La Petite Academy of SW Fort Worth
4151 Crosslands Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76132, United States

Review №1

We love this La Petite! We interviewed two other places before deciding on bringing our 1 year old daughter (now 18 months) here and we couldn’t be happier!! She LOVES going to school to see her friends and her teacher! Ms. Kristen is the best! She sends us lots of videos and pictures throughout the day and really interacts with kids. Our daughter has learned so much since she’s been there! The director Angie is wonderful too! I emailed her about a concern I had at 7:30 on a Friday night and she called me back almost immediately! It’s so comforting to know that our daughter is being cared for so well! Thank you staff of La Petite Crosslands for being Amazing!

Review №2

This was our first daycare experience with an infant to toddler. The staff has been very helpful and right now are doing all they can to keep the kids safe and healthy. We so appreciate the activities they did with our lo and how they kept us updated.

Review №3

I’ve worked in childcare for over 10 years and I’ve never worked at a more poorly run facility. The teacher who trained me was leaving to be a MANAGER at another location. Her approach to discipline was to take kids to the bathroom and spank them. Parents were not aware of this practice. I was shocked to say the least. Obviously when the classroom was turned over to me, the children’s typical attitudes fell apart because they knew I wasn’t going to hit them when the parents and cameras weren’t looking. I quit as soon as I could. It’s also important to note that because of lack of competent teachers, we were constantly forced to be out of ratio. It was a terrible experience and over my dead body would I put my own children in that facility. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but based on current reviews it hasn’t changed much.... if you’re a parent, make sure you ask if their cameras work!!!

Review №4

First of all, I’d like to say that the review about the teacher beating kids and this lady who posted it working there is completely false. La Petite has never had her working there or had a teacher leaving to be a manager at another location. I know all the teachers and ask questions about all of them. I am the paranoid neurotic mom that every teacher is Probably secretly annoyed by but they never show it because all are so nice. Why? Because I care about my kid. Angie, the director, has put up with me for two whole years and has done so ever so lovingly and compassionately. La Petite has completely changed the way I see daycares. My son has loved every one of his teachers and has thrived beyond what I feel I could do on my own. His teachers love him. Like they actually love him. His current teacher Ms. Bre is a godsend. My son literally will light up and run towards her when he sees her. His vocabulary is super impressive to me and he speaks in full sentences at 2.5 years old, knows all his colors, some letters, and every animal And much more. They have so much for him to do and they stick to curriculum. Every time that I have had an issue with a teacher or situation, Angie always addresses it immediately. I have nothing but great things to say about La Petite. My son is growing up with the same babies he was in his infant class with and that says a lot. There are parents that clearly feel the same about this place because their babies are still there! One thing I know for sure, when you have an issue, address it. Don’t “overlook” it because Angie can’t fix what she doesn’t know about. I have nothing but excellent things to say about La Petite. It’s worth every penny. I’ve had people offer to take care of my son but we rather spend the money for him to continue to go there than save money and him be missing out on the learning he is doing there. This place has my heart!

Review №5

Our daughter was a bright 2 year old. The teacher were in and out the door in the 2 year old classes. Came in on a few occasion and the kids were totally out of control. The manager Mary Ann called my wife and I on many occasions. As if our child was out of control. Who cant control or reach a 2 year old? Arent they professionals? Nope theyre not. We were told by a person who worked there. It would be better if we unenrolled from there. She said our daughter was being treated unfairly. So we took her out of there. I had it on good authority that others left for the same reason. They are baby sitters. Not a real learning center. If they were more professional it may have been different? However, to blatantly lie to a concerned parents face is wrong. Our child hasnt had a problem since. Its amazing what professionals can do. Not just having your friends around to work at your place of business.

Review №6

Our son has been here full time almost a year now, and our daughter is in their after school program. Management and teachers are all very friendly and helpful. Because of their positive influence, our son is way ahead of the learning curve for his age.

Review №7

I brought my twin boys to La Petite when they were about 11 weeks old and the staff made them feel great and put me completely at ease (very hard to achieve with me and my babies). I knew that my boys had the absolute best care possible when they were at La Petite. Everyone was so loving and caring.They would call me and let me know if anything was going on and I could call or come by anytime just to hang out and check on them.The team went completely out of their way in every event. Every morning and evening they would help me carry the car seats in and out of the building. When my son was in the hospital, they made every effort to help me out and check on me.I just cant say enough good things about the team at La Petite.

Review №8

My original opinion almost 8 months ago of this day care was pretty high, only because this is where my son learned to love school. He had a teacher he loved that was a great introductory but she ended up quitting so during his 2s class and it ended up being inconsistent with teachers, I was having a HUGE problem with them helping potty training which I ignored and decided to overlook, I pulled him out for two weeks and he picked it up, put him back and started having problems again. I left the center for the summer, his potty training benefited from this and we worked a lot on discipline cause he was 3 now. My son was to the point of saying “yes ma’am” and rationalized very well for a 3 year old. So we re-enrolled him a month ago for the school year which the price had gone up from the original one we were told but we ignored it. There was no set teacher in his classroom yet so there were teachers in and out. This center has the live cameras and I caught the teachers putting there hands on the children such as holding them down when they’re throwing a tantrum, pulling them onto a chair from their little arms and etc. I saw no structure which kids just randomly roamed the classroom and play fought with each other. There was some teachers that ignored certain kids or played favorites. All this I overlooked since the teachers were temporary, one last issue I did bring up to the director was because my son all of a sudden had disciplinary issues which wouldn’t make sense given the type of child he was. I told the director I was leaving the center because of things I observed and majorly for the issue of the day in which we immediately went to pick up our son as soon as we saw it, we’ve had enough and felt that they were telling us our child was the problem when I’ve never had an issue at other day cares. The director said what we saw was misconception and my son wasn’t being ignored when he was on the floor not being able to put on his shoes, it was misconception when the teacher kicked my sons shoes backs at him, and she went there afterwards and was informed he couldn’t be reasoned with when I saw him be ignored for half an hour until he just lost it and became agitated and angry enough to throw his shoes. We did not stop watching and she tried telling us that’s not how things went down. They also put his peed clothes in his backpack with no bag and dirtied everything else in there plus put some random little girls peed underwear in there too, they are seriously disgusting. Later she said she’s been meaning to talk to us because he’s been having too many discipline incidents which we were never made aware of, plus if you’re ignoring my son when he’s asking for help or being hit by another child and just acknowledge him when he’s past trying to get your attention then sorry but my child was not in the wrong. I heard this center has been focusing on getting new babies because they’re in high demand so they haven’t been focusing on the older children, I’ve seen a few people leave and I’m sure the director was trying to cover her behind by emailing me my child was the problem. Please look elsewhere, they don’t have the staff nor the experience to deal with your children.

Review №9

In May of 2012 my family moved to Fort Worth and I desperatly needed to find a great school for my children. I went to a few schools around the city and finally came to this school. The Director, Mary Ann Blake received us with so much love as if we had known her for a while. She allowed us to tour the school and my children loved it so we enrolled.My eldest was 3 and my youngest was 2. They loved coming to school and for me as a mother, that meant alot to me. Mary Ann has become like family to us and currently I have enrolled my little baby because of the confidence I have in her as an educator and a loving Director (Mom figure) to the children. My elderst graduated from here and attends one of the Top rated private schools in the city and my second child has joined him.

Review №10

My son has been going to La Petite Crosslands since he was in the infant room. He is now in his first year of Kindergarten and attends the before and after school program there. His 2 year old little sister is in the Twos. I have never been happier with another center. This is not just your average daycare. La Petite Academy is a school. Both of my children have developed way above average. My son already knew everything hes learning in Kindergarten because he learned it at La Petite! MaryAnn is the BEST director they have ever had. The school has improved tremendously since she came in as Director. The staff is always nice and takes care of the children. Another comment on here mentioned high turnover with the staff.. As a parent of children who have attended La Petite for the last 5 years, I can honestly say that high turnover of the staff is due to MaryAnn having high standards for what her center will be like and will not settle for anything less! LOVE IT HERE! I would never put my kids anywhere else.

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