Precision Martial Arts
5757 E McKellips Rd #101, Mesa, AZ 85215, United States

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I love this school. My son has been going here almost a year now. He started with the summer camp in 2020, then enrolled in weekly lessons, and is now in black belt training. My daughter recently enrollment in weekly lessons as well and loves it! The instructors are so friendly and do a great job keeping the kids engaged. The kids do exercises, learn valuable life lessons, and learn self defense. Mr. Harris has been so helpful in helping my son come out of his shell and be more outgoing. I highly recommend this school and summer camp!

Review №2

Seems like a money grab. They warm up 5 mins.. teaching is not very good. After a week they give them stripes and in other cases rank up belt havent even learn to do a kick and they getting leveled up. Every week they start a new lesson...they meet 2 times per week for an hour. If you want your kid to learn self defense, discipline, gain confidence go somewhere else. If you want a pre school play area take them here.

Review №3

We have only been going to PMA for a few months now and I just love it. The passion the instructors have helping their students grow is so wonderful to see. You can see that they truly care about the wellbeing of the students and keep them excited to continue. Adam, the owner, is so kind and has some great team members by his side.

Review №4

Precision is great! 10/10 my favorite dojo, I grew up here and became better for it, all their classes are worth a try👍

Review №5

My son attends PMA traditional karate classes and looks forward to learning the weapons for their Black Belt Training the most. His confidence has definitely been boosted as he earns his stripes and belts.The staff has been outstanding through this 2020 season. They have communicated well, reached out to families and tried to meet each students needs. They also do fun events for the kids and make it a family affair.

Review №6

We absolutely love Precision. The staff is truly amazing. Our daughter has been attending classes and been a part of their after school program for about a year. This year has been a very crazy year with the quarantine and they have really stepped up to make sure that the childrens best interests are always the #1 priority. Sometimes it takes a village and we are so happy to have them as part or our village!!!

Review №7

I was lucky enough to find this place as a summer camp. My son is high energy and needs a high level of physical activity. This place was amazing!!! They had daily karate classes in addition to field trips, bullyproof classes and stranger danger classes. What started out as a summer camp has turned into his karate home. He now attends the classes during the week and the change in his attitude has been amazing!! I cant say enough good things about this place and Mrs Nikki is THE BEST!!!! Just love her!!!

Review №8

I started training when I was six and have loved every second of it. Martial arts has made me the person I am today. I am now more confident, respectful, responsible, in shape, and awesome than when I started. I now work here and love passing on the tradition of martial arts to others to help them become awesome athletes and people.

Review №9

Been coming since 2017, amazing instructors, Ms. Nikki is amazing!

Review №10

We have been apart of the PMA family for over 5 years now. We are grateful that we found them when our son was 3. The classes not only offer the exercise kids need, they offer a positive mindset. The teachers are role models and do care about your child. My son often quotes his teachers. Would highly recommend!

Review №11

Both of kids have been coming to Precision! The instructors are amazing! They have helped my son build his confidence and learn self defense! Best decision ever!

Review №12

Wonderful staff and great programs. My son always has a better attitude when he comes out of class. He is learning a lot about respect and responsibility.

Review №13

Precision has been amazing in helping our son stay focused and motivated. He is in a great mood when he is done with classes and has really challenged himself by looking up the forms and techniques on their website. He is enrolled in 2 separate classes, Black Belt classes and BJJ and loves them both! Thank you for all your patience and guidance! We love PMA!

Review №14

I love doing Martial Arts as a sport! Especially at this studio. Everyone is so amazing and kind. They have helped me become the person I am today- Rose Platt-Adams

Review №15

My son been there for years he loves all classes

Review №16

My kid loves this place so much and ask to go every day. I highly recommend this place.

Review №17

My daughter has been taking classes at PMA for about 2 years. Everyone that works there is super helpful and focused on their students performance and well-being. The discipline and exercise she gets greatly assists our parenting. Pre COVID, we also used their after-school program which was excellent as they came to her school and safely brought her to class every weekday. Since COVID I feel comfortable with the added health measures they have implemented to keep classes going responsibly.

Review №18

The best place for kids to excercis and have funn and the same time my kids love this place 💕

Review №19

This place is awesome! Master G is great with young kids, older kids and adults, the instructors are very professional and helpful, and Precision mentors the older/higher ranking kids so that they can learn leadership and instructional skills. Both of my kids went here for many years, have helped with the summer kids camp, and one works there now. I started going last year when Precision offered an adult fitness class and have been going ever since! Great atmosphere, family friendly, excellent work outs! Yes, it does get sweaty and a little dirty by the end of the day, but that is because everybody is getting a great work out! They do clean it every night! :)

Review №20

My son Slater absolutely loves precision.. he started last year when he turned 5 and will be going into his second year.They pick him up after school and he attends karate class as well as attends their camps when there’s no school. We don’t have any family out here so precision is really like a second family to us. If you are wanting to start or continue your martial arts classes this is the place to be. We are thankful for everyone that makes up the precision family!

Review №21

I absolutely love this place! Coach V is the best!

Review №22

Awesome instructors, my child absolutely loves it here.

Review №23

They opened their doors for an amazing price during the RedforEd walk out. My kids LOVED going every day! They begged me to go. Staff was amazing! Ive already signed them up for their GREAT summer program!

Review №24

This is a great place for kids and adults! My son has been coming here for the past few years and will be testing for his black belt this summer. The instructors are AWESOME and my son has gained so much confidence and discipline. I also love the fact that he has self-defense skills that can assist him in getting out of a dangerous situation. I jumped in and started taking the adult kickboxing classes which are a great way to let off some steam and get in shape, all while having a blast! Great place for the whole family to work out!

Review №25

The staff is absolutely wonderful! I fully trust my boys there, and they have a great time too!

Review №26

They have AMAZING kids summer school and spring break programs here. The owner seems to do a really good job keeping the kids entertained and the parents informed as to what happens each day. Love this place for the kids programs.

Review №27

Best staff ever! Very impressed with how my kids are treated. They really make you feel welcomed. Other places Ive had my kids at are all about the money not here. Highly recommend them, my kids have been there 3 years.

Review №28

This is the best way for kids to start their love for the martial arts. The curriculum that is taught here helps me teach my kids to do better in school and at home. I am amazed at the great changes that this school has brought about in my children and I would hate to imagine not having the great positive instruction that is offered here. If you are looking for a way to better your children and your life at home, this is the place to be. They also have classes to help me with getting into shape as well!

Review №29

We love the the caring and motivating teachers at Precision. My kids and myself have benefited from participating in martial arts. We are stronger and more confident. I recommend Precision all the time!

Review №30

My whole family loves this place. The staff is friendly and they are great with my 3 boys. They love going to class and have learned so much in the past 3 years taking karate and JiuJitsu.I recently joined the adult JiuJitsu class and found I have been missing out.What a great group of people.

Review №31

I enrolled my daughter at PMA about 5 years ago (she is now a black belt, working towards her 1st degree). The staff here is caring and supportive in helping students reach their goals. Not only do they teach karate and self defense, they teach lifelong lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, respect, and integrity which gives the students self confidence. The adult classes give a great physical workout along with self defense lessons. Currently my whole family (me, my spouse, and our 3 kids) are enrolled and highly recommend this school to anyone of any age and any fitness level.

Review №32

I trust Precision without a doubt. My son has been going for 12 years. Starting as a white belt, he now had a 2nd degree black belt! He has learned about the body, mind, and spirit.He now is an instructor and teaches the same attributes he learned from his amazing instructors. This program changes lives. I recently started the adult program and love it as well.

Review №33

Our two youngest go to precision for after school care and classes as well as have gone to the Summer Camps. Nothing but good to say about their staff, programs, and mission. I highly recommend them!

Review №34

Best karate studio around! The atmosphere is so positive, supportive and fun! All the instructors love kids and want everyone to succeed. Mr. Vidra and Mr. Harris are so good with the kids and have their respect! While teaching karate and jiu jitsu, they teach self defense, respect, team work, self-discipline and so much more! Ms. Nikki is a God send and helps keep things exciting and run smoothly for holiday camps, parties, tournaments, every day fun, etc. This studio is helping shape and mold my boys into great kids and Im glad PMA is a huge part of their childhood. Love this place and highly recomend it!

Review №35

Our two kids (boy 7 and daughter 5) naturally have strong type-A personalities. If you are a parent of one these children, you know how difficult it is to ge them to do anything.My wife and I were beginning to lose control and the respect of our children because of defiant behavior. We had tried many things and were unsuccessful. It wasnt until we were introduced to Precision and Mr. V and Master G.when that all changed. The kids have are in their third month and their behavior has completely changed 180*. Our kids have more self-confidence and are now disciplined. The enjoy going to class everyday and learning how to respect themselves and others.

Review №36

My Son has been going to Precision for 3 years and I joined close to 2 years ago. Staff is great and there is awesome positive atmosphere that encourages kids to succeed in not only martial arts, but in life in general also.

Review №37

Joining Precision Martial Arts and taking Krav Maga was a great decision on my part. The instructors, staff and other students make you feel like family. The instructors and staff have awesome genuine people skills as they interact with the students and the class making this potential stressful learning environment very comfortable. As a student my confidence was built my first session with Adam and the other students and continues to grow. The price for the class was more than reasonable. My health has improved and the skills I learn each session could be used immediately if necessary. My goals with taking the training have succeeded my expectations. Im so pleased I stepped out to do this for myself and my family and I highly recommend that you come and at a minimum visit and speak with Nicki about how you and your loved ones, friends would benefit from Precision Martial Arts. Gregg Leone student & firefighter.

Review №38

Mister Harris is very amicable and talented.

Review №39

My son turns five next week and has attended Master Gilbarts classes since he first turned three. Master Gilbart has helped us lay a firm foundation of self-esteem and values upon where our son can build. He has taught my son to focus, set goals and take responsibility for himself and his environment.More important than the lessons given by the instructors, is the knowledge my son brings home; he really respects all of his instructors and proves their value by being an active, kind and happy boy.We have been trying forever to get our son to eat fruit, but he wouldnt touch any fruit except bananas. Finally, after last weeks mat chat stressing the importance of nutrition, our son came home and immediately began requesting orange juice three times a day.

Review №40

So I called when the girl answered she was super nice but then when she told me the prices and I said ooh okay well thank you so much she HUNG up on me lol wooow okay crossing these people off my list!

Review №41

Great place to train and learn multiple skills. I take the Krav Maga class and Kickboxing class. If your looking to sweat and learn martial arts this is the school for you. Great instructors and get classmates!

Review №42

I always have a great time there. All the staff are kind and respectful, I get a great workout, and it is a lot of fun!

Review №43

Not sure what all the good reviews are about. Its probably from people that work there! This place is dirty and the staff is rude. Not welcoming at all. I wouldnt waste my money on this trash.

Review №44

The teachers are awsome and you are liked and respected by everyone. The mascot is also really cool.

Review №45

Even though I have only been here for about a year and 2 months, I really enjoy Precision. My mom used to have to force me to go to karate and now, I beg her. I go to classes 2-3 times a week. I tested for my black belt here. I love Precision and I absolutely recommend PMMA to any kids of any age that want to start karate. There are many different classes to choose from and the instructors and staff are very helpful. Precision has a summer camp for kids to go to. There are field trips and games and karate classes. I love Precision and its my favorite place to go in all.Sincerely,Emme ElginMiss. Elgin

Review №46

Love training here... very welcoming environment for all ages!

Review №47

My family feels blessed to have found Master Gilbart, and all the Amazing, Caring Instructors and fellow Martial Artist that train at Precision Mixed Martial Arts. Our 10 year old son has beentraining in Martial Arts, since the age of 4. To our surprise, his previous Karate School ( this is the first and only school our son trained at, since the beginning) notified parents that the Karate School would be shutting down for good. We were told not even a week before they closed. Needless to say, the children were heartbroken. But then we stepped into Precision Mixed Martial Arts and met Master Gilbart and some of his Instructors, as well as, students. There was a nice, warm friendly vibe. We asked Master Gilbart questions, to see if this school would be a good fit for our son. A few classes later, we were so grateful/happy that our son felt like part of the Precision Mixed Martial Arts Family. We thank you for keeping our son interested, confident and happy on his journey in the Mixed Martial Arts World. We highly recommend Master Gilbart ( Congratulations on receiving your 5th degree Black Belt!!!) and the Precision Mixed Martial Arts Team if you are looking to educate your children in self defense, self awareness and self discipline. As well as, instilling respect, morals and ALL that is essential in our childrens lives. They truly care about the PMMA Family.Sincerely,Brian, Laura and Domenic

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Super friendly staff with disciplined instruction.

Review №49

Instant 5 stars

Review №50

The adult workouts helped me get back into shape.

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