Moreland Ridge Middle School
900 SW Bishop Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64015, United States
Review №1

There are issues at the school regarding bullying. The staff doesnt do much to help. My niece was been tortured by a bully for the entire time she was at the school. Now the bully is torturing her younger sister at the same school - the bully was one year younger than my niece. No matter how involved we try to get the school doesnt do much. We even went as far to complain at the state level. This is what we had to do to get noticed. Its a shame because of school should be a safe place for a child but not at this school.

Review №2

I went to this school for a year and it was the worst year of my life. There are a few great teachers but most are so crooked. I got a day of ISS for underhand tossing a marker about 20 feet. The teachers call home and say you did stuff that never happened, and it was just overall terrible. And the one assistant principle has herpes on his left ear

Review №3

I read a review on urban dictionary, and I can understand where that kid was coming from. This school seems like a hell-hole, in which kids are burnt in their classes for not swearing and the lunches are made out of food pellets. I really do not recommend going here, if youre child is internet savvy/ and or nerdy.(p.s. I am from Florida)

Review №4

The food was amazing! All my teachers were hot!

Review №5

This is the worst walmart ever. They even closed down the indoor swimming pool.I give this 1 clorox/5 cloroxs.

Review №6

I am so regretting moving to Blue Springs. The food at MRMS SUCKS! Why do the torcher us kids. God, I still got 2 years here.

Review №7

Only a few teachers actually care about their education, and there are too many people on the buses, my son said he was sitting in the aisle this morning.

Review №8

School is amazing and p.s NEVER EAT THE FOOD!!!!!!

Review №9

I came here to use the bathroom. I havent come out.

Review №10

Its a really good school

Review №11

Terrible just terrible

2.2 Rating
  • Address:900 SW Bishop Dr, Blue Springs, MO 64015, United States
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