and detailed. Highly recommended for people who wants to learn techniques that have been perfected through actually combat.

Review №12

An absolutely outstanding dojo. Ive trained in several other martial arts, but none of them compare to the traditional arts taught here. The training is always challenging me - not just physically, but also mentally!For me, the most important part is the emphasis on compassion - caring for not just ones partner, but also for anyone who attacks you.

Review №13

Training for two plus years now. I continue to learn new things with each class, and feel a consistent sense of progression in the art. Brandt Sensei and the other instructors are fantastic. If youre looking to challenge yourself with something new, you will find the opportunity here!

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Very traditional Japanese martial arts experience. Strong emphasis on safety, compassion, and precision.No prior martial arts experience necessary.

Review №15

Pretty good workout but doesn’t work for actual self defense and the teacher runs abusive cult environment.might get trauma,watch out.

Review №16

If youre at all curious about traditional martial arts, I highly recommend checking out this dojo. Ive been training for around 7 years now, and am living proof that anyone can succeed here if they put the time and effort in. The classes are both fun and challenging (but in a good way), and Ive yet to leave a class without feeling like Ive learned more and grown in some way, both as a martial artist and as a person in general.

Review №17

Ive trained under Brandt Sensei for almost 9 years now and I love this art more than I could have imagined when I started. The depth and breadth of the techniques is amazing. This is a truly traditional martial art and I appreciate the history just as much as the techniques themselves. The dojo has a welcoming atmosphere and everyone really respects one another and celebrates everyones achievements.

Review №18

Wonderful family-like community, and a great way to push yourself too grow in new ways. Ive been a member for years and it keeps me moving!

Review №19

Not just an incredible traditional martial arts school, but an amazing community of awesome people!

Review №20

I knew I wanted to join Soyokaze Dojo immediately after my trial class. My only regret is not having started my training here years ago!Sensei and the upperclassmen are genuinely invested in helping new students learn this art. I leave every class with a smile on my face, always having learned something new and always feeling lighter.I wholeheartedly recommend this dojo to anyone looking for balance and a challenge - physical, as well as mental!

Review №21

Amazing school, I’ve only been attending for a month, but I’m having a great time!!

Review №22

I’ve been training with Brandt Sensei for more than a decade. This is a marvelous school to train with. It’s real in a way that very few martial arts are. You’re part of a system with a genuine grandmaster in Japan whose lineage can be traced back centuries. Sensei genuinely cares about each student and wants them to be successful. It will give you an opportunity to train in a wide variety of styles, both armed and unarmed, ninpo, jujutsu, sword, staff, half-staff, and more. It’s also less expensive than many other schools in the area. This is an art you can easily pursue for a lifetime and not get to the end of it.

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A really cool place to learn some traditional martial arts.

Review №24

No schools like this in Russia. Great activity for all ages.

Review №25

Great traditional school. Focused on technique and safety instructors are great and the dojo space is wonderful!

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Great place to train with great friendly people

Review №27

Solid Martial Arts. I researched a lot of martial art studios in the Madison area. I choose Soyokaze because of the mix of traditional Ninpo and Japanese Jujitsu. Sensei reminds us that there is an academic element to the class, and that the students are expected know more than just how to execute a technique. I think there is also a mental/spiritual element as well. Its a holistic martial arts experience.

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Great community and superior attention to detail.

Review №29

Soyokaze Dojo teaches the traditional martial arts of Ninpo (Ninjutsu) and Japanese Jujutsu. These arts have been passed down for nearly 2,000 years with the purpose of defending the body and spirit as efficiently as possible. There are no tournaments and no trophies. We do not participate in tournaments because we do not train to attack and because our techniques are designed to end the conflict in a single move.A traditional martial arts requires more investment from the student, but gives so much more in return. I have been in the class for 4 months and am already noticing improvement in fitness and flexibility, but more importantly in my purpose and balance.Highly recommended to those looking for a serious and meaningful martial arts experience.

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