Lindblom Math and Science Academy
6130 S Wolcott Ave, Chicago, IL 60636, United States

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Worked here for almost 10 years! Loved every minute. A great place to be with creative kids, amazing supportive parents, and a dynamite admin team and staff. It is a warm and loving community.

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I just came from here for my selective enrollment test amazing service they got right to the point staff were helpful and amazing!classrooms were clean teachers and assistants were nice this is definitely a good high school to go to i really recommend it!5 stars from me Lindblom!

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I definitely know this school will be the best when coronavirus is over, My sister is going to Lindblom and she took the test and the school is amazing! - rating is 5

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Had fun clean and friendly

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An excellent choice for the future for any student.

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Amazing school. If you go there then you are one lucky person people that school will give you the most amazing opportunities. In every class you see students ready to learn and sometimes even teach. The students there are excellent and very smart. College level courses. You learn knew things everyday. You learn in so many different ways. Are exposed to so much. I believe that when the students graduate, they will graduate with a bright future ahead of them.

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My son is a sophomore at this school second year playing baseball with them. Parents beware because coach Coy likes to yank aggressively on teenagers shirts when he is angry because they are losing. He did that to my son yesterday. I approached the coach but he waved me off, if this is what he does out in public, imagine what he does behind closed doors.

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One of Chicago’s exciting gems. Tremendous talent is being grown for a great future.

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I graduated from here in was and still seems to be a beautiful school.Many good memories.

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I graduated Lindblom in 2010. I know a lot of the teachers I had left, but I’ll still share.I didn’t have the best time here.To me...this school played favorites, and maybe they still do. When I was there they only cared about their “dream students”; basically...people who fit into an academic mold. And...the American school system has this problem period; a lot of schools don’t do much to deal with the fact that every student’s mind, heart, soul is different; they only teach towards a certain type...but that type doesn’t represent everybody. And...most molds aren’t totally evil, but just because a student doesn’t “look” a certain way it doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated with less time, energy, attention.And...I love learning. I’ve had career goals since I was seven: in science and art. I used to stay up late watching PBS, and getting lost reading about things online. I have expensive textbooks in my Amazon wish list right now. I get migraines from being unstimulated. But I didn’t fit a mold. I learned different, didn’t talk or dress a certain way, or have certain beliefs and views. And...I think because of that I was just thrown away at this school.The counselors seemed to do great working with students who had everything together, but they never seemed to do a good job with students who didn’t get the best grades, or students who you could tell had a rougher life. But...that’s a prejudice America has. The counselors seemed mostly concerned with the “perfect student”, and if you weren’t “perfect” weren’t worth guidance (or other things I won’t talk about, because I don’t have any proof).And it seems like now, with Lindblom’s new status as a selective enrollment school, they have a way to weed out a more diverse group of students like me. So now they have a higher number of their “dream students”. And I’m sure that in their limits, in the students enrolled now, there are good/smart/brilliant people. But, meanwhile, my hair’s falling out because I have a mind and no way to use it, partially because I lost four years of potential development from being at this school.And theres so much more I can say, but Ive lost enough sleep thinking about this school. I need to let this place go. I just wanted to share what I thought was this schools biggest problem.I hope this review...helps someone.

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I am going here in the fall. #SwoopSwoop

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Lindblom is a fantastic school, the students are eager to learn, and the teachers are amazing. At any moment any teacher will help you, even if you are not one of their students. The principal is energetic and caring, and so is the rest of the staff.

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Its a school where the students learn in all capacity..

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Great so amazing. T

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I loved the school the teacher are involved in the students course work and learning. I would recommend the Academic Center for anyone who wants their child to truly excel.

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Honestly... I didnt really enjoy my time here. I think they overreacted too much at my passion of drawing weaponary. Hell, Im somewhat pissed at the two suspensions and bag checkings. But hey, If your a normal person, this place is somewhat fine.

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Um... I see that this school cares about education, more importantly they care about people who learn differently from others, also they have sports 🏀 that help kids find their true dreams and I think this school is a fit or match for everyone who apply

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My brother went to this and he say it was great

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This school is nice and all, but I feel like the admistration doesnt take responsibility for anything. Instead of hiring more security or telling the current security to stop being lazy and sitting in a chair all day. Also, the lesson plans were bad so instead of improving them, they just make us do this online worksheet to death like program called IXL. With all honesty I like this school, but I know it could be better and it has potential. Finally, this may be different for some people but oh my gosh I can bareyb get service in this school and CPS blocks like every app and game and website and sometimes VPN doesnt even work.

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Pretty, arranged and attracting school, wish to share some issues with my school in Tanzania

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After like looking around the school and looking at the website and photos and reviews I think this is a really really good high school if Im eligible for it maybe I go here in 2016

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My son graduated with the classs of 2017 yesterday with a GPS of 4.0 . My son was in lindbloms band choir, and poetry club even represented in Springfield to get more money for the school and they accomplished that . Myson is not that out going student but certainly tried to fit in. He did what was required to be excepted into 5 Colleges with Scholarships but not listed in the graduation program nor did he receive any of Lindbloms s scholarships and he did apply for several (very competitive) In the future if your child gets into this school encourage them to continue striving even if they arent that popular student. I was a little surprised and disappointed with the whole recognition of scholarships portion. May be it will be handled better in the future. All students matter and should give recognition when they do what is required. Assistant principal and Counselors all students matter and help to build Lindblom. Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinion.

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Best school here at Lindblom. I will recommend for anyone in 7th, 8th and Freshman to come and attend the school. Get in to Lindblom. Go Eagles!!!

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This is a great school, dont let its location fool you.

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A bright Light in the midst of darkness...

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One of the best school out there in one of the worst neighborhood

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Amazing school

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Class of 84 Swoop Swoop Eagles baby!!

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Great school

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My cuz went and i wanna go 2

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Outside is clean and security on perimeter

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Great school

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Great school

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