Fort Worth Zoo
1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States

Review №1

One of the most well maintained and interesting zoos. I love how green and well shaded the place is.Exhibits were definitely more interesting than other zoos Ive been too with some have some running water. Highlight animals for me were the mountain lions, coyotes, red wolf, hippo, and some of the monkeys.Theres a good variety of animals here and I saw some Ive never seen. Lots of information and trivia plaques talking about the animals. I feel like you can learn so much here.

Review №2

My first time visiting this zoo, and thought it was nice, but definitely not the best zoo in the nation. We went on a Friday, so it was a little crowded and tons of school kids were there. Parking was a long way out because we arrived about 10:00am. They do charge $5 for parking and admission was $32 for two and a toddler, and the train tickets were $4 for adults. The exhibits were nice, and it looks like they are expanding or remodeling. There are definitely a lot of bird exhibits! There are shops and restaurants inside the zoo, but we only stopped for a snowcone at one of the vendors. The train was not a sightseeing train through the zoo, it only took you from the back of the Zoo to the front…which is well worth it if you have a little one with you. I’d like to go back once all of the work they are doing is complete. It took about 2 hours for us to get through but we didn’t explore all of the bird exhibits.

Review №3

Clean and beautiful zoo. Their exhibits are beautiful and most animals have lots of room to roam! I’ve been a few times and it doesn’t disappoint. A few exhibits were closed, but there’s so much to see, you hardly notice. Spent a whopping 5 hours here!

Review №4

Well maintained. Cleanliness is good. Fee various kind of animals including reptiles and water animals. Some places are in construction so definitely new exciting things on the way. One in DFW must visit.

Review №5

Very beautiful and clean zoo. I love their childrens play area and splash pad area. They have a train and merry go round. Lots of cool areas to see. There are many opportunities to feed certain animals. I definitely recommend d coming here!

Review №6

Fantastic zoo, the new Elephant exhibit is awesome with water guns and a beautiful waterfall! My favorite exhibit is the Hippos, its at the far west side of the zoo and has a 50 glass wall allowing sub-surface viewing of the Hippos! One of my favorite places to take the family. Also there are 3 new baby giraffes you can feed for $6.

Review №7

We really enjoyed our first visit to this zoo! Exhibits have tons of nature and they are all very well taken care of. It is very easy to walk through it. My 3 kids under the age of 6 were able to see plenty of animals. There are access ramps throughout the whole zoo and all doors have automatic open systems. They offer several shows for kids at different times during the day. There is also a little petting zoo area. The zoo gets pretty crowded though, so the earlier you get there the better. I wish you could see more animals from the train ride (a bit pricey). Parking is $5 and on Wednesdays prices are cheaper!

Review №8

One of the greatest zoo in Texas. It’s bigger than you actually expect it to be. I enjoyed the wide varieties of animals and birds and reptiles and fishes. I like the way they we kept. Well managed. There are lots of things to watch and enjoy.

Review №9

Very nice zoo! Has a great assortment of animals from a variety of different environments. Some parts are under construction but, still plenty to do and see.

Review №10

Awesome zoo for a reasonable price. Tons to do and great for all ages.My two year old had no lack of entertainment and there was so much to do that we couldnt do everything in one trip.

Review №11

Very nice, clean and great-sized zoo with a wide variety of animals. People here are nice, polite and friendly. We are a family of six with 4 children visiting from Bay Area of California and our kids loved it and had a great time here to see and learn about lots of awesome, cool and cute wildlife animals!

Review №12

Let me start by saying we enjoyed our day. The kids had a great time and thats really #1 on our list. Others have mentioned some of the negatives (having to pay for exhibits inside the park, construction, etc) but the biggest thing for us was it didnt feel like theres a lot to see. Lots of walking and beautiful foliage but not a lot of animals. Also, they advertise pretty heavy that theyre the #1 Zoo in the US. Not sure how theyre measuring that but we would rate the Dallas Zoo higher so we must be missing something on the rating.

Review №13

My daughter and I have the best time at the Fort Worth Zoo today. They have done some updates since I have been here last and I really liked the giraffe feeding area addition. They have a lot of construction going on for the tiger exhibit, which will be opening in 2023, really looking forward to seeing what they have planned. My only critique is that they did not have hand sanitizing stations throughout as I would have expected. Always a good time here though.

Review №14

A very good Zoo, probably the best one in Dallas right now and by 2023 it will get even better. One thing tho Im sad that some animals were off exhibit such as the African Lion...

Review №15

This is actually a big zoo, lots of animals, reptiles, bugs, and other things to see. Its a whole day thing. Summer is really hot so be prepared for it, especially with children.

Review №16

My daughter and I visited the Zoo and we both were very surprised at how big it is. There is a lot of construction going on so I dont want to hold that against them. I plan on going back again real soon. Ill keep you posted.

Review №17

Top notch zoo. The place is well run and clean. They do a great job.

Review №18

The zoo was so fun! We loved seeing all the animals! It was under construction when we went so I can’t wait until the predators are open to see that amazing new area! The only problem was that the food areas were all closed except the burger shack so they were so busy that ordering took 20-30. It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend so you think they would have opened more things.

Review №19

Absolutely love this, it was educational, well maintained. The environment was clean. The food was nonsense. Theres no signal when you go to eat.

Review №20

Great July4th with kids. Feeding the giraffe was pretty cool. Also touching the sting rays were also exciting. Overall a great experience and we will come back surely.

Review №21

The Zoo Is Amazing ! I just wanna say please teach your Train Staff that ITS OKAY to help someone with kids struggling to get their stroller folded up and inside the train instead of standing right there like an idiot and choosing to ignore someone in need. I AM SO BEYOND grateful to the lady that got out of her train seat to come help me out. 🥺 I dont know your name but i am so thankful for your help today. I wish everyone was as kind as you. 😭

Review №22

The Fort Worth Zoo is a lot of fun and great for the family. If you collect smashed pennies be sure to bring quarters and pennys for the machines!The giraffes are very coo and you can feed them lettuce, for a price. Also dont skip on seeing the Harpy aka Buckbeak from Harry Potter.My only issue with this Zoo is major areas were under construction and the layout is linear and not in a circle. Prepare yourself to backtrack and look at the map when planning your path. You can also bring specific drinks and food into the park to save some cash. If you park in the zoo parking lot its $5.Overall fun zoo, a good amount of animals, and fun for the family.Bring sunscreen and hydrate because Texas is hot!

Review №23

Awesome half day zoo! Four stars only because about 1/3 of the zoo is closed for updated exhibits projected to open in 2023 (cheetahs, tigers, zebras, hyenas, lions). Also, the elephants are slated to reopen Spring 2021 but theres still a small section to see them from afar. Once these are completed it will be 5 stars for sure! The rest of the zoo was great! The animals were super active and fun to view and learn about. I was also super impressed with the Texas Wild exhibits and got to learn a lot about Texas that I never knew! The Savannah exhibit is really awesome too how close you can get to viewing all the animals!!

Review №24

Absolutely beautiful!They are in the process of building bigger and better exhibits for the animals.Go when they open , when its cool and the animals are up.

Review №25

Every year new attractions and new set ups. I keep enjoying it year after year. Named #1 Zoo in USA.

Review №26

My first time going here and we had a blast saw different than the normal animals here.lots of fun stuff for kids to do and the staff was awesome

Review №27

We love our zoo here in Ft. Worth. Being members really makes it even better.

Review №28

Really lovely zoo! Its undergoing heavy construction of the main attraction animals like the Lions, Tigers, Zebra, etc. but has plenty to offer aside from those!Stingray cove is the best touch pool Ive ever experience and the Primate area offers great views of some great apes!Cant wait until 2023 for the construction to finish and see everything back up and in full throttle!

Review №29

Great experience, a zoo with a lot of Texas animals to see. For the kids there was tons to see they do have a petting zoo. A good addition was the Texas wild life area that had a old western area. Recommend going, only thing is that some areas wont open due to renovation happing currently. Even without those animals and exhibits still fun.

Review №30

Visited this zoo instead of Dallas due to recommendation from my dentist. And it was an okay zoo. I thought it was good. The food was good. I thought it was weird that the guy who took my food order was stand off-ish. Maybe need to reevaluate some of the workers. Some areas that I did not like would have to be the shopping areas because they were low in stock in toddler shirts and I really wanted to get my toddler a shirt. I think that maybe all of the gift shops really need to be updated because they were running low on a lot of things. I thought the animals were cute and my toddler enjoyed. The fish exhibits could use some work, too.

Review №31

AWESOME 👌 even though the zoo was under construction we had an awesome time, feeding the giraffes and seeing the silverback gorilla was amazing. I cant wait to go back when they finally get the lions, and hienas. I didnt see the wolf or the kangaroos i dont know if i just missed them or they were not there.

Review №32

Been to quite a few zoo’s in my day, but this is one of the worst. Don’t understand how it’s rated one of the best... The zoo itself is relatively small, getting to it involves fighting with traffic to go down this narrow road (which took an hour to get to the parking lot once we got within 1.5 miles of the zoo itself). The whole social distancing is non-existent, only staff members I saw were working concession stands and even then, those were limited. A good deal of the animals are by themselves and look miserable and either lay there in the back corner away from people or are walking around in that depressed/anxious manner. Be sure to buy your tickets online and print them out, otherwise they won’t let you in. Saw countless people get turned away to leave and print them off since “their digital scanner did not work...still”. Don’t waste your time with the Fort Worth location, go to the Dallas one instead.

Review №33

This is probably the best, if not one of the best zoos I have been too. The price of the tickets and a $5 parking fee is very affordable and cheaper than the Dallas Zoo. Parking is convenient and there is plenty of it. Once you get inside the zoo, it is very spacious, especially if you want to still maintain social distancing, even on a busy holiday like July 4. And you definitely get your moneys worth. One thing that stood out to me about this zoo was how interactive you could be with the animals or get an interactive experience. Theres the zoos Elephant Springs where you can watch elephants play in the water and spray them to give them a drink of water, or the African Savanna, which allows partons to walk all the way around the area to see the giraffes and feed them at a single outpost location. The scene is beautiful and quiet, and the area is so large, you can come close to the giraffes from any area. You can also get close to otters, bears, birds (and feed some of them too). There is also a Texas Wild area for kids and a place to learn a little more about Texas, as well as an air conditioned sitdown area where patrons can eay Pizza Hut or a couple of other restaurants for a decent price. The zoo is also well shaded to keep cool from the sun and you can easily spend hours there as it continues to grow with another exhibit to be completed in a couple of years.

Review №34

Zoo is under construction as of 8/24/21 but Im happy its changing all for it.

Review №35

A very reasonably priced zoo that as weird as it sounds, feels so much cleaner than other zoos like San Antonio Zoo. We couldnt find the sharks we were told about, but this zoo has a lot of offer!!

Review №36

Perfect place to come!My fiancé set this date up for us and it was so beautiful and perfect, so many visitors and people of color 👍🏾 this place had more exotic animals than the Dallas Zoo, they are doing more construction to build a bigger zoo! (2023) some variety of food places were open but now all. Try out the dots ice cream very good place but a bit pricy for a small cup that doesn’t seem to have bigger sizes and also the souvenir’s as well but overall you are paying for such a beautiful site whenever my child is born she will love it here.

Review №37

It started off raining and because of construction several of the exotic animals we don’t see daily weren’t on exhibit and will be absent for two years. Otherwise the experience was great especially feeding the giraffes.

Review №38

Great zoo. Skip the Dallas zoo, go to this one instead.

Review №39

Very cool zoo. Probably one of the best I have been to.

Review №40

Great place to visit for people of all ages! The tiger and lion exhibit is under construction until Spring 2023, but the elephants, hippos, jaguar, and rhinos are all highlights. Also, definitely worthwhile to check out the stingray feeding.

Review №41

When you get older and the kids get big. You never think about the zoo till you have grandkids. Then you wonder if your in shape for all that walking. Cant they put all the animals in one spot. It was like i needed a nap after all this excitement. But, you cant go wrong with kids or without. Suggestion bring a small cart to put stuff in or the kids if they get tired. It definitely will help. Also, make sure you do the feeding of the giraffes and stingrays little extra but well worth it for the experience. Hippo experience was great also the kids face lit up. Overall was great day.

Review №42

REVIEW: @fortworthzoo is such a great zoo! It has been rated as the top zoo in the nation for several years in a row now, and it truly is a wonderful #zoo if you like them. This has been one of the BEST memberships Ive purchased for myself and my kids. We go once a week and spend an hour or more. The park is huge and it would take a full day to see everything and even then 6 hours (hours are 10am-4pm) may not be enough because theres so much to see.Currently, there is a huge construction project underway called A Wilder Vision which includes the lions, tigers, leopard, hyena to name a few so prepare yourselves not to see those until 2023. Even though the construction is ongoing, there are still lots of great exhibits open:*Toyota Childrens Ranch & Petting Corral*African Savannah*Australian Outback*Flamingo Bay*MOLA (Museum of Living Art)*Parrot Paradise*Penguins*Raptor Canyon*Texas Wild*World of PrimatesTodays exhibit highlight is Flamingo Bay! Enjoy the photos of some of the colorful flamingos. I will say, this is the one exhibit that Im thankful to be wearing a mask through. Those birds are beautiful but they sure get smelly! 😂 Do worry too much about the smell though, its right at the entrance so youll be through it quickly to enjoy the rest of the #parkWhether you get a membership or just visit for a day (Wednesdays are half price), you should definitely plan a trip! Go online to make your reservation up to 3 days in advance. You need that before you go!

Review №43

One of the best zoos I have ever visited. A great variety of animals to see, friendly staff, and the fact that you can feed the giraffes is a huge plus. I felt like a kid again!!

Review №44

It’s got it where it counts. The animals look happy, very well taken care of. It’s a joy to walk in since there is so much shade and very pleasant landscaping.It’s very crowded and hardly anyone is wearing a mask. Why even bother having to reserve a time and spot, if there’s no social distancing, no masks and it seems to be operating at full capacity? It seems tacky and counter-productive.And yes, it is expensive to buy things and food. Duh, it’s a zoo, that’s how they make money! For $16 you’re getting a gorgeous zoo and even the MOLA, which is worth the admission price alone. But come on, that’s on you. BYOWater and snacks, even a cooler, no one checks your bags.I had a good time.

Review №45

Jaw dropping amazing, loved taking the neice and nephew, also my little one with her mother by my side.Quite a walk to see everything so take your tennis shoes if you have that in mind.Apsolutely loved the snakes and arachnids, feeding the giraffe was awesome!!! The little one got a little scared but she was just a year or so old, still cute though the smiles we did get 😁😁😁 very satisfied

Review №46

Well kept up, I recommend getting there early as it gets seriously busy! A lot to do for the family! I cant wait until 2023 for all the new extensions! Hopefully that will give the elephants the space they deserve as right now they dont have a lot of room at all and I was disappointed to only see one gorilla as thats my favorite animal and idk maybe the others were hiding haha! Over all I loved it and so did the kids!

Review №47

What an awesome zoo. We went while visiting my mom from out of town. Awesome variety of animals and very reasonable entry price with a few small paid options. One of the only zoos weve ever been able to actually been able to feed giraffes! Will be back next time we visit for sure.

Review №48

I loved everything about it. Even though some parts are outdoor exhibits, people still kept their distance and wore mask. For it to be a zoo... it didnt smell horrible like most places that have any type of animal lol. Even the food was delicious 😋 Im excited to see the new add ons coming 2023. My family and I will be returning.

Review №49

#GiGi&PawPaw’sGRANDadventure! With Carter#FunTimes! With our grandson.

Review №50

Place has a lot of decorations and they seem to be in the way most of the time especially with large crowds. Has ramps everywhere for strollers/wheelchairs which is great. Hardly ever out in the sun with how much shade is there. Texas town isnt too bad mostly like a tourist place but still fun. Do not recommend going on a holiday weekend though place was beyond packed.

Review №51

A decent sized zoo. This zoo had a very detailed amphibian / reptile exhibit. There were more birds and amphibians than mammals. The penguins were adorable. There werent many food options currently but you could bring your own food. You have to wear a mask to walk inside but the place isnt too crowded and is manageable. They handled the Covid epidemic quite well. A good 3-4 hour visit overall and quite enjoyable.

Review №52

This place is incredible. The Velociraptors and Stegosaurus were our favorite exhibits. Be sure to ask about the Bigfoot Encounter. Theyre adorable.

Review №53

Had no idea we had to purchase tickets online so we had some trouble getting the tickets but once inside it was pretty awesome! Only complaint is there was no big cats 🥺. Definitely recommend visiting!

Review №54

Parking was not too bad. More masks than not. Lots of strollers. Giraffes and flamingoes are the best. A lot of construction inside. Had nice weather. Would not enjoy in the heat.

Review №55

Lots of exhibits. However some of the things you may want to do, you may have to wait a bit for. For example, feeding the stingrays. If they have already been fed, you have to wait an hour or so to be able to do that. Which you would need to hang around to get a good spot in line or else you will have to wait again. There are tons of sitting places and eating places.

Review №56

Mannn is it a lot of sweat to go during the summer. It’s definitely worth it, and the kids enjoy seeing so many animals!

Review №57

This is a wonderful zoo that offers tons of exhibits for every age group. The zoo is small enough to see everything but large enough to spend a whole day here. I absolutely love how clean it was when my wife and I went.My one disappointment is that many things were closed on the day we went.

Review №58

Its just OK. I dont know how this Zoo is ranked #1 in the Country.Theres always exhibits under construction. The shaded main viewing areas at each exhibit are so crowded with people and strollers that you cant even hardly get through.The food options are a giant joke. The line for the Burger Shack took over 30min because the Jungle Grill is closed. I know you can bring your own picnic lunch but it would be nice for other quicker options. There needs to be more misting tents and or water features for super hot days. Having a beer to go option for parents would be a sublime idea as well.Half price Wednesdays is a fantastic idea! Just be sure to be prepared for a big crowd.

Review №59

Needs to be alot more handicap equipped doors are heavy and hard to open me and my husband are both in electric wheelchairs and theres no automatic doors very few of them aside from that we love going there on our anniversary we our first&3rd year but missed going our 2nd year due to the COVID OUTBREAK Love the sites

Review №60

This zoo is rated number 2 in the US. I am not sure if the recent freeze is to blame but the habitats are barren of vegetation. Also the habitats are small. It made me sad. It could have been all in my head but the animals seem sad. I think they need more space. And more stuff in their habitats. They boasts over 350 different species but most are fish and birds. New Orleans has a better zoo bc the habitats are more natural and they have a variety of big animals. Ijs it doesn’t seem as if I saw 350 different species unless you count the fish tanks. Flamingos 🦩 galore are plentiful. The Fort Worth zoo is disappointing. I have seen better. Furthermore, the layout is not continuous from one area to the next. It is laid out like a 🍀 which makes navigating the entire zoo cumbersome. I prefer squares, circles rectangular shapes so you can see everything without having to go back out the way you came with maps sparingly placed. The food choice was mediocre at best. I did not see a scooter 🛵 checkout. It was Eh.

Review №61

Such a great place to take the family! We went during the week which was perfect, not many people there at all. We will definitely be back to visit again, out daughter had a blast!

Review №62

Awesome place for everyone! Lots to see and do, prices are fair, and the exhibits are beautiful! The animals were active around 11ish when we went. Great experience! Definitely recommend!

Review №63

FW zoo is handling health precautions very well with tickets only bought online, time slots to prevent overcrowding, masks requirements and hand washing stations. We last visited on thanksgiving and there were actually quite a few people there for the noon slot!I do not necessarily like wearing a mask outdoors especially because Im already socially distancing, Im not in peoples bubbles in the first place. That being said, I respected their rule and wore my mask.This past visit was kind of underwhelming because of the fact that our fave big cats werent there. And we knew beforehand that theyre working on the big cats exhibit, but its still was sad not seeing them. The sign said they would be back in 2023.We ended up buying lettuce to feed the giraffes. For three leaves of lettuce it was $6, I wouldve thrown a fit if my daughter didnt get to actually feed a giraffe. But she did, so its fine. Also, the tickets seemed higher this time from when weve visited last,Anyway, it was a cool trip. I dont think we will visit again soon since the cats arent there at the moment and my kiddo really only goes for them.

Review №64

Great experience I will come again after they get the lion and tiger exhibit up and going

Review №65

We have been coming to this zoo my kids whole lives. My daughter is 18 and my son is 14. They still enjoy it very much! I wasnt sure how the zoo would be handling Covid, but it was very well managed. Lots to see and do as always. Very clean and lifelike spaces for the animals. Tons of animals to see and super fun safari exhibit at the end. Handicap accessible and fun for all ages!

Review №66

Loved it! The animals look healthy! Restrooms were clean. The food, & janitorial staff were very nice. Very big zoo, couldnt finish watching everything but still enjoyed every moment. The price was good! Ice cream $4.50 1 scoop. For 2 burger meals was $21 but the food was very good. Admission prices are very affordable! Spent $65 total for 1 adult, & 1 child, food, and desserts, parking and admission all together. There are outlets in everywhere just in case you want charge your phone. The gift shop was ok, good prices and high prices. You should buy a camera, and a tripod to take pictures, it will save you a lot of hassle.

Review №67

Fort Worth Zoo is always a great place to take your kids to and even better when you make your teenagers pretend they were small again.

Review №68

By far ( we had visit a few zoos) the best zoo, the habitats for the animals are amazing, they few species we havent see in any other zoo. They have a petting zoo, a texas town. Definetly a must see

Review №69

A good sized zoo for a family to enjoy in a day.Reservations were needed which may catch you by surprise but we were able to get a reservation for the same day.

Review №70

Amazing zoo, it has a huge variety of animals and Pavillions, you can even feed and touch the giraffes 🦒 it takes approx 4-5 hours to see everything. Be ready to bring a cap, sunscreen and some water. It is worth the entrance, kids and adults that enjoy animals will love it. All animals I saw were in great shape, well fed and clean spaces.

Review №71

Best zoo Ive been too lizard area is awesome and monkeys were funny, good amount of kids activities to do as well, just some areas are under construction so you cant see big cat area during March 2021.

Review №72

One of the best zoo in US! During covid times, recommended to book tickets online with date and time slots. Kids will surely have a blast

Review №73

Great zoo! Great atmosphere as soon as you walk in. Feel like you are in the wild yourself. Great variety of animals and close up experiences, through glass or up close and personal. Takes about 2-3 hours at minimum depending how long you view animals. Most will ask, Dallas or Fort Worth? If I had to pick one, I would pick Fort Worth. Both are great but Fort Worth has more to offer and little better experience. My only downside is the expected one, the price for food and drinks... $4 plus tax for a soda drink or bottled water. And of course food, including candy is jacked up.*Pics of some animals included in post*

Review №74

We had a wonderful time making awesome memories with the family. Cant wait to see all the updates coming in 2023

Review №75

Wonderful experience even with it being partly under renovation. Would have liked to see the big cats but perhaps next time. The giraffe exhibit is probably one of the best I have seen. This is a must visit if you are in town.

Review №76

It was a great day. Staff is very helpful and attentive. We got tickets ahead of time and it was fun. The Splash Pad is a wonderful addition since the last time we visited! Especially on a hot July day! If you go on half price Wednesday or the weekend expect it to be busier than usual for obvious reasons.

Review №77

Great time for the kid. Lots of animals and activities.

Review №78

Well so far just getting into park is a bust. We reserved tickets for 10am, and it is 1030 and we havent even made it in yet to park. Not sure why it is so slow other than the booth for parking?More to come once we get inside.parking More? Well only 2 booths and three lanes coming in from 2 directions. Now once inside, everything flowed very well, never seemed.crowded. all the animals were out. Very impressed, the habitats were clean and marked well. Easy to get around. Cant wait to come back. Back again, no chords, easy in. Animals were out. The 2 small pieces of food to feed the rays is a joke though. And why is the train so much for a 3 minute ride 1 way?

Review №79

Very fun place to take kids. We really enjoyed all the active animals and how clean the zoo was. Great atmosphere

Review №80

Great zoo. Lots of construction so if you want to see a certain attraction you may want to call first. Additional charge for parking. The property is not a square. It is long like Italy and Florida. So get ready for a lot of walking.

Review №81

All the animals were active. We had a great time. Bring your own snacks and water. Every food atrium is closed for now. The snake and reptile exhibit was mesmerizing.

Review №82

One of the best zoos I have ever been to. Animals look healthy and happy.

Review №83

First time going and it was excellent! Great place for the family!

Review №84

Very nice, peaceful place. Prices are good. Some advanced construction going on for a future environment. So, we want to go back after its complete. But its easy to get to from I-35 West.

Review №85

I expected to have more fun today but my anxiety was really high with the enormous crowd and the lack of mask wearers especially in more closed in areas. The ladies restroom in children area was not very clean and had a terrible odor.

Review №86

Labor day weekend and its in the 90s and the Dippin dots and all of the snack stands are closed. Only 3 food places were open. The pens for the animals were small, especially the small penguins. Overall experience was a 2, but the animals raised it to a 3. Good variety of animals and trails were nice.

Review №87

Fort Worth zoo is the best zoo in the state of Texas hands-down. I’ve taken it upon myself to travel just to see how zoo’s compare to what I’ve always known growing up in Fort Worth. there is no comparison! The exhibits are over the top and it is obvious of love and care shown to the animals when it comes to placing plant, flowers, rocks, or other things catches animals amusement. I’ve gone to others zoos that have their animals in cages!! Are you kidding me? cages, mental wire, with dirty enclosures. If you want to take in many of Gods creations, it’s going to take you at least four hours at the Fort Worth zoo, because they have so much to offer.

Review №88

Wonderful place. Im glad to see that they are building a new habitat for the big cats,etc. I will be anxious to see that in 2023.

Review №89

3 stars because it was WAY TOO CROWDED, NO social distancing, parts were closed but that’s okay, great animals, lots of Varieties I would definitely recommend, after the pandemic is over,

Review №90

Best zoo! Cant wait to come back when the African side is done!

Review №91

Nice variety of animals at this zoo. The habitats are very nice and interaction by feeding the animals is available to some of them. The Texas area is unique and picturesque.

Review №92

What a fantastic zoo. Ive been to zoos all over the country and this one is right up in my top 5. It is clean the animals are very well taken care of and the staff is very knowledgeable.

Review №93

The best day is half price Wednesday! I came today with my friends and we all had a great time! We were able to bring our own sandwiches and drinks so it wasn’t too expensive for us to be here. I know some zoos don’t allow outside food and drinks so it’s nice that they do. I can’t wait for the animals to come back soon! I’m sure the new enclosures for them will look great!

Review №94

This is a great zoo! The entrance fee is minimal, theres a great splash pad area, theyre constantly updating and improving, restrooms are plentiful, the exhibits are visually accessible while still giving the animals a bit of privacy and theres a ton of natural shade, fans and misters so a summer visit is fairly comfortable. Advice: 1) Get there early so you have time to see it all and, 2) Bring your own water and food because concession are expensive. Loved the primates!

Review №95

So many different animals to see and the giraffe feeding was amazing! We got there in the morning a little before opening and were able to get parking right in front. Stood in line for about 10 mins and then got right in.

Review №96

This is by far the best zoo that I ever visited! Love the trails,animals,exhibits and the mini outings. It is bigger than you think and it features all kinds of animals:monkeys,zebras,lions,snakes,crocodiles, elephants and so many more. They are also fairly reasonable to get in,also affordable food. Whether you fly solo or or with a group,it is a great place to explore the outdoors.

Review №97

It was extremely good, according to my 12yo grandson. There was alot to see and do. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Easy to get to and loved the variety and set up.

Review №98

They need filtered fountains for kids to run through... its Texas heat.... just sayin. But still the only zoo to go to in DFW area due to the accessibility to see the animals. You can feed the giraffes for 6$ a head of lettuce (kinda pricey, but worth it if you cut them in half). Feed the giraffes first and enjoy the Savannah, feed the birds in the the bird cage ($1?), see the gorillas, jump on the bouncy bridge on the other side of the Zoo, and check out the sea otters which did laps back and forth along the glass when we went. Sometimes its just a be there at the right moment and you will get amazing views of the animals. If its too hot, the animals could be in the shade. If its a little cooler, they will be out. Still the only Zoo to visit in the DFW. Great Zoo. Cant wait for it to get warmer again to go.

Review №99

It’s a great place to go but I would have chosen another day to visit if I knew they were rebuilding most part of the zoo. There are only three zones available and you pay the same price as before. By the way the lettuce sellers were rude because we didn’t buy to feed giraffes. I think that’s ridiculous no petting only feeding.

Review №100

Great last minute outing to the Fort Worth Zoo on Christmas day. Admission was still half price as it was Wednesday. $8 for adults, $6 for children, $5 for parking charger. Elephant exhibit is currently under construction. Should open in Spring 2020. All special attractions and restaurants were closed. However there are several vending machines throughout the zoo for candy and drinks. Thinking of feeding the giraffes? Be prepared to pay $6 for three leafs of romaine lettuce. I loved that all the animals were out and visible. Maybe its because I generally visit in the summer time. I love the updates and the open concept.

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