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I have been studying Italian with the Italian Dream Academy for 5 years! Rosa has been my teacher for four years and she is a great teacher. She is kind, caring and dedicated to her students. I also traveled to Italy in 2019 with Rosa and a group of students. The study abroad program is a fantastic way to visit Italy with a native speaker and learn about the culture, art and food of Italy. My experiences with the Italian Dream Academy have been very positive and if you are interested in learning the beautiful Italian language, I highly recommend taking lessons with them. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

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Italian Dream Academy is a wonderful and affordable way to learn Italian. I appreciate that the classes are after work and that Iโ€™ve been able to continue taking lessons online, even after I moved to Colorado! Thereโ€™s so much information you wonโ€™t learn from a book and the conversation practice helps a ton. Rosa is wonderful - sheโ€™s kind, patient, and understands difficulty of learning a new language or mastering an old one. Itโ€™s great to have her with you every step of the way :)

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I have had the pleasure of studying with Italian Dream Academy for several years, and have always been impressed with the instructors and course offerings. Each lesson is tailored to the students needs, and my excellent and experienced teacher, Rosa, is able to change and modify lessons as we have questions during class. Rosa understands when we need more work with a new topic and is able to provide helpful and constructive feedback. For me, learning Italian started as a hobby, but has now become one of my passions, and I cannot recommend Italian Dream Academy highly enough.

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I feel so lucky to have come across the Italian Dream Academy when I decided to learn Italian 3 years ago. What a wonderful community of people. My teacher, Rosa, puts her heart and soul into every lesson, making them interesting, useful, and entertaining. If youve ever considered learning about the Italian language and culture, this is the place to be.

Review โ„–5

I have really enjoyed learning Italian with Italian Dream Academy. Rosa is a fun, engaged and supportive instructor. Rosa takes a great deal of time planning classes and is always available for questions. Learning from a native speaker has been fantastic. We are learning about Italian culture, everyday living, and truly understanding the language not just memorizing a few phrases needed for a trip to Italy.

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Not only do you learn the Italian language you also learn the culture and customs. The lessons are very interactive which helps you retain but you learn.

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Rosa has been my tutor for several years now, and I couldnโ€™t be happier. I speak, read, and write well. I have also taken art and culture classes at the school, and love the Italian book club. Now with so much online, itโ€™s more convenient than ever.

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I have been taking Italian lessons for three years. The instructors are excellent. The cost of classes is extremely reasonable.

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My teenage daughter has been taking lessons with Italian Dream Academy for a year and a half now and has loved it! Her school didnt offer Italian as a language choice, so we researched and found IDA. Ms Rosa has been her instructor and she has learned so much. She even chooses to take lessons in the summers so she can continue to excel. Highest recommendations for students of ALL levels from beginner to advanced.

Review โ„–10

Always great time! The online Zoom classes are perfect for us, no commute and a great atmosphere with an engaging instructor. Thank you Italian Dream Academy for making learning Italian so much fun!

Review โ„–11

The Italian Dream Academy is a great resource for Italian learning. I have taken three types of courses โ€“ Italian Language (courses over multiple weeks), Italian Culture (a short series of seminars), and individual tutoring. In every case, the instructors (Rosa, Cylia, Samanta, and Sergio) have proven to be extremely competent, very patient, and extremely capable of keeping the students on track. A mix of native Italian speakers and fluent Italian speakers, the language courses cover the language from basics to very complex grammatical structures and each course builds upon the other. The culture seminars have been well researched and informative; I used them as a guide during our trip to Italy.

Review โ„–12

My Italian has gotten a lot better in the last year thanks to my lessons here. Rosa is an encouraging instructor who does a great job pushing students to learn more! I cant believe how Ive progressed in such a rapid time and finally feel comfortable speaking in sentences. It feels great to be able to talk to my family in italy. Thanks Rosa!

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