BLS Education Center - Blue Springs
2300 SW Highway 7, Blue Springs, MO 64014, United States
Review №1

I cannot say enough great things about BLS. The staff are phenomenal. The educational curriculum is absolutely amazing. My children learn so much everyday! I love that they treat us like family.Edit: meant to post for the GV location.

Review №2

UPDATE:While working for this company, I received zero training. The staff seems so nice but I didnt get trained for the position I was hired for. Most of it was obvious, however, there were things I didnt know I was supposed to do and then I was yelled at for not following procedure. Ultimately fired because I wasnt doing some things properly, but I wasnt trained properly. So, BLS hired me, then fired me for not doing things I didnt know I was supposed to do.That being said, the children come first and it genuinely seemed like the employees that had been there for awhile, and knew what they were doing.. they were nice. They were attentive.I started working here recently and I am amazed at how wonderful it is. The place is impeccably clean and.....

Review №3

I saw the posted reviews and was completely confused until I realized they were from years ago when it was a Little Einsteins. We started BLS when the Alleys purchased it a little over a year ago. The school is AMAZING and the remodeling they have done is just beautiful. The school is so clean and the academic program they provide is the BEST around! We love, love, LOVE it here! I am going to encourage the other parents to write a review as the those posted are from years ago...when it wasnt BLS.

Review №4

Shelly hires only passionate teachers that provide children with the latest training in early childhood education and development techniques. The teachers in the two year old room are the most caring, wonderful people I have ever met. If I could give 10 stars I would. My Granddaughter was in the two year old class and every day when I drop her off she is so happy to see her teachers and her friends. I always knew she would be safe and be learning a lot when she was there. The Center is always clean and in order. All of the staff are nice there. The meals are healthy. Shelly is the best ever. She cares about every child and there parents. She takes the time to talk to you when ever you want. I have never seen a day care center that has it all until I walked into Little Einsteins. This is the best place in Blue Springs.

Review №5

I only worked here for a short time and I loved the daycare setting and I loved the kids. My only problem was the Director, Aimee was nice at first but she was very rude to a lot of parents and workers. The kids are very sweet but the staff yells at them a lot, they don’t talk they just yell. Favoritism is big.I wasn’t trained before being left in a room on my first day with 5 babies all by myself. The limit is 4 to a person and I didn’t know where anything was. My schedule was never the same always being switched around even though I told them I could only work certain times. Overall horrible place to work or send your kids to. Don’t even get me started on the owner. She was very very rude to all of her employees and is a very stuck up person. She runs two daycares and only seems to care about the other one. There isn’t a working water fountain in the whole school, the kids only get water at lunch or out of a squirt bottle THAT ALL OF THE KIDS SHARE.

Review №6

I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone who is concerned for their children. Ask around. A child was found walking along the road, owners an coworkers lied about it to state ( the state licenses the facility) My kids attended this facility for along time before i became employed here. I had to becone employed to find out all the concerning details these children were exposed too. I just want my neighbours to be aware. Always take a second look an ask questions.

Review №7

I walked in to inquire about a place for my newborn daughter, when I went in there was a staff member in a little girls face yelling at her. She told her to “shut up this is nothing I want to hear from you!” I immediately turned around and walked out. If they are treating little kids (she looks maybe 3) like this how will they treat my little baby!?

Review №8

We were in a tough spot. Our full time provider was hospitalized and we needed care for our daughter. At first glance, it was good enough. The director did a good job of selling the place and we overlooked some things because we were in a hurry. When I went to drop her off the first morning, there was a lot of kiddos in one room with no supervision. My child went to the toddler/infant room. It was somewhat decent. Several toys. I came early to pick her up. She was in a different room. No decoration. No chairs. No rugs. And a handful of toys. Like a ball. She hadn’t slept and her lip started quivering when she saw me. She was miserable. The teachers were busy socializing with one another. Nobody was interacting with the kids. No games. Nobody being held. Just like prisoners in a cold cell. I hated it. I brought her in the next morning. And she flipped out. Beyond that of a cranky toddler but she was scared. I didn’t want to leave. But I did. I went to work and called every daycare in the KC area. I found another with an opening and rushed over. The experience was night and day. Bright and cheerful rooms. Involved teachers. I rushed back across town and pulled my daughter from the center. When I got there, she was back in the sad cell. With 3 other kiddos. Only a couple of toys. No blocks. Nothing to climb on. No rugs. Just cold and sterile. Her diaper needed to be changed. And the room smelled like poop. When my daughter found me, she grabbed me and held on tight. Even as I asked the staff to pack up her belongings, she wouldn’t let go. I hate myself for ever going against my instincts and leaving her. I know finding childcare is hard. Finding a good place is almost impossible. This is a place to dump your kids. They won’t be taught anything. They won’t be loved on. I’m sure they won’t be hurt. But. It’s not a warm and loving place. Really don’t recommend.

Review №9

I love BLS. It is the best day care center around to bring your child. The staff are great with the students and it is very structured, and focused on academics for preschool. You wont find another program like this anywhere.

Review №10

Where do I begin... from the horrible communication to the fact that my son was CONSTANTLY sick from ongoing colds to Hand, foot, and mouth, due to NO communication about things going around the daycare. The Center Director, Aimee is just plain rude. After we had valid concerns about safety etc. she refused to set up a meeting with us about concerns. The only response I received was from Scott, the owner and financial person. He was not in the least bit worried about our concerns and only about the $. Oh and FYI, a child was able to get out of the fenced area and was found near the HIGHWAY by a parent picking up their kid. Not only was this not communicated but there were several employees without medical records and up to date training. They continually lost my childrens paperwork and forms. This is all verifiable by doing a quick licensure check and seeing what complaints and violations there have been. Do not bring your child here unless you want your only communication from them to be about your weekly payment.

Review №11

My daughter attended this daycare for a very short time. They make the kids stay outside all day long no matter how cold it is or they sit them in front of the tv all day. There is absolutely NO teaching going on here and they go through teachers like water. Stay away, far, far, away!

Review №12

My 2 year old was able to walk out of an unsecured gate in the playground area and walk to the edge of the hwy before (thank goodness) a driver stopped to get him before he was hurt or hit by a vehicle. I was never notified of what happened and continued to bring him to this daycare. I only found out when I was contacted by an investigator a week after the incident because the person who found him reported it (not the daycare). Not a single person at the daycare said anything to me about my child being found on the hwy once. I was lied to by the facility and watched the facility lie to other parents about what happened. The facility didnt even know my child was missing until he was returned by the person who found him on the hwy. I wouldnt recommend this daycare to anyone. I dont feel like it is a safe place.

Review №13

This place was horrible. Staff was very friendly, but when my son attended there a few months back he was always coming home sick with something. He developed pink eye during the day and was never called to come get my child. when i picked him up he had green stuff covering almost his whole eye ball. After taking him to the doctor to find out what he had I contacted BLS and told them. They allow children who are sick to still be dropped off to infect every other little kid. They hardly have any toys in the rooms and my son was always put in front of a tv. I left like my child was falling behind because they dont do anything with the children. I wouldnt take your child here if i was you. And btw the new owners are just as clueless about running a daycare. When i addressed my concerns to him he was speckless.

Review №14

My children love going there. They have great rates. On the south side of blue springs the options are slim for a daycare facility. We tried kindercare as a change and they were not affordable and my kids begged to go back to bls aftet short 3 months. The staff is great and always willing to listen and help and very understandable. If my younger child gets hurt, I always get a picture via text and an explanation which I love cause I can determine the seriousness. Thanks BLS for caring for my kids.

Review №15

I called to check openings. They hung up on me after I asked about it.. Very rude.

Review №16

Terrible communication

2.6 Rating
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