King of Kings Preschool & Childcare
11615 I St, Omaha, NE 68137, United States
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An Early Childhood that is constantly advancing and is on a mission to give kids incredible care.

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We have been going here for almost 5 years. My son was in the childcare and preschool programs and my daughters are both in childcare. The childcare has become a lot more structured over the years, which I think has been good for my kiddos. The childcare day offers a variety of activities to promote gross motor skills, fine motor skills, music, art, abcs/numbers/colors/etc., and practical skills (using silverware, putting on shoes, socks, and coats, etc.). All are important and I love the variety, but the practical skills might be my favorite! Each class follows a general schedule and kids are increasingly exposed to more structure. I believe they eat lunch family style (older kids at least), which I think is a good experience. The childcare staff is great, very caring. Preschool is structured in the morning with enrichment activities offered after lunch and childcare in the afternoon if you need either. My sons preschool teachers were amazing. Their part time flexibility has been great for our family, its provided us such a great balance. They host family nights and other activities that are a lot of fun for the kids and a great way to meet other families and get to know staff better. I would definitely recommend king of kings preschool & childcare!

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Our daughter has loved King of Kings Childcare since day one. She has gone since she was 3 months old and is currently enrolled in preschool. She has made lifelong friendships and we love the staff so much! So caring and loving. We also have her baby brother enrolled and he loves it too!

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I have loved the King of Kings Childcare and Preschool. Mrs. Maly was a great preschool teacher as well as her assistant Mrs. Bailey. Our son is constantly learning about Jesus which is important to us. He has also grown in his academic abilities while there. We have since moved his younger sister there as well and have only had positive experiences so far with her teachers. Well be using the preschool for all 3 of our children and look forward to meeting more of the families that attend. The security is superb and better than most centers. I like that they go outside almost every day as well when the weather permits. Id highly recommend to anyone looking for a great childcare and preschool.

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Staff is very caring ❤️

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We just LOVE King of Kings. We recently had to move away and it made me realize how lucky and spoiled we were having an institution like King of Kings for our three kids. I felt like I was a part of a family while we went there. The teachers and caregivers truly love and care for the children and their well-being. Most importantly, my children just loved it there. They always asked for “long days”, when they could stay past lunch. They loved Kid City, the indoor playground, the lunches, the “garage”, water days, and most of all, their teachers. And I loved that they offered part-time care and drop-in options, which was so important for my ever-changing schedule. I miss King of Kings every day!

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This place has been wonderful for us. Not only affordable, but every time the teachers see our daughter, both of their faces light up. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because, it seems that there is a notification sent out once a week about someone being sick/lice etc.. Thankfully we have never had it brought home, but it seems like things could be more thoroughly cleaned. I do understand they have a lot of kids and kids 6 days a week, but it should be a priority if its not (maybe it is). All in all this is a great place, brand new facilities with all the teachers we have interfaced with being very caring and passionate.

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The Childcare is wonderful! I am very selective about daycare choices for our family and have been very happy at King of Kings. I highly recommend them. The staff is great, very helpful, and caring.

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We love King of Kings preschool sooo much! The staff is extremely caring and they are always so flexible. And best of all my kids love going to school each day!

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I will get to the reason why I gave this center 1 star. The center is very large. The children are located in a classroom setting for a better part or most of their day. They even eat lunch in the classroom. It appears to give a vibe of a school setting. While visiting the center most of the children were sleeping in a lot of different rooms. They do chapel but this only happens twice a month. While checking out the center we were told on the phone they had openings but while in the room the daycare lady said they were not sure if they would take on high maintenance kids??And theyd have to let us know.It felt very labeled and awkward. As if children had to be at a certain standard? I got an incredibly uneasy vibe. Kiddos are not robots. They are unique in every way. What they call high maintenance I call curious. If you want loving caring people to care for your children this might not be the place for you. But if you want a school setting this may be for you. In my opinion children should never be labeled!

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I love King of Kings Preschool and Childcare. I remember during our tour that I instantly knew it was going to be a good fit for our family - and it turned out to actually exceed all our expectations. The preschool is amazing, and definitely fit our needs. My daughter was well prepared for Kindergarten. She was academically ready to go (numbers, writing, little reading), but she also learned how to be a good friend and follow directions. King of Kings also has an amazing youth ministry, that really helps to build up their Christian identity and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We also really loved the childcare program. There is not a high turnover rate, which I really appreciated. And we loved each one of our teachers (from baby to pre-kindergarten). Our teachers got to know and love each one of my daughters, and for me, that was so important. The teachers knew their expressions and were able to tell if something was awry (sick, sad, or just plain missing mom and dad). Also, King of Kings childcare has a great consistent routine, delicious homemade menu, the brightwheel app (updates with activities and pictures), and awesome amenities for the little ones!! Both my kids loved the zone!!!! That was a huge selling point for us too! The price is incredibly affordable, especially considering what you’re getting, and I love the staff. Mr. B, Julie, and Lisa are amazing. They are always pleasant, and go out of their way to answer any questions or concerns. We’ve made a lot of really good friends, and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this beautiful community! I’ve really come to love King of Kings, and would highly recommend it to anyone!!Plus, their summer camp is AWESOME!!!!

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We toured the preschool for 45 minutes and came out with my daughter being labeled as “high maintenance.” The teacher was not ready for more high maintenance children, she expressed how she needed to give her other children a break. As we left with discrimination from a teacher to a 4 year old I felt very disappointed in an adult to determine her judgment within 20 minutes with my daughter. So much disappointment coming from a church preschool setting. My daughter did not get accepted, very sad to know children are not given even a chance at King of Kings.

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My daughters have grown both academically and spiritually because of the fantastic faith-based education they have received. The teachers and staff are incredibly caring.

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It is everything we hoped for in a childcare and preschool program

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