General Assembly New York
10 E 21st St #2, New York, NY 10010, United States

Review №1

I was a student, then an instructor, and then got hired in the industry I was concentrating in. I took the Data Science Intensive and found the curriculum to be solid and the instructors very knowledgeable. Given the intensive nature of the course, outside effort was required but extremely rewarding. Do NOT go into an intensive unprepared; do the pre-work and commit to the course as if it were a job.

Review №2

Truly an amazing experience. Being in the Software Engineering Immersive course, I gained real world experience that eventually lead me to a full time tech career. I am very happy with the outcome!

Review №3

Nadia Vanderhall (@nvknows) really knows how to explain investing using every day terms! She makes it so easy to understand and I hope there are future sessions with her and Katie!

Review №4

Trying to crack into the tech field without the resources/network/knowledge is a tall order but through the GA SEI Bootcamp, I was able to launch into a career despite having little development/coding experience before joining GA. This doesnt mean that it will be easy, the months spent in the course were some of the longest/hardest times but the instructors/TAs & your fellow classmates truly help propel you to the finish line. While there are definitely some things that could be improved upon (some lectures were not updated/group time truly dependent on if the individuals cared about doing work that day) the overall experience was great. Outcomes were extremely responsive post-course and helped improve my chances of landing a full-time position. At the end of the day, as most others have already said, the amount of effort you put in will show in the end.

Review №5

Great experience with their online Software Engineering Immersive--professors were kind and patient and my career coach was incredible!

Review №6

I learned so much in such a short period of time, GA has taken me from knowing basic HTML, CSS, JS to being a full stack developer. After graduating I managed to add another 2 full stack applications to my portfolio, which goes to show you don’t even need your teachers afterwards to get stuff done since they teach you everything properly so it sticks!

Review №7

Great event with clear, informative guidelines on how to meet what seem like a daunting goal.

Review №8

Syama and Courtney did a FABULOUS job of sharing insights not only into the world of tech-based business intelligence, but of practical tips for networking and career development! I am still singing the praises of this workshop!

Review №9

Tips and Tricks for Personal Branding was an excellent presentation by Lupe Colangelo--she was organized and gave clear, thoughtful examples to explain concepts presented. It is quite evident that she enjoys helping people and the information she shared was relevant to my needs as well as her audience. Kudos to GA and Lupe!

Review №10

Lupe Colangelos session on Tips and Tricks to Personal Branding really broke down personal branding in a clear and concise manner. Very nice presentation!! I am looking forward to using the best practices she taught personally and professionally!

Review №11

Expertise and instruction are different. Instructors are well-versed in their fields, but dont know how to teach at GA. The instructors discussed some of the training provided by GA, and its clear this should be GAs primary focus if it wishes to gain any authentic academic credibility.The course I took was jam-packed with material that was never applied in any meaningful way. What was being taught appeared to be great, but how it was taught made the class worthy of a full refund, mentioned many times before. On the final day of the course, many of my classmates didnt show up because they understandably didnt grasp much of the content, and werent allotted an appropriate amount of time to prepare a presentation. Education must be understood as more than talking through content.

Review №12

Shirley and Terry gave excellent advice about setting realistic freelance rates and promoting your brand with links to more resources to follow-up about after the webinar. Definitely going to look in to some of that as well as Braintrust Academy. Very inspiring.

Review №13

Great info from Shirley Yang and Terry Rice about navigating the world of freelancing. I got a lot of key takeaways from the way they discussed topics, like the importance of identifying clients pain points, pricing strategy and personal branding (aka company branding). Also they very responsive to Q&A requests

Review №14

During this period of transition, Ive been taking a lot of webinars. Ive been consistently impressed by the ones at General Assembly. Their teachers/guest speakers are EXCELLENT, and it gives me a sense that their full-scale courses will be too. Thanks, GA!

Review №15

A very insightful webinar!

Review №16

Fantastic mid-size meeting space that can accommodate small to moderate sized groups in an intimate or semi-intimate meeting setting. Ideal for social gathering focused events and presentations that caters to a relaxed atmosphere and start-up vibe. Easy to miss the street entrance because it shares the same posted street address with the furniture and rug store next door.

Review №17

PUSHY AND CREEPY SALES TECHNIQUES. This company as a whole is pushy and somehow creepy, in my opinion. I have requested a syllabus of one of the courses because it seems interesting, later on their sales representative has been continuously reaching out to me via email, text and phone call which is pushy and annoying. This is not how you market to millennials or gen zers. Another thing that I feel creepy is that I browsed their website without even logging in with my information, one of their sales rep called me half an hour after I left the website.

Review №18

GA is a welcoming and supportive environment for folks in different industries and stages of their careers. I have attended multiple networking events and love that there is a focus on diversifying the tech industry.

Review №19

I have attended several General Assembly training session over the last few months. There have been such great teachers that bring their passion to the class. It has been a great opportunity to refresh, brush up and learn new topics.I also want to say thank you for having Free Fridays as well as your other free classes. Especially during COID19 these are very appreciated! I truly have learned so much.

Review №20

I am an educator and teacher trainer seeking implications for school districts, schools and classrooms. This was a stellar presentation with massive amounts of content and and perspective that has not yet reached education circles yet. Thank you all so much.

Review №21

Great workshop (Personal Branding) with career coach Lupe Colangelo

Review №22

Great company, I have attended a few of their (now online) webinars and they were extremely helpful, informative, and educational, which is very helpful especially in the covid-19 environment.

Review №23

Informative, fun and open!

Review №24

Lots of actionable tips to build/improve my personal brand.

Review №25

Was highly interested in the UX design course. Even took a free intro lesson yesterday to get a feel for how the course will be (thanks Javi) However, recruitment process felt robotic and addressed none of my questions. Therefore will be looking elsewhere.

Review №26

Did a very good job of covering issues related to being a freelancer!

Review №27

Very good and helpfull webinars.

Review №28

Great points covered to give important keys to freelancer success.

Review №29

I work in product development and have hired a handful of PMs who have attended classes at GA. Ive always been impressed with their understanding and execution of the product development methodologies. I took the GA Product Management Course to experience it for myself and I was impressed. Great content, great instructors, and great environment for learning. GA offers classes for everyone at all stages of professional development. I would absolutely recommend GA to someone who is interested in pursuing Product Development or anyone looking to hone their skills in the field.

Review №30

The quality of the teacher are very variable. They have a couple good but also many very mediocre. GA used to be much better a couple of years ago.

Review №31

It’s definitely not worth the money but if you’re on a scholarship or getting a free course then you may want to consider it. I ended up dropping the course and getting most of my money back. It’s an intensive course and I fell behind because the school forgot to add me to their email list that included extra course work. Could have been an isolated incident, but quite an oversight and it cost me time and money. They were also very dismissive of their mistake. It was pretty frustrating because I had coding experience coming into the class so falling behind didn’t even seem possible. That’s a big gripe of mine, and may be just a one-off that won’t pertain to you but there were other issues as well.The biggest turn off was that most of the teachers were hired from within the program itself so they didn’t have any real work experience. Most/all of the instructors are students from the previous course. It’s like GA took their tuition then used it to pay them as an employee. They just re-teach the same course they were taught. That means that if you have any questions outside of the curriculum then you may get stuck without answers. Personally I think for the price of this tuition, I should be getting taught by industry professionals, not a student in the class before me. It’s almost like a pyramid scheme and no doubt inflates their numbers of people who graduated and received jobs after the program.I’ve met a lot of people since leaving the program and everyone has 2 things in common: debt and unemployment in the tech sector. Nobody I’ve met that graduated the program has gone on to be a coder. And that doesn’t surprise me because you really don’t learn very much over the 3 month course. It’s not very extensive. You mostly just work on finding answers to the current project which brings me to the final point:The instructors don’t like giving you answers. That’s because they want you to dig for it on your own which is mostly what the real world of coding requires. I do agree with that but it does raise the question of “do they even know the answers themselves?” Like I said, most/all instructors were students in the previous course that don’t understand the wide world of coding, only the particular projects they worked on while as a student. And that also brings up the question you’re probably asking yourself the most “do I need this classroom?” Well, if you’re instructors don’t know the answers then you might as well have an intensive coding course online through a company that offers it. There are other boot camp style coding schools that have helped friends of mine get jobs but I’ve yet to meet anyone that was hired from this particular school.My advice is to start with an online school for low/no cost. That’s what I ended up doing several months later. The premium version of the course cost me $20/Monthly and I was able to answer questions (on my own) in the first day that I never understood at general assembly. The only difference between the coding course online that I took and general assembly is the name on the graduating certificate but my guess is that they’re all the same to an employer. General assembly is a private program and not accredited. They will sell you that it’s “a big name in the tech industry” but it’s not. It’s not worth the $15,000 gamble.If you think dropping this money will motivate you to pursue this career, my advise would be to first drop a time commitment on a free/low cost online course and while you’re doing that- reach out to employers and network within the industry. Don’t ask for a job until you’re finished with your course. They will just ignore you. Reach out only ask them what it would take to get hired at their company. They will be happy to respond then. If enough of them say “go to general assembly” THEN drop the money. My guess is they’ll recommend an array of programs that their company has experience hiring within. That’s where you’ll want to spend your money if the online course alone isn’t up to par with what they’re looking for.

Review №32

Great support system. Taking a data analytics course and can already feel the intense level of knowledge and practice experience.Great place to improve skills

Review №33

Put together well and answered a lot of questions

Review №34

While I was intrigued by the concept of the school and the course, I cant help but feel it didnt meet expectations (especially for the price of the course).Their teaching style is no different than any other college type course, and while the teachers have real world experience, I think for learning purposes it would be more beneficial to have people with prior teaching experience.Probably the best indicator was by end of the course, more than half of my classmates were not in attendance.

Review №35

Excellent school to learn about things you cant learn in regular classrooms in colleges and Universities. General Assembly provide lectures with real life experiences. Most top classes are coding and computer related. The lecturers are well experienced individuals that would assist and guide you the best way they can. The classes are pretty expensive but do ask your employer if they will reimburse tuition.

Review №36

Great instructors who bring the right blend of theory and real world experience to help you solve your business problems! The best part of classes here though is meeting and bouncing ideas off other students, who bring fresh perspectives across lots of fields.

Review №37

General assembly changed my life. Through their Immersive class and the network I met I have achieved a life I could only dream of! Thanks general assembly!

Review №38

Great experienceThis school is the best of the best!Amazing placement record.Definitely recommendMk

Review №39

It was a long trip from Jersey but the people and environment made the trip worth while. I like how open and inviting the school felt which matches well with the creative courses they offer.

Review №40

The receptionist was very unpleasant repeating herself “Im not checking in before 6 o’clock” i told her im a little earlier can i sit there use my laptop till the event starts and she was like a broken record “Im not checking in before 6 o’clock” made me walk in rain and waste time!!! people like her make your business lose money I will never use General Assembly ever again

Review №41

Best place to learn all things digital & tech with locations around the world. Great sense of community and a fine assembly of staff and instructors. A+ all the way.

Review №42

Very useful

Review №43

Ive taken the online remote class, and I will admit I was hesitant beforehand. I never did well in a typical classroom setting, let alone any online classes Ive taken in the past. However Colin, one of the recruiters at GA, assured me that this is different than your typical class and told me that the professor and their assistants will be helpful and will answer any questions I have.Fast forward to the week where I had the online remote class 6 days in a row for 8 hours. The first 15 minutes I could see what Colin was talking about. With webcams and technology, we were able to interact with our professor (Terry Rice) like we were in his classroom, but in the semi-comfort of our homes and in our PJs! Terry was wonderful and Ive learned so much about digital marketing from him in one week than a full semester class of marketing and the years of fake digital marketing at my job. And I did have questions and concerns, which is normal to be honest. Both Terry and Jordana were super helpful and helped me throughout the week to make sure I succeed.Its been over a month since Ive taken the course. Terry and Jordana kept in touch with the class to make sure we are off on our way to start a better path and I am sure if I have a question tomorrow or 10 years from now, they will only be an email away to respond.

Review №44

Remember that math class you hated in high school? The one where it started off easy, got super complicated out of nowhere, and before you knew it you felt completely overwhelmed and super frustrated? This is more or less the coding version of that.If high school math was easy and fun, youll do well here.

Review №45

GA has great classes for just about anything you could ask for (tech wise). They facilitate a great community for people who are looking to pursue interests and careers in the field.

Review №46

Great class instructors and fun atmosphere for learning new concepts and ideas

Review №47

Was an alumn of the first Product Management Immersive course. It was a bit uncoordinated at the time but was to be expected since it was he first. Regardless it resulted in my getting a job as product manager after the 10 weeks so it was all worth it.

Review №48

When it comes to technology, design, and business skills, industry professionals source their talent from this global community. General Assembly equips students with the skills they require to thrive in a fast-paced, technology-driven field of their choosing.

Review №49

Insightful introductory course

Review №50

For all gender restrooms! Two doors next to each other and you made for all genders both.

Review №51

I really did not like the school because I was taking web developer course. They dont really care about student. Their teaching techniques are really bad and instructors are not friendly.

Review №52

Shared office space that also offers classes and workshops in business, tech, and design - great location right on broadway

Review №53

Im not actually a student LOL. My friends are. They have a nice work space for the students (and their friends) haha.

Review №54

Great people and idea. More of this will make NYC the center of the tech world.

Review №55

Great place where people come and work

Review №56

Good web dev course

Review №57

I know its a crash course but the style of teaching is way too fast and it is very easy fall behind.

Review №58

Great place to study and learn.

Review №59

The staff rushes you through the coding course without taking there time to explain the information . They expect you to learn at there pace instead of the teaching with a pace that you can learn & absorb the info . Terrible teaching staff

Review №60

Great space for continuing education.

Review №61

An awesome venue for events!

Review №62

Bro-grammer culture at its worst :(

Review №63

A little overpriced, but great classes in the tech space.

Review №64

Awesome environment and cool classes!

Review №65

Great staff and environment

Review №66

Great space for group training

Review №67

Best classes for Startup

Review №68

I had a fantastic experience. Highly recommend it if you are looking to grow your skills.

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