La Petite Academy of Charlotte
917 E W.T. Harris Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28213, United States

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Our daughter just started kindergarten after spending over 2 years here. The location is within walking distance of our home and the university where my wife is studying for her doctorate, making it extremely convenient. Given the exorbitant cost of daycare these days, La Petite Academy provided an exceptionally safe, caring and inclusive environment at a very reasonable cost. We would strongly encourage anyone in the area to consider this location as a wonderful place for their young ones to learn and grow. We have no doubt that our daughters experience here played a vital role in preparing her for the next phase of her life, and beyond. Big hugs and great thanks go to Ms. Jambee and the entire staff of La Petite on Harris Blvd.

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Toured this center and I loved it. Classrooms are setup nice. Children were well behaved and I could tell the teachers really love their jobs. Upon walking in I was greeted by the front with warm welcoming. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer my children.

Review №3

About 3 years ago my daughter was hit by Kizzy Roseboro. My daughter waited until we left to tell me and when I saw her arm and how red (marks of the teachers hand plastered) it was I was infuriated. I went back to tell the director (Thomas) to show her and tell her. After I took pictures of her arm, she said she would look into it. I filed a police report and called the state to report it. The director didn’t ever back to me until instead I kept calling her and then she said they didn’t see anything on the tapes. I went to the office to speak to her about it and she allowed the worker’s (kizzy) daughters to be in and out of the facility as they pleased. They could have also worked there but I only saw them in the afternoons. By the time the state got back to me the footage was gone. These daycares are only required to keep footage for a very small amount of time. The daycare as well as it’s entity Learning Care Group who owns other daycares (please do your research) never reached out to discuss the matter. They acted as if my daughter and I made this up when I clearly showed Thomas what happened to her that day. I hope Kizzy, Thomas, the people that helped cover this up and the people that work around kids when they are not in fact suitable to work around kids never have to endure someone you don’t know abusing your child and acting as if nothing ever happened. Parents be careful of these people that work in these daycares. Drop in randomly whenever possible. If you can, select a daycare that has cameras everywhere and you can see everything that’s going on. Also, talk to your kids daily about their day. my daughter could barely tell me any specifics of that day bc she was so scared.

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I was interested in this location as it’s super close to my job but after reading the review from a few days ago I will be looking at other daycares. No parent should have to go through the things that was described by Jael Brown and no I do not know this person just a mom on the hunt for a new daycare for when my husband returns to work—post Covid.Shame on this director and company for allowing this type of behavior as it’s very unprofessional and I’m shocked because this location seems to be very busy..makes you wonder how many other parents have felt this way and have been afraid to speak on it bc they don’t want their kids to be treated any different. I hope the company takes this matter serious as the behavior is completely unacceptable and seems to be a pattern here.Jael, if I were you I’d be doing everything to get those employees out of that facility! Go to the news and report it do what you have to do so make SURE your kid is treated fair! Virtual hugs sent your way!Edited:Just saw the other negative review from the other parent from 2 months ago! WOW. That’s all I have to say. As a company you allow your staff to put their hands on kids?! Wth???

Review №5

If you are looking for a great day care provider that is a safe professional place for your child or children to attend, KEEP LOOKING! La Petite Academy on Harris Blvd is a dysfunctional, unprofessional place of establishment. The class room teacher, Ms. Keta is very lazy. If it requires any little effort into making your child a successful virtual remote student, she will not do her part of it. She will lie on your child as well as the teacher. She will lie and say your childs log in credentials arent correct because she is to lazy to assist your child/ren. For a few weeks I kept getting phone calls from my childs school stating that my child was marked absent and tardy on the days he was supposed to be doing remote learning at La Petite. When confronting the director, Ms. Thomas about my sons absences, Ms. Thomas became very defensive and could not give me a direct answer. Instead of reevaluating her staff and conducting further investigations, she acted very unprofessional. She took up for Ms.Keta as if they were home girls that hang out at bars every weekend. After all the confrontational events that took place on last week, Ms.Keta allowed my son to get bullied as an act of retaliation against me. Again, once the teacher and director were confronted, they acted like wild, ghetto hooligans and closed the door in my face while I was still talking. As a decedent of Africa, I hate to use the term ghetto. However, that is the exact description of what La Petite Academy is. La Petite will take your registration fees, your weekly fees, and then shortly after that they will treat your children like scum bags. Ms. Rodney is the only staff there that is professional as she greets the parents and children each morning. The director Ms. Thomas is unorthodox, unprofessional. She should not be a director over any daycare where great children attend that belongs to loving, attentive parents. Our kids are our future. No child deserves to be mistreated. I would not recommend this provider to care for a flea that laid eggs and hatched on the back of my dogs!

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Great daycare. The staff really makes the difference as theyre incredibly friendly and kind to the children. Its great seeing my child come home with new manners and cute expressions day after day.

Review №7

I have 3 children that attend this daycare center, My oldest has been attending since 2015 and my younger two since infants. I can honestly say that this daycare is a hands on facility, the teachers and staff are there to teach them the age appropriate curriculum and every day learning skills, and it shows at home. They come home singing along to songs theyve learned and wanting to do school work such as writing coloring, identifying shapes etc. Im grateful to have a great daycare 5 minutes from my home, that my children love. Im also grateful to have a staff that is so involved with the parents and children, you all are appreciated.

Review №8

These ladies are wonderful! They work with each child to make sure they are getting the best care possible. Good price, nice facilities, good education.

Review №9

My daughter is my world and I was so nervous when it came time to put her in daycare. When I toured LPA I felt so welcomed. I immediately knew this was where I wanted my daughter to be, and I wasn’t wrong. She started LPA when she was about 4 months and she is now going on 3 years old. I absolutely love this center.

Review №10

My oldest child has been going since she was an infant. My youngest is attending now. I would never choose a different daycare. I know my children are in the best hands!

Review №11

My kids have been going here for over 4 years. They are family and they do an amazing job! Very professional, clean and educational. I love you La Petite!!!!

Review №12

I have a granddaughter that attends this daycare. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff. When dropping her off Im always greeted by the front office and the teacher that in middle of the school I think its the preschool room I think her name is Ms. Latoya. She is very patient with the kids and I can tell she love her job. The director Mrs Jambee have really cleaned this place up.She always greet her staff and parents with a good morning and a have a nice day. Upon entrance of the center the outside looks good. Ms. Kizzy is always there to assist the staff when they need things and she always has a positive attitude as well. Keep up the good work ladies.

Review №13

This place was so awesome! LaToya and Africa are so amazing!!! Always was positive and will always stay in my heart! My daughter have learned so much from them! But moving her to another class 4 year old room was the biggest mistake that I could ever do! My daughter came to me and told me that her teacher had put her hands on her. It hurt my heart that a place that I loved and trusted would let this happen. I never got a follow up call. I never heard back from any body or anything thing.This place is full of people that know each other and look out for each other! So your child concerns means nothing if it’s somthing negative about one another!!If your kids stay sick here! It’s because they don’t clean!!!!

Review №14

This facility is definetly a learning facility! My daughter has been going here for 3 years and she absolutlesy loves it! All the teachers and staff are like family and make me feel comfortable leaving my daughter while I’m at work. Her teachers send me daily updates and pictures through the Brightwheel app and if I ever have a question or concern they’re only a phone call or message away. The ladies here are doing an amazing job teaching and loving these children!

Review №15

Great facility. The teachers and staff are wonderful my kids absolutely love it. And so do I! I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

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Ok. My daughter has been going here for about 6 months now. First I had slightly raised brows about labels in the baby room. I have labels of our own and I used them at her first daycare with no issues. Well, when I used my own labels here that are actually labels there was a problem because I wasn’t using theirs. However, they run out of their own labels A lot and they’re just simple labels as well. But, we would then have to use ghetto tape. Hmm but I can’t use actual labels. Ok, whatever. Now, I get payed every two weeks, so usually I pay one week on time and the next a few days late. My balance has never been over 34$ and they know my schedule. Last week I asked after this payment could I pay every two weeks because that’s how I get paid. That was fine. My daughter went to daycare two days last week. Her grandma took her to daycare today and they were very rude to her and denied my daughter entry because of 34$. It’s Monday. I get paid Wednesday. I called the center and they agreed to let her stay. I told her I’d pay As soon as my direct deposit does as I Always Do. My daughter has been out S lot from being sick with fevers and colds since attending this daycare which causes me to as well miss work. I have yet to see or smell any sort of cleaning element such as any type of disinfectant to clean this daycare. My friend has a child who goes here as well and the same thing, her daughter is Always sick or breaking out! I hate to move my daughter because she Has attaches to some of the people. But, these staff are rude, they are understanding when u enroll , but baby I have got constant emails and reminders about $3!! I am responsible, paying, loyal parent and I don’t appreciate how they do the families!

Review №17

Information on how much you pay and there are people who speak spanish so you can talk to me about how much you charge

Review №18

I love everything about this daycare. I know my daughters are in great hands when away from home !

Review №19

This is the most unorganized daycare . They do not communicate to the parents ever ! If they do it is at the last minute to save themselves . Save yourself the trouble and find a better daycare .

Review №20

Customer service bad!!! Never answer the phone!

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