Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Temple Orlando
851 N Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32807, United States

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I’ve been taking a group fitness classes with Wah Lum for several years now. Everything is always tailored to your long-term goals and abilities. They can help you train for a specific event or just become more flexible. Oscar Mimi and Caroline treat you like family . They have created a very special community that I’m glad to be a part of.

Review №2

My teen and I did a tour of the Tau Chi class. The instructor is patient in teaching the steps. Relaxing music playing in a large room with open doors. Friendly front desk staff and teachers. Highly recommend during this pandemic if you need to find a way to relax or heal.

Review №3

It’s like traveling to China, the environment,the Sifus, the teachers, the language, the techniques, the brotherhood all of that In One place called WAH LUM.

Review №4

What an awesome place to learn. As a Tai Chi student I have enjoyed every minute of learning. The instructors are the best and I look forward to my next class to continue to learn & to get better with each and every class I take. I would recommend the Wah Lum school to anyone wanting to learn the art.

Review №5

Amazing teacher. Vary hands on training. Take their time to explain things when needed. Make sure you feel welcome . Awesome school

Review №6

Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Temple is the best school for Chinese martial arts in the Orlando area, besides it has a fitting gym and also physical therapy to take care of your physical needs if your body is not responding due to age or a traumatic event.Its children program is second to none in Orlando.The Tai Chi practice is more oriented to relaxation and flexibility that to martial arts, but it is based on Chinese martial arts. I took Tai Chi when my body refused to perform in Tennis and table-tennis, I can exercise most of the muscles of my body with a gentle push.

Review №7

I am a martial artist of 20+ years, and my husband is a former competitive gymnast. We have been searching for years for a discipline for our 12-year-old.We did not want to start him in one of the belt factories that teach to a reward system because our goal was not to set his eyes on the prize of a black belt. We wanted him to love going to class, while working on achieving a sound mind in a sound body.We have seen many facilities over the years, including martial arts, gymnastics, dance and fencing, and were dismayed to find that every one that we visited lacked the structure and caring necessary for long-term growth and discipline. There have been some good instuctors, but without a cohesive system, there can be no long-term commitment.My son just started a few weeks ago, and we can already see that this is exactly what we have been searching for.He comes out of class eager and excited to show us what hes learned! They have a rich tradition that the students are taught. They have a team of enthusiastic instructors and small group training. And the training is rigorous, using the full body, without a lot of standing around.We were running late yesterday and called the temple. They were happy to switch my son to virtual class for the day and I was very impressed that they gave the virtual students a lot of attention and managed to keep them engaged during the class. We still prefer in-person, but the virtual class is a great option when needed.Based on our experience so far, I highly recommend Wah Lum to anyone who wants their children to experience the true spirit of martial arts.As for me, I plan to join the temple myself next year, when my son and I can take class together.

Review №8

The best place to train for you and your family in the nation! My kids and I habe been training here for years and never looked any where else. The exercises helped me heal and recovery my balance after my motorcycle accident and for that I am forever grateful. You will not get a better martial arts experience anywhere else. Tell them Omega sent you!

Review №9

I began training as 53yo along with my 8 yo. There is a close family atmosphere with a no pressure gradual learning environment. There are many students at different levels. The instructors are friendly personable and knowledgeable. We intended to study here for years to come.

Review №10

This place is the best. They have programs for every age and skill level. It is family oriented and always safe. The teachers are very knowledgeable and give each student the one on one attention he/she needs. I have trained in several schools over years from Orlando to NJ and this is by far my favorite place. 5 STARS because I cant give them 10

Review №11

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Facility is amazing. The Kung Fu itself is the real deal. I would definitely recommend Wah Lum Temple Orlando to anyone that wants to learn martial arts or just improve their physical fitness.

Review №12

Wonderful place to learn and train. I have learned Kung Fu in various places and this is the best around.

Review №13

Ive been training here since 2017 and Ive never looked back- The instructors are awesome, the atmosphere is amazing (its hard not to get into the spirit of Kung Fu as soon as you walk in there!) and the learning experience is second to none. Every class pushes you beyond your capabilities in one way or many and the instructors work with you individually to make sure youre progressing at a good pace. Beginner or advanced, were all treated with equal respect- Wah Lum cares about every student, and it shows.When you go to this school youre not just learning self defense, youre learning the history of Wah Lum and what it means to be one of its students. Its been and continues to be one of the richest, most rewarding experiences of my life and I cant wait to keep getting stronger with the help of my Kung Fu family! Theyre the best!

Review №14

I have learned so much over the past year and the instructors / staff have been incredibly accommodating regarding COVID(offering virtual classes). Health and safety is always a priority and the environment is both supportive and welcoming. You learn not only how to do Kung Fu, but why its important physically, mentally, and culturally. Truly a great addition to any wellness, fitness, or athletic regimen!

Review №15

Wah Lum is one of the better decisions I ever made. It can be difficult when considering the legitimacy of a martial art school, but Wah Lum is as good as it gets. A strong emphasis is put on the tradition and history as well as the martial art itself. The walls are covered with awards, art, and ancient weapons from Chinas past, and it really adds to the feel of the temple. Every class also begins and ends with a bow of respect to the old teachers ranging back over a hundred years that made the temple a reality today. The place has a legitimate history to it, and its not one youll forget.On a more practical note, the workouts are as intense or gentle as you make them out to be. There is a general pace thats set for the basic classes, and youre encouraged to workout as hard as you can, but there is no shame if youre unable to keep up with the high kicks like the more advanced students just yet. Also, when youre first starting out, they will take you aside to give you more personalized classes and teach you the movements. After youve completed a couple tests, the advanced class is opened as an option if youd like, and thats where the sweating really begins. In addition to riding a stationary bike at home, this place helped me lose 40lbs. I really cant think of anything better to say than that.Wah Lum is a fantastic martial arts school. The movements are interesting, the exercises practical, Its an experience that will stick with you forever, and as long as youre willing to put in the hard work youll get a lot out of it.

Review №16

I have been participating in a virtual class with Oscar and then with Oscar and Caroline over the last year.The pandemic has changed all our lives but these 2 have changed my life during the pandemic.I started off last April doing nothing and eating badly..At 76 the classes encouraged me to get myself in shape and to do more. We are still in lockdown here in Ontario, Canada and when my sons come to go for a 5 km walk with me every Sunday I can do it with ease..despite our city’s hills...Thank you both.

Review №17

Quite simply my favorite activity of the week. I love the traditions and old school feel of this school. No nonsense, amazing instructors that will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Taking Kung Fu at the Wah Lum Temple has turned back the age clock at least a decade. I can now do the splits!

Review №18

I joined the temple to learn tai chi about 8 weeks ago. I joined to improve my balance and challenge my brain and concentration. I have been very pleased with my progress. I understand it takes a commitment, including practicing when not in class. The staff from simu Suzy to the entire teaching staff including sifus Too, Chris, Jane and Oscar are very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive during training classes. There is great commraderie among the students and staff. If your interested in this ancient form to improve ones overall well being, I would definitely enroll in one of their programs. I wish I had joined sooner.

Review №19

I have been a student of Kung Fu and Tai Chi of and on for over 20 years, across 3 temples, and on both coasts. I have yet to find anything negative to say about any of them, and Wah Lum certainly does not disappoint. The instructors care about your progress, are always helpful, and everyone watches out for each other. The atmosphere is fun, positive, and encouraging, even if you start out of shape like I did. The fees are reasonable for what you receive and I found that courtesy there is standard and not an afterthought as is the case in many places. The temple itself is rich in history and has character, unlike a lot of the fly by night martial arts places. Unlike a lot of businesses, the Wah Lum Temple takes its Covid precautions seriously and the staff does their best to keep their students and instructors safe. Covid has disrupted my life considerably and circumstances made it impossible for me to keep attending, but believe me, I will be back and this will be my first choice of schools to return to.

Review №20

This place is absolutely amazing! Not only is the martial arts authentic, the staff and teachers are so pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend it.

Review №21

The best place to learn an authentic martial art in Florida! Grandmaster Chan, who started the temple here in Orlando, is world renown and is the actual Grandmaster of the Wah Lum Kung Fu system. He is still active around the temple. We are so lucky to have a living legend and martial arts hall of famer in our town that oversees the education and authenticity of Wah Lum Kung Fu (There is even a documentary about his incredible life on Amazon Prime!). The Sifus are welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful for every level of student. It truely is a wonderful environment and culture to be a part of!

Review №22

I love every class so much!! I get a great work out not only with my body but my mind, coordination and balance. Everyone is so helpful and always making sure your not falling behind. Great job to all my sifus and thank you for all the training.

Review №23

The Wah Lum Kung Fu family are amazing! We have been practicing with them for over 4 years!!!

Review №24

This place is awesome! I always look forward coming to class and when I am not there, I miss it. It is a part of my life and I would be lying if I didnt admit that my staff at work have caught me working on my Kung Fu. This is a traditional school and you not only learn forms, weapons, striking/conditioning, tai chi, etc., but you also learn about the history of the school and the prior disciples. This is my second time going through. I originally joined at 10-11 years old and left due to school. I just rejoined 2.5 years ago with my son( 8 years old when he joined) and we are both enjoying it together. I have seen his progress with time. The Sifus, instructors and staff are excellent. Kung Fu helps to strengthen you and clear your mind. It is great for all ages. You progress not through belts, but by levels. You move at your own pace, even though there could be students who are more advanced than you in the same class and even if you are not further along then others, you dont feel out of place. You will not regret joining such a prestigious and traditional Kung Fu school.

Review №25

The most amazing 3 years I had, Also did my whole 9 months pregnancy training and exercise at the temple. My sifus are amazing and stop and assist us in class. Wish I lived closer, Best experience ever!!!

Review №26

I had the privilege of training here about 10 years ago and have always held this place with the highest regard and wonder. I grew about 5 minutes from the temple. I remember when it was being built. I also grew up going to the martial arts landmark, East Coast Martial Arts Supplies and around Sensei Bob Elder. Another martial arts/Orlando treasure.In a day of false and “plastic masters”, here is the real deal. A true Grandmaster and living legend is the great, Pui Chan.Here you will learn the art and science of Kung fu in a setting that inspires and does not just dazzle with neon lights and flashy videos. It kicks your tail and puts you in shape, quickly. This not a soft, McDojo where everyone gets a camouflage belt as long as they pay for a test kind of place. Hard work. The true meaning of Kung Fu. I hope to return and begin training again to get my strength and flexibility back. Not to mention, to be training in a hallowed hall of Kung fu, while catching glimpses of a real legend and Grandmaster. Many blessings and much health to Master Chan.

Review №27

From 5 years of kungfu (starting at the age of 49 with my 18 old daughter), to the CYH program with Sifu Oscar to this date...Wah Lum has been a life saver and like it is supposed to be...another family.So thanks to all my kungfu brothers, sisters, GrandMaster, and others for providing a sanctuary in Orlando for us to be peaceful while we work in this crazy world!

Review №28

Wah Lum Kung Fu was not just a martial arts school but a family who cares about their students, their community and well being of people in general. It also happens to be one of the greatest martial arts schools I’ve ever scene!! Highly recommend them!!!

Review №29

They teach with compassion and authenticity. No one is ever left out or made to feel bad. This is the most welcoming, accepting, and amazing fitness experience one can ask for. I cant recommend it enough!

Review №30

It is an authentic martial arts school. Its helped me with concentration, focus and coordination.

Review №31

I love this Temple. Awesome training with great people. And social distancing is a MUST here. So glad I joined.

Review №32

Wah lum is the best Kung fu temple in the US. It is family run and the teachers are really good , helpful and kind. It’s a great place to learn Kung fu and taichi!

Review №33

Wah Lum is a first rate martial arts school. Additionally, Wah Lum fit is a great program.The instruction in all classes is 2nd to none

Review №34

The best Kung Fu school in Central Florida, period. We had dealings with Oscar, Kim and the entire staff and they always amaze us. We love going there.

Review №35

Excellent training and coaching if you are serious about Tai Chi or Kung Fu. My Tai Chi training has helped me understand and start to master this martial art after many years of struggling with inferior trainers. HIGH RECOMMEND THIS TEMPLE!

Review №36

In recent times with Covid-19, safety is a big issue. The staff at Wah Lum and Control Your Health always ensure safe protocols are in place, always giving me peace and mind when I train. I look foward to continuing my training with Control Your Health and Wah Lum!

Review №37

This is the real deal, The Wah Lum Temple is the best place in the southeast for KungFu and Taichi. They are genuinely connected to Shaolin Monasteries in China and teach authentic traditional martial arts.The teaching is great, the teachers are warm and helpful and they care about you and your advancement. If you want to learn martial arts this is the place!!!

Review №38

I attend with my son, and we love this place. All seefus are really cool and inspiring.

Review №39

I just started going to the temple, it has been a wonderful experience, The SIFUs are very patientand I felt welcome from the beggining. Great place to learn

Review №40

An amazing school filled with trusted instructors and a warm supporting community.

Review №41

We always feel welcome at the temple, and the sifus were able to accommodate for the needs of my children.

Review №42

I will tell you a little of myself I am the first heart transplant patient in Advent South in Orlando my transplant day was 1/31/2012 around 2013 I join Wah Lum when I join I was so weak no balance afraid 24 hours a day because of my transplant see what I love about my school that they just don’t build up your mind but also your soul and body, and the teacher’s here are the experts I have ever meet in my life there discipline, teaching, philosophy, care for students is unbelievable the way they nature’s me back to life I also was a teacher in the military, police’s, in correction officers but like I said am only going to tell you a little of my self the rest of the story is in adventure of a life time.

Review №43

My daughter’s have been learning and growing at Wah Lum Temple for 4 years now. The staff is amazing and so encouraging to all the kids!

Review №44

Best place for authentic tai chi and kung fu in Orlando! The trainers are really nice and they take time with you and teach you so that you can understand! Hands down the best place I have been to!

Review №45

Truly great experience!

Review №46

Currently a student of Tai Chi for approximately 11 years and have a passion to learn even more to the end of my days. This is authentic Chinese martial arts taught by a professional. Others come alongside to help a student be the best they desire to be. Its not easy, but most martial artists dont look for easy. Ive also received many benefits such as greater confidence, better balance, fitter body, and fantastic friends!

Review №47

Whether youre looking to get in shape without the tedium of working out in a gym, or are thoroughly interested in martial arts, this place is the best of the best. The temple has a very old-school traditional style and feel, which I enjoy. Theres a great sense of community among the students. The teachers push the students to go past their perceived limits, and they give everyone a lot of personal attention and feedback. This isnt your standard strip-mall self defense franchise, this is real Chinese Kung Fu!

Review №48

Great School & Great Teachers & Great Students

Review №49

The best Kung Fu school in the nation, period.

Review №50

Sifu Mimi is the best.

Review №51

Authentic martial art taught. Wah Lum is respected all over the world. Best years of my life have been spent here. Tai Chi friends are my family.

Review №52

This is the real deal - instructors are friendly and engaging, standards are very high, and our kids thoroughly enjoy their classes and performances. Our kids have also developed an extraordinary level confidence in front of crowds here. Highly recommended.

Review №53

Ive been training with Oscar at the Control Your Health division of Wah Lum for about 3 months now. I appreciate the motivating and welcoming environment Control Your Health has. I actually look forward to getting up before 6am to train with Oscar and my energy level throughout the day is much higher. Cant wait to see where the next 3 months takes me!

Review №54

Traditional and authentic martial arts. Dont be intimidated by the location being a temple. Welcoming atmosphere for all. Great way to get in shape and learn something of value at the same time.

Review №55

The Performance Team is amazing! Thank you for bringing my shop good fortune with the always entertaining Lion Dance Team. Your demos are always punctual and well organized.

Review №56

If youre looking to learn authentic traditional martial arts, this is the place for you. Its a great way to get into shape in a positive environment where everyone is family.

Review №57

Kind and caring teachers! My son loves going!

Review №58

Wah Lum gives every student an individual learning experience that will not only improve ones health, but give you a feeling of confidence in many parts of your life.

Review №59

I have been a student at the Wahlum Temple for almost 5 years now and I have to say its a life changing experience. The traditional training-style allows students to progress at your own pace, some faster or slower than others and is an extremely good workout. The Si Fus and instructors are all extraordinarily nice (no Drill Sergeants) and the overall atmosphere is as one big family. There are often optional events like seminars, tournaments, demonstration teams, Chinese New Year, Game nights, and Tea Tastings that are also available and widen the cultural experience if you are so inclined. In summary, I highly recommend the Kung Fu training at Wahlum Temple.

Review №60

I fly out to train here from Massachusetts to tune my skills every year. The temple has fantastic instructors (Sifu) and kind students.

Review №61

They are all just great! From Grandmaster P. Chan, to Ms. Suzy, and Sifu Mimi. I trained with them @ The Wah Lum Temple in the early 90s and I learned alot just from 2 to 3 years of learning the elementary exercises, to the first forms of Wah Lum Kung Fu, to the initial weapons of Staff and Broadsword, and also after my 3rd year began practicing the fundamentals to Tai-Chi.Loved the atmosphere, felt like I was transported from the hustle & bustle of Orlando to the tranquil surroundings of the Wah Lum Temple which was designed close to resemble the original one in China.What an exhilarating experience...I truly miss being there and my Kung Fu family.Join the Wah Lum Temple you would love the experience too.

Review №62

Not only is this one of the worlds greatest centers for the study of kung fu but their leadership is tremendously compassionate and exceptional teachers

Review №63

I never been here before, Im moving to Florida and Iam wondering does this place practice shaolin kung-fu and does it do meditation? Im also wanting to try out Tai Chi so if someone can tell me more that will be awesome!! Hopefully Ill join soon.

Review №64

This place changed my life for the better. Happy student since 1984.

Review №65

I have been attending the Kung Fu classes there for ~ 18 months now. If you are like me, a fan of martial arts since watching David Carradines Kung-Fu; Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li movies, this place is going to blow your mind.The current grand-master is 33rd generation Shaolin Temple. His daughter; a teacher at the school; was the template for Disneys Mulan, and there are a number of other great teachers (sifus) there.

Review №66

This place is great. I highly recommend it.

Review №67

Joining Wah Lum was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Review №68

Grandmaster Pui Chan teaches a great Kung Fu Style.

Review №69

Friendly staff and nice facility.

Review №70

Very good instructors

Review №71

Educational, Motivational, Informative, Inspirational, Enlighten

Review №72

Hola,bueno la escuela es excelente y agradezco mucho a todos por su labor y sobre todo al Maestro Oscar que muchas veces nos a ayudado gracias por apoyar y enseñar a mi hija Maria Muñoz

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