Ascent Martial Arts
300 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940, United States

Review №1

I moved to Florida and I joined a tea khan do studio but it is not as good as Ascent Martial Arts. The teacher is amazing there I highly recommend this for people interested in Martial Arts.

Review №2

Great place. Not only teaches you great martial arts but also teaches how to improve your mind and your character (e.g. lessons of respect and meditation). The Ascent community is friendly and Master OConnor is a charismatic, skilled, and kindhearted master. I highly recommend Ascent Martial Arts for people of all ages.

Review №3

Great School and community. Master O’Connor teaches honor and respect to all things but especially to ourselves and others. He is great with children and adults of all ages. When I started looking at schools to join there as one closer to home. When I went for a trial class at this other place I felt like they were interested more in the tuition than me. When I went and trialed Ascent, there was a completely different culture and sense of community. Over three years later, I am still very happy with the decision to go with Ascent.

Review №4

Phenomenal teacher, fantastic school; Ascent Martial Arts is the best. Our 3 kids started training under Master OConnor about 12 years ago. They have become strong and skilled physically, and further, their training here has developed their self-confidence, respectful attitudes, discipline, and perseverance. Everyone loves coming to class. Master OConnor is an amazing teacher who inspires his students to do their best.

Review №5

I have trained here for the past (almost) eight years under Master OConnor and it is safe to say that the school and the people in it are like family now. I have learned so much, both for my mind and body. It is an amazing environment to learn in for both children and adults, I speak from experience as over the years I have been a part of both groups and I always look forward to returning to classes. Master OConnor is an amazing talented teacher who has managed to pass down traditional teachings and techniques to his students. He always makes sure that we work hard while still having fun. If youre looking to start martial arts and to not only improve your combat skills but grow as a person, this is the place for you :)

Review №6

Before I went to this place I did TKW at another school. My mom made me quit because the prices were absurd. At Ascent Martial Arts their is good pricing and you learn much more than you would at other schols, It has great history.

Review №7

Our kids have been coming here for the past 8 years. Master OConnor is amazing with elementary, tween, and young adults! He instills mental and physical discipline, spiritual growth, and respect in his students. He is not only a great Master, but a great role model and mentor!

Review №8

Our daughter has been with Master OConnor since she was five. He is very encouraging and motivating. Great with kids and adults. There was one time where my daughter was afraid of advancing to the next belt. Master OConnor didnt push her but instead motivated her to overcome her fear. Hes been great teaching her all the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, most importantly being respectful in life. Were glad he has been part of her childhood. Thank you! Thank you!

Review №9

Ascent is an outstanding martial arts school. My two boys have been involved for years and love it. Wonderful, supportive atmosphere and strong traditional skills teaching.

Review №10

Great school. A great environment for both children and adults. You can tell the Instructor takes great pride in teaching his students.

Review №11

We have had our kids at Ascent Tae Kwon Do for close to nine years and it has been a spectacular experience.As a parent you want to help your child feel competent and confident, and develop a sense of passion and purpose. Ascent has proven to provide a great atmosphere for that development to occur.Master O’Connor communicates expectations realizing there are multiple learning styles and multiple learning techniques utilized for different types of kids.Additionally, they excel in facilitating a positive group atmosphere. Each of his students are expected to respect and treat all other students with respect.If you are looking for the BEST overall martial arts experience for your child - look no further!

Review №12

My husband and son both attend this fabulous school. I recently had the chance to observe most of my sons class and could not have been more satisfied that we chose Master OConnors program for him. There are children with all types of abilities, and the teacher models respect for all while providing an engaging and fun environment. I know my son is learning life skills here in addition to the traditions of TKD which is a key highlight as well. Our son is practicing forms passed down for centuries and is gaining an appreciation of the Korean culture. I could rave about the program all day!

Review №13

I participated in a number of CQC, self defense classes. The instruction was very clear, practical and thorough. I totally enjoyed the classes and came out feeling more confident. The master is unbelievably qualified, very approachable and a lot a fun. I highly rcommend this wonderful school.

Review №14

Honestly, before I joined this school, I had no idea of its legacy, which can be traced all the way back to Tae Kwon Dos inception. I was determined to do a martial arts class (I had been telling myself for years I was too old to start now. Secret: Its a lie! Youre never too old!), and I had done some searches on martial arts schools in my area. Ascent Martial Arts immediately stood out to me because of Master OConnors history, the schools longevity, and its proximity to my home. From the moment I stepped into the dojang for my trial class, I felt welcomed. Everyone there is so supportive and there is a strong family vibe. Classes are always fun as well as instructive, and I honestly cannot imagine a martial arts school better than Ascent. I have visited some of my friends TKD schools since joining, and Im convinced Ascent is the best--not just because it teaches Tae Kwon Do in the true, traditional way, but because the people who teach and learn there are the most passionate, kindest people you could ever meet.

Review №15

Wonderful community and practical martial arts training.

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  • Address:300 Main St, Madison, NJ 07940, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 973-377-6575
  • Martial arts school
  • Physical fitness program
  • Self defense school
  • Taekwondo school
Working hours
  • Monday:2–8:30PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:2–8PM
  • Friday:3–8:30PM
  • Saturday:2–8PM
  • Sunday:2–7PM
Service options
  • Onsite services:Yes
  • Online classes:No
Health & safety
  • Temperature check required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits:Yes
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
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