Paul Kinder Middle School
3930 NW R D Mize Rd, Blue Springs, MO 64015, United States
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I moved to this school in 7th grade I like it but there is way to much drama at this school than my other one. Some teachers can be really nice but they get really mad at stupid stuff and the food is not the best. But the lunch ladies are nicer than the ones at my old school. And when I moved no one showed me around and I was really confused but its a nice school.

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I kinda like this school, and I moved here to finish 8th grade. The food ISNT good, huge complaint at this school. Its really easy to make friends if you actually try, and the teachers are sometimes a bit dumb dealing with kids and all, like literally always blaming me for something I didnt do, or not understanding what I did and such, but those are small things. Overall its a nice way to wrap up your middle school years.

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This is where I went to middle school many years ago. Bullies cant be tamed with the punishment they receive. Incompetent teachers make fun of what students will wear. Food is cold and soggy, (got sick many times). If you can avoid this school, then I highly recommend you do. Your children will grow miserable.

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I just cant describe this school in words. It can get on your nerves, but it is amazing!

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I like some of the teachers at the school,theyre really nice,(and funny too),& I liked meeting new friends there & my friends that Ive seen in the past.But tbh the food there is ok.Sometimes they serve good food & sometimes they serve the same food almost everyday.The principal & assistant principals are really nice.And I really like one of the lunch accountants there too.She is really nice & she talks to me everyday about positive things.Ive known her for 2 years now & she is the best lunch accountant in this school.

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What exactly is considered bullying in your school? Someone can throw things at people on and off of the school bus, grab things out of someones hands in class and on the bus, curse, yell and be disrespectful to another student in class and on the bus, attack them verbally on the bus and even elbow and physically push someone off a seat of the bus that could cause possible injury should the victim hit their head or rib and this is ALL acceptable behavior??? This is a travesty. Because they didnt use a fist, that makes it all okay? The kids that do these things on the bus are never suspended from riding the bus which is what needs to happen so their parents know the inconvenience of their childs actions.

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I dont like this school and it has a depressing vibe. I dont like the food at all. The gym locker smells like a skunk and the teachers are just plain rude. Its true, and you know it dont say its not true!

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Summer School Named Paul Kinder Middle School I have a 6th 7th 8th grade.

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I loved this place because they teach u about family,friendship,joy and happiness i just went there last year then i moved and im so upset 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Wow lookie there, a 3 star on a public school. Neato

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Why are people writing school reviews? Its a freakin school! You cant rate a school when the point is education! and its from the students of all people

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Best out of the 4 blues springs schools

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Ala Kadabra!!

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3.3 Rating
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