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1550 Old Henderson Rd n162, Columbus, OH 43220, United States

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I have been studying as an adult learner at the Columbus School of Chinese for over three years. The instructors are caring and very interested in the Chinese language and culture. They studied Chinese in university and lived in China for years.The first four quarters for adult learners are highly structured. The school gives students workbooks with week-by-week content. After the fourth quarter, course content is customized based on student interest and instructor choice.There is no required homework or exams. Usually, we receive optional homework assignments.The school creates study materials beyond classes. I watch all of their videos on YouTube. They also offer extra paid teaching materials.

Review №2

I love the Columbus School of Chinese. I found the beginners course very helpful for basic conversation with my friends and in the workplace. I have truly enjoyed my classes, classmates, and lǎoshī !

Review №3

Tuition is non-refundable. There are several other programs that are more flexible and less expensive, some at no cost, that I would recommend. The advantage of an online program vs this live classroom is that you can go online whenever convenient for you, go at your own pace, repeating as often as you like, without holding up the rest of the class. A live instructor will probably be very valuable as one gets more advanced, but learning to count, naming days of week, and beginners conversation is probably better handled online.

Review №4

Chris and the staff at the Columbus School of Chinese are wonderful! They make learning Chinese fun, and challenge you at just the right pace for you. The lessons move quickly, but it is completely accessible. CSC provides tons of materials for outside of class, and are super supportive inside and out of the classroom. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Review №5

When I made the decision to learn Chinese, I was apprehensive because I thought it would be too difficult and require too much time. To my surprise, it ended up being one of the most rewarding decisions Ive ever made. Chris made learning Chinese language and culture easy, natural, and fun. I was impressed with how passionate Chris was about fostering an open and personalized learning environment. I am now confident in my ability to communicate with other Chinese speakers and I would highly recommend Columbus School of Chinese to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese language and culture.

Review №6

I decided to learn Mandarin-Chinese a bit over 2 years ago and choosing Columbus School of Chinese was one of the best decisions I ever made. I cant believe how much progress Ive made since then, especially in the amount of words and phrases I know how to speak, as well as the characters I can read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning the Chinese language.

Review №7

Chris is an amazing teacher. We have tried Rosetta Stone, and Pimsler but werent successful in learning Chinese. We feel challenged and encouraged and have made great progress in learning Chinese. Very interactive classes that make learning fun.

Review №8

Ive been going to Columbus School of Chinese for about three years now, and I recommend it without reservation for youth and adult learners alike. Classes are affordable, the instructors are friendly, and the methods of instruction are effective. Chinese is difficult, and achieving something like fluency is a life-long process. But whatever your goals are—learning some basic phrases for travel, merely satisfying your curiosity about a very different culture/language, or working toward fluency for work or pleasure—CSC will work with you to achieve those goals. As other reviewers have said, class at CSC is basically my favorite hour every week!

Review №9

Effective and engaging instructors. The school conducts events and field trips that are motivating and provide opportunities to practice the language skills learned in classroom.

Review №10

Columbus is really lucky to have a Chinese school, right in the heart of Central Ohio, that serves such a wide range of ages and interests—from toddlers to professionals.For me, it was a relatively late-in-life curiosity about the Chinese language out of a purely personal interest. But its also for people who adopted Chinese children and want to keep them connected with their mother tongue. Or for high-school kids whose schools dont offer Chinese programs. Or for professionals who work with Chinese overseas or will travel to China for business. Or even companies seeking consulting and guidance to enter Chinese markets.The variety of services is surprising for such a small and nimble staff. Whats even more surprising is how affordable it all is. I can basically pay for 1.5-hours of group instruction with a $20 bill and still get change back. You wont be paying those prices to take classes at OSU or even Columbus State. Not even close. More importantly, in the six years Ive been studying, Ive gone from zero ability to a mastery of around 600-700 characters, achieved basic conversational skills and have a much deeper understanding of Chinese history, culture, and society. And thats from attending one class a week.But most of all, the staff at CSC makes learning Chinese fun. They know how to strike a balance between challenging you without overwhelming you. But when you do hit a wall (which every language learner does at some point) they know how to talk you over it. And in the end, youll be glad you stuck with it. Yes, Chinese is difficult. Learning any language is. But thats also what makes it so satisfying once you get it.I used to think I could never decipher Chinese characters. Now I can read whole books in Chinese, watch Chinese TV shows and listen to Chinese music. I also have made many new Chinese friends in the process. From a small spot on Old Henderson Road, the professors at CSC have given me access to a whole new world. No matter your reason for wanting to learn Chinese, CSC can do the same for you.

Review №11

I have been a student at the CSC for about a year now and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the school, the staff, and the other students. Id recommend others to this place that are seriously looking to learn Chinese!

Review №12

This class is a highlight of my week, and even after just a few months I feel confident I could communicate respectably with a native speaker. Ive tried to study Mandarin by myself for years. I tried a tutor, but they are expensive. I tried Berlitz, Michel Thomas, Pimsler, Rosetta Stone and others without retaining much. Finally, I found CSC.The classes are small with individual attention. The adult course is immersive and encourages speaking in a fun, playful environment. The classes develop at a good pace, with lessons that build well off one another, and plenty of review to solidify your knowledge.The schedule is fantastic for busy professionals, and Ive found no other courses that come close in value.

Review №13

I have attended the Columbus School of Chinese for 2 years. My experience learning Mandarin has been wonderful. The quality of the lessons for each term and the teaching staff are superior to any online experience in my opinion. The CSC classroom environment allows you to learn and practice your chinese in a non intimidating environment. It also prepares you to practice outside the classroom. The best part of the learning experience are the teachers, they are invested and dedicated to our mastery of the chinese language. The tuition is extremely reasonable and again in my opinion worth the investment. You get what you pay for, which is an exceptional learning experience.

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