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700 W Bonds Ranch Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76131, United States

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My children have attended this daycare for the past 3 years (ages 2 and 4 for reference). The director and the staff here truly care about the children and their well being and regularly send home paintings/activities for the kids which warms my heart! The facilities are fairly new and in great condition. Yes, kids get sick in daycare, that is life, and not the fault of CNI as another reviewer mentioned. Im not too happy about the change to Small Wonders (a significant price hike) but hopefully the additional equipment and video monitoring will be worth it. I also hope that they will be able to improve the compensation for the teachers, because they are really what makes this place run so well and I would hate to see any turnover of the current staff because my little ones are so attached!

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We used them before covid. Sorry it took me awhile to get this review in here. The teachers were amazing, but it often seemed like the ratios of teacher-to-student were not in line with what was required. Additionally, it seemed like we were nursing our child back to health over the weekend just for him to get sick again by Wednesday and being forced to pick him up and start the whole nursing to health process all over again.All-in-all the teachers and curriculum helped our child advance in many ways, but the cost vs. services rendered due to sickness was lacking.

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We have been here since our baby turned one! Thru covid and thru the winter storm damage they have taken well care of our little baby. Everyone has been patient and caring!

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The director at this facility is very phoney. Ive witnessed her cater to certain teachers because they are friends and those who are doing the job as needed are treated horribly. Teachers are uninformed and untrained with dealing with kids with certain special needs, Class rooms were sometime crowed with multiple age groups, teachers were physically exhausted, the front desk was crowded with staff(her friends) standing around laughing and talking while the teachers in the classroom were struggling to get help.I wouldnt recommend working for or enrolling your child at this particular center. It is unprofessional and at times unsafe due to the lack of leadership and understaffing.

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Was considering putting my child in this facility until I saw an accident almost happen in front of me. This facility has two entrances. One is at a very awkward position to the entrance to the neighborhood on the other side of the street. A car from that neighborhood had been waiting to make a left turn on to Bonds Ranch when a car from the daycare center pulled up and darted in front of them making their left turn. They narrowly missed each other because it is impossible to make proper left turns from either side. The placement of the daycare driveway is causing a very hazardous situation. They need traffic flow control where that entrance is in only and the other one is out only. It would also be safer for the kids if parents knew which direction the cars in the parking lot are going. Our previous daycare centers had traffic flow controls. Our HOA said this facility has been asked about it in the past and nothing has been done. Surely they can see they are causing a dangerous situation for the people on the street and the kids in their parking lot. Not sure I want to put my kid in a facility that has so little disregard for safety.

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My grand daughter attends this daycare and they are outstanding. The care of the staff is very good, and she is extremely happy.The access is sometimes difficult, but in many cases the highway dept, county, or city dictate where the entrances and exits can be placed, and the traffic flow in and out of the lot. If you pass this daycare up because of that, you are making a mistake.

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Idiotic to criticize the entrances/exits as one review did. No issues whatsoever with being able to view traffic from either direction of the 2 lane road and in no way is a complaint of traffic (relevant or not) any kind of indictment as to how well child care at this facility is. Which is exceeding well.

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PARENTS BEWARE!!!!!!!!The experience we have had with this daycare is a long story. So I wont post it here. What I will say is please DO NOT enroll your child at this location! Unless you are ok with the teachers physically striking your child in the face, leaving your toddler crying in a bathroom while they leave and take the other children outside or have your child pulled by his ear and told they are a bad boy. And to spend countless days calling and leaving messages for corporate to call you back and it never happening. If your child already goes here and you would like to know the whole truth of what all happened from a person who actually witnessed some of this then please reach out. But most importantly I beg you DO NOT leave your kids with this daycare. No not all the teachers are bad. But the director is horrible, super fake and a liar and so are her assistants! If your kids already go here I urge you to find other childcare. Oh and btw I found out those cameras they have do not work at all and havent in years per Tilly which is I believe one of her assistants.

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Would leave 0 stars if I could, they neglect and ignore your babies

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