ILSC IELTS Test Center
433 California St #210, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

Review №1

I had an extraordinary experience at this testing facility. The staff was amazing. I made a couple last minute requests, and the staff went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and was well taken care of. Winnie, the facility manager, is super nice and understanding. You can clearly see that she takes her job very seriously and makes sure that both the exam takers and her staff are having a good experience. Thank you for your service ILSC staff and management!

Review №2

Humble and respectful staff members. No attitude towards English learning immigrants. Will recommend. Good job guys.

Review №3

I had an extraordinary experience with ILSC, They answered all my questions by e-mail fluently and fast kindly. I am grateful with the Staff of ILSC for the organization for the test day despite of the pandemic, they took care all of the details to protect the health and safety of test- takers and staff. I felt so satisfied with the kindness from the Staff of ILSC . CONGRATS!!!!

Review №4

Even during difficult time of pandemic, admin team and all staff members of the centre are really doing wonderful job. Conduct of the test and overall response to the queries/ email is very good! Keep it up team! Wishing you all good luck for further progress!

Review №5

I had a good experience interacting with Shabnam from ILSC IELTS test center on transferring my test to a future date. They’re responsive and was able to accommodate my request that was made last minute (only one week away from the original test date!)

Review №6

Make sure finish your test at time they don’t tell anything and listen properly listening instructions there is guy who don’t give proper instructions he just read at paper no one understand what he say . Be prepared for everything

Review №7

Overall not a great experience. There was no order and everyone seemed loss in the process of getting us checked-in. Many of the people working did not talk kindly or respectfully to the testers (a lot of yelling, directing). Lack of direction during speaking and speaking testing consultant yelled at many individuals for entering her room when they were not directed to wait outside. The best part of the test was the woman in my room running it. However, my bf had a different experience with the woman running his. If you can wait to test until after COVID I would.

Review №8

They provide immediate resolution to all sorts of enquiries so I highly recommend booking this Center for IELTS. Unlike other centers, it does has Wireless headphones provided during Listening test in place of common speaker for all that causes distraction(believe me, I lost 5 questions due to them, someone pencil eraser falling, water spilled from bottle and neighbour flipping her paper continuously so better to go for this center to save your scores from getting down).

Review №9

ILSC is one of the crowded exam centers in the SF city and difficult to manage because of multiple exam center locations. I think it is the only exam center in the Bay area which provides the headphones for listening. Shabnam and Nicole were available the entire time for help. Team offered snacks after first 3 sections of the exam. They deserve 5 stars for good exam conduct and well management. I recommend this center to the future exam takers.

Review №10

The staff and management have been great for the first of set exams! Everyone is very welcoming and cooperative! One thing I hated the most was that I had 3 hrs of wait for the speaking so I had to wait outside the campus. It was December, extreme cold, I was literally shivering as I cannot bear cold and i was wearing a jacket but still it is SF and super cold AND i was asked to sit out side. I sat inside and one of the representatives asked me go out. I was quietly sitting on a chair shivering as one of representatives saw me shivering but still twice i was asked to leave and wait outside! This was so not human and I was super angry and not exaggerating but i went for the speaking test in that condition where my body got numbed! I waited in the public restroom for 30 mins but i had to come out. I waited down at the restaurant but i was not eating so cannot sit there longer. All that representative could do as a human was to save me from extreme cold!

Review №11

Great center. adequately staffed. Given the current rush for IELTS they are doing an exceptional job! The entire staff is awesome, center is efficiently managed, seen them accommodating a couple of test takers special situations. Special shout out to Abhinav! Good job guys, Keep up the good work!

Review №12

I took my test here a couple of weeks ago. Had a pleasant experience. Friendly staff. Clear with their instructions. Were always willing to help and answer to the questions from the test takers. Had no issues before, during and after the test.

Review №13

I am majorly disappointed with the way the test day proceedings were handled by the ELI team at this center on my test day. The check-ins started late and ended late. I was scheduled for my speaking test 4 hours after the first part of the test got over, which meant I had to spend my time walking around on the SFO streets in the cold weather (since there is limitation on the time you can spend in a restaurant and I live far from this location). After passing my time for 4 hours when I finally went to check-in for my speaking test, they closed the center for a half hour break as they were having some year end party(at the cost of the 25 students who were helplessly waiting in the cold to appear for their speaking test). After 45 mins when they came back from their break, we all were checked in. That is when they realized that they are short on the number of English language examiners. It was nothing less than a chaos to witness the mismanagement. The reason they were giving was there are too many students taking the test today. Students pay a heavy amount to appear for this test and have to register before hand in order to be able to appear for the test. Which means that the management made no required arrangements in-spite of being very well aware of the number of students appearing for the test that day as there is no last minute walk-ins. My earnest suggestion is to let the students know about their speaking test times before hand so that they can make the required arrangements. Also, especially in the winter months, provide the students with a room where they can wait for their speaking test.

Review №14

Good place to go for exam. The staff are kind and helpful. I suggest everyone to take a screen shot of their application page online and keep it handy to check the results - to make sure the name is typed correct as in the application.

Review №15

The best testing experience I have ever had. Kudos to Abhinav, Nicole and Shabnam for helping me through the process and accommodating my requests in a timely manner. I can only imagine how many students they deal with on a daily basis and considering that, their responsiveness was exemplary!

Review №16

Great school! Flexible schedule with different classes in the morning, and in the afternoon. Amazing teachers, special thanks to Francesca for always being positive and encouraging us. Very resonable price for such a good school in a normal safe area (and thats important for San Francisco). Highly recommended!

Review №17

Always ask for Nicole , she was so helpful and quick in getting back to you, whilst other guy sucks.he wasted my whole week he didn’t even bother to put any effort.I am glad this time Nicole picked my call and she resolved the issue in no time.

Review №18

Extremely poorly managed center, one of the test proctor quit in front of the examinees because it was too chaotic and was given poor instructions. I requested for fast results shipment - after spending $40 on it, I have still not received it. They don’t respond to emails or phone calls. I wouldn’t recommend this test center to anyone.

Review №19

One of the best test centers I have visited. The institute was clean and staff was very professional. They also accommodated my request for change in time for one of the sections. Very impressed and definitely recommend this test center to everyone.

Review №20

I did have some problems with my original booking through the IELTS website, but the San Francisco test center was able to help me out. They were also able to accommodate all my crazy scheduling requests and I would like to thank Abhinav a ton for helping us out! If you have any problems with your IELTS test, just shoot these guys an email. Thanks so much!

Review №21

Really good test center. Fast, functional and the staff was very friendly. Abhinav was very helpful in sorting out an issue I had and the other staff members were supportive as well.

Review №22

I took the test in ILSC SF and pass it. It is really a good place to take the IELTS for everyone. The staff in there are very nice.

Review №23

Shabnam and team are doing a great job. They are humble, friendly and very clear in their instructions.Keep up the good work guys.

Review №24

Great location at Embarcadero Center. Very organized. They ran the IELTS smooth. Shabnam is very helpful. Her emails help us a lot and she is very responsive to your questions. Also she tried to keep the energy on during the weekend. Overall good experience so far. Waiting for the results.

Review №25

We had a great experience.Everyone was very helpful.We emailed them 2 days before the test and explained our situation.My wife was breastfeeding and she wanted a room to express milk. And we wanted to go back asap to our 2 month old.Not only she gave us the private room she gave us the first time slot for speaking test.And eveything worked so well.Special thanks to shabnum for arranging and considering our situation.

Review №26

Had an extreme pleasurable experience with the examination conducting staff especially Abhinav who was so patient listening to our concerns and even addressing it. Great attitude like this help us relax during exam hours without any extra burden.

Review №27

Had a great experience with the Admin office. They listened to my queries patiently and gave prompt responses. Thank you so much especially to Abhinav Shetty :)

Review №28

Well maintained test center.

Review №29

This place is incredible and I got “7” on my IELTS test the first time.

Review №30

I came a bit nervous to take the English test for Canadian immigration, the staff made me feel super comfortable, they were very friendly and really organized, they are like clockwork, easy to understand and easy. Highly recommend it.

Review №31

A very competent and friendly team combined with students from all over the world. In my three month at this school I learned far more, than just English. I came in contact with people and cultures in a diversity, you will hardly find at any other place. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to have good learning experience and are interested in meeting new people.

Review №32

This school is just GREAT! Im so thankful for everything! The teachers, the staff... theiy made my time there unforgettable! THANKS ILSC!

Review №33

I am strucked in booking, when I called the ielts admin, It was great help done by him and made my booking successful.. Thank You to Abhinav..

Review №34

I was really pleased with the service provided by this center. A special shout-out to Shabnam and Pengli for accommodating me and my wife for an early test date and being very responsive to all our request. The team is very professional and at the same time very helpful. Thanks again guys!Shagun Goyal

Review №35

Shabnam and the whole staff is awesome, she was patient enough to help me out on all the initial queries and they manage the whole center very efficiently even though it gets so crowded! So be rest assured in getting all the help and assistance..

Review №36

This test centre for IELTS is very organized and special thanks to Abhinav Shetty and Shabnam for the way they handle candidates requests

Review №37

My scores werent displayed on IELTS website. Nicole from ILSC center promptly resolved the issue.

Review №38

I had a great experience in ILSC and the staff are really professional and friendly. Special thanks for Shabnam ILSC manager for her great work and professionalismz.

Review №39

Very smooth experience from scheduling the exam to receiving the test result. Shabnam and her staff are very responsive and helpful. We had to give IELTS exam at very short notice and It was almost impossible to get a date in the north california area before the next 3 months. Shabnam took extra efforts to make sure she accomodates our request and asked us to followup with her after couple of days due to which we were able to give the exam in couple of days. Overall great experience and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for services at ILSC.

Review №40

Giving IELTS at San Francisco ILSC was a good experience for my wife and myself. ILSC personnel were very helpful and understanding of our requests and accommodated us in every way possible. We would like to point out Shabnam Mirbadin, in particular, who made sure she listened to our requests patiently and followed through on her commitments. If you are from Sacramento, San Francisco SF East bay / South Bay area, we would definitely like to recommend ILSC cetner for your IELTS exam needs.

Review №41

Nice school and nice place. This school is flexible and the teachers are kind, you can experience in good atmosphere.

Review №42

Excellent Center for IELTS, I would love to prefer this anytime. Especially my interaction with Shabnam has been pleasant!!

Review №43

Great and helpful staff. I had a good experience giving my IELTS exam here.

Review №44

Shabnam and Team are amazing to start with. I tried various centers to see if anyone can accommodate me to the next available date, none of them centers were available so was ILSC SFO but I when I called shabnam and requested she definitely took the extra mile and tried to help, she asked me to call after few days and she worked her way into opening few more spaces and helped us out ! Overall great experience.

Review №45

I had an issue related to test cancelation that initially led to a lot of back and forth but ILSC San Francisco eventually resolved my issue by calling me over the phone.

Review №46

Received test certificate that was glued to the envelope. ILSC center reponded to my review and helped me with a new certificate. Thank you for taking care of this issue.

Review №47

Fedup with their refunding procedure.

Review №48

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