Dogwood Lane Childrens Academy
1551 Arrowpoint Ln, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Review №1

Dogwood Lane is the absolute best. The teachers are wonderful and they have an excellent curriculum which they share with the parents.. Beautiful Montessori styled classrooms, with functional toys & no TVs.Every single staff member truly cares - we are always greeted by our smiling toddler at the end of the day & a smile from the staff.They serve organic fruit / whole foods everyday with a rotating meal plan. Hand made meals each day, so good I wish they would pack lunches for the parents..When we have our second child, they will be going to Dogwood!- A very happy Dogwood Lane parent

Review №2

During our brief stay in Charlotte NC, we decided to send our 3.5 year old son to this school. We highly recommend this school! The teachers and staff were able to work with our son with some of his behavioral issues he has had. The teachers are absolutely outstanding and also incorporate some love with their lessons. We had a hard time saying goodbye to this school (job relocation) but we enjoyed our experience! I have recommended this school to people we have met around Charlotte NC! We will miss them greatly!

Review №3

Trying to explain that being vegan is akin to food allergies was like trying to explain the flat earth theory to an astrophysicist. We were flatly told not to come here by a member of their staff.

Review №4

If I could give Dogwood a 10/5, I would! They are simply amazing. It is so evident that the staff cares so much for our children. They engage with us as parents multiple times a day. Whether that be a funny story, developmental updates or recommendations. They truly go above and beyond. I am a new mom, and it has made me rest easy that my girl is taken care of. They have themed weeks where the kids focus on their development in relation to the theme. EX: it’s animal week so they have tailored activities so the kids can focus on learning their animals.My girl had an allergic reaction to blueberries, and the staff took it SO seriously. They requested a doctors note, and labeled EVERYTHING with a warning within the hour!It is so important to give credit, where credit is due. This team deserves that credit and more! We love Dogwood!!!!!

Review №5

Dogwood Lane Children’s Academy is the right place for your child! The leadership cares about your child’s well-being by developing great curriculum, providing nutritious food, and a safe place to play and grow! Their prices are reasonable and lower than many preschools in Charlotte, NC. If you want the best value all around, contact Dogwood Lane!

Review №6

We’re so lucky we found Dogwood Lane!! It’s different from any other daycare our kids have ever gone to. So much thought and care is put into every aspect of the school. We loved the healthy meals/snacks, the hands-on activities (which are developmentally appropriate and switched out every week!), the caring teachers and staff, and the focus on simple and natural learning. It’s owned by a wonderful couple and they – along with their daughters – are so involved in the day to day life of the school. One of the owners, Jessica, even works one-on-one with students every day to deliver an individualized learning plan focused on bringing out each child’s potential and helping them master whatever task they’re working on. My kids absolutely loved Dogwood Lane and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a caring place for their kids to learn and grow!!

Review №7

My 3yr old son has been at Dogwood since the day they opened and we adore it. Both my parents are life long educators and when we toured their response was “how soon can he start?” Really well rounded programs and structured 1-1 learning. Oh, and as a mom I LOVE that I don’t have to pack lunch!!!

Review №8

The owner speaks to his employees any kind of way just because he feels he can. Yelling and belittling. Then once you quit because of this he goes back and change your pay to minimum wage. After working there for a little over a year I would have not expected that to be a reason for me leaving. The answer is no I wouldn’t recommend Dogwood Lane Children’s Academy to anyone.

Review №9

After 4 months of attending DLCA, I think we can give a solid, honest review. We absolutely love this place! It’s not easy leaving your child in someone else’s hands, but the teachers here are top notch! It’s comforting to be able to go to work knowing that our baby is being well taken care of. These teachers have become like second mamas to our little guy, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Not only do they take care of his basic needs well, they teach and expose him to so many different learning opportunities. Things that we would never think of! Plus, we truly enjoy all of the daily picture updates! It puts a smile on my face to see the fun activities our little guy is experiencing. We can’t say enough good things about Dogwood!

Review №10

We have been going to DLCA since they opened. This place is a gem. We feel so fortunate to have found a place that genuinely cares for our twin boys, while teaching them through one-on-one (yes, one-on-one) lessons, and encouraging learning through play. One of my boys is reading shortly after turning 5 and the other isn’t too far behind. We get updates throughout the day and are alerted immediately if any issues arise. The few instances we have had issues they were resolved so quickly. The whole staff is exceptional and the owners are such a pleasure to work with. I could go on and on all day about how amazing Dogwood Lane is. The closer we get to pre-k graduation, the sadder I get that we won’t be apart of this truly wonderful establishment.

Review №11

Dogwood Lane Childrens Academy is an amazing place for your children. I love how they do things completely different from any daycare Ive ever experienced.They put so much thought into their learning experiences. Children use real, raw materials in their toys (things like stacking smooth stones, building with raw wood blocks, etc.). They use teachable moments like allowing children to smell spices and feel textures from nature.Plus, their nutritional program is out of this world. They serve organic fruit snacks instead of processed foods. They source their ingredients from local farms...and even have those farmers come in and teach the kids as part of their farm-to-preschool program. They even have a nutritionist that consults on their meal plans.The design of the daycare center is incredible too. You can tell they put so much thought into the design of their rooms. They have like twice as large of classrooms as anywhere else Ive ever seen.And, on top of that, their prices are really reasonable!I love that theyre closer to Uptown Charlotte so you can spend extra time with the kids while driving in to work and on the commute home (as opposed to a daycare nearby the house where they get dropped them off right away and dont see them again until long after work).Highly recommend you check this place out. Its like a 5-star resort for children every day!

Review №12

While in the process of relocating, my mother performed tours at several daycares throughout Charlotte. The first thing she told me after her visit to Dogwood was, Every other place is fine but Dogwood isnt just a great daycare, its a school. Our daughter (19 Mos.)has currently been attending Dogwood Lane for a year and her development has been leaps and bounds above what we could hope for. The level of care and attention to detail from everyone at DLCA is second to none. The owners are their daily to support the staff, the children and their families. The staff are not only focused on child development and safety but keep an open line of communication with us parents. I am truly grateful to DLCA for also going above and beyond during Covid. They have rolled out policies that are thoughtful and well communicated and not once have I felt that my daughter or my family is at risk under their care. Kudos to the entire DLCA team!

Review №13

As my children were relocating to the area with my precious granddaughter, I had been given the all important task of visiting and feeling out daycare providers. Upon arriving for a tour at DLCA I was greeted warmly by the Owners. Contentment exudes from the children and the caretakers were all equally friendly. The facilities were amazing and I felt myself becoming anxious as children as young as three eagerly joined in to enhance my tour by showing me how they learned to count and do math. Why was I anxious? Because I wanted THIS to be my granddaughters experience! Happily, my sweet baby is now a member of this community and her Mom and Dad are just as thrilled as I am! Thank you Martin and Jessica Salas for bringing your intelligence and love of children to Charlotte. The vision you share is evident the minute you walk through the front door.

Review №14

I highly recommend Dogwood. My daughter has attended since they opened at the beginning of October. She had previously attended a daycare down the street. She has been in daycare since she was just over 3 months.After just two days, she started actively crawling and I could tell she was overly excited to go to daycare everyday. Dogwood provides all sorts of sensory toys and games for them to explore. It became clear that she was bored at her last daycare and was already learning and advancing a lot quicker. She soon began standing and holding her own bottle. She talks a bunch and enjoys crawling around very fast.I enjoy the local fresh food and the opportunities for the kids to try new things. Sara does an amazing job at creating a menu and delicious meals and snacks for the kids to enjoy. She even leaves samples for the parents to try so we know what our babies are having.The inclusive tuition is another plus. I know my daughter will be able to engage in activities as she becomes older.The daycare uses an app to communicate with the parents daily. I love getting pictures and updates throughout the day on my daughter.The owners are very involved in the day to day and show a genuine passion for the children to all be treated as their own. The teachers are all very communicative and show their care and compassion for the kids.I am overly impressed with the academy and am so glad we took a chance moving our little one here to be a founding member. I am enjoying watching them grow and develop. We are happy to be part of the dogwood fam.

Review №15

Admittedly, I was apprehensive about sending my child here because it was so new with very few reviews. I went against my better judgement and went with another well known facility. My son came here after a 3-week long less than desirable experience at another center. There, he cried all of the time and looked miserable on every update they would send. Here, he is happy and comes home ready for a nap every day which means he had a great day of fun and enrichment. I adore the teachers in the Infant room as they are always so welcoming.I appreciate that they follow my wishes as a parent and create a safe environment for him to explore. DLCA takes on a Montessori approach and puts their unique STEM spin on it. I like that they incorporate the natural environment into their curriculum as well. The rooms are spacious and they allow him to explore everything versus singing him to a seat or crib. Even as an infant, he is exposed to so many cool things.I really love this school for my kiddo and cannot rave enough. Everyone there seems to really love what theyre doing and they seem to really care for each of the kids there. I appreciate that the owners are hands on. They get into the classrooms and observe and help out as necessary.

Review №16

Both of my children - a 3 year old and a 9 month old - have been attending DLCA since August of 2019. Before then we had a nanny and I was concerned about their transition. I searched for a facility that was learning oriented, with an emphasis on “child development” over standard “child care.” Specifically I wanted a program that incorporated Reggio Emilia and Montessori. I toured 6+ centers over 3 years and could not find a place that had all of my wish list items... until DLCA. From the moment I walked in the door until this moment (1 year later) writing this review, I have been repeatedly astounded by DLCA and all that they offer. From basic kindhearted customer service, to fostering a loving, child-centered approach to my children’s learning.My 3 year old wants to go to school every single morning and often wants to stay later when I come to pick him up (sometimes this makes me worry about me haha).My 9 month old does not cry when we drop her off and her teachers post wonderful pics of her eating, playing, laughing, and sleeping - easing my mind about how she spends her days.I am writing this review for any other parents out there feeling like I did before DLCA... I recommend contacting them and going in for a tour. Seeing is believing.Thank you DLCA for all you do!!

Review №17

My son has attended DLCA since shortly after they opened and it has been such a joy not only to watch him grow here, but to watch them grow as well. As someone in the legal profession, I am very impressed with how by the book this facility is in every aspect of their operations from their sanitation practices to their highly trained staff. They continue to improve upon systems and methods and I can only imagine what a fantastic place this will be in the years to come - they’re already the best in Charlotte. Well done, DLCA!

Review №18

Finding a safe, clean and loving environment for my newborn grandson was one of the most stressful events my family has ever experienced. I was ready to give up my career to stay at home and care for him myself when my daughters maternity leave ended. Then Dogwood Lane Childrens Academy opened for business and our prayers were answered. I love the environment, the staff and most of all I love to see my grandson smile and grow in their care. I would give this facility 10 stars if it was an option. Our 6-month-old loves DLCA, the proof is in the pudding as they say. No better testament to a childs daily care than one who smiles upon arrival and comes home happy. I am beyond grateful for the peace of mind the staff at DLCA provides. Thank you DLCA for being there for our most precious babies.

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