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My experience with Columbus Spanish Place is that it is a wonderful place to take classes. Some of the reviews talks about the classes being in complete immersion as a negative but what is a better way to learn a language. It is the closest thing we can simulate that experience outside of moving to a Spanish speaking country.The teachers are wonderful and very patient. We work on practical skills that can apply to everyday life while challenging us to learn the grammar of the language.It is very intimidating at first since class is in 100% Spanish. However, the more effort you put in for class reaps a bigger reward.I am currently taking my 4th session after learning Spanish on my own for 3 years and this place has definitely helped me get to the next level. At this pace, I truly do believe that I can become as close to fluent as possible.

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I am the daughter of 2 Latino parents and somehow I was never able to learn Spanish, however I really wanted to and then I found this place. The professors are so sweet, they teach you everything slowly and they can repeat it as many times as you want. The environment feels so good, you feel comfortable and you are not scared to make mistakes because you know they will correct you and don’t make you feel bad about it. The place is beautiful too, and you just feel like you are in your other home. I would definitely recommend it. Now I’m fluent in 2 languages and I couldn’t be happier.

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I have attended both the group and private classes and enjoyed both. The group classes are a max of 8 people with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to practice speaking and responding to questions. After completing Beginner 1-3 in group classes, I switched to private classes for the flexibility of scheduling and to be able to work at my own pace. Marcela was flexible in making a program of study adapted to my needs and learning style. In addition to the tremendous headway we made through the language’s grammar we had plenty of time for conversation practice.

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My niece was taking a class on Saturday mornings and really enjoyed the class. I was amazed at how much she could understand in Spanish so quickly, so I decided to try a class myself. I was nervous about the immersion method, but after a few classes, I got over being nervous and started to settle in, relax, and let things sink in. The class is relaxed and fun, and I really am learning to converse in Spanish. I look forward to continuing in the January session!

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Really enjoyed my first quarter and am signing up again. Teachers and owner are great, as are my classmates and the location and time of class work well in my schedule. Im feeling much more comfortable with my Spanish now. Thanks!

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I LOVE Columbus Spanish Place! After being disappointed with the classes I took at CSCC, I finally sought out private tutoring and got matched up with Marcela. She is amazing- a native speaker, fluent in English, and with a great outlook and approach to education. Ive learned more in just 10 classes with her than I had in an entire semester elsewhere.Its worth every dime! If you need to learn Spanish, this really is the place!

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Buyer, Student BEWARE! If you want to change your mind, after paying for ALL classes, because of any personal issues you WILL NOT get your money back although I attended only one class!!! EXTREMELY poor customer relations. Potential Students BEWARE. No negotiations are made by director, Marcelas.

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These classes are great. Spanish is such a good language to learn and I am so happy that I did this.Thank you!

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Horrible class. Learned nothing! You get a book that is all Spanish! How on earth can you learn from that when you have to google everything. They become friends with you then ask you to write a review. They don’t teach you anything with structure. It is a total waste of money. They will say I never attended the class or I am a bot. Lol. Well I’m neither. I was there and it was horrible. I ended up going somewhere else where now I am at the conversational level in 2 years. If I would have stayed there I would have not learned half of what I learned! Stay away and search for another class. You will thank me!I guarantee that the people who wrote the posts are not even there anymore! Or never even existed.Why can’t there be a 0 star option!

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Im so happy that I discovered this place. Immersion really worked for me. The staff was excellent as were the lessons.

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Ive been receiving tutoring through CSP for the past four months and am incredibly happy with the results and engagement. Marcella has bee a joy to study with and Im looking forward to passing my CLEP test soon thanks to her help!

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Moved from Cincinnati and so happy to have CSP for classes - theyre wonderful!

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Nothing good to say. I actually attended I am not a hack or a bot.

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It is just the definition of ok

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