Tigers Lair Martial Arts Academy
6056 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206, United States

Review №1

I am in love with Tigers Lair! My son is 6 has ADHD and not long after he began coming here you can see the improvements. It’s so reasonably priced too! We go 4x a week an hour each day for about $100 a month. Sensei is amazing with all of the kids, he’s just the right amount of fun to firm! My son has learned not only how to begin defending himself but a new fun way of socializing with other kiddos too. The parents in the waiting room are so friendly and it’s turned into a social place for me too. I hope to have my son coming here for years and years to come! Thank you Sensei for all you do and for the passion and patience you have teaching all of the kids! We couldn’t have picked a better place to become apart of!

Review №2

Amazing value to learn useful skills that you will have your entire life. Pedro and team are amazing leaders. The kids have a great time while also learning and building confidence. Relaxed friendly atmosphere!

Review №3

The instructor is very knowledgeable, professional and takes the time to make sure the student understands what is being taught . Your personal development and safety seems to be very important. At the end if the class I felt like I learned, got a great workout and more confident. I recommend Tigers Lair Martial Arts Academy to all my friends and family.

Review №4

Love the 16 week weight loss program. Lost 30 pounds before the 16 weeks were up. The definition in my body and the awesome results have kept me coming long after my 6 weeks ended.Great place, great coaches.

Review №5

I joined a 16 week challenge, which I was enjoying. Then Covid-19 hit and the gym was closed. While it was closed I left several messages for the gym inquiring about cancelling. They did not return my calls or texts. The 16-week challenge converted to a membership because it was not cancelled. Again, I tried to cancel. They wanted hundreds of dollars for me to buy out of my membership. I highly suggest NOT to join this gym. Highly unethical and it will cost you a fortune!

Review №6

I will always support a small business before a franchise. Tigers Lair is an intimate setting, small classes, ALL woman, of all shapes,sizes and ages! There is nothing intimidating here! We have a caring community of woman. And our coach Pedro is there for our success! Oh yea and we have FUN! I love starting my day with my crew!

Review №7

Was able to go to an open mat.Great people, friendly, welcoming!Will go again!

Review №8

Came here three years ago feeling down on myself, loss of self confidence, then I found Tigers Lair, started working out and with the training I was receiving from Pedro Diaz my self confidence started to rise, man this feels good, I thought to myself. I will always be a practitioner of martial arts. Tigers Lair is a great place to workout. Everyone should come on over and make a new commitment to yourself.

Review №9

Love getting a good work out in a 30 minute session. Everyone is aways up beat and motivating.

Review №10

The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about jiu jitsu. Everyone here- students, instructors and parents, are down to earth and fun to be around. They also have veteran discounts! I highly recommend this place.

Review №11

My wife and I signed our son up here after a few free class trials. I wanted to get to know the staff and see how they worked with the children and make sure that it was something that my son wanted to continue doing. Sensei Díaz and staff are excellent with the kids and our son has done nothing short of excelling in discipline, learning techniques of bjj, Judo, teamwork and gaining confidence in himself and his abilities. We’ve been here for over a year now, and couldn’t be happier with where we chose to bring our son. We’re all very happy to be a part of the Tiger’s Lair family.

Review №12

Pedro is a great teacher.

Review №13

World class experience with Pedro and Tigers Lair, as usual. Life lessons taught through hard work, determination, never giving up attitude. Always positive and individually tailored training as needed.

Review №14

I have been doing the KX30 (kickboxing) class for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. The class is only thirty minutes and scheduled at convenient times, there is also no classes on Thursday or Sunday which are good rest days. This class has helped me a lot with confidence, my overall mood, and staying even just staying active. The instructor (Pedro) is very friendly and lenient on switching out certain exercises and the class contains a bunch of different age groups.

Review №15

I joined the Tigers Lair for a 16 week challenge that I saw as a Facebook ad 2 yrs ago. It was an awesome experience! The classes are a great work out, and Pedro is an awesome instructor. I also met a lot of great people there whom I’ve stayed friends with! Very family oriented, and you are treated like family ... Best of all the workouts kick your butt in a great way.

Review №16

I’ve been training for a few months now and it’s been a really great experience!

Review №17

It’s was 3am sometime last February and I couldn’t sleep. While on Facebook, I run across this “16 Week Challenge”, just for ladies! Fat ones, skinny ones, old ones, young ones.....not so strong ones and anyone with the courage to take on the challenge. MEEEEI love the atmosphere, the energy, the music, my mat partners, and my coach, Pedro!♥️💕❤️I want to do this for the rest of my life! 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week is all that’s required BUT I enjoy my time so much, I go everyday. 1,2,3..HOOAH, TIGERS LAIR!

Review №18

I joined Tigers Lair this week! I almost didn’t walk in the door, I was afraid, ashamed, embarrassed of how overweight I am, also out of shape, uncoordinated I am! However I did walk in there! They are patient with you, guide you, show you what moves to do! They ROCK 🎸! Please come in give it a try, you won’t be sorry, well my thighs are short but I’m not! Best for I ever walked in!!!

Review №19

Love this place

Review №20

Great place

Review №21

Tigerslair under the Leadership of Pedro Diaz has been the best experience of my life ... Always wanted to take that extra weight off .. Tigerslair has provided the way to that goal... Came in weighing in at a chubby 215 a little less than 2 years ago.. to now weighing at a toned 185 and had a blast doing it !! If your looking to get in shape in a family owned friendly atmosphere Tigerslair is definitely your go to answer!!I enjoy the kx30 program along with the cage fit programs providing me with lots of cardio + strength training!!! Come check us out you wont be disappointed!!!!!

Review №22

This place is awesome! I feel like Ive learned so much already. Ive been here for at least 2 weeks and I feel like Im getting the hang of it fast and more effectively than anywhere else!! I dont regret coming and I never want to stop!

Review №23

Just signed up for the 16 week challenge! Kenny was great! Lets do this!!!

Review №24

After years of worsening heart conditions I found Tigers Lair through my cardiologist! I looked into it and seen the ad on FB. I decided to give it a try, considering over the last year and half I have gained weight and let myself go. Between work and kids I stopped paying attention to me. However this has led to me having more arrhythmias, shortness of breath, low energy and not being able to hike, run and enjoy outdoors with my kids like I used to. Not to mention a higher stress level! I am extremely happy that I took the recommendation and started this class! Pedro, his wife and all instructors are awesome! Im a month in and feel way better already! My goal is not only to lose some weight and tone up but to strengthen my heart! My kids deserve to have a happy healthy mom and I deserve it too! Thank You Tigers Lair staff for providing a non judgemental, friendly, fun atmosphere! This place rocks!!!!!

Review №25

I have been coming to Tigers Lair for almost 2 years. No matter your age, gender, or your motivation there is a program for you. I needed to get back in shape and with in 4 months I lost 60 Ibs. I started in their kick boxing class, and I have to say I am pretty good at beating up those bags in the gym. Tigers Lair to me is more then a gym. Its an atmosphere of family and friends, knowledge and acceptance caring, and results. Pedro and Neomi Diaz are the owners and they are the best people. I thank them for making a difference in my life. .

Review №26

They helped me build confidence and lose weight. I felt at home when I first came in they really treated me like family when I first in rolled. they are amazing with kids and have fun activities for them. my nieces my sister and I love attending our fighting classes here. best place to be for a fact

Review №27

Great staff creating an exhilarating experience.

Review №28

What a great place to train.Coach Pedro, Sean and Albert are all awesome instructors. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience if you want to be at a place that has A++ instructors look no further this is it. Highly recommended!

Review №29

Ive been going here for a year now. Everyone here is amazing you feel this family atmosphere when you here. This is a whole another type of work out, the gym gets boring after a while. Here it always changes and challenges you. I was 250lbs when I started I am not at 183lbs. Ive had better results here then any other place.

Review №30

Fun family atmosphere for kids where they can acquire self confidence yet humility and respect for their fellow classmates in a bully free zone. My kid no longer has to worry about being bullied and is learning other life lessons like focus, dedication, exercise, and social skills to interact with other people that video games cannot fulfill. The teachers are great and interested in your personal development along with fellow classmates that also help each other.

Review №31

Whether your goal is to learn a functional martial art for self-defense, get in shape, lose weight, or even compete on a National and International level, Tigers Lair is for you. I entrust Pedro and Christian, not only with my own learning journey, but also with that of my children. Come down and check it out today! I promise you wont be disappointed.

Review №32

Definitely 5 stars. been looking for a gym that is welcoming to my family and I never felt more at home here. The instructors and sensei are amazing and really help to motivate you, so that you can reach your goals. My kids love it! First thing in the morning, they ask about jujitsu. AWESOME! Couldnt be happier with my decision.

Review №33

Great for family and friends. Supportive environment to learn martial arts and also get in great shape. While getting in shape it is also a great stress relief. You come in roaring like a tiger and leave purring like a kitten.

Review №34

This place is awesome! My daughter and I started couple weeks ago, and have learn so much. It has a great, family oriented environment.

Review №35

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Great Gym, Great Instructors/Sensei ...I enjoy every visit.... Everyone is very helpful & willing to help you succeed in whatever martial-arts craft your looking to prefect...... Im glad to be part of the team.

Review №36

5 stars doesnt even do this place justice! the atmosphere is friendly, the people are fun, and you can make your experience as intense as you want it to be! I love this place!

Review №37

This place is amazing it really helps you trained and be mentally confident whenever youre exercising or training to go in a fight or a tournament for jiu jitsu coach Sean Sensei Pedro and Coach Albert are all amazing instructors and when you have a question they they said examples and if you still dont understand they personally will help you understand by showing you the movements like everybody else said its like a family after youre there for a month or two or even a day youll feel like everyone supports you and everyone really cares they dont want you to break a bone just trying to exercise and do your best they are always there to help you. There everything isnt just about exercise you can go there just to get a kick out of it you could go there to have fun its not a straight on exercise place that you need to be working or else you cant roller something its a good place.

Review №38

My wife and I love watching my little girl interact and learn this art. And the instructors/sensei are top notch! Always recommending and helping their students along.

Review №39

Since day one all of my questions have been answered and the atmosphere is always friendly. Great instructors who really do care about your success.

Review №40

This is an excellent gym. My son has been going here for the last nine months and loves it. The staff is extremely good with kids, and takes time to explain the moves to the kids. My son is only four, and has already competed in three tournaments for Jiu Jitsu and placed gold in all three.

Review №41

Best place to train at, fantastic teachers everybody welcomes you and treats you like family. If youre looking to grow as a mixed martial artist, as a person, or in your everyday life Tigers Lair is the way to go, theyll make a Champion out of you.

Review №42

Its an amazing place great staff students are great if you want to train then this is your place.very welcoming family friendly i cant say enough good about this place glad i found it come see a class. Open door ask the questions go on line and get the special its a good trial. Itsclasses and the GI for a sweet price cant ask for more im 62 325 and had a blast, theres all kids of skill levels and people to help you out so no excuses get to training Mr. Pedro Dizas thank you for welcoming me into your gym.

Review №43

Very professional and afordable. Highly effective defense techniques.

Review №44

Ive learned so much in such a short time. Pedro is the best!

Review №45

Tigers Lair is a great place for martial arts, with a family friendly atmosphere! What I like best is that the classes are for people of any skill level, beginner to advanced. As a beginner to Jiu-Jtsu it was easy for me to learn the techniques and put them into practice. My son and I attend the Jiu-Jitsu class and the Karate class.Sensei Diaz is truely a master at his practice. He takes the time to work one on one with studesnts through out class. I highly recomend Tigers Lair for the best martial arts training you can get!

Review №46

Tigers lair is the best place to learn Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing and Japanesse Jiu Jitsu. Sensei Pedro Diaz is an excellent instructor who cares for all his students and treats them as they were his own family. Atomsphere here is great too! Everyone who studies martial arts here in this school treat each other very well. Also, you can come to get fit and its very worth it! Come here to Tigers Lair and have some fun and get to meet new people and most important enjoy your new life! A huge stress realiver if you do decide to study in this great school!OSS!

Review №47

The best place to train, family first oriented.

Review №48

Awesome!!!!! My boy has really picked it up and loves the sport!!!!!

Review №49

I am very happy with Professor Pedro Diaz and his assistant Christian Diaz for the fabulous results they have achieved with my grandson Ediie. Ediee Parace of ADHD and the Martial Arts program have given her a tremendous approach that has benefited her in all aspects of her life.

Review №50

The best!!! I have my three children in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have learned a lot of discipline they have 4 months and their lives have changed. I have seen a positive change in their behavior and academically, my oldest son of grade D- went to A. Thanks Tigers Lair Martial Arts Academy

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