Mansueto High School
2911 W 47th St, Chicago, IL 60632, United States

Review №1

This is the worst school, cant even show your good manners when someone sneezes and another person tells you Bless you because you will get a demerit, when you are in level 0. This doesnt have to do with discipline. It is sad that most of the students are unmotivated to even go to school. Show them a little more freedom to social life. Is this a jail or a school? :( :(

Review №2

Well I disliked the school at first but the school has changed me as a person. Im better off here than where I was distain to go. I appreciate all the support from the teachers and Im glad for staying if not I wouldnt have, met a special someone who has changed my view in life.

Review №3

Yes this school is very strict and can stress you out at times but this school is one of my favorites. I have learned alot in the 7 weeks school has been in session. Yes the reviews that say this is a prison but they are exaggerating. This is one of my top schools to attend.

Review №4

The atmosphere scared me once I stepped foot into this prison.

Review №5

CNN is fake if you approve of CNN you are a approving being lied at by the people who run the world, also mansueto is a bad school dont go, its fake like CNN

Review №6

Although i aint in this school YET i think itll be a good experience!

Review №7

Worst school ever!! This school is more like a prison than a school.

Review №8

Súper strict it sucks

Review №9

Im in pain

Review №10

I am very happy that my son studied there. They give individual attention and are waiting to help the student to continue developing in all areas preparing him for college.

Review №11

Instead of helping the noses they stress them out with their too strict rules and they give unjust detentions and dont be late, be guilty or dont care

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  • Address:2911 W 47th St, Chicago, IL 60632, United States
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  • Phone:+1 773-349-8200
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