Luv N Care Learning Center
4451 Boat Club Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76135, United States

Review №1

I had the pleasure of obtaining my professional development credit hours observing Luv N Care for my master’s program. The staff was very professional and friendly. The facility was clean, and inviting. While observing, the teacher was attentive and patient with the children. The circle time was awesome and structured in a way that was engaging and informative. I was made aware that they use Frog Street as the curriculum which is awesome. The children enjoyed being there. The teacher did a great job establishing personal connections and relationships with them. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a safe , welcoming, loving environment for their children to learn and grow.

Review №2

My son has been going to Luv N Care for a little over a year now and he loves it! We get in the car and he tells me all about his day!From the first day I started working there I have always felt welcomed. Erica and Brittany are always smiling and joking with everyone! I really enjoy working with them! They are the best!

Review №3

My boys love it. My babies get excited to arrive in the morning and often walk in without looking back. When i get them in the evenings they are blowing kisses and waving. My boys are treated like family and clearly adored. Thank you luv n care!

Review №4

Do to the circumstances we live in today, the most outstanding feature of this wonderful childcare is how diverse it. It’s what the world needs to see. These kids are the future. The staff are generous, and my kid learns. She is now Potty training as well as learning colors, Letters, numbers, and more. Through this pandemic I’ve been essential, and luv n care as been there for me and family. I didn’t have to take off, because luv n care was essential as well. That has been very helpful. The professionalism is where it needs to be. The staff takes the time to know the kids, as well as well develop their own type of relationship between one another. Upgrades are looking great in the facility, and with it being under new management, the daycare it’s self has come a long way. It’s affordable, and I would recommend this childcare 110% to any one. If you’re looking for professionalism, diversity, and teachers that have an agenda, this is the place for you. The director Erica will take care of you. Thanks.

Review №5

Our son Jacob loves it here. We moved here from Tampa a few months back and were in search a good learning center to put him at to make sure he is ready for school in the fall. Luv N Care is a great place to be and Ms. Velma is really awesome!

Review №6

I highly recommend this place. Our daughter has been here since June 2019. We love it and we have seen tremendous improvement with the new management. We are happy parents.

Review №7

Five stars!!! My son loves it here and he is blossoming! I will recommend Luv N Care to whoever I can.

Review №8

We tried few other day cares/schools in the area for our 5 months old princess and 2 year old boy and finally settled down here @ LNC. The staff is very helpful and caring. Director & Assistant Director are always there to help and make you feel comfortable so we can leave our little ones in good hands. Love the new changes they have been making with the center. Enjoyed the Breakfast with Santa big time recently !!!we have been here for 2 months now and would not go anywhere else. Btw, Tuition is very reasonable compare to other centers in the area. Couldnt have asked for more....

Review №9

We recently moved to the area and needed childcare for our son. Our son has been there for almost three months now and we couldnt be more happier. We are greeted each morning and our son is greeted by his name which makes his day. If youre looking for a learning center you should really go check them out!

Review №10

I love this place!! My daughter has been going to the after school program for almost a year. The staff is super attentive! As kids do have issues, her teachers and or Mrs. Jasmine have been amazing at helping her resolve any conflicts that have occurred along with communicating with me. My daughter struggles with ADHD and needs structure in order to thrive!! Luv N care provides that for her. It gives me peace knowing she is there after school safe, and having fun. She has friends there 💖. I would highly recommend this place for your child.

Review №11

There is not a better place in the are for child care! I know when I drop my daughter off for the day that I have nothing to worry about! I would highly recommend this daycare!

Review №12

My daughter has been coming here since she was three months old (now five years old), and they’ve taken care of her as I would at home. She loves her teacher Mrs. Natalie who has been with her from the start, and Mrs. Jasmine does a great job of making everyone feel at home. Highly recommend this daycare to anyone with kids.

Review №13

I love the changes since new management has started its clean, teachers are happy and my grandchildren are excited to go to school each day. What an awesome day care

Review №14

My 3 kids are very happy here. All teachers here are very nice, caring and friendly. I was initially very cautious for my 3 months old baby but teachers in infant room have completely made me care free. Tuition fees are the lowest in the area. excellent daycare, no complaints so far.

Review №15

This day care is a great place to take your kids. Since the new management has started, its clean, teachers are happy, parents are happy and our grandkids love going here.

Review №16

I’ve had to head back China due to my elder father got sick seriously. Before I never left my boy for a single day. My husband and me decided to sent him to Luv ‘N ‘ Care because time press and it’s most close to our house, and the lady accepted my son under potty training. 3 weeks later when I back from China my son was still one ear infection, I was told he was sick just went to center after two days. His nails were such longer I am doubt the teacher never checked and not worried my son nail could hurt somebody? My husband told me when he picked him up the teacher said his diaper was wet she could changed for him before going home. I don’t understand they had potty training every 2 hours how come wet diapers at the end of the day? The worst thing is he now refused to toilet, no matter pee -pee or poo-poo. I don’t know what my son experienced these 3 weeks he is very scared we mentioned words like school, day care etc. Dressing for him always said not for ‘bye bye’. I decided to take back my son even we were told to still pay two weeks tuitions. Even we know they had many problems can be found. Now I decided to spend some time to start searching good daycare around us. As a mom I had to tell people how important to choose a good daycare for your kids!

Review №17

Very affordable tuition in the whole area. Caring staff and nice facility. I have my both kids here for last one year and no complaints.

Review №18

Absolutely love this place! Brittany and the rest of the staff are wonderful! Would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №19

Very nice people in staff. They are constantly improving the center and classrooms. Nothing more we can ask in Preschool we were looking for. Very affordable tuition too. btw, they accept CCMS parents. My both kids go there for last 2 years. we are very happy.

Review №20

I have only been here for a few months and i love working at this place. The owner not only cares about his business, but actually cares about his staff and the kids.

Review №21

We love this daycare, they really care for my son and other children. my son really enjoys it. they are very patient with my son when he misbehaves or slow in learning process. I recommend this daycare to my friends and family members as I know how difficult it can be to find a good one these days.

Review №22

I have had my kids in this daycare for several years due to financial limitations. It seems like every other week I’m being called to pickup my kids, before I available to, due to a lice infestation that can’t be controlled. There was even an occasion where several parents, including myself, were denied the opportunity to drop of our kids because the center was understaffed. I’m thankful that I only have one year left of dealing with this center and I can finally get my kids out of there. Research elsewhere and find a better place where to leave your children. There are options nearby.

Review №23

My daughter Nova Lee has been going there since she was just less 6 months old and its a great place!!!! Highly recommend !!!

Review №24

Very caring staff. Affordable fees. Clean and open space layout. Friendly management. Best quality child care in the area !!!

Review №25

My oldest has been coming here since he was 2 (he is 5 now) and my youngest goes there too. These ladies are like family.

Review №26

I love this place! Very affordable and the children are very well taken care of whoop whoop go luv n care!! ❤️❤️❤️

Review №27

My kids and i Love this place. Very friendly staff and director is always welcoming. Reasonable fees and there is nothing to complaint.

Review №28

This is very much so a real review smh.. every single 1 star cant be fake. I was looking to enroll my 17 month old and I noticed several red flags! Everyones standards are different when it comes to their little blessings therefore, mines deserve better. My baby currently attends a nice, clean daycare, wont say the name for obvious reasons, and we couldnt be happier! it pays to wait and tour multiple facilities rather than regretting a decision later on. Thanks for your concern.

Review №29

Best Day care in the area, very nice teachers and awesome Director. Very friendly staff. My kids 2nd home. No complaints at all.

Review №30

Best Pre-K and Infant program ever ! My 2nd kid is in after-school care and their activities are awesome. Very reasonable fees compared to others. Caring staff and management. No issues so far.

Review №31

Great teachers and very affordable tuition. They really care for the kids.

Review №32

Both of my girls go here and we love Luv N Care!

Review №33

Friendly children & staff

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