Todays Kids Academy
10776 N Beach St, Fort Worth, TX 76244, United States

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My kiddo has been attending Today’s Kids Academy for about 2 years. I absolutely love this place. There hours and prices are perfect for my schedule and not overly expensive. The staff are all amazing. Every single one of them. I’m always comforted in knowing that when I drop my kiddo off, that she is in great hands. My kiddo loves it here, she looks forward to coming and has learned so much to prepare her for elementary school. Could not be happier with my choice her to attend.

Review №2

Our kids just love TKA, Carishma and the team are amazing and very responsive. I love the app, I see photos of my kids throughout the day and I know what their eating and how long they nap. Great communication and friendly, professional staff.

Review №3

My son absolutely loved it here! Great price for great care. The app gives great peace of mind throughout the day. Just wonderful.

Review №4

I am so pleased with Today’s kid Academy service. They were able to handle by 1yr baby girl with love and care. My daughter has learned so much from them. This was my first time experiencing any child care and i loved it. The staff is very professional and kind. They checked in frequently when my daughter was sick. Definitely recommend every parents 😀

Review №5

My aunt, Lupita, send her 2 yr old kid, Diego Damian, to this daycare. When we picked him up hes not always with the kids, hes not having fun like other kids. One time we noticed bruises all over him and it was from this daycare there was one in his arm and one in his chest and one on his leg. When we ask him if he wants to go to school he stars crying and he says no is ouch which means that hes been hurt in there. Today I asked him if he wanted to go to school and he said no and he was scared. I asked him if they hit him and he was saying yes,I asked how and he showed me that the hit him in the head, in the arm and that they hit him, he said cai which means falls in english, hes been abused by that daycare. I dont recommend you going here its not safe, they do this when parents arent there. The kids might of hurt him but its your guys job to be taking care of the children.UNBELIEVABLE

Review №6

Where should I start: we have nothing but positive to things to say about TKA.Our boys love it here since we switched daycares.. they have been super active in the their academic well-being/creating a safe environment.Plenty of fun activities: their message system keeps you informed.. while sending you photos. :)The staff: FIVE STARS!Teachers and Director are incredible. They really do care not only about your children, but the parents as well.

Review №7

Highly recommend! My daughter has been attending the school for a few months. She loves going to school and learning new things. She loves the staff. Carishma the director of the school is so great with kids. The entire team makes sure to have a safe & fun environment for the kids. The app they use is really helpful, they send you picture updates of your child and you know if they ate or slept during the day(Which I love!!). They include a healthy lunch for them as well as snacks and at really great prices.

Review №8

I love this place! My boys enjoy going every chance they get. The girls are so good with my boys. The app they have for being able to get updates & check ins updates me every time! It makes my day so much better knowing they are being taken care of esp with pictures :) I highly recommend them any time!

Review №9

Todays Kids Academy is such a bless to our family! The teachers and staff are all so awesome, patient, kind and personable. Great curriculum for the kids! My 2 children are thriving at TKA and love going to school! Thanks to Carishma and fantastic team!

Review №10

My 2 children 4M and 3F have been coming since they were able. Me and my wife both work full time jobs. Carishma and her team, have had a huge impact on their lives, from learning to talk, potty training, and their amazing programs to prepare them for PreK and beyond. I was always unsure about using a daycare, but I have no idea how we would make it without TKA. I cannot recommend this staff enough. An amazing investment in my kids futures which is paying off!

Review №11

My daughter loves going to TKA. Every day after school she says that she had lots of fun. The manager and staff are very nice. I love their app because they send you pictures, the meals they have during the day, and how much they ate, nap times, etc. The meals and snacks that they provide are healthy.

Review №12

Great daycare! Larissa runs this daycare to the highest standard! She deserves the most praise and I hope she’s getting paid good for all the hard work she’s been putting in for this daycare!

Review №13

Carishma has a wonderful school and a wonderful team by her side .My daughters are always so happy to go there .They are also very good at following up with parents.No one time I had to worry about my daughters well being and to me this is just gold.My daughters learn so much there and they often have theme days which is always fun and exciting for little ones and their parents.We love it there!

Review №14

The best daycare I’ve taken my kids to...hands down!!! The owner helped my relocation from out of state to be a smooth transition!She made the process so easy & one less thing to worry about; with me being a mom of 3, it was a big help! She followed up before I actually relocated and provided all the information I needed. Her and her staff build rapport with the parents and keep me updated throughout the day of my child’s meals, naps, & pictures. They give your child ample food and stimulate their brain through different learning & activities. They offer extended hours and keep you abreast any changes and/or events. The owner is like extended family! I highly recommend if you want a daycare where you feel at ease; that’s safe, clean, where your child will never be cranky (due to being hungry), & will actually learn!

Review №15

Our daughter has loved it here and demonstrated consistent learning from day 1. Owner and workers are really friendly, flexible, communicable, and the price is great.

Review №16

My kiddos have been attending since March, 2019. Prior to that I was at a stay at home mommy, so transitioning them to day care was both emotionally overwhelming and scary for my little ones. Were so blessed to know we have such a good trustworthy group of folks caring for our kiddos. We definitely have a few favorite employees and the owner is phenomenal! I would highly recommend Todays Kids Academy.

Review №17

My 3year old and 6 month old goes here and I will not change it for the world the infant room takes such good care of my son she has kept him smiling every day he is there. My 3 year old was scared at first but they welcome him with open arms every day and make sure he calms down and happy for the rest of the day I love all the teachers there and I would recommend this place for all little people.

Review №18

Part 1- Before enrolling our baby they established that no adult would be there without masks. No one other than infants and their care takers would be allowed in the infant room and they would always wear masks. But as days passed other people would be there without masks.(We have proof). When we asked The owner why were there people without masks during a pandemic, she said that one of them was the daughter of one of the caretakers.(she looked like an adult, who should have worn a mask) according to CDC anyone who is over 2 years old should wear masks. The COVID-19 does not care who is the daughter of who it will just infect everyone around them. So we took our baby off after this incident which was one of the many HAZARDOUS things we saw at Todays Kids Academy. (Again we have proof)Part 2- We had him enrolled for 3 days a week. The payment was due on Mondays. His last day was that Tuesday. Since we had already paid for 3 days and he only went for 2 days, they automatically agreed to refund the remaining $65 for the 3rd day, a check would be mailed out. 1 month passed, nothing. So I texted the owner asking the status of the check. She supposedly mailed, but cancelled it because it was not cashed out. And said if I wanted it immediately then I would need to come pick it up, or would have to wait a week for her to mail it out. I told her I could wait a week for her to mail it. When I followed up after a week to see the status of check, she refused to refund money because of my honest review on Yelp. They always contradicted with what they said they would do. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Look at my yelp review, I gave more detailed review about our experience at TKA.After receiving the response from the owner about my review: Again we have proof, invoices with the name Todays Kids Academy so I know and everyone who is reading this are not confused with other daycares.

Review №19

I wish I could rate this place 100 stars. My kids have been going here for about a year now and this place is just wonderful. The staff is very friendly. These people are also great with my kids. I live a bit ways away from this daycare but it’s totally worth the drive. I 100 percent trust this place with my kids no doubt about it. Highly recommend other parents to take their children here.

Review №20

Choosing the right childcare for your family is one of the most important decisions you will make. I highly recommend! TODAYS KIDS ACADEMY is wonderful and has the most AMAZING staff!. I never have to worry while I am at work.

Review №21

I absolutely love Todays Kids! My kids have been going here for over 3years now. As a single mum, they have become my village. Having to work weekends at times, super early drop offs, overtime days. They have saved me so many times. They have become part of our family. My kids are always so anxious to tell me about the fun and activities from each day. Also having them available for drop off and pickup from my kids schools has been an amazing blessing. I never have to worry. They have always been so kind to my kids and it shows in their everyday goodbyes. We love Todays Kids Academy!❤

Review №22

Todays kids academy is one of the best daycares my younger siblings have ever been too. The staff is great along with being nice and kind. Whenever i drop and pick up my siblings, their so welcoming and always have a positive attitude. Todays kids academy is very safe and theres no where i would like my siblings to attend.

Review №23

My daughter has been coming here for 3 months so far and is loving it! The staff are friendly and very responsive to messages. They send me updates and pictures regularly and their prices are competitive. Their hours are perfect for our busy family and Im never worried about her safety. Mr. Mike, Larissa, Katrina, Carishma, and the rest of the crew are attentive to any concerns and take incredible care to keep the kiddos safe from getting sick; everytime I look in, they are disinfecting surfaces and cleaning toys. In addition, they have helped my daughter over come her speech delay and she is regularly using sign language. Im so glad we found TKA and when we decide to have another baby, they will come here too.

Review №24

My daughter attends Todays Kids Academy and absolutely loves it there! She has learned so much for the short time she has been there, they have a good curriculum and great teachers! The owner has done some great updates to the building and we love getting picture updates of my daughter throughout the day and seeing her have fun!

Review №25

This daycare has undergone a lot of changes for the better in the last several months, to the point that I have increased my rating. At the time of my previous rating, they were understaffed and the place felt extremely chaotic. Now, things seem much more structured, with scheduled educational activities during the day, and during the summer they had fun, affordable field trips every week. My kids have been going there for almost three years now, and the current staff are patient and competent while still remaining firm.

Review №26

My boys have been attending TKA for about 9 months now and I love it. The staff is amazing! Ms. Maggie and Ms. Jessica make you feel welcome and keep me updated on kids. I love the new renovations and owners have been great. The hours work for my busy schd and that’s a plus.

Review №27

My daughter has been attending here for two months. She can be difficult to handle; she cries and cannot communicate well enough to express her thoughts yet. The teachers at TKA have been awesome. My heart breaks every time I drop her off, but these ladies are a godsent and I can go to work with less worries. Ms. Krystal is very observant and seems to know what my daughter likes and tries her best to comfort him. The other teachers are also very patient. The people at the front desk are always very nice and make sure they give me a nice summary of my daughter’s day. I have heard of some of the new changes coming and I am very excited. I don’t know how it was before, but I am very happy with how it is now.

Review №28

Do not send your children here........ director and owner seem to hire anyone without completely making sure that individual is in a good state to hand other people’s children. In the short tome my children attended; they experienced abuse at the hands of a teacher who was related to upper management so many things were over looked. When addressed the owner and director neither seemed surprised or had any concern for well and safety of my children. Several days after the accused individual was still employed at TKA. 🤨🧐 the owner could careless about the children only care for the money. Very money hungry individuals and should not be running a center caring for anyone’s children.Update: just because I saw this response...You did no investigation at all until after actions were already taken..... how unfortunate as a owner you have to lie to protect your reputation no integrity at all or accountability for anything. what really goes on in that center...oh and FYI the ONE other (besides yours) center I reported was fined and there was a law suit which my lawyers successful won! Not really sure where you got multiple from but your information is incorrect and please try not to tell fables because your word is your bond and as a business owner you could loss credibility...your long term teacher still has a open cases against him yet he is still employed there!! I wish to see the report!!!!! I have some I could show as well.Also, thanks for responding to a google review this is the most I got outta of you. When the issue was reported to you at the time only thing you could say was “you weren’t there.” that’s alarming! My children weren’t the first to leave because of abuse and as long as that teacher is there I’m sure won’t be the last. Lastly I would never report anything in a malign way before any of this came up everything was fine we spoke and joked around everyday I dropped off and picked up the only issue I ever had with your center was the hitting and you all did a poor job of dealing with that.Bless your hearts

Review №29

I would recommend this daycare to everybody. This daycare makes your kids feel like they are at home and they show the love and care for your kids

Review №30

All the staff there are good people and I feel so comfortable sending my son there after school everyday knowing he is in good hands! The new owners are so nice and wonderful people! Ms.Jessica is a sweetheart (MyFav) and one of the best staff there My son and I absolutely loveeeee her!!! I recommend Today’s Kids Academy to anyone.

Review №31

Carishma and her team are awesome and kind! They helped me out with Brightwheel access and even texted me my son’s progress throughout the day while they were fixing the app issue. They go above and beyond and I recommend them to future parents needing care for their children.

Review №32

They have been very patient with my children, new management is great and new renovations are coming together nicely , positive changes, Jessica is awesome teacher and very patient with the children love her, just other workers need to work on communicating better with parents its ashame the place has so much potential.

Review №33

Do not send your kids here they are very rude to the parents who knows how they treat our little ones when we r not there

Review №34

I was at the Albertsons drive through pharmacy this evening and could hear children playing on the playground that is right next to Albertsons (my window was down to speak with pharmacist) & I heard a man yell at the kids in very loud mean tone! I go on with my business and hear it a second time! I would never send my kids here to get screamed at in an abusive tone. Terrible that this man is getting paid to take care of children.

Review №35

My child has been there for almost a year now and they are a great group of people.

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