Foreman College and Career Academy
3235 N Leclaire Ave, Chicago, IL 60641, United States

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Went to this school for 1yr and a half. To be honest I was surprised. Many kids do not know their abcs or how to write an essay. Most do not know how to spell either. I was raised in the suburbs and the school i went to was amazing. This school made me appreciate the suburb school which has so many programs and sport teams. They are strict and do not allow cellphone use during class, at the cps schools teachers lost their passion for teaching due to the rude kids and they allow students to use phones and other electronics. I feel disappointed because these students do not know the time they are wasting in not putting effort to learn. I was one of the few students that made honor roll every time. I know that those students will definitely regret everything.

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I am currently (Soon Transfering) Student at Foreman High school this was possibly the worst school I have ever visited in my life and many of you might say Oh hes just a kid or No student thinks their school is good but in all honesty I hope they shut this school down immediately I have never wasted so much time in something until this school lets start off with the teachers and staff. Im gonna be honest some teachers and staff in here are nice caring people but its very rare to find in this school.Many of the teachers here are highly disrespectful and have no motivation in their jobs many just give you a book assignment and basically say Good luck cause many do not teach or explain anything to the students and they have no effort into helping the students succeed and start things with students and blame it on them. Staff is also a issue many of the staff have no respect or care in their job or students the security guards give no care into the students and let them roam around and do nothing about it some are highly disrespectful and rude for no reason. Another thing about the teachers are that many just dont care anymore you can see it in the way they teach and the energy they have they let students walk out of class and just Write them up I understand they arent gonna stop their teaching for one student but it gets ridiculous sometimes. Another thing is they let students just walk out the front door and I mean LITERALLY walk out the front door and do nothing about it this school was over all a horrible experience and hope this school changes over time cause this school is out of hand.

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First of all, to all of those people saying Foreman is a bad school, did you guys even go there or are currently attending there? Have you been around the environment? You guys have no idea what you guys are talking about. I went to Foreman all 4 years and I couldnt be happier. I graduated with honors and many more of my classmates did as well. Foreman offered so much help to students that wanted it. Foreman made College real for us. Yes, there may be some rodent eggs in the school but that doesnt mean the school is bad. The school in general is not bad, is the students that give it a bad impression. Im glad I went to Foreman because I created a great bond with many students, teachers, and staff. Last but not least, I would appreciate if many of you would stop giving so many negative comments about Foreman. If you were a student there, just because you had a negative experience doesnt mean all of us did. If you are a parent, just because your kid said its horrible or hates the school doesnt mean anything. You didnt go there, therefore you cant say anything bad about the school. And last, to all the rest of the people that want to say something about Foreman keep the comments to yourself, because you didnt go there all four years, or if you did, you probably didnt even interact with the students, teachers, and staff. Go away with your negative comments somewhere else where people would care. If you dont like what I just said, oh well, I dont care.

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I would give it four and a half stars. This school has been making progress over the years academically and behaviorally. Despite some negative comments, if you search any school you will find some gang activity there. A few rotten apples dont mean the school is bad. Academic Progress is important as well as student and faculty safety. At Foreman there has been changes and improvements.. ☺ 😊

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I was a transfer from DeLaSalle Institute to start senior year. I was immediately placed as a junior because Chicago Public Schools doesnt accept religion credits. The teachers here are hits and misses. Some were brilliant, loved teaching, handled disobedience with fortitude and class. Only the most negative, bound for jail kids still acted badly after being disciplined by these teachers, but everyone else grew to love and respect these teachers. BUT, other teachers did not even give homework, and did not care about there students at all. Cutting class was REALLY COMMON. ALOT of gang violence, racial divides, race wars, food fights. The most bloody fight I have ever seen was at this school, and thats saying alot considering I later became a Marine. I saw how easy it was to fall into bad stuff, or worse bad stuff FOUND YOU. I saw how easy it was for kids to drop out, I even understood why. I dropped out myself to finish ON time at an alternative school. Coming from a Catholic school to this was like night and day. I would never recommend any parent to let there kids go to this school, but if you do out of financial burden and lack of options, you NEED to be an extremely active and engaging parent for your child to succeed here.

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This school is awful. My oldest daughter got jumped at this school due to the dean Mrs. Ackerman instigating with bullies at that school, now shes starting to do the same thing with my other daughter who is attending school & now shes trying to do the same thing to my daughter who has started there. She takes sides with bullies and instigates fights with the students there & the school continue & keeps her there.

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Its just another Schurz. With Gangs and fights almost everyday. You dont want your children to grow up like that.

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I am a former student and had to get a copy of my papers. In order to graduate you cannot have any fees, mind you I already graduated I just needed a copy of my papers. They wouldnt give me my papers unless I paid for some book I never even had. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Majority of the students here are terrible. The worst people here. Ive been to other schools but this was almost the worst experience here

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I went here as Freshman to Junior starting in 1986. The School was a Complete Nightmare. They made it a Closed Campus for Lunch cause the Students were disrupting the area. They didnt even have Yearbooks they got Reinstated in 1988.

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This school has been overlooked for the past couple years as a bad school but since my youngest son has started in 2012 the school has improved so much over the time

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Best school ever

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The lunch tasted bad and the teachers where horrible

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Graduated in 08. Best times.

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Peter Francis geraci went here fam

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I love Foreman, very good administration!

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This school is bad cause of gangs

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I went to Foreman all 4 yr

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Bad school

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Really bad school

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I like this school 🏫 lol because the security ones are funny and the teachers are fun

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