Children Of America Charlotte
2102 Ben Craig Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Review №1

Where do I begin. On numerous occasions I have tried to speak with the director regarding an issue with my daughter but she is never at work and when she is at work her light is off in her office. Very unprofessional and does not know how to communicate with parents. I’ve spoken to see real parents who also feel the same. There are some great teachers in there like ms Shanita but the director needs more training. I am very displeased & will be removing my daughter as soon as I find a new provider.

Review №2

This is the most professional childcare I’ve ever come across! I am overly excited for both my children to be apart of this wonderful facility! Everyone there is very nice and welcoming. They have made me and both my children feel at home from the very start. As I was told from one employee... it takes a village!!!... and that is so true and I appreciate and am honored for each and every one the these employees to be the village to help me “raise” my kids!! They welcomed us with open arms after a very unfortunate incident that happened at my children’s prior daycare and they have been AWESOME following through with their promises. I just want to say Thank you guys for all of your hard work, dedication and devotion to all of our little ones... I know it can be a lot... but you guys do it with a smile, love and compassion every single day. It doesn’t go unnoticed!!!🥰🙌🏾💕 Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

Review №3

This center is Terrible. My child has attended this center since April of 2020 and I’m very unpleased with the services provided. Due to the pandemic and his previous school closing I had to find another center who was accepting children for essential workers. He started the NC Pre k program there in August which I have no complaints about but the daycare is horrible! They do not communicate well with families and very unorganized. They give misleading information and very inconsiderate and inconvenience to families. All they care about is their money! Since we started they have had two directors. Some of the staff that I met are very welcoming and polite. I love Mrs Trina. She cares about the kids and families and does her best to make sure you are satisfied. Other then that I wouldn’t recommend daycare services. Only the PreK program I recommend. Mrs Jackson is awesome. Very well organized when it comes to the curriculum and the kids academic progress.

Review №4

The staff is HORRIBLE!! Half of them are uneducated and dont have a love for children. They have had 3 directors in the last year because the place is so bad no one wants to stay. They send your kids out looking any kind of way. I picked my daughter up and she didnt have a shoe!! They really tried to send her home with one shoe...DONT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!!!

Review №5

The director and facilitators are very friendly and the children enjoy there time there.Thank you for your hospitality and doing a great job. Especially during the Covid pandemic.You all are appreciated.Amber H.

Review №6

At first I was skeptical about dropping my daughter off into the matter of someone elses hands. However the entire staff here makes you feel welcomed and treats you like family. The teachers ensures to keep the classroom tidy, nurture the children, and give you daily reports about your childs activities. I have to admit it is pretty pricey, but its worth every penny.

Review №7

This daycare is very misleading. My toddler went here for a week or so and I pulled him ASAP. The services and curriculum they say they offer was never received. The teacher that I met during tour was no longer there once my child started. I was charged for a full week when my child started on a Monday and they closed early that Wednesday which meant he only had two full days. During tour they told me I was offered a week trial which I never received. They saved my card info and started voluntarily taking money out of my account without my consent. And to top it off my child got attacked by another toddler and had bite mark bruises all on his face. They did call me and let me know but also lied about it. They explained that the bites did not puncture the skin on my son’s face but once I got my child home I notice that the other toddler had bit my son so hard that the skin was not only bruised but was swollen and the skin was open ( which they called me and told me the skin was not punctured open) I was so livid when I got home and saw my baby’s face. There was also another child attacked by the same toddler that bit my son’s face up and it happened to be a girl and her bite marks were way worst than my son’s. After this incident I was very skeptical about this daycare. I had so many questions about where the teacher was when this happened to two toddlers. Why didn’t she at least catch when it happened the first time. I was so turned off by the services I was ready to be done with COA then. But I allowed him to go back 1 or 2 more days and pulled him then. I was way too concerned about my son and I could never tap into the live cameras to see him so I never understood the point of them telling us parent about that.

Review №8

My daughter went here for about 8 months and overall I like the daycare the staff is what I loved the most, they are really welcoming and treat you and your child like family which why we stayed as long as we did. The cons to this daycare they are always understaffed which causes classes to be combined together, old toys, the food sucks and they are not learning strict the kids play nearly the entire day .The daycare has potential but needs some work.

Review №9

My kids have attended this daycare for over 3 years. Mrs. Trina is so awesome. she loves the kids and children of america is very lucky to have a dedicated and hard working employee such as her. She goes to every classroom and makes sure everything is in order. Thank you for all that you do Mrs Trina.

Review №10

My daughter has been attending this daycare since September 2017. She and I both love this daycare. She is currently in Ms. Doris and Ms. Shanitas class, and they have been amazing with my daughter. She has grown so much since shes turned 3 and continues to amaze me with her growth in her actions, and her learning. I would recommend this daycare to anyone!!!!

Review №11

My baby recently started daycare for the first time at Children of America and I must say I am very pleased so far. The entire staff has been welcoming and friendly. My son’s teachers are all awesome. My mind is definitely at ease knowing my baby is is great hands.

Review №12

I love this center. The director and teachers are great. This is clean and safe center. My children never want to leave. They only been there for 2 weeks. Its a fun place for my children and they learn. This is a awesome center.

Review №13

Heyyyy y’all!!! I was an employee at Children of America for a very short time due to getting pregnant but my experience was great!!! Each and every staff member treated me and continues to treat me like family. The training that I received was great and will help in my future endeavors! Management works together as a team better than anything I’ve ever seen!!! I plan on returning with my baby next year!!!

Review №14

COA Charlotte was the first daycare for our daughter when she was 15 months. Starting from the tour, enrollment process and to the first day it was so smooth and satisfactory.My daughter was there for around 3 months and we had to withdraw her since we had to move. All teachers, staff and the center director was so helpful, caring and loving that we never felt any reason to worry.I will recommend COA Charlotte to everybody for a perfect and complete peace of mind.

Review №15

I am a speech therapist that is in and out of many centers. Recently, one of my clients began attending your center in Charlotte and has just thrived. I continue to be impressed by the level of joy and love displayed by the teachers, even when children are having a hard time behaviorally. The center is very safe but still friendly and warm. Additionally, the administrative staff is visable, present and helpful. Well done!

Review №16

I love this place, everyone who works there is amazing. Any concerns you bring to them, they address it in a professional manner. They also have a connection with all the kids, plus their parents and that means a lot to me.

Review №17

Loved it. Great people. My little one loves the going everyday. She could talk for hours about her teacher Ms Terri. Open honesty lots of activities. Worth every cent.

Review №18

My wife and I moved from Chicago to Charlotte in 2016 with our 3 year old daughter and 4 year old son. The staff was more than accommodating, and did a great job of helping our kids transition smoothly not just from one facility to another, but they helped them feel at ease living in a new state without any extended family. We never had a negative experience with any of the staff, and could go to the director/ teachers with any questions, not second guessing what they were telling us. Since both kids will be in school full time, they will not be attending COA anymore, but it was a great experience. My son is headed to second grade and is doing very well. My daughter is 5, and reads at a MUCH higher level than kindergarten thanks to Ms. Tasha and Ms. Dee. I don’t think they would have been as prepared for success without the staff at the Charlotte location.

Review №19

I love the faculty here. Theyre always welcoming and very nice. Most importantly, my niece has learned a lot since shes been enrolled and Im forever grateful.

Review №20

My husband and I were searching for the right daycare for my son since February 2017. During our search we became discouraged when told by several facilities that they did not have the resources to accommodate our son. During our search, we came across Children of America. I scheduled a tour and was immediately welcomed to take a tour of the facility. I was offered to bring my son to the school for a discover day. From the initial tour, to our sons discover day, my family and I were greeted with warmth from the director, assistant director, and support staff. Ms. Raynell is a gem! Our son has learned so much in the several weeks he has attended Children of America-Charlotte. We are so glad that our son is thriving and are appreciative of the staff at Children of America-Charlotte.

Review №21

I absolutely LOVE this facility from the staff to my daughter actually learning new things everyday! Being that I’m a teacher I looked at every detail of every facility I’ve toured to get the best for my daughter. When looking for a facility of course first you research and look at reviews however I realized every single childcare facility has mixed reviews because every situation is different and some parents are just difficult people so I based my choice off of what I saw ! This is the first center where my daughter didn’t cry being dropped off even her first day and she’s always smiling at pick up they made her feel so comfortable and loved she was 10 months when she started so that’s a GREAT sign they also have cameras and when I watch my little one through out the day she’s always doing something productive she’s starting to come home doing sign language I’m sad that she’s going to the toddler room now because mrs.wallia is beyond amazing with the infants but I know I’ll love her next teacher just as much!! Mrs.Jackie always has a smile and stays positive she has a great team behind her thanks COA continue to be great guys :)

Review №22

The staff is amazing! They are very professional. They send an email each day telling you what your child ate and did for the day.

Review №23

So, I am in the process of touring daycares for my little one. I called COA early in the week and spoke with someone who provided me with information. They quoted me $320 for 16 hours of part time care. But since They had so great reviews I decided, let me see what they are all about. Arrived at the location looking at the entry I was thinking not worth $320 for part time care however I said maybe the money goes into the classrooms. Then because the receptionist stated my appointment was for next Friday and not today she made it seem like me being there was an issue. That was a turn off. The best centers have an open door policy for tours. I wasn’t impressed. My daughter has had a live in nanny her whole life. Now at 2.5 I am looking for her to learn social skills. I amAlready nerves about daycare but had told myself I was doing the right thing for her, these people just set me back lol.

Review №24

Summer camp trips are great everything else needs work. Bullying and inappropriate behavior is allowed. Send your kids someplace else. Teachers have a dont care attitude. Boys allowed to fight like pits bulls. Front staff has no clue what goes on in classroom.

Review №25

My daughter who is now 15 months old has attended COA since April 2019. I am very particular when it comes to the care she receives. COA teachers provides the nurture and care that she needs...she began in the infant class and recently transitioned to the toddler class. She has literally changed before my eyes! Because the teachers care and are thorough with teaching and learning techniques. My girl can count to 3 thanks to her teacher from the infant class.The director and staff at COA are truly amazing people. It is hectic for them at times, and that’s normal, but they never let the pressure show or interfere with the kids. Everyone is always respectful and pleasant to interact with. I especially like the livestream cameras...I am able to peep in on my child at any time. If I have a concern or question about anything, I always call or talk directly to the director.I truly believe COA is one of the best and cleanest daycare centers in Charlotte. You will get the best of both worlds here....superb care for your little one(s) and a clean center. My husband is in the military and is currently deployed. The teachers here have asked me “how are you doing? How is dad doing?” on several occasions since he’s been away. I feel they care just as much for me as they do for my daughter!

Review №26

I have 3 kids that attend COA & they are sweet & make you feel like family. Thank you to my sons teachers & a special Thank you to Ms Doris & Ms Shanita! My daughter is so blessed to have you two.

Review №27

I currently work at Children of America and I must say that Mrs Katrina S works very hard and she cares about the center a lot as well as the employees and the children. Each day she adds a positive vibe to each classroom and she is very professional and handles al situations with class. I live working with her and think highly if her.

Review №28

I had searched for a daycare for awhile for my daughter, and I found one that she attended for a few months, that is no longer in business. However, I am actually thankful that things happen the way that they happened, because if that one didnt go out of business, I would have never found Children of America. Not only that, I wouldnt have realized how much my daughter was missing out on as well. Since she has been at COA in Charlotte, she has developed so much more. She is speaking much better, interacting with kids better, and she enjoys going there every single day. Also, Mrs. Jackie, and staff are outstanding. They are always super helpful, and I trust that that my daughter is in good hands whenever I drop her off. I definitely recommend COA - Charlotte to anyone nervous about what daycare may provide the safest, and best education for their child.

Review №29

The bus made a left turn in front of my car across 2 lanes of traffic when it clearly didnt have time. Had to slam on breaks to avoid hitting it. I hope the drivers are taught the importance of safe driving.

Review №30

My child has came home twice complaining about a Ms. Tasha. Said the teacher said that she was going to break their arm and also said that they cannot play in centers. This is unacceptable and the kids are suppose to be allowed to pick their center, they are not to be closed. I am afraid to tell my name because of fear of retaliation on my child. Everyone else is nice though

Review №31

My son has been in the afterschool program for 3 years now. He loves coming to afterschool becuase of his teacher Ms. Keyesta. He gets upset on days that he has to miss. He says will I see Ms. Keyesta tomorrow. He says he loves going to afterschool because she makes it fun in the class. As a parent this makes me happy as welI. Ms. Keyesta has activities for the children inside and outdoors as well. She engages in gross motor activities when they go outside. My son is really happy when he leaves for the day. Ms. Keyesta does an awesome job with the class. I am excited to have her as my sons afterschool teacher.

Review №32

I gave them a one star because I didnt want my zero star to be taken as me not rating. The director has no clue what so ever on what issues are going on in the classroom. She is being fed stories that are not true and the teachers and just as bad. They are supposedly seeing this happen and reporting them to the director and the story will change 3 different times before the truth is revealed. I had to rely on my 4 year old telling me the truth, where directors and teachers couldnt. My son has came on with a fall that resulted in 2 black eyes and a hematoma the size of a golf ball and the pathetic report from the director was that the teachers saw him fall (story 1). the teacher that reported saw that just got to work and saw them playing outside and slipped on a bike( story 2). the final result from me asking the teacher directly what happened was that she hadnt even got to work yet so she didnt know what happened. The staff tends to change stories and lie because they need a story to tell parents but dont know exactly what happen so they make a story up as they go. THIS IS THE WORST DAYCARE EVER. THEY NEED TO GO UNDER INVESTIGATION AND REALLY BE LOOKED INTO AS AN ESTABLSIHMENT THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE PARENTS FEEL SAFE WITH LEAVING THEIR CHILDREN. THIS DAYCARE SUCKS. DONT WASTE TIME OR MONEY WITH THESE SORRY PEOPLE.

Review №33

COA has some great staff members. However, the facility as a whole does not look out for the best interest of the family. I get that they have to run a business but it’s not fair to the parents to have to continuously adjust to changing policies that are enforced regardless of our consent. If you are looking for a school that provides quality care, service, and does their best to accomadate your schedule please do your research and reconsider. In my infant’s class I am the second parent this week alone who decided to pull their kids out. It is one thing to tack on fees for every little thing but to refuse service to our children over a tardy is absolutely unacceptable. On this Monday I was told I had to leave with my children and that they would still draft their tuition. Yesterday, just two days later I picked up my child in a soiled diaper and the reasoning was that she only had two diapers so they had to spread them out. I have two babies that I trusted in their care and it’s disappointing to hear as a parent that you couldn’t or didn’t even care to check my other child’s classroom for diapers bc I made sure to pack plenty. On top of all of this I stopped recievong daily reports for over 5 wks and it was just reconciled yesterday. I work extremely hard to afford care that costs in this area anywhere from $1700 on up for two children. We as parents will do whatever it is that is necessary to provide for our children regardless of cost. Quality care and service should be at the forefront of care centers. Ppl will not forget how you make them feel. I am very satisfied in my decision to go with another care giver. There is plenty of reliable, quality service and care around us. Never feel like you are married to any one of these centers. I will miss a few of the teachers there but I am looking forward to the change.

Review №34

I moved to Charlotte and was in search of childcare for my son. I enrolled him in COA because they were the only other facility I looked at that had live video feed next to kids r kids and the the latter had no openings. I was a little shocked that the tuition was was less than $250 / week. That was so cheap. I was a little suspicious of that price. But I had a few weeks off work so I decided to spend some time with him while he got acclimated to his new school.I was not impressed with COA. The teacher for the toddler class Miss Kim was very nice. But it seems all she was doing was changing diapers and washing hands. She didnt really have time for much else. When the kids came in she washed their hands and gave breakfast. Then cleaned the table and washed hands again. Then it was time to start changing diapers and wash hands after. There was really no time to spend interacting with the kids. She seemed overwhelmed.When she would take her lunch and a young lady with braids would come to cover for her. She was so unfriendly. Never interacted with the kids. Never offered a smile. Just stood there talking to the other staff member until Miss Kim returned. I would watch my baby on the camera crying his eyeballs out, not receiving an ounce of comfort from anyone. Miss Kim couldnt comfort him any because she was too busy changing diapers and washing hands.I disenrolled my son after 2 weeks. I didnt care about the obligatory 2 week notice for disenrollment. That place is not welcoming, not nurturing. For the 2 weeks my son was there the longest he spent there was probably 3 or 4 hrs a day. I just didnt like it.

Review №35

So I have a one year old son(18months) he just started thia past week he was therw from Tuesday-Friday . Mind you he has never been in a daycare environment he had a nanny . Wednesday he came home with a SMALL bruise on his head , I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF ANYTHING his dad picked him up and said the teacher stated that it came from discoloration from the cot he was sleeping on MIND YOU ITS SATURDAY AND THE BRUISE IS STILL ON HIS HEAD. Noway that came from sleeping the wrong way MIND YOU THIS WAS HIS 2nd day in the TODDLER B CLASS. Nobody seemed to care about it either . DAY 3 THURSAY , I picked my child up and apparently another child bit my son on the arm, MIND YOU NOBODY CALLED ME TO LET ME KNO BUT CALMED THEY CALLED THE OTHER CHILDS PARENTS AND SENT HIM HOME, their reasoning behind was cause they FORGOT and was understaff, SO UNPROFESSIONAL im disenrolling my child after his first week and upset even after I told them hes never been in this type of environment. What a HORRIBLE first IMPRESSION . Dont bring your child here very unprofessional and careless . WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY NOW IM STUCK TRYING TO FIND NEW CHILD CARE. talking about a two weeks notice !!!! but ya wanna be sorry and not give a damn about my child but u want that 250$ a week. CHILDREN OF AMERICA THANKS ALOT !!! DOES NOT DESERVE A STAR

Review №36

Children of America has been a great place to have my son. My son has been at COA Charlotte for over 2yrs and the Teachers and Staff have been phenomenal. At COA, he has learned so much and has always been in a nurturing environment. I highly recommend COA to any parent. Now my son will be entering school and I know he is ready for Kindergarten, but we will be sure to return for summer camp.

Review №37

Safe, clean, caring, educationally oriented, and fun filled days! I love it!

Review №38

This place does not back up their employees. They allows parents to come in and disrespect their staff. No rules are enforced at this child care facility. They are all about the money.

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