MKG International Martial Arts Madison
4614 Femrite Dr, Madison, WI 53716, United States

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Great place. The instructor is very knowledgeable and kind.

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Josh Prior is a phenomenal martial arts instructor. He is so experienced and skilled that even a veteran martial artist will learn something new in his classes. He is also so skilled as an instructor to make the classes easy to follow and understand for beginners. He is one of the most caring instructors I have come across that will truly put the needs of his students above his own. If you live in or around Madison, WI and want to learn martial arts, Josh Prior is the person to see!

Review №3

Listen, if you want to be a part of an outstanding group who loves training, truth, and good times….you need to check out MKG Madison.Josh is a longtime fixture in the MKG worldwide organization. His instruction is always insightful, relevant, and fun!Do yourself a favor…go jump in a class. You won’t regret it.

Review №4

Excellent family run martial arts school. The quality of instruction is not only top notch in material but also in the way it is delivered.The space itself is great! There is plenty of mat space as well as bags for solo training

Review №5

Guro Josh is one of the best martial arts instructors in the Upper Midwest. He genuinely cares about his students and works extra hard to deliver a solid curriculum on a daily basis. Do not hesitate. Join now!!

Review №6

Guro Josh Prior is an excellent martial arts instructor. He cares about his students, has great knowledge in the MKG curriculum, and is an asset in the MKG family!! You will gain useful life skills training at MKG Madison. You will train hard, have fun, and be thankful you walked into MKG Madison!!🙏🏼

Review №7

I joined MKG 6 years ago looking for a different way to work out. Josh made me feel extremely welcome and quickly became a great friend. His passion for MKG quickly became mine. Ill be a lifer!

Review №8

A welcoming, safe, and fun environment for anyone from a beginner to a more advanced martial artist to train and learn. As good for the mind as for the body!

Review №9

Best time ever.... until the next time.

Review №10

Great to have you as part of the organization Josh! Anyone who doesnt know, guro Josh Prior is your go to for Jeet Kune Do as well as Kali and Filipino Martial Arts in Madison! Great Instructor and a great guy to learn from!

Review №11

Guro Josh Prior, who runs the school, is a fantastic instructor. Great way to start getting in shape again post - covid!

Review №12

If youre looking for a MA school in Madison, look no further, MKG is a top notch MA school. Not only Guro Josh is an awesome instructor, he is super nice too.

Review №13

Terrific martial arts instruction! Great for beginners or experts!

Review №14

Josh is extraordinary. I have been learning from Josh remotely. He started a Moving in the Morning group for his local students and word got around to the MKG international group. So there may be folks from 5-7 states and a handful of countries popping in. Josh makes a point to welcome everyone. 30 minutes of moving, great conversation, and occasional instruction. If you are fortunate enough to live close enough to train with Josh in person, do it. Great guy and an extremely skilled practitioner of his art.

Review №15

Josh is a great guy who really knows his stuff!

Review №16

Maybe one of the best in MKG Family

Review №17

Josh is a competent and enthusiastic coach and teacher, who has made the necessary sacrifices to know both what hes looking at and how to improve it. This is a well-being thing hes doing, not merely MMA.

Review №18

The people here are very warm and welcoming. They made me feel comfortable almost immediately, and I enjoy training here. I would recommend MKG Madison to anyone who wants to get a good workout, learn something new, and have fun doing it.

Review №19

MKG Madison is more than a martial arts gym, it’s a family. Josh, the owner and lead instructor, along with the other instructors at this facility are excellent. They are patient, practical minded and very knowledgeable. The other students are friendly and open to teaching new students what they know, which is invaluable. I have gained strength and confidence that can never be obtained at a traditional gym.My entire family takes part in the classes offered at MKG. We find tremendous value because of the quality and personal attention given by the instructors here. Our children have developed fantastic life skills in addition to personal confidence and physical fitness through their MKG Littles and MKG Kids programs.Expect to learn practical real-world applications, without any of the flashy moves. This means even people without incredible flexibility or who have bad knees can learn here and use it effectively. I highly recommend MKG Madison and look forward to continuing my progression in the upcoming years.

Review №20

IF THERE WE’RE 6 STARS I’D GIVE IT. Though I have only been able to do private lessons for the last few months, I really am enjoying the elements & philosophy of MKG. More than anything, I cannot say enough about the owner of Madison MKG, Josh Prior. He’s an exceptional teacher who not only understand what he is doing, but is humble about it. He is also very good at reading where his students are holistically(physically & Mentally) and does an excellent job encouraging, guiding and empowering them to reach their goals. MKG Madison is not only very affordable, but its one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Review №21

My girlfriend and I tried our first class today, and we loved it. Josh (owner and instructor) is a very charismatic, easygoing guy, and a great teacher as well. We felt really welcome as beginners-- the other students there even gave us friendly suggestions while we practiced with them. Josh seems to genuinely care about the students and the arts themselves. If youre on the fence, definitely give it a try-- Im really happy that I did.

Review №22

MKG Madison is a health & wellness gem. Founder Josh Prior is an exceptional teacher who provides martial arts training within a safe, stimulating, & fun environment. I feel fortunate to have found MKG Madison & would highly recommend it for anyone interested in an authentic well being journey.

Review №23

I’m one of the students in the youth class, and all I have to say is that I am very glad I chose to come here, classes are fun, people are nice, the place is a part of me now. 5 stars, period.~Ben J

Review №24

I have only been training at MKG for short time now, but they quickly welcomed me into their family. Their Muay Thai classes are fun and relaxed. This is a school the truly appreciates the history of the arts they teach. If you are looking for a gym that will welcome you with open arms, and allow you to walk away tired, I highly recommend MKG!

Review №25

My four year old son has gained noticeable confidence from attending classes at MKG. He looks forward to going and always has fun. The experience has been very positive and we plan on continuing for a long time.

Review №26

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made - taking over 2 years to finally decide to start training at MKG Madison. Im pretty skeptical when it comes to how practical a schools martial arts and systems are to everyday life and their usefulness as a real defense when its necessary. On top of that, I let every excuse that helped preserve my laziness get in the way - it was all very pathetic.But after just a few lessons with Josh, Im so excited about what Ive been learning and how it applies to virtually every part of my life - physically, emotionally and mentally. One of the best things about MKG Madison is the wide variety of systems they teach - because there is not one size fits all.This is a place (and a people) thats hard NOT to talk about with my family and friends. Thanks so much Josh!

Review №27

I went to this place for a couple of months, ok classes.Then started working while going to school so I didnt have time to go. I still wanted to have the option of going for a month or two. I forgot to cancel my membership so they took my money out this month. which was the only money I was saving for rent. I explained to them that I needed the money to pay rent and asked for a refund. They said there was no way possible they could refund or give me my money back. I told them that I would be late on rent and have to pay a 150$ late fee. I asked if there was any way they could give me my money back and they said no. They werent even slightly willing to work with me at all. I told them i payed for 2 months and never even went to class and they didnt care at all. I asked why they werent willing to work with me and they said this is a business we not here to work with the students were here to make money. Then they said that I was lucky to not charged again on the 25th because I didnt cancel 30 days before the due date and they still could charge me for that and I hadnt been to a single class in months. I thought the owner josh was a nice guy but he basically said that he didnt care that i wouldnt be able to pay rent.To sum things up the worse costumer service i have had in m y life.

Review №28

I joined MKG Madison as a 50 year old who had never done any kind of martial arts. I was looking for something active to do with my teenage son and we both thought Kali looked fun. Guro Josh Prior and the rest of the school were very kind and patient and we felt welcome from the start. Nearly 4 years later, we are both still doing it and having a blast, and we know we are among friends. The Filipino martial arts, Muay Thai, JKD, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Wing Chun challenge my mind daily with new movements and patterns and it feels fantastic when those patterns click. For mental, cultural and physical growth, and a great group of people, you cant beat MKG Madison!

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  • Address:4614 Femrite Dr, Madison, WI 53716, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 608-222-0377
  • Martial arts school
Working hours
  • Monday:4:30–7PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–1PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:4:30–9PM
  • Friday:4:30–9PM
  • Saturday:4:30–9PM
  • Sunday:4:30–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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