Blue Springs School District Services
1801 NW Vesper St, Blue Springs, MO 64015, United States
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The majority of the teachers dont care if your child fails. They will not give you a lesson plan or let you know what assignments are due. They have online grade books, but they dont update them in a timely fashion. So if your child is missing work or got an F on assignment, you wont know for on average 10 days. They will not notify you if your child isnt turning in work, or if your child is struggling. They will only find time to email you if your child mis-behaves. Youll do fine if you have a well organized, self starting, motivated honest child. But if your child struggles with those things. Well you might want to check out other alternatives. Or youll be doing lots of summer school or online classes when your child fails.

Review №2

The adults are children. Completely ineffective, unresponsible, uneducated, not reading or email people, and without good judgement. Hired for their appearance. Reading skills are important.

Review №3

One star is the least i can choose or i would say no stars!!Blue springs bus barn does not return phone calls me and my husband have left messages with concerns and nobody calls us back. My daughter was lost on the first day of school nobody could find her and the bus driver wouldnt answer his radio. Nobody at the bus barn answered for me or the school the whole time we were trying to find her. She was however on the bus with the driver and luckily he brought her home. My older children whom were on the bus told the driver they needed to get their sister off but the driver ignored them and actually slammed the door in their faces! I do know this as a fact due to my husband and his ex wife were standing at the driveway and witnessed this! When the driver finally brought my daughter home when i asked him about the situation he told me my 6 year old daughter is completely at fault and needed to pay more attention😢 i did meet with the principle and supervisor of bus barn and unfortunately that went absolutely no where and their solution was i just needed to take my kids to school and pick them up if my children did not feel safe with this bus driver that was no a good solution for me due to i need to work.On another note this bus driver is rude to my older son and he has came home crying multiple times saying the bus driver has told him individually he cannoy talk and has written him up multiple times! I do know his rudeness is accurate due to my 6 year old has told me the same stories before the 2 have spoken!Blue springs school district bus barn needs better management and people who care to return worried parents phone calls!!!

Review №4

One of the best school districts just ask for something and they will give it too you I know I went to all the schools without a problem, and there is powerschool to know what your grades are.

Review №5

Everybody is so nice and kind to us and one another! Its a very loving enviroment

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This place is full of such amazingly friendly and hard working people!

2.8 Rating
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