Paul Mitchell The School Louisville
156 N Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40222, United States

Review №1

This is a most positive review. Ive been a hairdresser for 40 years and my daughter is now a student at Paul Mitchell. She chose this school after touring another school and knew this was her best choice.She has completed the basic course of working with mannequins and is now ready to work on the floor taking clients. Naturally, I wanted to be her first client.Shes a part time student and is there from 5 to 10 oclock at night.I got there early and I had a chance to chat with her teachers.I could tell immediately that she was in a great learning environment. The covid guidelines were well in place.I highly recommend Paul Mitchell

Review №2

I had a wonderful experience at Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology. The ladies welcoming me at the front desk were wonderful, and the teachers were there to help the students at any moment they needed. My Stylist was Ally R who is fantastic with color. I love the way my hair turned out and the way she curled my hair at the end! It does take longer since they are students but the price you can’t beat!

Review №3

Great 0lace for a haircut from students starting their careers

Review №4

Awesome 😎

Review №5

I had a bodybuilding competition this past Saturday with 2 events one in the morning and one in the evening. My hairstylist was only around to help in the morning, so by the afternoon my hair went flat and my false eye lashes started to fall off. I needed help so I stopped by Paul Mitchell without an appointment and asked if anyone could help touch up my hair and eyes. Within a few minutes, they had me in a chair and did it all for free!! Hanna did an amazing job touching up my girls and reapplying my lashes! I will forever be greatful for their help. I went on to win first place in my category and 1st place overall for womens figure ❤

Review №6

I loved my experience at The Paul Mitchell School! This was my first time going to a beauty school for services and I’m so happy I did. I’ve seen some other reviewers saying that it was too loud, but this was not my experience at all. While the time for services tends to take a little longer, this is to be expected since it’s students providing these services. During my haircut I had such a wonderful time getting to know my stylist, Emma Elkins. Students and instructors demonstrate amazing communication skills and make sure you’re happy with the finished style. I will definitely be going back for more hair services in the future! 10/10

Review №7

Maggie Taylor was very friendly and did a great job. Obviously knew what she was doing. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №8

This school is absolutely amazing! I had a lovely experience here. Amanda and Lauren were very friendly and helpful! I would recommend coming here for all your services.

Review №9

DiOnna did a awesome job with my hair. Will be coming back. Everyone loved it

Review №10

My Hair is Uneven!!! And my roots are the same color as I walked in there with.First time using a beauty school for my hair services, went in with a picture of the color and style I wanted, that is not what my hair looked like, spent almost 6 hours in there the Stylist did not have a conversation. She and another student come help with my hair and the original student would leave for some time leaving the other on my hair.Only got highlights and when I called for my appointment Jasmin told me the prices. Color is $30 and $8 additional bowl, cut is $10, and Highlights are $8 a bowl. I didnt get any color just 4 bowls of highlights and a cut but charged me almost $80. Claim because of the foils.Well the foils were so uncomfortable so heavy they used so many foils for the bottom and added more to the top of the hair that already had the product on. When they could of folded it up using one foil. The student rushed to get done with my hair because it was almost 10pm.She cut so much hair off when I said about a inch it turned to about 3-4 inches, and they used cold water on my head.Definitely will not go back. Wish I could get part of my money back for being told a price over the phone, such a different price when you get there, nothing is communicated about the prices.Not happy at all, now have to find someone to fix my hair.

Review №11

Mercedes Rains did a wonderful job cutting all my hair off! She was professional made sure she was doing it correctly the whole time by asking her coaches questions.

Review №12

I requested an on line appointment to which I never got a reply when I called to find out why the person answering the phone shouldn’t be your first line of customer service she was rude and very unprofessional. She acted like they are doing me favor. Won’t give these group a try

Review №13

I was advised by Amanda at the front desk that schools were not for me I should do salons. If you dont have products for all hair types just say so. Honesty is the best policy. This is all related to the fact that a product was placed in my hair that shouldnt have been used. It is truly sad when the educators teaching the students dont know how to advise them. Thankfully there was a student who stepped in and advised her educators what steps needed to be taken. She was very professional and I want to say thank you to KeKe. This was only my second time at this location. Alot can be learn from this student.

Review №14

Justin gave me a darling cut! The school was run efficiently with lots of nice people!

Review №15

I’ve been to Paul Mitchell a few times now and each time the front desk was rude, they talk down to you like they’re better than you. Makes you very uncomfortable to ask for a haircut or color. I’m also disappointed to hear of multiple students being let go for simple things due to Paul Mitchell being overcrowded during the pandemic. It’s very upsetting to know one of my favorite students was let go so easily. It shows Paul Mitchell does not care about the well-being of their students, they’re only a dollar sign.Truly upsetting.

Review №16

I went to have my haircolor freshened up today. Lily did my hair today and it was her first day on the floor. I was her first client and she did a great job! I will be back.

Review №17

Who is the male model at the front door in the black outfit with the sparkly belt? And of course the cool hair!

Review №18

Don’t even try to call to schedule an appointment because no one will answer the phone. When I physically tried to go up to schedule an appointment you could hear employees inside laughing and talking but no one would answer the phone or the doors and I stood outside for 25 minutes.

Review №19

Mercedes did a very job of taken my hair from horrible box diy black to bright red thank you so much Mercedes!!!

Review №20

I am sort of a regular at this school and have never had a bad experience. I took a picture in of how I like my hair cut and tried a few trainees til I found one I really liked- she happened to be pregnant but I saw her 3-4 times then switched to someone else I had seen when she was unexpectedly out when she went on maternity leave. I thought she was even better. I know that it’s going to take much longer than a normal place and there may be a mistake but it’s a school. They need to practice with real people. There’s always a groupon for the cut if you look but I always felt I should tip very generously. These students are trying their best and deserve patience and understanding. If you expect perfect every time-then don’t go to a school looking to get the same cut you’ll get from someone with 10 years experience that costs a lot more. I’ve always had a good experience and they will do anything to make you happy. It’s just hair- you can change the color, and it grows back! Help them out and support them!

Review №21

Love Paul Mitchell School! I have been here for years and always get great service. Students and instructors work really well together to make sure you leave happy and satisfied!

Review №22

Called 4 times and left messages for someone to call me so I can enroll my son in class, I will contacting Paul Mitchell corporate to file a complaint

Review №23

Happy with hairlights!I bought a Groupon coupon just to have a change from my routine looks.Need to take an appointment.I showed them the pic to let them know what am expecting. Instructor showed the student how to do it.The girl who did my hair did a best job, handled my damaged hair gently,i didnt ask her name. i couldnt expect much from what i paid for.. there is another girl Abbie who did a cute haircut to someone else.It took upto 3 hours for everything though and they took extra 8$ for extra color bowl (no complaints, they are all students) I was a bit scared after seeing some negative reviews,but from what I saw almost all of the trainees are doing good.

Review №24

Front desk was amazing. Great customer service!!!!

Review №25

Oh my. Abbie Rose just gave me the best haircut!!!I love coming here because the instructors do a great job of going over the product ingredients with the student stylists (I have very severe allergies) so I feel safe in their hands. But tonight just topped the bill--I got a whole new style and I felt like everyone worked so well together to help my student stylist give just what I was wishing for.

Review №26

Absolutely one of the most disastrous experiences of my life.Attempted multiple times to communicate with those in authority and was not responded to. Multiple times had issues with students not wanting to provide higher costing services on senior discount day at the lower rate without complaint. My last visit the stylist was to trim 2 inches of dead ends from my hair and cut at least [18] to (25) inches leaving about 2 inches at my shoulders and thinned it out.

Review №27

Faetonia did a great job....!!

Review №28

Tressa is amazing! So sweet and personal, does a thorough job :)

Review №29

I had my hair dyed by Aliyah J. and she was absolutely awesome! She took her time to do a good job, was detail-oriented, professional, kind, and saved me money. I highly recommend her!

Review №30

I loved my experience at this school. My hair was a mess. I had the same hair cut/color idea for over 16 years. I chopped it off myself and did a horrible bleach job to it. It was awful. This school saved my hair. They bleached, toned, cut, and styled it. It was done by a student, but the Professor/professional was there EVERY step of the way; from consultation to cut to shampoo to recommendations on products, all while not being too pushy AND finding the best/money saving deal (which ended up including a full size product from the salon in the package deal...)! The whole experience was very professional and VERY affordable (under $100) considering what had to be done. It is over a week later and I still love my hair: the cut, the color, the way it lays. I am so impressed with the over all experience. I will go back without a doubt.

Review №31

Ive been going here for years and have never had a bad experience. Ive never been more pleased than I was last night. Maeve did an AMAZING job on my color. I still cant believe how good it looks! Thank you!!

Review №32

Went in to get my hair high lited and it turned out fantastic. Yes, the students are learning but the instructors are right there to help them through any obstacles that they have. I highly encourage Paul Mitchell The School of Beauty.

Review №33

I had a wonderful first experience at Paul Mitchell! It takes a little longer than a usual appointment, but it was well worth it and I understand that its a process. Kim Wells did an amazing job and her instructor, Robyn was also very nice and helpful. I got a cut and color and both turned out absolutely amazing! I will definitely be returning for another appointment.

Review №34

I have been to a Paul Mitchell School before, but this was my first experience in the Louisville school. Alexis R was wonderful! She was very patient, upbeat, very personable, honest and fun! She made me feel very comfortable and took her time to make my hair look great! She will continue to improve her skills and go on to be a wonderful stylist! I will definitely return and schedule with her again.

Review №35

Ive been here in Louisville since March and. I wish i had found this place sooner. Hannah gave me a trim and style. She was super friendly and new exactly what i wanted. Its been so long since I had my hair professionally done. She took her time and was super sweet. I felt great leaving. I cant wait to go back to get my highlights with her👍

Review №36

Today was my 1st experience and have to say I am extremely pleased and will be back. From the moment I walked in to the sec I left I was pleased!I went in with the vision of bringing the 80s at home in the kitchen perm back without the at home in the kitchen look. Im so pleased with my perm that Gwendolyn did!We had good, unforced conversations and she did a fabulous job on my hair!

Review №37

I was very pleased after my first visit at Paul Mitchell the School Louisville! Madison was polite and extremely thorough. She asked a lot of questions to find out exactly what I was hoping to get out of my visit, and she explained the processes of the Tea Tree and Keratin Treatments before she started so I would know exactly what to expect. Before she trimmed my hair, she looked at the photos I had of what I wanted and she consulted with her instructor. Both instructors on the floor were helpful and friendly. I am a college instructor and really appreciated their training approach with Madison also; they were each patient and encouraging, and allowed her the opportunity to perform certain cuts so long as she was comfortable. One of them assisted with something Madison wasnt comfortable doing, and that instructor did so without any hesitation while continuing to show Madison how to do it. Overall a great experience and I will be back! I highly recommend this schools services!

Review №38

This was my first time at the Paul Mitchell School for a wash and hair cut. I was very pleased with my experience. Everyone was very kind and helpful. My hair stylist was doing my hair and another client at the same time. But for the whole time, she made sure that both of our needs were met. I explained to her that the last place I went to, cut my hair unevenly. She cut my hair into a cute bob and recommended some great products that I still use today. I was very pleased.

Review №39

I went in today with a hair crisis, I tried to dye my hair auburn and it came out purple! I was mortified and my confidence was low. Stephanie sat me down in her chair and explained what my options were. I put my trust in her and she did not disappoint! She walked me through each step and explained what she was doing why. After 4 hours my confidence is restored! I walked out of the there feeling like black widow (my color is this awesome red!)! Thank you so much Stephanie!

Review №40

Update: $5 is back!Ive been going to Paul Mitchell for about a year every three to four weeks for a haircut. There was a discount for men where the hair cuts were $5 on Wednesdays. I went recently and was told the $5 was only supposed to be for the first hair cut but they have messed up all this time by charging $5 for every mens hair cut on Wednesdays. I have been going here because $5 was a great deal, all but one person who has cut my hair has been wonderful, the hair cuts themselves are usually good enough, I like the atmosphere, and I usually tip $5 to whoever cuts my hair - everyone seems happy this way. Sometimes I would go every couple of weeks instead of three or four since the included scalp massage/wash is a relaxing experience itself.Now, though, for someone like myself who doesnt care much about my hair as long as it is presentable, $10 for a hair cut isnt such a great deal to me anymore. $15 including the tip.I likely will still keep going, but Im not going to be as happy about it. Would rate five stars if they bring back the $5 Wednesdays.

Review №41

I went in for highlights and a haircut. I had Kim Wells and she was great. I have been to the school three times now and I am sold on it. The students are very professional and work extremely hard to please you. I love my highlights, Kim worked so hard on them. It does take longer than going to a salon would, but it is always worth the time. I havent had highlights for years (I am on a fixed income and going to a salon is not in our budget) but since finding the school I get to not only have them but keep them. I would highly recommend Paul Mitchell The School!

Review №42

I love Paul Mitchell School. Everyone is always friendly and the students do a great job. I used to go to high-end shops, but decided to try them. Its been 5 years and Im a faithful client. You actually get a better cut/color/style because all their work is double-checked by licensed instructors. I recommend them to anyone!

Review №43

Nice instructors, nice students. I went for a retouch on color, but Paul Mitchell color has a tendency to pull red out and my roots looked pretty orange. They tried to correct it, but in doing so, covered the highlights I already had. I am going next Saturday and they are going to put new highlights back in. My experience has been quite positive and I saw a lot of people doing their best to make things right. I think its a great place.

Review №44

This was the worst salon experience of my life. I went in for a simple trim. What should have been a half an hour appointment ended up lasting an hour and a half. For a trim. And it wasn’t because I was getting stellar service. First of all, the girl had no idea how to handle the kind of hair I have (i.e long straight super thin hair). After washing my hair she refused to put any kind of product in my hair even after struggling to get a comb or brush through it for 20 minutes. I HAD TO BRUSH MY OWN HAIR FOR HER. That’s just how much she was struggling. Not a great start. Even after that she still was trying to put a fine tooth comb through my hair after repeatedly telling her that hasn’t worked for any hair dresser I have ever been to. It was so frustrating to watch her try to cut my hair. I could tell she was frustrated too because it took her at least 5 minutes per section of hair just to get it to where she could trim it. Nobody around her offered her any help not even the instructors and it was just brutal for me to sit through. And on top of that my entire appointment was spent in silence. So awkward. After the hour and a half of total torture nobody checked on me or the cut at the end of my appointment. She took the paper to someone to sign off on it as I waited at the front counter so she couldn’t have even looked at my hair. And lastly when the lady at the front counter asked how it was I said “ummmm” and before I could say anything else she responded “great! So happy to hear”? Like they obviously didn’t actually care to hear what I had to say. So suffice to say I will not be returning to Paul Mitchel and will not recommend anyone I know to go here either.And I do realize that it is a hair school but I used to frequent a school in Cincinnati when I lived up there so I do know this isn’t even close to standard.

Review №45

My 15 year old daughter asked for 1 to 1-1/2 inch trim. The stylist cut 8 inches! When my daughter reached around and felt how short is was she asked why she had cut so much. I was on the other side of the mirrors, because I was planning to get highlights. My stylist had spent 40 minutes giving my hair a quick wash (no conditioner) and then complaining that my hair was so tangled he couldnt comb it out. So when I saw what had been done to my daughter I just got up and went to her side of the mirrors. I saw the hair on the floor and was shocked! I had heard the conversation my daughter had with the stylist and she definitely said 1 to 1-1/2 inches. The stylists reply was that she was just cutting of the dead ends. No apology, just a firm stance that she had done nothing wrong. Even the manager came over and when I held up an 8 inch lock of hair from the ground, all she said was that my daughter could come in for a hair growth treatment. We wont be back

Review №46

The lady that cut my hair was very pleasant, the haircut isnt terrible but she cut my hair 4 inches shorter than how I wanted it. She kept trimming while my hair was wet, above where i asked for it to be. I even stopped and asked, she said the i promise, its longer in the back. The hair is stretched out when its wet and the fact that she didnt know this scares me because she stated shes about to graduate soon.

Review №47

Paul Mitchell The School does not respect appointments!!!!!So in May 2017, I went to Paul Mitchell The School to get ombré hair color, I walked in and was told to make an appointment because they were too booked for walk-ins, understandable. I made an appointment for the next day only to be told that they cannot get to me; I’m rescheduled again and finally get my hair done; the student does an excellent job.So in February 2018, my color is almost all gone so I decided to see if the person who did my hair last year was still there; she is. I’m told she is very popular and the next available appointment is March 29, 2018 at 5:30pm, I agreed to wait. So yesterday March 28, 2018, I received a reminder of my appointment and assume everything is a go. Today, I received a phone call at 4:38pm, less than one hour before my scheduled appointment that says, they are calling to let me know that the person I have an appointment with is graduating and won’t be in tonight and said to call in to schedule with someone else. I call back in and of course they don’t have any one else available at my appointment time nor do they have any openings until Tuesday.So what’s the deal, did you all hold a lottery and use that to decide who’s graduating today at 4:30? I’m in awe at lack of professionalism that has been shown. You all have lost someone who was previously singing your praises and has recommended you to others. Now I’m going to do the opposite!!!

Review №48

All in all my 2 visits there have been good. Ive gotten colored twice and both times I was pleased with a P1. What they need to work on and I only suggest this because they are students... is rinsing. I have a TON of hair. I mean a TON... each time I had to pretend to scratch my neck and go oh look I still have color there to get my neck rinsed. Because they didnt touch it with water at all. Again, I know they are learning and nervous about drenching the client but they need to know to really get in there and RINSE RINSE RINSE. Id rather get a little wet then have color dried into my hair LOL Seriously good place, they are trying hard but teachers TELL THEM TO RINSE RINSE RINSE the neck area!! :)

Review №49

I have used their services a handful of times and am usually pretty satisfied with the results. I will say, recently when I went for a cut and color, I realized the student who was my stylist kept suggesting things that would be “quicker” to do, and they do this every time. I understand why, because it is a busy place, but it’s kind of annoying. So each time I’ve asked for FULL highlights they just end up highlighting the top part of my head. It looks good, don’t get me wrong. However, they aren’t going to be able to get away with it in a working salon. I should have vocalized my concerns at the time of service and that’s my fault, though.

Review №50

Over the years, students and instructors had gradually begun to cut and not just trim my hair until yesterday. The instructor would NOT cut my hair so it would have volume on top. I was there 4 hours. NOT a good experience or use of my money.

Review №51

I went in today originally to retouch my roots, as my hair was a dark brown. The student who was coloring it would leave for 20 min at a time, not checking on me or the dye in my hair. After rinsing the dye out, she tried blow drying my hair with a diffuser and kept burning my scalp. After my hair dried, not only was my hair greasy from all the product but I also told her it looks the exact same and she didn’t care to fix the problem. I spent $30 for my hair to look the exact same, so I will not be coming back.

Review №52

Ive experienced deceit from the instructor whos job is to help the students mix color when a client is there,however I was given a product I would not have agreed to which was a permanent color. The many years Ive been a customer for PM Shine demi color because it doesnt dry my hair I was tricked and never told they would not be applying what Id requested and paid for. Im dealing with very dry hair their conditioner they tried to correct this problem with didnt help Im African American that their product line is not for me other than their PM Shine which I love. Question what your getting just because you request one thing and they (instructor) decides to change your request without your knowledge is deceptive .

Review №53

I love going here. The last time I went I had Ellie do my hair. I’ve already set another appointment with her. She colored my hair and it turned out excellent.

Review №54

I love Paul Mitchell School! I get professional work while helping a young person learn their trade. As a senior citizen I also save a lot of money. I have never walked out of there unhappy but I find it takes a bit longer than a normal salon. The students are so meticulous and the teachers are excellent instructors.

Review №55

Had a absolutely awful experience. Just spend your money elsewhere. You think that it would be worth it to go to Paul Mitchell because the students are under the care of professionals but basically youre a guinea pig for the students.My daughter got a color and it was a dark brown color, she previously had a lighter blondish brown color. When we got in to good lighting I could see a huge streak of her previous color across the back of her hair. So just to say the least Im not impressed with what that student from Paul Mitchell provided.

Review №56

Being coming to get my hair cut for many years. I am always in a hurry and I always get a new cute stylist. Soon I relax, leave refreshed, look more up-to-date, and am so glad I went. Ive meet so many sweet people there.

Review №57

This was by far the worst salon experience I have ever had....I understand it is a school, but it was just so horrible. My appointment ran for nearly SEVEN hours for a trim and dimensional color. I had explained the color I like my hair, which is not drastically different from what it naturally is, but I just wanted a little added dimension. My hair came out closer to blonde than brunette. I do not complain, but I had to say something, or just cry. It was terrible. My stylist added some more toner, and it was clear that she was anxious. I had my hair washed out three times, and I left the salon with hair that was damp,unstyled, and with brassy/patchy color because, I could not stand to stay for a full SEVEN hours. I started crying as I drove away. I still tipped because, I know its a school, and the student stylist was clearly upset as well...I am just absolutely disappointed. I will never, ever, ever come back to this salon. Honestly, I was surprised that I even paid for the service. Hopefully, I get another hair appointment soon with another salon to rectify the damage (and perk my self-esteem). P.S. I had to rate one star, but it should be zero. I just looked in the mirror at home, and I have hair dye stains all along my hairline...seriously!?!?!

Review №58

I think they do a good haircut and color but recently I have had very bad experiences with appointments. Tonight they cancelled my appointment one hour before I was to be there and had no availability until sometime next week. The time before I scheduled with a phase two student and they put me in phase one. The time before that I was scheduled with Megan, I made my appointment for 6 weeks out when I left and when I came in they told me she was booked so I had to see Austin in stage one. It turned out fine. However, I plan to go somewhere else just to feel secure.

Review №59

Paul Mitchells stylists are not only the best, but it is an experience in itself. Every time I get my hair done at PM, it is a lot of fun - I would recommend Paul Mitchell to all of my friends. Keep up the good work!

Review №60

I love Paul Mitchell the School. The phase 2 students are always great. I love that they have the teaching professionals check everything done and fix whatever needs fixing. Youre getting a professional haircut at a fantastic price.

Review №61

Sarah has done my hair twice now and I am very pleased with the experience. The only reason Im not giving 5 stars is the person before her was not as stellar. But I highly recommend Sarah to anyone and always request a level 2 stylist!!

Review №62

I went in today for highlights , as my hair was a dark brown. The student was not able to explain me clearly what color I should go for as I wanted to take her opinion as it was my first time... she tried to test bleach on me as per me she added too much of it which just make my hair elastic and rough... then she went for a darker color which as per will be visible and nice without idling bleach... the student who was coloring did not have much knowledge what i felt. She just left the place every 2 minutes rather that building rapport and making you feel comfortable giving you more ideas. After wash the color looked the exact same and she didn’t care to fix the problem. I just spent for my hair to look the exact same, so I will not be coming back. Even her manager who spoke to me Brendey later she was also not seen when i asked her that i want to talk her.

Review №63

What an incredible experience! I recently got my hair colored by Erica Stallings at Paul Mitchell - this is the first time Ive come out of a salon with EXACTLY what I wanted. Erica could not have done a better job. Not only is she an excellent colorist, her attitude and personality were so pleasant and although my color request took several hours, she was extremely patient. I will definitely return and Ive recommended Paul Mitchell School and Erica, in particular, to several other people.I absolutely LOVE my hair!!

Review №64

The team is knowledgeable and friendly. Great facial and deep conditioning treatment. Keep in mind its a school and not a high end salon, so it might take longer than other salons. Hence the cost reduction. Great experience everytime Ive visited

Review №65

Horrible Experience!!I specifically told them not to cut short the length and the girl said she understood what i wanted. She later showed me the length which I would be getting after the complete haircut and i was okay with it, she took 2 hours but the end result result was a TOTAL SHOCK for me.. I didn’t get what i wanted also I had lost all the length (waist length and now shoulder length)when i said it’s too short she then brought some of her seniors whom i told the same thing but they also laughed and said they are still long.. PATHETIC PLACE, people are being experimented by newcomers/joinees.. Never Going Back!

Review №66

I have never had an issue with this location. This past Saturday, Megan did an ombre color on my hair and it looks great! Happy as always!

Review №67

This is a school!..for those who complain I would like to remind them this is a school! If you want perfection see a hairstylist with experience and pay the price $$$ for experience. Dont complain over a 5 or 10 dollar cut or how long it took...go somewhere else and pay a salon price. These are learning students. Have you ever had to learn anything? Have you ever furthered your own education? It takes time. Its really unfair to complain...and that is about as nice as I can be about it.

Review №68

What a great 1st time experience. Everyone is so kind and behave in such a professional way; so anxious to please you. Will definitely be going back. :)

Review №69

They cut and colored my moms hair and both became a really good price. Paul Mitchell really impressed me.

Review №70

I am attending a wedding today and I wanted a lovely updo since my husband is the best man. I called yesterday and was lucky enough to get an appointment with Cassidy. She did a great job and had it done within an hour!! Have have another wedding to attend next Saturday and have already scheduled an appointment with her!! She is awesome and if you are going before September you should go see her!!!

Review №71

My hair was highlighted. I came on a really busy day. I had a total of 4 students work on my highlights while I was there. They all seemed to make sure they used the same technique! My hair looks beautiful and for $45 plus a 9 dollar tip, you cant beat it!

Review №72

I scheduled a hair appt for a wedding about two days out. The day of the wedding, I called to see if they could also do my makeup. I had an incredible experience—they were so accommodating and the gal who did my hair & makeup, Ren, was really sweet and made me look great!

Review №73

Went in for a perm and was a little worried about a school doing it. But Teresa was awesome! Very confident in her ability and it looks great! Will be back.

Review №74

Students need more basic training. Coming in to perm my hair, I informed the female student that I wanted to have my band trimmed. Before she completed her work, I asked if she did what I asked, she said yes. Not until I got home did I find out that she didnt; furthermore, I saw that hair on my left shoulder was 2 inches longer than on the right. When I reported it to the manager, I was told that the supervising teacher said that Id demanded to have my hair dried. They wouldnt blow customers hair, the manager said. I was shocked, I never asked them to dry my hair. Not only does this event indicate problems in their quality of training, but also serious issues on the professionalism and integrity.

Review №75

When ever i go into the school to get my hair cut i can always trust that it will have a wonderful finished product. all of the students on the floor have gone through schooling, classes, and training with lots of practice before being aloud to cut the publics hair.There is always a teacher on the floor checking off the students check list on the cut wanted and the students plan, help if they need guidance in something, and a end of cut checking. if need be the teachers will finish your cut.All-IN-all you will always walk out satisfied =]

Review №76

I have always been afraid to use PM hairdressers because I get color and am very particular! I moved to Louisville a little over a year ago and it just so happened that the school was close so I took a chance. I could not be happier with the results! The people are so nice (love Jordan) and its easy on the wallet while being equal quality service compared to the high-priced salons! So glad I took the chance!

Review №77

I have been getting my hair highlighted and cut here for 5 years. I have only been unhappy once and the learning leader made it right when I went back in at no additional cost. Does take a little long sometimes but I like my Alone time in the chair to read. Its a win-win in my book

Review №78

Will NEVER go back! I dont know what happened but in the last year they have gone down hill. The last two hair cuts I got there were really uneven in the back. The one time one of the instructors is the one who chopped the back up. And every time they say they are going to put my hair colors in the computer so they have them for the next time. And every time I go back, it has never been saved. This last time I went in for a root color and highlight. The root color was 4 times darker than my growth and the highlights did not even start from my scalp. When I got home and looked in normal lighting I hated it. I called the next morning and they said they could do a redo for $7.00 a bowl. Really? I have to pay more. I was told I would be with one person, then when I got there was told I would be with someone else then 20 minutes past my appointment time another person from phase one came and got me. That made me mad since I originally paid for a phase 2 person. Lets just say it does not look any better. Now it has a red tint. It looks like I got a box and did it myself. Actually I could have probably did a better job. I always recommended people go there but I will discourage anyone from going there. Wasted $67.00 plus tips

Review №79

I love Paul Mitchell the School Louisville! Jordan is the best! I have been going to her since phase I, and have NEVER been dis-satisfied with my cut and color! They help create great hairdressers! Go see Jordan!

Review №80

Everybody was very nice and professional. The service was great and my girls are very happy with the results. I will definitely come back. Great job!!

Review №81

Ive been going to them for years, each time has been okay and each time Ive gone with my child with no problems. Today however, they refused to serve me since my daughter was under the age of 13. Never once did they ever tell me I could not bring my daughter up until they added the sign on top of the counter. They admitted the sign was never noticeable and they recently added the sign for customers to see. In my opinion, if I knew the sign was unnoticeable in the past and could see in records how often a customer came, I would make an exception for that one time. Needless to say, I will not be returning.

Review №82

Im really impressed!! I had Leigh and Abbey do my hair. It turned out to be such a pretty, soft blonde that looks so natural and my hair feels great. Last night was my first visit to the Paul Mitchell School and it wont be my last. Im already thinking about what I want to get done next!! Leigh kept up great conversation and made me laugh, it was honestly a much needed break for me and I really enjoyed my experience. Abbey came in and her and Leigh were a great team and I felt pretty special having two people work on my hair, haha! I dont think anyone can just do hair, it takes someone with talent and finds joy and passion in doing it. I could see that in both of them. Thank you, girls!! Oh, I also didnt get the name of the guy at the front desk but he was super nice and welcoming when I walked in and as I was leaving!-Natalie Pace

Review №83

This is a school that practices what it teaches. I brought my very challenging request to the school (to fade into my natural hair color - gray). The instructors were attentive and instructive as my phase II student, Heidi tackled my hard to color hair. It turned out beautiful. When I attended the wedding that weekend for a hairstylists daughter, my fears were allayed when mother of the bride whispered in my ear, Your hair looks great! Finally!

Review №84

I love the school. I have been going for about a year and I have always had incredible service! They have always met my crazy requests and done much better than I ever expected anyone could do!

Review №85

Its a Beauty School but the Professionalism is a team atmosphere. The lead instructors are eager to please the customer as they enhance the students work with touch-ups if needed and questions on procedures/products used. I always feel well-served by the front reception in getting the best deal & have come away with the service I expect (10 years+) Groupon is a good source for testing the waters--an extra star for a faster trip in and out but xtra time is needed for the instructors sign-off---add 30-45 minutes for the whole ordeal.

Review №86

Ive been coming here for years! The students are careful and take their time with each service. The staff is attentive to students questions. I love the scalp massage during my shampoo.

Review №87

Ive been going here for almost a year now with the same request, cool blonde highlights. On this last visit, i was again told all that can be done is conditioning which was also done on the last visit. After the treatment, which ive had here before, my hair is extremely brittle and oily from extra products. They cant achieve the color, they cant cut layers, and now they cant even condition. Not worth the money you think youre saving. If you need something extremely simple, like a trim, go for it but expect to also spend a lot of extra time.

Review №88

Stylist told me the color I wanted was achievable, however, when it was unveiled very blonde highlights were shown, not the ashy gray color we discussed. Overall it took 5 + hours to get blonde highlights, something that was never desired and they did not care that I was unhappy with the results

Review №89

My student was pleasant and if she did not know something, she would ask the teacher. the teacher was also good. The cut and color was great. I would rather they be slow and get it right.

Review №90

I have been going to Paul Mitchell The School Louisville for the past 5 years to have my hair cut, colored and highlighted. I have never been disappointed. Be ready to dedicate a few hours of time just for yourself!

Review №91

4 hours for a highlight with my daughter. I was able to stand there and talk and move chairs with her. I come back with my daughter and she cant stand next to me to get a dry hair cut:( its a school, but not worth saving money and spending half the day there.

Review №92

Stylist and instructors are professional and welcoming. Great color and cut with keratin treatment. Great price! This is my salon!

Review №93

Hi I am in here to record my reviews and remarks for the haircut I received at PAul Mitchell Louisville.I moved here from St.Louis Missouri and was a regular client there at Paul Mitchell and never had any issue.On Saturday morning i had my haircut appointment, it was done by Henley (student),It was all fine till she the clipper usage around ear and back , it is where she pokes machine hard that i got skin irritation and redness all never happened with me ever before.Also she never cleaned her clipper and combs from previous clients hairs.Thirdly at end of haircut she walked me straight to counter and never used a drier to take out hairs that were sticking on my face and neck and head after haircut nor used a brush for that purpose.And shampoo option wasnt even done as-well.I am seriously disappointed at that service here at Paul Mitchell, all classrooms are under direct supervision but it was not done that way as in other Paul Mitchell schools.One last thing the student never recommended me any hair product which i usually gets at end of treatment as a separate purchase.Totally non professional services

Review №94

Had my grand daughter in for a wash and a blow out for back to school and she loved Vaneria. I had a cut and style by Jade Houchin and she is the best. I have had her do color in the past and will be back when I need it again. Her up does are absolutely beautiful and are as good as any stylist that has been in the business for years!

Review №95

I love this hair school! Morgan F. did my cut and highlights today. She did a great job and when a section didnt turn out just right she fixed it! Thanks a bunch!!

Review №96

My color and haircut always looks great! Very pleased with the services I receive from Paul Mitchell. I have been a returning client for the past three years.

Review №97

I absolutely adore my new hair color! CALE WILLIAMSON is the absolute best color and haircut go to guy!! Definitely coming back

Review №98

Great experience. The students and instructors really go the extra mile. I feel that they take more time and pamper me more than an average salon!

Review №99

I was very happy with my experience. My friend and I decided last minute we wanted a hair cut (but couldnt afford a $50 cut) and decided to try out Paul Mitchell. Needless to say, we were a little leary of the cut we would receive as many of these students are just starting school. I was pleased to see that the instructors are very involved and are happy to help the students learn new techniques. The instructor stood with the student the entire time she cut my hair, and I felt very comfortable with the service I received. For $15, I walked out with great haircut and wax. My only advice- make sure your schedule is open when you go, since this takes a little longer than a typical cut.

Review №100

Ive been to Paul Mitchell school 3 times now, for a cut color and highlight and I couldnt be happier! Marlowe F is my go- to stylist and she is awesome!! Ill definitely be back again and again.

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